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Top 20 Creative Writing Courses in India: 2023 (Exposed)

Creative writing is all about adding positive words to your content. If you love writing, then creative writing is one of the best choices for you to learn.

There is never-ending growth and creative writing. The more you create, the more you grow. The power of creative writing is fantastic. You can make some poor content into top-ranking content. Due to this growing digital world, writers demand very clever writing, as one of them is when you create your own words and communicate them to the world.

Various institutes offer creative writing for people within and outside of India. 

Let’s know about various creative writing courses in India.

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Henry Harvin Education is one of the top-class institutes providing online and offline training with certification courses. They believe in the power of words, and each text has its way of expressing it to the world. Henry Harvin thinks that content is getting actionable results and enhancing their performance. The only way of communication in the social world is by writing. So, the more you write, the more you rise. Henry Harvin’s education comes with their creative writing course in India, which helps learn the creation and understanding of writing from scratch to an advanced level. Help to excellence your writing style and tone of writing.

Let’s know about the highlight of the creative writing course:-

  • Membership of academic
  • Monthly helpful session
  • Revision of curriculum
  • Access to learning management system
  • Internship and training support to every other writer.
  • Fee structure of 9500/- INR
  • Twenty-four hours of duration, 24 hours to brush up on your skills, and 50 arts of learning access.

You can also look for various other courses offered by Henry Harvin and education they areas

  • Content writing course
  • Technical writing course
  • Medical writing course

Savan provides creative writing courses in various cities naming:- Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Chennai.

Henry Harvin ranks number #1 in India for their creative writing course.

2. Xavier Institute of Communication

Xavier institute of communication has its best certification course in creative writing. The creative writing course helps to construct a narrative essay that includes fiction, nonfiction, and the creation of stories—proper training and mentoring in the system. The trainer provides detailed information on every topic explained in the course.

Key highlights of the course are:-

  • It includes eight-session
  • Critiquing pieces by professional writers and fellow writers
  • Daily writing exercise
  • Understanding various elements of creative writing
  • The course fee is 8000 INR

Xavier institution of communication is located in Mumbai and provides online training to every student, and it is considered the best creative writing course in India.

3. Symbiosis center of Distance Learning

Symbiosis is a Pune-based University that provides distance learning education into various courses. The creative writing course helps to restore their innovative thoughts and express more off with your writings.

Symbiosis creative writing course includes:-

  •  Divided into two semesters
  • Live classes with and recording of the classes
  • Offers one-year diploma course
  • Series is 35000 + 1200 INR
  • Placement assistance

It is one of the most chosen learning centres that help enhance writing knowledge and build a professional career in creative writing.

4. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)


They provide you with the high-quality program of a creative writing course and are applicable for those candidates who are 10 + 2 pass out. 

It helps to incorporate the students with the different methodologies. 

The creative writing course of IGNOU are:-

  • Majorly focus on imaginative writing
  • Understanding of artistic expression
  • Writing story article writing scriptwriting, and poetry writing
  • The course fee is 3800 INR
  • Duration of minimum one year to maximum four years

IGNOU creative writing course is utterly affordable with various information and knowledge provided in it 

5. Sri Aurobindo center of Arts and Communication

Sri Aurobindo centre of arts and communication think that we can learn writing by teaching as well. Every individual has the authority to learn writing content. So, they bring their creative writing course to India, which gives classroom and online training. Admissions are given only to those candidates who are keen to learn and develop their writing skills. They keep one basic entrance test to pass their eligible criteria. 

They help in giving practical training with various indoor and outdoor workshops related to creative writing. It helps to enhance their creative skill and is very helpful to new beginner writers. It helps develop their imagination skills because the more you imagine things, the more you can create innovative content. They also focus on giving you knowledge of all the genres of writing. 

Highlights of the creative writing course:-

  • Enhance imagination skills
  • Create and express in different ways
  • Building interesting plot and characters
  • Trainers are renowned journalists, writers, and authors.
  • Course fee is 19000 + tax and 24.000 + tax. The creative writing course is into two factors
  • Duration – 3 months

6. British Council India

The British Council in India has been working upon creative writing courses for the past many years, from 1948. They majorly focus on art and creativity, Which will help boost every individual’s writing skill. 

They have strong relationships between various creative writers and academicians from the UK and other parts of the world. British Council focuses on building solid creative writing content. They give assurance to candidates to find their unique writing through the online creative writing course. The criteria are that the candidate should have an upper intermediate level (Grade B2) to enroll in this creative writing course. They also provide an introductory content writing course and three weeks of intensive classes on creativity for seasoned writers.

Key highlights:-

  • Various techniques
  • It helps to find a unique style
  • Develop plots, background setting, dialogue writing, short stories, and poetries, humor writing, children stories, etc
  • The COurse will help in expressing ideas creatively
  • Helps to comprehend and conceive good ideas
  • Well experienced faculties
  • Both for new and seasoned writers
  • Course fee – 10.000 INR
  • Duration – 36 hours


The institution was found in 1995. Their primary area of working at their institution was writing online. The institute is way ahead of all other institutes.

They have their assurance with the best teachers across the globe. The institute gives personal attention to all new writers, gives them proper guidance daily, and is always ready to solve their queries. 

The mode of instruction is to discuss the topic and have a Q & A session wherein every student can give their views on the same issue, and if they have any questions, they can ask for the same. The institution majorly focuses on providing practical learning knowledge rather than theoretical.

The key highlights of the course:-

  • Focus on giving individual attention to students
  • Students can provide their perspective without any hesitation
  • Guides new writers thoroughly
  • They also have a writing community
  • The course fee is $315 for eight weeks and $360 for ten weeks.

8. The Writers Bureau

The Writers Bureau is a college of home study which launched in the year 1931. They have their specialization in giving distance learning to education and training to thousands of people across the world. 

The college is also a member of the institute of training and institutional learning (ITOL) AND IN COLLABORATION WITH THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WRITER.

As they have a lot of experience in the writing domain, they give quality assurance and a high success rate to get a better outcome for each student.

Course highlights:-

  • Study guide of complete printed courses material along with online live lectures
  • They help to teach writing that can sell your work
  • The trainer gives personal attention
  • The course fee is INR 44400/-

9. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform where people can get access for the course across the globe. Coursera collaborates with more than 150 universities and with professional developers of various institutes—Coursera bundles of courses. In short, you can get learning and training from Coursera in any domain, whether it is technical, self-development, educational, or improving your writing skills. 

It is virtual online classes with regular sessions that provide the highest quality of professionals, which helps give you a better outcome.  

The number of courses available for writers to choose any of the topics they are keen to learn. The price of the systems varies accordingly depending upon the duration and the type of the course. The courses are affordable as Coursera does not charge much. 

A creative writing course is one of the best choices, which helps develop your creativity and writing and visualizing accordingly. Coursera gives access to demanded videos of content writing with regular exercise and discussion forums. 

The creative writing course Includes:- 

  • Various free and paid creative writing course
  • Virtual classroom training
  • Reputed instructors and professor
  • It also has on-demand classes and session-based class
  • Course fees virus as per the specialization
  • Duration is from 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending upon what type of course you choose.

You can get many options on their website for various other courses in any of the domains. 

Do Visit –

10. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform which has more than 15000 forces embedded in it.

There are already 4 million users who have taken advantage of this platform.

The prices of Udemy courses are too affordable. Once you purchase this course, they give you lifetime access to their classes; however, this is not an accredited institute. Yes, it helps you learn various skills from scratch to advanced level along with certification. 

Udemy also has various creative writing courses, and in that, there are various sub-creative writing courses.

The course highlights:-

  • Language preference
  • Creative writing course has subtitle quizzes and various practical test
  • Students can choose any level of training and choice of writing course
  • The cost she starts from 9 dollars to $300
  • Each lecture of the system consists of a duration of 30 minutes. 

For more information and to look upon various courses available on you can contact at their website called

11. Ed2go

Learning a creative writing course will help me to become a better writer. The creative writing course enables you to tell a story that you depict by yourself, which you elaborate by yourself and produce worthy content out of it. 

The best creative writing course gives you a proper curriculum that includes assessments to enhance your program and analyze it, and most importantly, you should learn from industry experts.

Ed2go offers you, beginner, to advanced knowledge of creative writing.

The course includes:- 

  • 24 hours of instructional content explain in two weeks
  • Two lessons taught each week
  • Literary techniques and device
  • Steps of prewriting stage to editing and final revision
  • How to know the genre of a writing
  • The course is for $115

This course is only for those wholeheartedly committed to their learning process in a creative writing course. To see a better result, one should focus entirely on the system and utilize the maximum time to improve your creative work.

12. Catapult

Catapult is a platform of literary magazines, publishers, and the community of all writers.

Cat toppers of you with a creative writing course that focuses on literary writing rather than genre writing.

This course is for those writers who already know their field but want to implement it properly because it focuses on literary writing. 

The course is best for those who have already launched their skills and need to brush up on them.

It covers all the aspects of creative writing and gives in-depth knowledge about the subject where every individual can start creating their own and implementing them with the best result.

13. MasterClass

The masterclass is an online platform that offers creative writing courses that are entirely video-based learning. Videos will be shared and based on that; you will have a regular assessment. Famous authors give the video lectures like Neil Gaiman, Dan Brown, James Patterson, and Margaret Atwood. Masterclass creative writing course works on a monthly subscription. You get access to their complete catalog, of course, where you can share it with your friends and make it cost-effective.

14. UCLA Extension

The UCLA extension creative writing course is way more different than other platforms offering creative writing courses. It is one of the most comprehensive ones where you get training on any niche, and you want to work. This course helps students to enlighten UN in their creative writing. This course is quite expensive, but it is entirely worth it. They have various packages available for creative writing courses. You can choose the best one for yourself.

15. One Story

One story has come up with their excellent literary magazine. It has to give opportunities to all the new be and learning lighters who want to publish into various magazines. Your one story, along with your creative writing, is way more than enough to get yourself published. They have their online creative writing course, which has their batches every month. They have both the means of education that is online and offline available for you. The system is completely one week long. It requires very intensive and hardworking writers with daily attendance, Regular completion, and submission of assessments. If you are free to devote your time to a creative writing course, this is the best way to spend that week. You will get a lot of learning and enhance your creative writing skills from this course.

16. Lit Reactor

Let reactor of a shoe with online creative writing force witches divided into four classes which starts every month. The course allows you to study with qualified and trained instructors, ask for feedback from your colleagues in any of your doubts, and improve your writing skills. They allow you to work in open forum suggestions, and feedback matters the most.

The course ranges from $300 to $400. The system offers you a creative writing course of four weeks, and some exceptional courses last for a year. 

The course Includes:-

  • Weird writing
  • how to write attractive first five page
  • Lean, mean writing machine. 

17. Writer’s Digest University

One of the oldest and renowned universities is Your Writer’s Digest University. They have been working in this industry for the past 90 years. For the past 90 years, they have inspired a lot of writers to become authors. They have been giving proper training to all the levels of writing to shape up with their successful career. The primary benefit of educating this University is that the trainers provide you with every information and in-depth knowledge of every genre. They have their online workshop, classes, various writing competitions, regular assessment, and majorly their help to enhance their writing voice. They even provide proper assistance in creative writing such as fiction, nonfiction screenwriting, and poetry.

The course highlight:-

  • The online writing workshop is into various subdivisions of writing elements.
  • The workshop helps in covering every single topic starting from the base to publishing the book.
  • They majorly focus on end goals.
  • This workshop suits every other individual who is a learner or most professional in this field.
  • They have various other programs like literary bootcamps, novel writing, strategies, blogging, and advanced poetry writing.
  • The course fee is between 19.99 dollars to 799.99 dollars.
  • Participants can directly contact for their admissions.
  • Visit their website, writers

18. Commonwealth Education Trust

Commonwealth education trust my journey focuses on children’s writing books. If you are the one who wants to write and create stories for children, then this creative writing course is one of the best choices for you. It is a creative writing course in India that will help you to create stories for all kids. This course is entirely free of cost. But you’ll have to pay extra money if you want a complete certification on a creative writing course. The creative writing course is called writers for young readers. As it is a free course, you don’t require any time or perfect and roll mint for this you can start the system immediately. It requires a complete span of 18 hours as it is for free. If you pay 2016 to the organization, you will get a certificate for the creative writing course.

19. Rambo academy

Rambo Academy comes with its online creative writing course. The creative writing course is for wayward writers with cat Rambo. If you are looking for an affordable system that helps you with training in many genres, Cat Rambo is one of the best choices for you.

The creative writing course of Rambo Academy is in Delhi. It is very short with a brief video which is not more than 5 minutes. It only focuses on finding the owner and detailed information about it, as this piece of content is impressive and exciting to learn. 

20. Deer Park institute

The deer park Institute is for Buddhist studies. Janet Thomas is the one who teaches and conducts creative writing workshops. He has been working with the Deer park institute since 2009.

Those interested in writing down their life stories and knowing the art of writing should choose this workshop, completely changing your writing habits and style. 

Janet Thomas is a poet, author, playwright, and also the editor of a travel magazine.


Summing up with the creative writing course, it helps you express your feelings from your clever words; it helps build your confidence and makes you more precise with your comments. It also gives a better understanding of your reading and writing skills; it helps develop your communication skills and improves your mental and physical health.

Creative writing course is primarily for learning things from ourselves and creating your own words according to your own choice. There are various Thomas into creative writing courses where you can specialize. So that you will come to know your measure factor and creative writing and improve your writing into the same area.

The above given top 25 creative writing courses are best which come with free and paid versions. This top choice and 20 creative writing courses are best from our knowledge and experiences, which gives you a wide range of opportunities to grow creative writing.

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Q1. Do I need to have any creative writing background to take this course?

Ans. The creative writing course is absolutely for anyone interested in writing. Creativity is a blessing, and the courses will enhance your creativity. You can take a creative writing course if you are a student or a professional. You will learn from the basic idea of creative writing and learn what it takes to become a professional creative writer.

Q2. I am a content writer. Can I take the creative writing course?

Ans. Yes. As you are already a content writer, you get a chance to put some creativity and imagination into your work. A content writer should be a creative writer. The certification as a creative writer will not only help you in your professional field, but the creative writing certification will also increase your confidence and improve your writing skills.

Q3. Where will I get the best creative writing course?

Ans. Henry Harvin writing academy offers the best creative writing course. The course ranks number 1, as per the Statesman. The course gives you practical training in every aspect of creative writing. The curriculum is one of the best and allows you to master your skill in poetry, stories, novel writing, and all the technical aspects of creative writing. You can visit the website and get details for the course.

Q4. What is included in a creative writing course?

Ans. A creative writer should be a master of many skills. Skills like language skills include reading, listening and writing. Power of imagination, vocabulary, and excellent research skills. All these skills are important for a creative writer. Above all, the skill of meeting a deadline is important too. The Henry Harvin creative writing course is designed to help a creative writer to develop all these skills.

Q5. What are the four types of creative writing?

Ans. Every creative writing course will teach you the basic 4 types of creative writing. These types are expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative. The expository form aims to explain and inform us. Descriptive writing paints a picture in the minds of a reader by describing an event. The persuasive form is used to persuade the readers to do things or try them out. The narrative is setting a scene in front of the readers from your point of view.


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