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Digital Marketing is marketing that is done on any digital platform to promote products. It is also known to be online marketing. Digital marketing uses internet mobile devices, social media search engines, and other channels to touch base with the customers. 

One of the best career options in today’s world is Digital marketing. It is gaining popularity day by day. with lots of opportunities and good salaries, this sector gained more importance during covid times. A digital marketer engages the customers, creates brand awareness, and helps in lead generation. 

A course in digital marketing makes you understand the important domains of digital marketing and the tools and techniques used in digital marketing. It develops confidence and enhances skills.

1. Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy – Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

The Edutech founded by Kounal Gupta Henry Harvin is known for its course structure and delivery. It bridges the gap between academic certifications to industry experience. The certification in this course helps to build a career in this field it endorses the skills learned. 

The course offered at Henry Harvin is Certified Agile Digital Marketer which ranks as number 5 as most trending digital marketing courses by India today.  It is a 32-hour live online instructor-led class.

The institute has the facility to run online as well as offline classes. The training rooms are equipped with all the required logistics and facilities to make the training comfortable, effective,  fun, and interesting. 

Henry Harvin offers 100% work support and access to 10+ job opportunities every week, there is also a chance to work with Henry Harvin and its partner.

2. National school of Internet Marketing

NISM offers digital marketing courses in Delhi. This course is specifically designed for working professionals. Thus you can upgrade your skill while working a part-time course that can be done on your flexibility. 

The course has 30  modules and 15 certifications. The training is conducted online and is provided with internships and live projects to provide practical training experience.

The trainers are experienced and guide students, the institute provides the facility of free demo sessions and has the facility of regular batches, live online batches, weekend batches, and Sunday batches.

The institutes also train on tools and techniques that are reused in digital marketing.

3. Internet Marketing School – Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

It offers a comprehensive and interactive course with 100% practical and simple techniques. 

The course offered is PPDM a premium program in digital marketing. It is a 150-hour course with 50 modules and 20 industry certifications. 

It is an extensive course that includes all the concepts from basic to tough concepts. The aspirants are trained in a very skillful manner,


Offers a full-stack digital marketing program for emerging entrepreneurs and graduates to enhance skills in digital marketing.

The course is a 20-week part-time course and is an online mentor-led course. It provides placement assurance with a minimum package of 3 lakhs. 

The skills that you will learn while doing the course are Google Keyword Structuring of a marketing problem, Google keywords & SEO, social media marketing, paid SEM, optimizing ROI, and structuring of marketing problems.

The eligibility for placement assurance requires a minimum of 25 years of age and above 50% marks in 10th and 12th graduation. 

The course focuses on mastery learning and is experiential learning with outcome-oriented. It concentrates on building all-around skills to be a full-stack digital specialist. 

The program is fees are rupees 70000 and the program is 100% online course. There is an additional charge of Rs. 7500 for digital marketing tools and campaigns to gain hands-on experience.

5. Digital Vidya – Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

The digital marketing courses in Delhi at digital vidya are known as the CDMM course and are divided into 44 modules. And 140 hours of hands-on assignments. 

The course is a detailed course that includes SEO( search engine optimization)  and SEM ( search engine marketing) social media marketing SMM other marketing techniques.

The assignments that are included in digital marketing give a hands-on experience in blog creation and promotion. And the case study that is included in the course provides a great level of practical training 

The tools that are included in the course are hosting server space, SEO software, Social listening, WordPress mega theme, SEM software, landing page creator, push notification, AHREFs, etc.

6. Digita Academy of India

Offers digital marketing certification courses in Delhi as CPDM. It is an instructor-led online session and it offers a weekend and weekday course for working professionals. 

The course includes designing of online marketing strategy, designing and execution of pay per clicks, launching of remarketing campaigns, SEO, latest google algorithms, use of Google Adsense, Gmail marketing, and all of this practical application through online live projects.

The course is divided into 6 modules and is designed by digital marketing thought leaders, with an option to attend weekend and weekday classes. 


7. Amity – Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

Amity university online offers Digital marketing courses in Delhi PGDDMS ( Postgraduate diploma in Digital Marketing Strategies ) The course requires 12 to 15 hours per week and the mode of learning is online.

The program is specifically designed to help learners build and enhance the skills that are needed in the digital economy. It helps to develop strategies, identify valuable customers. 

It also guides how to use media and word of mouth to spread messages and grow the business. The program works on real-world assignments and case studies. 

The program provides the facility of optional live doubt-solving sessions with industry mentors and experts. It also provides practical training on how to use tools and techniques 

8. Delhi courses 

Offers the most advanced digital marketing courses in Delhi. It has 60 modules and 17 certifications. Course fees are 20000 and are offering 30%discount. The course is based on practical training.

The course provides 4 kinds of batches regular batch, alternate batch, weekend batch, and Sunday batch. The institutes have branches all over Delhi. 

At the start of the course, an overview of training is provided wherein a strong overview of the content covered if given as students should have an idea as to what they are going to study.

The course is a detailed course that includes all the basic and advanced tools and techniques of digital marketing. The course also includes the study of algorithms and uses google as a case study.

The institute values the faculty and student relationship and chooses trainers who are not only experts but connect with students.

9. EduPristine

It offers a digital marketing courses in delhi as Digital marketing Master Program in Delhi. It is 150+ hours of program and has 35 modules. 

The course highlights include 35 modules 100+ hours of classroom training and, 40 +advance tools  The course offers to bridge the gap and prepare for industry. The course is based on experiential learning and practical training. It also provides soft skill training and infuses confidence in students through workshops and assistance in resume preparation.

Founded in 2008 the institute known for its online classes

10. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing DIDM 

The course focus on providing in-depth knowledge it has tie-ups with different companies and has 10+ centers. 

The course focuses not only on current strategies but also on brainstorm for developing new strategies. It is also capable of providing job assistance to all our trainees to get them placed in reputed companies.

The institutes believe in a simple process of learning that is learned, iterate, execute. It provides study material and free ebooks to its trainees.  The institutes also have tie-ups for internships a

The course offers to attend any classes from any upcoming batch in case you have missed any class or if the concepts taught are unclear to you.

DIDM also assists in finding jobs and the Melbourne branch also offers opportunities for offshore jobs.

Top 10 

1. Henry Harvin Education – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy provides a Certified Agile Digital Marketing course with the CADM Digital Marketing Certification. The CADM training program helps you to expand your own business to accelerate your career & work from home opportunity to those who don’t like 9- 5 jobs.

CADM certification program teaches you social media marketing tips. You can earn the global audience for your business and the tactics to increase subscribers on all social media platforms.

About course:

  • Learn basics of digital marketing strategies
  • Learn about landing pages and investment in landing pages
  • Search engine marketing that includes google ads, google network, tools, types of campaign, etc
  • Different types of SEO, tools, measurement, and keywords research
  • Resume writing skills and techniques
  • Industry projects are assigned to the participants during classes for practice and better understanding


  • 1-Year free Gold membership of Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy. The membership gives 1-year access to recorded videos, projects, case studies, and brush-up sessions
  • Get a guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms after the course
  • Training given by 10+ years industry experienced mentor
  • Learn LinkedIn and Youtube marketing. Learn to create a youtube channel and attract subscriber
  • This 1 course includes 7 certificates from Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy, Google, and Facebook


2. MIT Management Executive education – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

MIT Management Executive education provides a Digital Marketing Analytics online short course. MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the leading business schools in the world. The program is delivered in collaboration with online education provider GetSmarter.

GetSmarter is a brand and partners with leading universities. Together they design and deliver premium online courses which focus on learning across the globe. The courses aim to obtain industry-relevant skills that are certified by reputed academic institutions.

About course: 

  • Learn the basics of digital marketing strategies
  • Learn the digital marketing channel mix
  • How to implement the integrated digital marketing 
  • Learn about predictive analytics and predictive marketing across channels
  • Optimization of return on investment


  • Develop a complete digital marketing optimization strategy
  • Get a certificate of completion
  • Online and flexible learning course
  • Get knowledge about data analytics, predictive modeling, and digital advertising that increases your digital marketing and optimize the ROI

3. Institute for Management Development (IMD) – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

The Institute for Management Development (IMD) is located in Switzerland and Singapore. It is an independent academic institution founded by business leaders 75 years ago to help business professionals or leaders. IMD offers a Marketing Strategy in Digital Age online program that develops skills to generate a digital marketing strategy. 

About course: 

  • The online program offers several pathways to marketing and value creation through digital
  • Learn the skills of digital marketing strategy that enables you to redefine customer value
  • This course helps to develop a digital marketing strategy for your business
  • Provide basics of customer centricity
  • Learn to explore marketing activities to educate and engage customers


  • The online study from the best coach
  • Get access to around 60 videos, group work sessions, and assignments
  • Learn various ways of engaging your customers during different parts of the journey
  • Learn practical ideas and insights that you can apply to your context and organization
  • Understanding of partnership and building product
  • Receive certificate after course completion.

4. Udemy – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Udemy provides The Complete Digital Marketing Courses Online that includes 12 major online marketing topics. It is a bestselling marketing course on Udemy. Learning includes 20 hours of training with quizzes and practical steps as a part of the study. It focuses on digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, SEO, YouTube, email, Facebook.

About course: 

  • 12 courses in 1, 12 major topics covered in one course
  • Learn how to create a website without coding
  • Learn about SEO and get traffic to your website
  • Learn email marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing strategies that focus on Facebook, YouTube, etc
  • Types of App marketing strategy
  • Ads training and Ads marketing strategy


  • Get 36 articles for study and 10 downloadable resources
  • Learn how to grow your business online 
  • Get a high-income job as a Digital marketing expert
  • Work from home opportunities 
  • Works as a freelance marketer
  • Get a Certificate of completion

5. Coursera – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Coursera offers a series of courses that help you master a skill. Coursera offers a Digital Marketing Specialization course which includes topics such as digital marketing analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and 3D Printing. You can master the marketing strategy concepts and tools required in the digital world. The specialization course offered by Coursera includes a hands-on project. To get a certificate you have to successfully finish the project.

About course: 

  • Learn about the marketing professionals data collection and analysis methods for better business
  • Get to know about the approaches on estimating consumer digital actions
  • Learn how to evaluate and choose the web analytics tools and techniques 
  • Get to know about the unique opportunity and challenges presented by media


  • Get a 7-day free trial to know about the basic structure of the course
  • Get unlimited access to the course
  • You can attend lectures, participate in discussion forums, and try new assignments
  • Certificate after course completion
  • Self-paced and flexible learning
  • Get access to course videos, reading materials, and Quizzes
  • Get grades and feedback on assignment and Quizzes 

6. Harvard Business School – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Harvard Business School offers a Marketing in the Digital Era online course. This course focuses on marketing principles and strategies that help you to build and grow your marketing and your business. These advanced skills generate more value for customers and more business growth by developing an integrated marketing strategy with the latest innovations.

About course: 

  • Covers the group and case discussions, faculty presentations
  • Learn the latest concepts and tools of Digital Marketing Courses Online strategy with practices that will drive success
  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities a business faces during various stages of its life cycle
  • Learn to analyze markets, design products, design services, and understand the needs and buying behaviors of customers
  • Helps to determine the strength and weaknesses of competitors
  • Learn to design an innovative brand strategy
  • Get to about the latest and emerging business models
  • Understanding strategic marketing plan


  • Training by skilled educators, researchers, and award-winning authors
  • Helps to build and execute an integrated marketing strategy that aligns your business with consumer needs and give your business unique features
  • Explore the emerging frameworks, concepts, and tools to drive profitable growth in the industry. Learn marketing strategy development and implementation

7. Google – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Fundamentals of digital marketing course is a free course. It is accredited by Interactive  The Open University and Advertising Bureau Europe. The course covers 26 modules on basic digital marketing strategy. The course created by google trainers, with practical exercises and real-life examples that you implement in your business

About course: 

  • The course content 26 Modules
  • Learn to build your online presence by creating your website
  • Understanding customers behavior and needs
  • How to stand out from the competition 
  • Understanding organic search and Search engine optimization


  • The course is self-paced and flexible
  • Get a video tutorial for a better understanding
  • Unlimited access to video recording
  • Learn about Business strategy email marketing
  • Search engine optimization and web optimization

8. FutureLearn – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

FutureLearn offers Digital Skills: Digital Marketing Courses Online focuses on the importance of digital marketing to grow your business. Explore the digital marketing strategies including display advertising, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing. The course discusses the importance of integrating different digital marketing strategies and how companies target customers

About course:

  • In the first week, you will learn how to use digital marketing and an introduction
  • Further, understanding of display and pay-per-click advertising
  • In the second week explore the digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization and email marketing
  • Learn how to integrate these techniques
  • On complete 90% of course steps and all assessments, you are eligible for a certificate


  • Get unlimited access to this course
  • Get access to articles, videos, peer reviews, and quizzes
  • Basics of digital marketing and its importance in businesses
  • Learn the different types of digital marketing such as display advertisements, pay per click, search engine optimization, and email marketing
  • Learn how to distinguish the key features that should be included in a digital marketing strategy 
  • Learn about the benefit and importance of integrating different digital marketing techniques
  • Get Certificate after course comple

9. Hyper Island – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

The Digital Marketing course provides the knowledge of tools, processes, platforms, and approaches you can take to engage your target audiences and customers. It helps you to learn how to navigate the entire digital marketing channels, and gain knowledge to grow your organization. It focuses on different tactics or ways to engage your present customers and helps to reach the most people with minimum .

About course: 

  • Get a learning kit of original content and insights to maximize your knowledge
  • Access to the course content any time you choose during the week
  • Weekly challenges and tasks given to solve, this helps to build your competence
  • Learn through an online webinar session on Wednesdays 15:00-16:00 CET
  • The course is taught by digital marketing experts and a course facilitator
  • Watch the recorded session if you miss the class
  • Flexible course schedule


  • Understanding the components of social media and content strategy to implementation and analytics
  • Learn how to apply digital marketing tools, methods, and processes to target audiences.
  • Learn the ability to engage customers in the topic and spread awareness across the organization or globe
  • Get a certificate of completion after submission of 6 weekly reflection journals

10. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

IIDE was established in 2016 for digital skills learners. IIDE has 4 branches located at Andheri, Churchgate, Mulund, and Navi Mumbai. The Digital Marketing Courses Online is taught by highly experienced industry trainers to fast-track your growth in a digital marketing career. 

About course: 

  • The course provides 70+ hours of live learning with 40+ hours of video content
  • It includes sessions on resume and interview training
  • Get the knowledge of 8 brand projects
  • Understand the elements of an effective marketing strategy
  • Learn about different social media channels such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content strategy, influencer marketing, email marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube


  • Taught by highly experienced digital marketers and trained professionals
  • Self-paced lectures and a flexible schedule
  • Explanation of theory and practical concepts with animation
  • Access the course concepts on video lecture anytime 
  • Mentors assist you with a 1-on-1 solution for the problems
  • Get 100% placement assistance
  • Get a Certificate after course completion



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