Top 7 Cybersecurity Books in 2024

Today’s world is entirely revolving around the Internet. Whether it is online payments, online shopping, entertainment, or playing games everything can be done through the internet. Although we are enjoying a lot of comforts through the advancements of technology, there are also numerous disadvantages like cybercrime that come along. Cybercrimes are usually done to access our data and steal money. Therefore, each one of us must know how to protect ourselves from such crimes. Read this blog to learn about some of the best cybersecurity books for a mango man that will help you. 

Primarily, cybersecurity deals with protecting our data from theft and damage. To elaborate, cybersecurity involves the protection of internet-connected services and devices from the attack of cybercriminals. Most companies practise cybersecurity to avoid data breaches through cybercrimes like phishing, ransomware attacks, data theft etc. Below are some of the best cybersecurity books for mango man to help us understand how to protect ourselves from such crimes

Best cybersecurity books for mango man:

Although there are plenty of books on cybersecurity, the below-mentioned list is some of the best cybersecurity books for mango man. 

1. A Guide to Cybersecurity: Henry Harvin

cybersecurtiy books for mango man

In addition to explaining the history and advancements in the computer industry, this book also focuses on the dark side of the internet which involves viruses, trojan horses, and worms, that led to the development of cybersecurity. The book describes critical infrastructure protection and engineering design issues using protective design objectives. In order to handle cyber disputes and, most importantly, to fight cyber warfare, a vigilant cyber intelligence capability is required. Hence, it is one of the finest cybersecurity books for mango man. Read this book to learn more about cybersecurity practices in detail. 

A little about the institute: 

Henry Harvin is an online learning platform initiated in 2013 with the objective of providing training and advisory services. It has seen enormous growth in recent times and now offers more than 800 different courses in 27 categories. They have masterclass faculty and top-class course material designed according to industry standards. Among many outstanding courses, they have an amazing platter of cybersecurity courses, such as cybersecurity professional course, masters in cyber security management, advanced certification in cyber law and many more. 

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2. Cybersecurity for beginners:

Author: Raef Meeuwisse

cybersecurity books for mango man

It is one of the best cybersecurity books for Mango Man as each chapter speaks volumes about different aspects of cybersecurity. Most importantly, since each chapter is not related to the other, the reader can randomly choose any chapter he wants to read. Also, in every chapter, Meeuwisse explores different terms the readers need to be aware of.

3. Hacking for Beginners: A step-by-step guide for you to learn the basics of hacking and cybersecurity

Author: Ramon Nastase

In order to identify and learn the ways to protect ourselves, it is beneficial to know how a hacker thinks. Well, the main purpose of this book is to throw some light on the hacking techniques. It emphasises how hackers think, the motive behind and the way they hack. This book exclusively focuses on penetration testing, which is a legally stimulated attack performed on computer systems to evaluate security. If you wish to pursue your career as a penetration tester, then this book is for you.

4. The art of invisibility:

Author: Kevin Mitnick

cybersecurity books for mango man

The author, Kevin Mitnick, describes various online, real-life tactics and inexpensive methods to protect you and your family from cybercrimes. Most importantly, he explains all the techniques in a step-by-step, easy-to-understand manner. Therefore, it is one of the best cybercrime books for mango man. In addition, to learning how to avoid a digital footprint, you can also acquire skills like privacy protection. 

5. Practical Malware Analysis:

Author: Andrew Honing and Michael Sikorski

cybersecurity books for mango man

In recent times, Viruses and Malware have become a serious threat to society. Hence, most IT professionals and security experts are finding different techniques to combat this issue. Therefore, the main objective of the authors of this book was to provide valuable insights into combating such threats. In addition, the book also provides cybersecurity tools that will help eliminate viruses from systems. 

6. Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking

Author: Christopher Hadnagy

It is one of the most interesting books on cyber warfare written by Hadnagy. He explores different social engineering techniques in this book. Moreover, provides real-world examples to help the reader understand the techniques easily. To be precise, the book explains social engineering tricks and how social engineers use tricks and emotions to prevent cybercrimes. Therefore, it is one of the best cybersecurity books for mango man. 

7. Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and source code in C

Author: Bruce Schneier

In this book, the author explains a comprehensive survey of modern cryptography. He describes how professionals can decipher and encipher messages through cryptography. In addition, it includes several cryptography algorithms and methods to solve security issues. Cryptography ensures secure data transmission over networks by allowing only the users with appropriate keys to access encrypted data. Hence, cryptography is considered to be a part of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity: Explained

Before reading the books, let’s have an overview of what exactly is cybersecurity. Cybersecurity deals with protecting programs, personal data, computer systems and other internet devices from malicious attacks by hackers. These attacks are referred to as cybercrimes. This kind of attack results in the loss of confidential data, loss of money, as well as the name of the reputed organisation. Hence, implementing cybersecurity measures is crucial. 

In a nutshell, cybersecurity deals with protecting sensitive information and important systems from digital attacks. Most cybercrimes happen due to our negligence or lack of knowledge; hence educating ourselves with best cybersecurity practices is essential. This blog covers some of the best cybersecurity books for mango man which will help you understand cybersecurity practices in a simple manner. 


 In recent times, the field of cybersecurity has grown enormously, opening doors to a wide range of job opportunities. Whether you wish to pursue a career in cybersecurity or simply want to learn about cybersecurity to protect yourself and your family, the above-mentioned books can help you in a great way. This blog includes some of the best cybersecurity for mango man. In addition, you can also enrol for cybersecurity courses at Henry Harvin to gain expertise in cybersecurity.

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1. Is Cybersecurity a good career choice?

ans.  It is one of the most in-demand careers today.  A cybersecurity professional can earn more than other tech professionals. With an alarming increase in the rate of cybercrimes, the need for cybersecurity professionals is increasing day by day. Hence, it is one of the best professions.

2. What is cybersecurity?

ans. Cybersecurity refers to the methods that are involved in protecting internet-connected devices from cybercrimes.

3. Is coding necessary to pursue a career in cybersecurity?

ans. No coding is not a requirement to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

4. Can you learn cybersecurity from books?

ans. Absolutely yes, there are a few cybersecurity books for mango man from which one can understand cybersecurity practices. However, if you wish to pursue a career in cybersecurity, then enrolling for the cybersecurity course is beneficial.

5. What can I learn from Henry Harvin’s “ Guide to Cybersecurity”

ans. Besides explaining about the advancements in today’s technology, this guide explains about the dark side of the internet world, which is cybercrime. This is one of the best cybersecurity books for mango man.

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