Top 10 Income Tax Practice Books in 2024

In today’s modern world, it is crucial to have financial knowledge. Managing finances efficiently can lead to a peaceful retirement with a good bank balance.  However, besides earning, paying taxes is also a major part of our life. Hence, knowing about income tax is necessary to save our taxes. Luckily, today there is plenty of information about income taxes. Nevertheless, gaining knowledge from trusted sources is essential. Read this blog to learn about some of the best income tax books for mango man to gain a deeper understanding of taxes. Whether you are a finance student or a common man, these books can help you understand income tax easily.

Best Income Tax Practice Books for Mango Man:

1. Income Tax Practices for Mango Man:

Author: Henry Harvin

This book is a detailed guide to income tax practices for students. It is an instructional package that provides stepwise instructions on income tax preparation while emphasising key concepts, suggestions and methods. In addition, it explores comprehending principles, applications, techniques, and case laws.  Besides advanced-level students, even beginner-level income tax practice students can easily understand the concepts explained in this book. Therefore, it is one of the best income tax practice books for mango man. 

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income tax practice books for mango man

Income Tax Course:

Besides reading books, one can also enrol for a course program. Henry Harvin offers one of the finest income tax course

2. Taxman’s Practical Guide to Income Tax Practice:

Author: The Chamber of Tax Consultants:

income tax practice books for mango man

This book exclusively describes laws and specimens of petitions used by tax practitioners on a daily basis. Most importantly, the author blends theory as well as practical aspects of drafting documents. Their impressive attempt to explain the nuances of drafting educates the reader to use them in real life. Furthermore, the do’s and don’ts of preparing petitions are well described. This is one of the finest books for tax practitioners, advocates and taxpayers, as it helps them get clarity in their pleadings. In addition, it helps them understand procedural and practical aspects of Tax Laws. Hence, it is among the best income tax practice books for mango man

3. Direct Taxes Law and Practice:

Author: Vinod Singhania

income tax practice books for mango man

This book is a must-have for students as well as professionals with more than 40 years of experience. The book aims to help the readers understand the law and enhance their ability to apply the law. To be precise, the reader learns about direct tax provisions. In addition, the readers will be able to explore the nature and scope of direct tax provisions. Essentially, the book explains the provision of law in a stepwise manner with appropriate illustrations. The book is written in a simple and easy-to-understand language, without using any legal jargon; hence, it is one of the best income tax practice books for mango man. 

4. Commercial’s Direct Taxes Law and Practice:

Author: Dr Girish Ahuja, Dr Ravi Gupta

income tax practice books for mango man

The book is an extensive and critical study of law related to income tax. Through this book, the authors explained Direct Taxe Law and Practices with appropriate examples. Moreover, the book is updated with recent amendments in the Indian Taxation System. Most importantly, the amendments by the Finance Act 2022, are exclusively highlighted at relevant places. In order to help the reader have a quick glance, the authors provide a section-wise study with page and para referencing at the beginning of every chapter. Overall, this book provides guidance and insights into taxation; hence, it is among the best income tax practice books for mango man.

5. Problems and Solutions in Income Tax 

Author: Dr H.C Mehrotra, Dr SP Goyal

Keeping in mind the recent amendments in Income Tax Law and rules for the year 2022-23, the experienced authors of this book provided problems and solutions in this thoroughly revised edition. Most importantly, along with solutions, wherever necessary,  brief notes are also given at the end of the solution. This book is particularly useful to students preparing for income tax department examinations, company secretary posts, and CA examinations. 

6. The Law and Practice of Income Tax

Author: Aravind P Datar

This book comes in two parts. This is one of the best books if you are having confusion regarding any specific proposition. The relevant sections in the book will help in clearing your doubts. In a nutshell, this book is called a reference tool for tax professionals because the author explains each topic in detail. 

7. Law of Income Tax:

Author: Sampath Iyengar

This book authored by Sampath Iyengar, is an absolute commentary on income tax law in India. Essentially, the book focuses on judgements of numerous apex courts, high courts, tribunals, and authority of advance rulings. In addition, the author explains about notifications and circulars released by the income tax department. If you wish to know the legal side of Income Taxes in India along with understanding the subject in-depth, then this book is a must-have. 

8. Income Tax Law Volume:

Author: Chaturvedi and Pithisaria

It is one of the finest income tax practice books for mango man as it analyses taxes in a manner that is understood by the common man. This book has 10 volumes and covers all the latest amendments to the Finance and Income Tax Act till 2020. Hence, this book is necessary if you wish to have a comprehensive and exclusive source of information regarding taxes. In a nutshell, this book is an excellent choice for those who are new to the world of taxation. 

9. Corporate Taxation ( Examples and Explanations)

Author: Cheryl D. Block

This book exclusively focuses on complex areas in tax; hence, it is one of the best books for professionals as well as students. The author systematically explains all the complications that occur from the formation of the corporation to liquidation. Moreover, it includes a lot of case studies to help students understand theory better. Besides tax students, law students as well as the common man get to learn a lot from this book. Hence, it is considered one of the finest income tax practice books for mango man.

10. Taxman’s Cross Border Transactions Under Tax Laws & FEMA

Author: Dr. G. Gokul Kishore & R. Subhashree

This is exclusively a practical guide to educate readers judicial interpretation of laws and rules. In addition, it provides easy-to-understand commentary on cross-border transactions with respect to laws such as GST, FEMA, Income Tax, and customs. Therefore, this is an exceptionally useful book for practitioners, members of the bar& bench and the industry. 


Whether you are a student, tax professional or any common man curious to know about taxation, the above-mentioned books will be of a great deal of help. Most importantly, having knowledge of taxation helps save money and invest appropriately. Although the internet provides a lot of information on taxation, books are always a trusted source. Therefore, if you wish to master the art of taxation and make independent financial decisions, read the books mentioned in this blog. 

Recommended Reads:

1. Which is the best income tax book to learn about drafting documents?

ans. Taxman’s Practical Guide to Income Tax Practices explains drafting documents by blending theory as well as practical aspects; therefore it is one of the best books.

2. Which is the best income tax book for beginners?

ans.  Although there are plenty of books that are good for beginners, Income Tax Volume by Chaturvedi and Pithisaria is the best because it explains taxes in a manner understood by the common man.

3. What book is the best to understand the law related to income tax?


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