Top 12 HR Analytics Courses in Chennai

Human resources analytics objective is to give the company information for efficiently managing its workforce. The Human Resources team deals with many responsibilities which include recruitment, payroll management, rectifying employee grievances, chalking out career expansion, conducting assessment centers, and Analysis of attrition, etc. With these factors, corporate objectives can be accomplished rapidly. It is well recognized that HR organizations that crumple information on effectiveness are more likely to form strategic alliances.

Just holding an MBA is not enough.Because it further requires adequate expertise and practical knowledge to come to be a skilled HR professional. This blog will help you with details of the Top 12 HR Analytics Courses in Chennai.

Chennai is one of the extraordinary hubs for many leading multinational companies. The main reasons for this happening are employable people, well-educated, good infrastructure, and laws leading to business expansion among others. Thus, the want for a capable HR team in every company cannot be gainsaid. Without delay lets straightaway get into the topic.


List of Top 12 HR Analytics Courses in Chennai.

1 Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin is ranked number one by India Today & The Tribune, among the top five upskilling programs in India. It has a community made up of more than 300,000 students. To begin with a good start to your career Henry Harvin is undoubtedly a best choice.

They have been invited to speak at more than 100 keynote seminars for HR Analytics Courses.

It has also given more than 350 talks and is currently recognized as a topic specialist by the Henry Harvin® Analytics Academy. It is the most respected Institute having 15+ years of experience in the industry. Also recognized by many associations over the years for its endeavor.

The HR analytics courses are taken by-

  • Executives or senior managers – who wish to use a sizable database of customer information, to make important business decisions.
  •  Professionals working in the fields of marketing, finance, HR, and IT.
  •  IT or non-IT students who want to reevaluate their careers in Human Resources.
  • Those seeking exposure to tool-based business analytics and practical applications.

Henry Harvin offers a globally renowned curriculum with 12 core courses and projects that have been graded by the industry.

It also offers a 9-in-1 program along

with 1 year of Gold Membership.

A recent Deloitte research found that while 75% of businesses agree that HR analytics provide benefits, only 8% use it.

The course syllabus is as follows –

Understanding HR Analytics

Fundamentals of R programming

Covers Data Cleaning

People and Talent Management of

Complementary Module 1: Developing Soft Skills

Complimentary Module 2: Writing a Resume

2) FITA Academy

FITA Academy comes in the second place in our list .A group of IT industry experts founded this Academy in 2012, inorder to offer top-notch IT training. They have been actively involved in the training industry for almost ten years now. To date, they have trained more than 50,000 students, including many working professionals.

FITA Academy provides HR Analytics Courses throughout Chennai with Real-Time expertise in Training. They offer services at Affordable fees with flexible schedules and placement support post certification.

This is the only HR Analytics Course in Chennai that offers the ideal mix of theory and practice classes.

It provides 60+ hours of in-depth course coverage. Over 50,000 students believe in FITA Academy. It has a reasonable price structure considering many working IT professionals and hardworking students.

They guide you with Corporate Training and Interview Techniques in Chennai.

Finally, they also assist you in Resuming building, case studies, and learning about real-time projects.

Do you want to be a professional HR? Looking for a location to enhance your HR skills? Then, join the classes at FITA Academy to inculcate the professional skill sets under the guidance of industry experts.


MILDAIN is one of the top HR Analytics Courses in Chennai. It is helping many folks to understand the origin and evolution of HR Analytics in Corporates.

Their program assists HR professionals in spotting the critical elements of employee data.Which needs to be measured and examined to achieve the organization’s overarching objectives. Post completion of these HR Analytics Courses,the participants will be well versed to recognize and use several metrics. Additionally, they will comprehend the subtleties of reporting and analyzing the information acquired using metrics.

The course curriculum has 5 Modules. You no need not to have any prerequisites for availing this. But having basic knowledge of mathematics and some expertise in any particular domain is enough.

Through these HR Analytics Courses, you will learn.

  •  To recognize the advantages of employing human resource analytics.
  • Recall the critical strategic themes based on the values, disciplines, and culture of the organization.
  •  Implementing a proportional scorecard from the HR aspect.
  • Understand the connections between an organization’s essential outcomes and various lag and lead indicators.
  • Analyze and apply the various lead indicators inside their organization.
  • Find out how to use an HR dashboard for reporting.
  • Discover how to use the acquired data to apply trend analysis and predictive analytics tools like regression and correlation.
  • Educates you on the significance of benchmarking.

Therefore Mildain Institute comes in the third place

4 Inventateq

Inventateq is undoubtedly one of the other top Institutes Providing HR analytics courses in Chennai. Its house consists of certified HR with 10+ years of experience in training the attendees. They have  9409+ professionals Trained with a 90% Placement Record. Inventateq is recognized by many leading media such as –  The Times of India, DD News, Deccan Chronicle, News 18, Hindustan Times, and Dailyhunt.

The duration of these Theory and Practical Classes is 45 minutes. It is also available on weekdays and weekends. Just like other HR analytics courses in Chennai, Inventateq also allows you to pay fees in easy Installments.

They give exposure to live projects and conduct weekly assignments. They also conduct tests for the students to perform better on Job.

You can attend the FREE DEMO CLASS first and then take up the Course at this Institute.

5 360 DigiTMB

 The 360 DigiTMB HR Analytics courses grind you to be an HR expert equipped to seize a variety of opportunities in the fields of Self-Service Avenues, Talent Management, Payroll, and Reporting. The trainers here hold degrees from IIT & ISB.

It offers 16 hours of intensive classroom and online sessions. Together with 20 hours of free videos on Python programming.

At 360 DigiTMB you can also get IBM Certification, available for an additional cost.

Here you get services as mentioned below –

  • Quiz Questions and case studies
  • HR analytics course with placements
  • Live Webinars for free
  • LinkedIn Review and Resume Building Sessions
  • Complementary Courses
  • Lifetime access to the LMS
  • Provides 24/7 Support throughout the study process
  • Unlimited Mock Interview and Quiz Session
  • Hands-on Experience in Live Projects
  • Offline Hiring Events.
  • Certification and Placement support.

They have partnerships with many MNCs like IBM, Tata Consultancy Services,UTM space, and Panasonic.

Through these HR analytics Courses, you will be able to enhance your career and proficiency levels in people-related data strategies and policies that affect the business today.

360 DigiTMB teaches students about the development of machine learning methodologies in HR and people-centric transformation. They make sure that you have a better understanding by the end of this course.

6 CHRMP – Online HR Analytics courses in Chennai

CHRMP, Chennai has a benchmark for human resource certification programs that satisfies ISO 9001-2008 validation criteria. Their online HR Analytics courses in Chennai have a great curriculum. Its designed to give learners cutting-edge, directly applicable, and practical HR skills, knowledge, and approaches, that have not yet been included in textbooks. The HR professionals network ranks the CHRMP HR certification and CHRMP corporate HR training in Chennai as the top HR certification in India.

Its house consists of experienced facilitators and seasoned HR professionals.These professionals also have years of experience in a variety of industries.

 They have delivered sizable projects in the fields like –

  • Hiring,
  • Employee engagement,
  • Competency mapping,
  • Performance management,
  • HR analytics,
  • compensation benefits,
  • and numerous other HR-related areas.

 Each student receives individualized instruction in an extremely engaging learning environment.

These highly specialized HR Analytics Courses in Chennai, offer behavioral and leadership skills apart from HR concepts. It aids students in shifting their perspectives about the cutthroat, global business environment.

Students can choose from a variety of HR Analytical courses in Chennai based on their educational background and professional experience.

It provides courses in 3 different durations.Starting from 1 month to 6 months, based on the topic required by the students.

They gained business trust with Google, Honeywell, Flipkart, Ericsson, Capgemini, Cerner, Cocacola, and many other Corporates.

7 Middle Earthr –

Middle Earthr is one of the reputed HR analytics Courses in Chennai, helping students to learn how to use sophisticated business analytics, regression, and correlation to improve business outcomes. In addition, this program will teach you how to support and build HR metrics and strategy maps, among other things.

Being certified in the HR Analytics Courses, You will be able to gain insights to manage the employees effectively to fulfill the business requirements.

This course curriculum has 5 modules cascaded with different types of skills.

  • First module covers techniques and  methods of  Human Analytics
  • Secoond module educates about various Strategize in the organization.
  • Third module gives in-depth knowledge on Quantify.
  • Fourth module briefs about Operational Analysis
  • Final module teaches you the techniques of Predictive Analysis.

You get trained with all these modules for 6 weeks.

At the end of this HR analytics course, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the most recent methods and tools from various industries.

They make sure that you learn the best hiring practices to find out the greatest talent on your team. Conducting behavior-based interviews is one of the useful skills that help you to be outstanding in the HR domain.

8 Spark Academy

Spark Academy bestows HR Analytics courses in Chennai that are job-oriented. Apart from HR analytics courses, they also provide Payroll Software in Chennai.

Spark’s HR generalist training in Chennai is thorough. They offer labor law training through realistic case studies and job assignments.

Their HR Training Classes include the following topics.

1. Planning for Human Resources

2. Selection and Recruitment

3. Onboarding of New Employees

4. HR Legal Compliance Management

5. HR Administration and Operations

6. Payroll

7.Remuneration and Benefits

8. Management of Performance

9. Professional Development & Training

10. HRMS, Reports, and Records

Advantages of HR analytics Courses in Chennai.

1. Industry/corporate training faculty with extensive experience

2. Updated industry course curriculum

3. Practical experience in real-time

4. Adjustable training schedules

5. Excellent course content

Spark’s HR certification training in Chennai can greatly assist candidates in gaining HR knowledge. Having

this into consideration,it offers course materials, work assignments, and placement help.

With the HR function increasingly being viewed as a business function.It is vital to learn or reskill HR.

HR courses in Chennai offer numerous advantages to the knowledge community.

With this in mind, employers must secure their enterprises by keeping a thorough understanding of human resources.

9 VRG Technologies – HR Analytics courses in Chennai

VRG Technologies is an entrepreneur-led start-up. It offers consultancy and technical skills in the information technology business. VRG Technologies is led by technocrats with over 25 years of industry experts. These experts are dedicated to provide high-quality services and products.

Started in 2017 and completed projects for one of the top ten IT companies academic divisions. The secret to success is intrinsic training skills and a solid technological foundation.

VRG Technologies offers the Best Practical Exposure with Outstanding Certified Trainers. They help u gain a variety of Opportunities to develop talent for those wishing to update their skills or change careers. It empowers training in modules for human resource management, digital marketing, and data science.

It is one of the best HR analytics courses in Chennai well-known for corporate training such as  Mainframes, DevOps, Enterprise DevOps, Modernization Technologies, and Digital Transformation Services. Our main areas of focus include digital transformation, hire-train-deploy consulting, and training.

10 MIIT Global Services – HR analytics courses.

The MIIT Institute employed several stages of human resource management inorder to specify the official framework intended for the administration of people inside a company. The three aspects of an HRM’s responsibilities such as designing the work, employee reunification and advantage, and staffing are present in this Institute.

It is mainly concerned about the development of people and the companies they work for.

Primary human resource management duties in MIIT Institutes include:

  • Staffing and recruitment
  • Compensation and benefits,
  • Relations between employers and employees,
  • Enterprises and workforce utilization,
  • Employee incentive programs.
  • Organizing wellness programs.
  • Providing new hire orientation programs
  • Providing direction on disciplinary actions.

Having these above factors in their curriculum makes MIIT unique from other HR analytics courses in Chennai.

11 MIDM – HR Analytics courses in Chennai

MIDM advanced digital marketing training programs take a professional approach to classroom instruction. Its curriculum has many modules of digital marketing with the main goal of preparing students for the market, by working directly on live projects with an industry approach.

MIDM internet marketing coursework is entirely practical with assignments based on real-world projects. Their live project management in digital marketing classes aids in understanding the difficulty of website rank building on Google search.

Higher management can predict human resource needs. So that suitable measures can be taken at the appropriate time

such as decision making and manpower management.

If HR data is examined properly, it can forecast which employees are most likely to depart the firm. As a result, HR Analytics certification is a critical study that firms should consider because it will only aid them with better contingency planning and precautionary measures.

12 Seven Mentor – HR analytics courses in Chennai

Seven Mentor’s HR Classes in Chennai are perfect for current or aspiring HR Professionals and Business Partners inorder to advance in their HR careers. During this HR Training, you will obtain a comprehensive understanding of HR functions, difficulties, and skills required in the HR business altogether.

What will you learn at Seven Mentor HR analytics Courses?

It’s Human Resource Management Certification furnishes you with the core skills , so that you can manage the various duties that are essential to a successful company culture. This HR Training in India will help you achieve your goals, with its actual emphasis and quick relevance.

You will be educated to discern the importance of operational and strategic HR ideas and the positive influence they can have on an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives.



Expand your skill set with in-demand HR abilities for the purpose of advancing your career. These Top 12 HR Analytics Courses in Chennai give you the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience you need to begin with. In this blog post, I have gathered information about to[ institutions that provide HR classes both online and in person. Make the most of your degree by honing your abilities at one of the top 12 HR analytics courses in Chennai.


1. What are the prerequisites for enrolling in HR analytics courses?

Ans. Any Graduate (10+2+3) or a Diploma holder (10+2+3) with at least three years of work experience. Any Post Graduate candidate with at least one year of work experience are eligible.

2. What do you mean by “HR Analytics”?

Ans. Human Resource Analytics (also known as people analytics) is the collecting and use of talent data to improve important talent and business outcomes. HR analytics leaders help HR directors produce data-driven insights to influence talent decisions, optimize workforce operations, and foster a great employee experience.

3. What are the 3 types of HR analytics?

Ans. The three types of HR analytics are descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive

4. Will HR managers have a job in the long run?

Ans. The Human Resources job position is lucrative in the industry. According to their (HR) data, the demand for human resources specialists would rise by 9% between 2014 and 2024, which is two percent faster than overall job growth in India.

5. How much does a human resources professional make?

Ans. In India, the average income for a human resources professional is ₹471,429.


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