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The digital marketing Institute in India is known to be the boom in the industry. Be it a freelancer or a brand name, every professional wants to be in the eyeball of their clients. To fulfill this purpose, companies and entrepreneurs take advantage of the digital marketing course in India.

Is there any best way to learn digital marketing courses in India? Are there any of the best digital marketing institute in India? Or are there any professionals who teach digital marketing courses in India in a short span? Well, if these questions are running in your mind, then read on this blog. This blog will take you on the tour of a handy list of the top 10 digital marketing institute in India.

Top 10 

1. Henry Harvin Institute – Digital Marketing Institute in India

Digital Marketing Course by Henry Harvin ranks amongst most Top 5 influencing digital marketing Course in India. The salient features that put Henry Harvin on the list of best digital marketing course in India are :

  • Fulfilling Ambitions
  • Extremely Attainable
  • Great Technology and infrastructure
  • 7 certification from one Course
  • Outstanding Work Support
  • Classified Freelancing
  • Training

No wonder why Henry Harvin is one of the top digital marketing institute in India. The Digital Marketing Course in India by Henry Harvin is rational towards serving aspirants to reach thier career goals in the digital world. It also plays a vital role to make your skills strong enough to stand out as a  competition to other organisations.

2. NIIT Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing Institute in India

National Institute of Information Technology aka NIIT is a well-known Indian educational center. In 2012 NIIT was the first digital marketing institute in India that introduces a systematic curriculum. 

The content and course materials collaborated with the Ireland Digital Marketing Institute. The Digital Marketing Institute in India credential is open to you.

Their training is not available online. There are more than 100 NIIT learning centers in over 30 Indian cities. You need to be physically present at one of their teaching centers. But the principal teacher won’t be there physically. 

A live video stream will take place for the training. The teaching will take place in several NIIT centers in India simultaneously. They estimate that 40,000 practitioners have been qualified to date. The following four courses are offered:

  1. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course in India
  2. Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing
  3. Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing
  4. Professional Diploma in Search Marketing

3. UpGrad – Digital Marketing Institute in India

A comparatively recent curriculum from UpGrad has been part of my collection of top digital marketing institute in India training program. Your training is of the highest level, and the list of coaches you have is remarkable. They collaborated with the industry’s best minds to improve their educational programs. 

The digital marketing course in India program of UpGrad is unique as it relies mainly on the basic and philosophical values of marketing. In my view, digital marketing is still more a matter of marketing than the digital portion. The new digital marketing technologies and strategies accelerate the marketing process, but after hundreds of years, the principles of marketing, branding and sales have not changed.

4. Digital Vidya – Digital Marketing Institute in India

The institute has educated over 35,000 practitioners from 55 nations & 15,000+ brands, recognized as the world pioneer in digital marketing. As a partner of major organizations including Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Twitter, the # 1 for Digital Marketing institute in India is doubtfully available.

Digital Vidya was founded in 2009 and was the first institute in India to hold social media education workshops. In 2013, Digital Vidya started offering the Accredited Digital Marketing Masters Course, a full training program.

Digital Vidya has recently joined the classroom training environment, after offering marketing training digitally via online distribution format for nearly nine years. This move was specially taken for aspirants, who looked forward to training in the actual classroom. The courses in Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai are available exclusively. In the near term, the organization plans to reach other regions.

Key USP’s

Search Engine Optimization – 4 Modules

Search Engine Marketing – 5 Modules

Social Media Marketing – 5 Modules

Email Marketing – 3 Modules

Inbound Marketing – 4 Modules

Web Analytics – 5 Modules

Specialized Modules

Facebook Marketing

How to Become a Freelancer in Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Programmatic Marketing

E-commerce Listing & Marketplace Selling

Media Buying & Planning

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

5. AIMA – Digital Marketing Institute in India

All India Management Association, aka AIMA, has a great digital marketing course in India. For the curriculum, AIMA has partnered with Digital Vidya for the content and study material.

It offers the following modules:

Orientation to Digital Marketing course in India

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Google

Analytics and Display ads

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Web Analytics

6. Internet Marketing School – Digital Marketing Institute in India

Accredited as ISO 9001:2015 and a Google Partnered Digital Marketing Institute in India (GDMI), is the internet marketing academy. They have advanced instruction for teachers, job hunters and founders and company owners in the digital marketing Institute in India. Along, they provide classroom digital marketing course in India from their institutes located at Delhi, Kolkata, Howrah, Raipur, Siliguri, Lucknow, and Bhubaneswar. Their curriculum includes:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Affiliate Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Inbound Marketing

7. Learning Catalyst – Digital Marketing Institute in India

Learning Catalyst is a leader in Mumbai digital marketing Institute in India. The centers also run SEM, SEO, SMM and six weeks of advanced digital marketing course in India and its cities (Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad). It also gives you learning and getting full career support and job coaching online and offline platforms.

Learning Catalyst specializes in web-to-mobile and emerging niche services focused on a wide segment of people with expertise in communications, architecture and technology.

8. Manipal Pro Learn – Digital Marketing Institute in India

Manipal is a popular Indian brand. They run clinics, institutes of study, resorts and residences. They offer digital marketing training as part of Manipal Global education services.

In a lecture set-up with a physical trainer, Manipal provides digital marketing course in India instruction. Its fees at Rs. 25,000 plus service charge are also fair. Three months of the course.

Their education is ideally targeted, according to them: teachers, professionals, business professionals, Online marketers and entrepreneurs who are searching for job possibilities in the marketing field.

This is ideal for those not interested in roaming and studying in a set-up. In this curriculum, the core concepts of SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, social media and online publications are claimed.

9. Digital Marketing India

Digital Academy is one of the most important digital marketing Institute in India. More than 5,000 individuals have been educated in this sector so far. They have three courses. One flagship course and two short courses and the curriculum includes:

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Website Optimization and Usability

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Digital Display Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mobile Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Lead Generation for Business

Web Analytics

Integrated Digital Marketing Communications (IMC)

10. EduKart – Digital Marketing Institute in India

Edukart was founded in 2011 as a renowned brand for distance education. It offers an IAMIA-certified 6-month course for digital marketing online. Their education contributed to the growth and expansion of the students’ expertise in online marketing. Their head office is in Delhi, but the course is delivered worldwide. Thirty-nine classes are delivered across ten streams.

Edukart provides teachers, practitioners and entrepreneurs the ability to train in numerous short- and long-term courses, diplomas and certificates. Edukart’s training lets you develop a deep understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), Google advertising, Online marketing, and many more.

Top 10

1.  Digital Marketing Course by Henry Harvin

India Today has ranked this digital marketing course in the top 5 digital marketing courses in India. Upon successful completion of the course, the subscribers are provided with a CADM certification in digital marketing.

Users also get the opportunity to be a part of the 18000+ alumni network globally. This course provides 7 certifications: 1 from Henry Harvin Marketing Academy, 1 from Facebook and 5 from Google. The online classes are filled with necessary tools to carry out the learning process. Henry Harvin has 1 of the best LMS (Learning Management System) in the industry.

The key aspects of this digital marketing course are –

a. Coaches in this industry have more than 10 years of industry experience

b. Weekly job support, interview skills and career services

c. Live projects, monthly brush-up sessions

d. 1 year gold membership, study material,

e. Webpage designing, SEO, YouTube and LinkedIn Marketing

Henry Harvin’s digital marketing courses in India provide lifetime free support and access as a part of this subscription. Users are mentored by the award winning trainers. Weekly bootcamp sessions are organised and the platform also nurtures self paced learning. The membership also offers lifetime access to all the new live classes and the recorded sessions.

The course is best for all the beginners, social media enthusiasts, youtubers or business owners. The course teaches social media marketing to all the business analysts and professionals who want to grow their business. The course does not require any prior marketing knowledge to become a part of it.

2.  Great Learning

Great-Learning’s digital marketing courses in India are hatched in synergy with Great Lakes Business School, which is consistently ranked in top 10 colleges by platforms like Outlook and Business World. The course is recommendable as the faculty in this course come from universities such as Stanford, Yale, Kellog and Harvard.

This digital marketing course in India is created under the guidance of 40+ management tycoons, such as Dr Ratan Tata and Ms. Indra Nooyi. The duration of these digital marketing courses in India is 6 months and only those students, who have a bachelor’s degree, are eligible for this course. The course divides the students in small groups and provides live and personalised mentorship to these groups. The course is viewed by students in 170+ countries and has an alumni base of 1 million+ students.

Some of the main highlights of these digital marketing courses in India are –

a. Curriculum is quite comprehensive with subjects such as digital marketing being covered

b. More than 15 real world projects are given for on the job learning experience

c. Certificate given from a top rated B-School

d. Important topics such as SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing are covered

e. Best educators are a part of this batch

Some of the tools that are covered in this programme are – Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Youtube Advertising, Yahoo Ads, Quora, and 20+ more tools.

This is one of those digital marketing courses in India that has seen many successful career transformations. People, who were Marketing Associates, have become Marketing Head, Client Relationship Manager, working for some of the leading banking and consultancy companies, such as HDFC bank and Mckinsey & Company. The platform also understands the importance of soft skills such as resume building, career mentorship and provides access to curated jobs.

3.  Certified Digital Marketing Training by ISB

These are 12 weeks online digital marketing courses in India and need only 5/6 hours on a daily basis. The course tries to explain the digital customer behaviour and how to use that for building strategies on digital platforms. The course received #1 research rank in India, with more than 11000 alumni. The top 5 B-schools are a part of this course.

4.  Upgrad

These digital marketing courses in India aim to cover all the relevant norms of digital marketing, such as social media/content marketing, brand-analytics and public-relations. The courses are almost a year long with 7-9 hours required per week. With a 5000+ alumni base and 300+ hiring partners, these digital marketing courses in India help 83-85% of the students achieve positive growth in their career.  The course includes 8 modules with every module taking upto 5-6 weeks on an average to complete.

Some of the key highlights of these digital marketing courses in India are –

a. Certificates received from MICA and Facebook

b. Coaching received every 2 weeks from top industry experts

c. Mock interviews conducted by hiring managers

d. 10+ case studies and practical projects

After the completion of this digital marketing course, individuals can look for job opportunities in roles such as digital marketing manager, SEO and SEM specialist, Social Media and Content Manager. The programme is targeted at freshers, traditional marketers, sales executives and communications managers. Minimum eligibility for this course is Bachelor’s or Equivalent degree.

Some of the commonly used digital marketing tools that will be taught under this course are: GTmetrix, Ubersuggest, Pingdom, SEOsitecheckup and Ahrefs. The completion of this digital marketing course will be

followed by students receiving a certificate from MICA. A valediction ceremony will also be organised at MICA campus. The experts in this batch have been a part of various esteemed organisations, such as Facebook, Razorpay and University of Cambridge.

5. Google Digital Garage of Digital Marketing Certification

Brought up by Google, these digital marketing courses in India teach the basics of digital marketing in India and are affiliated by Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Open university. The 26 modules in these digital marketing courses in India are all created by the top trainers from Google. It is full of live projects and real life case studies that will help you channelise your knowledge into action.

Important features of these digital marketing courses in India are –

a. 26 modules and 40 hours long self paced course

b. Beginners level and free of cost

c. Unlimited access and certificate from recognised institutions

d. Quizzes available after completion of every module

e. Pass the final 40 questions exam to get certificate

The 26 modules in these digital marketing courses in India cover various aspects of digital marketing, such as how to build your presence on the internet, how to best use the SEO applications, how to improve search campaigns and much more. Through this course, an individual can learn very important skills in digital marketing, such as content marketing, display advertising, email marketing, e-commerce and local marketing. More than 300000 people have utilised this certificate course to transform their careers.

The course page will have a progress indicator that will reflect how much portion is done and how much is left. Once the course is completed, users can download their certificate from the landing page. It is a great addition to CV and Linkedin. One can re-download the certificate from the home page how many ever times he/she wants.

6.  Coursera

These digital marketing courses in India are a part of the MBA programme from the University of Illinois. The course is also powered by Coursera platform, which is one of the most renowned platforms for various online certificate courses.

The course covers various methodologies of data collection and teaches how to evaluate that raw data using web-analytics. It also teaches how to develop marketing frameworks to understand consumer behaviour on digital platforms and how to use that to our advantage.

Few important aspects of these digital marketing courses in India are –

a. 8 months log course with flexible schedule

b. Beginner’s level, shareable-certificate and English language

c. Practice quizzes, assignment evaluation and peer-feedback system

d. Course videos and notes available for self paced learning

These digital marketing courses in India teach several important skills required to understand and utilise digital marketing in a business environment, such as pricing strategies, product strategies, marketing mix, data visualisation, marketing analytics and marketing performance.

Upon completion of the course, students are also given the opportunity to apply their learning in a capstone project established in synergy with Grainger, which is one of the best global B2B vendors of organisation supplies and maintenance-repair. It was asked #13 in Top 500 guide in Internet Retailer.

Few instructors of this course are: Aric Rindfleisch, Mike Yao, Kevin Hartman and Vishal Sachdev. All these educators are well-known experts in the industry and highly experienced in the field. They are well-equipped with knowledge to carry on the course.

7.  Digital-Vidya – Digital Marketing Institute

These digital marketing courses in India have been created in collaboration with Deakin University. The programme guarantees a minimum stipend of INR 20000 in the internships offered at the completion of this course. Post completion of this course, the platform also ensures job interviews with minimum compensation of INR 30000. Some of the placement partners of Digital-Vidya are Social-Beat, Social Panga, Regalix and Misumu Corporation.

The key takeaways from these digital marketing courses in India are –

a. Understand the potential of e-mail marketing

b. Grab a thorough knowledge of content marketing and how it impacts ROI

c. Understand the impact created by key elements of digital marketing, such as data analytics

d. Learn the process of creating marketing strategies for any business

e. Professional mentorship, paid internships, case studies for better understanding available

These digital marketing courses in India very smoothly teach how to mark your presence on the internet through effective digital marketing strategies. A very underrated form of digital marketing, e-mail marketing forms a very significant part of this course. Users can also learn how to derive accurate insights using web-analytics. The course imparts true sense importance of digital marketing by covering real life case studies of companies such as Microsoft and ICICI bank.

8.  Hubspot academy

These digital marketing courses in India cover both digital marketing and inbound marketing. While through digital marketing literature, the course shows how to attract people using internet platforms such as emails, social media, through inbound marketing, the programme attempts to present how to create content or experiences that will eventually attract them to the business.

From full time marketing associates to content creators and students who aim to join the digital marketing industry, this course serves individuals with any level of learning.

Some important features of these digital marketing courses in India are –

a. How to use Search Engine Optimisation to our advantage

b. How to create ad campaigns to boost business

c. The course is divided into 9 lessors, in 37 video classes, to be covered over a period of 4 hours

d. Great stress is given to inbound marketing

Since every business in every industry will have different ways of marketing themselves, the course teaches how to fit-in digital marketing to suit the purpose in every industry. This is a very wholesome course, which does not only cover how to create content, but it also covers how to create quality content and how to attract followers and business from that. Some of the educators in this course are: Abigael Donahue, Matthey Howells, Corey braccialini and Justin Champion.

9.  Udemy

Udemy offers 12 different digital marketing courses in India , each catering to different aspects of digital marketing. All these digital marketing courses in India cover all the layers of digital marketing, such as social media marketing, digital marketing masterclass, ultimate digital marketing bundle and ultimate SEO course. All these digital marketing courses are covered by some of the most versatile entrepreneurs in the digital marketing field, such as Mr. Sahil Dhawan.

Some aspects of these digital marketing courses in India from udemy are –

a. Popular digital marketing experts such as Pouya Eti and Phil Ebiner are a part of this platform

b. All these courses have 42 lectures that can be covered in just 3 hours

c. The courses also concentrate on Podcasting, copywriting and advertising strategy also

d. Multiple courses available for beginners, intermediate and expert level

e. Quizzes and practice tests are also offered to test knowledge retention

The subscription is not for a particular period, but offers lifelong access. Udemy has a very huge subscribers base and a lot of individuals are benefitted from the courses offered by this platform.

10.  Skillshare

Skillshare is one of the best online platforms that offers courses pertaining to different skills, such as animation, creative writing, graphic design.

Some attributes of these digital marketing course in India offered by this platform are –

a. Provides knowledge on niche marketing practises

b. Gives a lot of importance to business analytics

c. The course also helps in developing freelancing and entrepreneurial skills. 


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