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Top 7 Cybersecurity Books in 2024

Today’s world is entirely revolving around the Internet. Whether it is online payments, online shopping, entertainment, or playing games everything can be done through the internet. Although we are enjoying a lot of comforts through the advancements of technology, there are also numerous disadvantages like cybercrime that come along. Cybercrimes...


Top 8 Diabetology Books for Mango Man in 2024

Diabetes is one of the most concerning chronic diseases prevailing in recent times. Especially, in recent times factors like stress, anxiety, food habits and many other factors are the leading cause of diabetes. Luckily, today there is plenty of information on the internet to educate us about diabetes. Moreover, there...


Top 5 GST Books For Mango Man in 2024

Indeed, it is the buzzword right now. It was a courageous move by the current administration. It dramatically alters India's tax landscape. GST is a merging of all indirect taxes we had before 1-7-2017. We require GST filing and compliance even during the pandemic. No company is exempt from GST,...