Top 10 Content Writing Books in 2023 (Don’t Ignore)

A career in content writing comes with limitless opportunities and challenges. Content writers have always been in demand. However, with the emergence of the internet, the demand for excellent writers has increased manifold. As the demand is high the number of  content writers has increased exponentially and to stand out in this field you need to have a deep understanding of the whole process 

To learn everything about content writing you will need to study various content writing Books. Reading these books help the content writers in making their vocabulary and literacy skills strong.

 Reading content writing books can help us to understand thoroughly the use of correct words and phrases, the meaning of certain words and different ways to convey a purpose.

Every writer has their own style to convey  a purpose on which the book is being written, therefore reading numerous content writing books can help one understand the power at which books convey their purpose. These are Top 10 Content Writing books

#1.  Content writing handbook 2021:

Kounal Gupta’s ‘Content writing handbook 2021’ is a masterpiece in which you will learn everything about content writing.

This book starts with two basic materials to compose any content i.e., language abilities and internet skills. 

Once you gain a deep understanding of language abilities and internet skills, the book moves towards shaping your abilities to write 30+ content types, followed by learning tips and strategies for content development. At last, you will also learn how to monetize your newfound skills in the best possible way.

It took 200,000+ hours to understand the difficulties of 36,514 people over a period of 6 years towards composing.  

This was later made easier and reduced to 5,500+ worker hours in giving content writing coaching to people from different backgrounds through a famous content writing course from Henry Harvin Education . that is Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW) course.

 Henry Harvin Content Writing Handbook 2021 is definitely the best book for content writing if you want to learn and earn from content writing  This book covers everything From Technical Writing, ghost writing, Research Writing, copywriting, Creative Writing, SEO Writing to composing E-Books, Emails, and White Papers.

Content covered in this book are:

  1. An in-depth explanation of content writing
  2. Abilities that one must learn to write content
  3. Describes the tips and best practices to write content effectively 
  4. The different formats of content creation 
  5. Goes deep into the various content writing tools and explains their use to get the best results
  6. Guides you to clear content writing interview through a list of answers to the questions asked
  7. Helps you to land your content writing client online

‘Content Writing Handbook’ covers tips, tricks,  formulae, stunts, procedures, and best rehearses that can help any individual who wants to write content just by committing 60 minutes to every subsection. 

#2. The Content Code:( Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business) 

Author: Mark W. Schaefer

The content code by Mark W. Schaefer has been named the world’s best SEO book by book authority. In this book, the author explains the six factors that will help you to win at marketing. It shows you a correct pathway and provides you the launch code for next-level achievement

It will help you transport information beyond content, past web-based media, past web traffic, and Search Engine Optimization.

This content writing book dives deep into the genuine estimation of online media promotion and the steps organizations need to empower to achieve quantifiable outcomes. 

A book that explores the psychology of sharing is likewise profoundly handy, offering hundreds of ideas that are practical and can be utilized by associations of any size and budget. Unseal  your business esteem, release your crowd, and reveal the six advanced mysteries of ‘The Content Code’.

Book highlights:

  •  in-depth study on the bond between the brand and content transmission
  • an emphasis on the audience that will move content
  • actionable steps to create shareable content
  •  Gain in-depth knowledge about the role of SEO in digital marketing  

#3. Content writing 101

Author:  Joice Carrera

Joice Carrera is an SEO Content specialist with the passion of writing and teaching and in this book, she walks you through the step by step process of building a content writing career from scratch – from finding your why, to building your portfolio, to landing profitable online content writing jobs and working with your dream clients – even with ZERO experience.

Book highlights:

  • Curate an impressive portfolio even without experience;
  • Create an excellent written content that speaks to your ideal reader;
  • Build a client network and execute projects that interest you
  • Project yourself as one of the best freelance content writers
  • Start getting paid to write for businesses;
  • Start living the life that you want.
  • successful content writing practices and tips that could jumpstart your career as a content writer.

#4. Content Writing Step-By-Step

Author: Joseph Robinson

In this book The author maintains a really light and proficient tone that creates the reader’s comfortable

the key takeaways from this book:

  • Difference between copywriting and content writing.
  •  different copywriting and content writing styles.
  • Learn Content marketing, the data that’s been gathered, and how you can use these methods to promote your content
  • How to maximize the components of SEO 
  • how to help your website rank well in Google and other search engines.
  • The difference between blogging and writing content for social media
  • niche topics for your blogging site.
  • Effective Tips and tricks for writing for social media sites.
  • Best practices and common mistakes to avoid that wil help you to speedup your progress.
  • Everything about outsourcing, learn how to find the best places to outsource your work and how these platforms operate.
  • How to outsource and what to outsource when it comes to content, that helps you to save time and money.
  • A step-by-step formula for creating your content.
  • Tips for generating great content ideas and how you can keep moving, even if you feel like you don’t have more ideas.
  • Content and ideas that helps you to convert when it comes to making sales.

#5.  Everybody writes

Author: Ann Handley

In Everybody Writes, Ann Handley shows the correct process and strategy of content creation, production, and publishing. 

It is a go-to manual for anyone creating or publishing any kind of online content 

Key takeaways:

  • How to write better and learn different writing styles
  • Easy grammar and usage of correct words tailored for business in a fun, memorable way. 
  • Giving your audience an amazing gift of content through Empathy, humanity, and inspiration, so the book covers that, too.
  • Best practices for creating reliable, trustworthy content filled with some time-honored rules of solid journalism. Because publishing content and sharing directly to your customers is a privilege.
  • “Things Marketers Write”: The basics of 17 specific kinds of content that marketers are often tasked with crafting.
  • The sharpest content tools you need to get the job done

#6.The No-Fluff Guide to Writing Web Content

As an independent writer for over 20 years, Alina Bradford came across various rough, sad and tragic web content like articles and blog entries. Due to these bad experiences she was left with nothing except confusion and more questions. 

So, she wrote this book. In this book, Alina Bradford gives the best tips for composing great substance and even a few hints for building your image. The aim of this book are to furnish you with the information that helps you go out into the online world and amaze possible customers and readers. 

This book includes:

  • A step-by-step process that helps you  to create articles and sites from start to finish
  • Importance of SEO to make your customers, search engines, and yourself happy
  • Punctuation and Spelling tips to keep the content free of grammatical errors 
  • Book provides Lists of free reference sites where you can discover facts, quotes, and quality research
  • A content schedule to make sure that your articles and blog entries are 100% prepared for readers.
  • A rundown of the 20 best destinations for discovering free guides, diagrams, recordings, photographs, and gifs for your content

#7. One hour content plan

Author: Meera Kothand

If you don’t know what to write and Your content doesn’t have a strong link to the products or services you offer then The 1- Hour Content Plan will help you generate countless ideas. To be honest, it gives you full year’s content ideas in 60 minutes or less.

Key takeaways:

  • Three main ways to INSTANTLY generate content ideas with ease.
  • 5 types of content that will inch your viewers towards becoming a buyer and sell your products and services with ease. 
  • The fastest way to find out your BRAND VOICE so that you create quality content that fits you 
  • 8 MUST-NOT ignore elements that either make or break your blog posts and how to optimize each of them.
  • ways to HOOK more viewers on your content.
  • Learn to write purposeful content 

#8. Self-Discipline for Writers

Author- Henry smith

If you want to become a successful content writer, Self-discipline is the number one components of writing; talent isn’t enough. 

Key takeaways:

  • avoid common mistakes that almost always leads to failure, learn basic foundation of self-discipline that every writer should possess
  • Get to know about 3 main steps that leads to a strong work ethic as a writer 
  • learn how to develop a strategy to increase your word count 
  •  5 types of doubts that are  common among writers and how to overcome them (if you don’t believe in yourself as a writer, how are your readers supposed to believe in you?)
  • 7 tips on how to manage your strength as a writer, including not only the most basic advice, but also discussing your projects with other people, capturing fleeting ideas, and reading your reviews
  • Learn why control is essential for any writer and how to claim it
  • 5 tips for more self-mastery and productivity  this includes some surprising thoughts on how to run your writing business to reduce frustration and increase productivity.
  • Writing doesn’t have to be burdensome. You too can write with more perfection and more comfort, and most importantly, write and publish consistently so that you can enjoy a flourishing writing career. Let’s learn together how to achieve this exciting goal.

Every aspiring writer should read this book as it teaches you everything about content writing 

#9. Successful Self-Publishing

Author- Joanna Penn

This is a guideline for self-publishing. this may help writers before they publish, the way to format an ebook before you print, the way to print books

Key takeaways:

  • Everything  you need to know before you publish your book
  •  Why self-publishing an ebook is a good option
  •  How to format an ebook
  •  Exclusivity and going direct
  •  How to self-publish an ebook
  •  Why self-publish a print book
  • Print-on-demand will change your life
  •  What you need to know before you print the ebook
  •  How to self-publish a print book
  • How to get professional help in publishing process
  •  How to self-publish an audiobook
  •  After self-publishing
  •  How much does it cost to self-publish?
  •  How to monetize your self-publish book
  •  Book marketing principles
  •  How to market fiction
  • How to market non fiction book

#10. The Scribe Method

Author- Tucker Max and Zach obront

This book is especially for new writers. It shows you the best way to write and publish your Non-Fiction Book.

The Scribe Method is the tested and proven process that has helped to produce dozens of bestsellers. This book will help you navigate the entire book-writing process from start to finish–the right way.

In this book Author explains all the procedures step-by-step, prepare to write down your book, position your book, outline your book, write your book, edit your book,, design your book, publish your book, finish your manuscript,reference material. He’s also sharing tips and tricks that will the readers to write a book


Throughout this blog, I have suggested to you the Top 10 content writing books. Although all of the books are unique, I definitely suggest Mr. Kounal Gupta’s book because the author has covered all of the themes in one volume. This book is extremely simple to understand and implement. He also provides reference books and websites with us in addition to each element.

Recommended reads:




Q1: What are the skills I need to have to be a successful content writer?

Ans: To be a successful content writer, you need to be flexible , do intensive research, produce Original work, follow SEO and have knowledge of social media.

Q2: Is a writing degree a must-have?

Ans: No, A college diploma isn’t required for success but you must have a strong desire to write. Reading and discovering new things is a hobby.

Q3: What skills are needed for SEO?

Ans: There are 4 skills required for SEO
Critical Thinking.
Speaking & Writing Ability.
Analytics Skills.
Motivation & Adaptability.


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