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How Can I Learn French Easily 


Just behind English, French is the second-highest number for any language. of course, the Francophone population lives across Europe, North Africa, the middle east, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania. According to the United Nations, World tourism organization, France is the most visited country by international tourists. And knowing French is an essential travel skill. According to a survey France is becoming a hub for tech innovation and French has been considered a crucial language in the world of diplomacy. How can I learn French easily?

French makes the language easier to learn and understand as they came from Latin. A great advantage of speaking French can unlock the opportunities to communicate with others around the globe.Yes, if you are going to begin learning French, the objectives and the capacity to understand and retain information will be essential for the learning journey. Of course, the most challenging part is finding the method that suits best for you . is there a best way to learn French? obviously, we hope   this article would be an Ultimate guide on how to learn French easily 

why learn French?

 The French language is associated with love-hate cuisine fashion and arts. It is a Romance language and it makes the language easier to learn and understand. It comes from Latin. As an English speaker, the most surprising thing about French is that we already know and not words from the language of love.

For example from old French to English

 literature- litterature

 blanket- Blanchett

 salad- salade

  soup- Soupe

 in the midst of their busy lives work friends hobbies and all, it would be virtually impossible to make the time you could decide to take French evening classes but how to slot them Into your Busy schedule?

. Is French hard to learn?

 French is not a hard language to learn, officially if you have already an English speaker.  By the( FIS) Foreign Service Institute French is ranked category 1 language French is an easy language to learn Than Eastern European or Asian languages suggest the duration of 23 to 24 weeks with 575 to 600 hours of instruction it is the fifth most commonly spoken language in the world according to various sources 32 to45 percentage of English words have a French origin that is why it will not be hard for most of them to follow.

. The best way to learn French.

Practice makes perfect. French language immersion is the fastest way and the best way to learn French. you can learn a new language faster and more effectively by taking up French Classes lessons, online classes, reading books. there are various resources methods and learning materials to help to learn French easily. by reading the international press, books, and blogs, listening to French music watching films series and videos, on online French courses, listening to podcasts, and playing video games we suggest a structured learning method of the French language for beginners.

Memorize vocabulary

 Develop a strong foundation in Grammar by paying attention to the gender and 10 structures of words labeling items at home is the other method for practicing French vocabulary.

speaking is key

 The writing and speaking skills of French can seem to be two different languages. and so it is crucial to learn with audio. words are the same between two languages i.e. English and French. since 30 percent of words in English come from French. the pronunciation is different and even the words also don’t have the same meaning.

. practice French with native speakers

 you could improve your writing skill and speaking skills by corresponding with native speakers via email, text.

 nowadays online language learning forums like Unilang, linguaholic, or  Omniglot for resources are available. with the guidance of French speakers, you will be able to French in the process.

. personalizing the French language study

 watching French movies for TV shows with English subtitles makes you more fun easier and faster in the process of learning the French language.

 by reading French books newspapers magazines websites you can improve your comprehension skill some native speakers use the learning tool Global stimulation to engage students. 

 .Immersion: French Language

 some people are able to learn and progress just by reading books and textbooks. this tool can be tedious in the process of learning the grammar rules of a French language. No doubt, they tend to prefer studying in a familiar and secure environment.

. FrenchLearning resources

 . French textbooks

 Thousands of  French textbooks to choose from library. we can adopt the self-studying staff which will be helpful to expand our vocabulary, makes perfect away grammar, and improve our written skills and oral comprehension. You can even try Myrna Bell Rochester or Simone Renaud.


  • It is a classic method written by professionals
  •  written by professionals
  •  well constructed
  •  affordable and accessible
  •  obtainable for every level Al
  •  each and every topic covered


  •   Tedious  and demotivating
  •  difficult to identify needs
  •  difficult to self-access 
  •  difficulty in  memorization
  • user interest and motivation is needed

Read the book in French

French literature is a real cache. students should select French books according to their proficiency level. we had suggested you start your reading journey with children’s books. what might be a better way than this? books of all sizes are a fantastic way to improve the level of French. Intermediate learners can go with magazines. For any beginner can begin with En francais, Le petit Nicolas by Rene Goscinny is is absolutely the right way to go you can start with some of the most famous French authors Albert Camus, Charles Baudelaire, Victor Hugo, Emily Zola.

Le Petit Prince, Les adventures de Tintin can be enjoyed timelessly. People want to get to know the contemporary novelist and they will find the billing all versions of the best selling books. There are so many books to choose like biographies of favorite French politicians, history books, academic, journals, cookbooks. To keep  interesting, Audiobooks are a great way to learn French words and improve your listening skills.


  •  obtainable for all ages and every level 
  • Cheap and fun
  •  will improve the vocabulary
  •  I will do great in writing comprehension


  •  hardly improve French grammar
  •  used as additional learning material.

.Listen to French music

You can Discover good old Sewing chickens fun on the platforms like YouTube, Spotify. it will help to recognize different French accents and also it will improve the speaking skills. unfortunately, e French music is less widespread. Start with listening to  Edith Piaf, Celine Dion.


  •   obtainable for all ages and everywhere in the world.
  •  improve listening and speaking skills.
  • Helps to understand accents
  •  it is free.


  •  it is not romantically accurate
  •  used as additional learning material.

watch movies in French

As long as learning the French language is concerned, there are French movies on service. the paid streaming media platform like Netflix or Amazon everyone seems to be glued to the screen watching comedies drama trailers Adventures movies or baking shows. There is the option of changing the language audio in many French movies. 

The iconic French films to learn French

  1. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie poulain

The dialogues are easy to follow for beginners and intermediate learners 

2. Le Roi et l’oiseau

Learners must watch this movie because, throughout the film, there is a  clear authentic French accent was featured.

3. Le Brio

It is a perfect film to highlight the informal and formal French, turn of Phrases and vocabulary, colloquial expressions, and idioms.

4. Le Choristes

 will prove both vocabulary and pronunciation with clear dialogue.

 you will get hooked on watching TV shows such as’’ Fais pas ci fair pas ca’’.’’ Dix pour cent’’.

TV series in French

Watching TV series in French will improve your listening skills. At the same time, you will begin to recognize the huge array of accents, dialects. It is not replaced for exercise. It should be used as additional learning material.


  • Suits for all ages
  •  access with any device
  •  strengthens the listening comprehension
  •  understands their conversational French


  •  the language 
  •  was not grammatically accurate
  •  it is additional learning material.

 French documentaries help you in learning French

 French documentaries are thought-provoking subjects. It is celebrated as educational and heartwarming. The French documentary exposes you to the sounds of a language. It is considered to be  an excellent way to train your ear to new accents and intentions. It will tremendously improve your speaking skill.


  • Etre et Avoir-Nicolas Philiber 
  • Releve – Histoire d’une 
  • Creation- Thierry Demaziere
  • Voyages soulesmers 3D-Jean-Jacques and Francois mantello..

Online French courses to learn French

 Henry Harvin Academy

In the virtual world of social media. Anyone can Mastro of Popular languages in the world with all the proper accent and pronunciation. we have to book a course with a multi-award-winning organization. Henry Harvin Academy. It holds their Laurelof being a growing edu tech startup in India by higher education digest survey.

  Henry Harvin Academy  facilitation

  •  the professional training
  •  project support 
  • Internship support
  •  Certification
  •  placement report
  •  e-learning Bhoot
  •  Bootcamps
  •  Hackathons
  •  membership program

The Highlights of  the French language course

 Henry Harvin French language course helps to understand what you have learned you would master grammatical ideas to improve your French language skills. course curriculum helps you to compose a range of texts. once you have completed the course with   Henry Harvin language courses you will beto2 speak the French language fluently.

French language learning level

 A1; Basic French

 vocabulary greetings in French and basic grammar are covered in this A1 level. The duration of the A1  level is 30 hours. The fee for this A1 level is 8999 INR.

 A2; The upper beginners level

A2 level is for the new learner of the French language. grammar such as future tenses, relative pronouns, comparative, superlative sentences, adverbs, demonstrative pronouns, and more are used for communication the duration of A2 level 11 is 30 hours and the fee for A2 level is 8999 INR.

B1 intermediate level

 The intermediate level focuses on writing reading and listening skills. B1 intermediate level helps to learn how to construct a structured sentence in the French language. The duration of this B1 level is 40 h and the fee is 11, 999 INR.

 B2 The upper intermediate level

 The upper intermediate level teaches on additional knowledge of French dialects and complex text. This level will help to write long speeches in French and help to communicate complicated ideas clearly. The duration of the B2 level is 40 hours and the fee is 11, 999 INR.

 C1 advanced level

 Advanced level will help to comprehend longer text and implicit meaning. This level will help to express fluently and spontaneously without having to look for words. The duration of the advanced level is 40 hours and the fee is 14 999 INR

 C2 proficiency level

 Proficiency level will help to grow that is Virtually read. This level will help to synthesize information from a variety of oral and written sources. Logically reconstructing arguments and accounts the duration of the proficiency level is 40 hours and the fee is 14999 INR.

 Syllabus and Modules of Henry Harvin French course

 Module 1 covers greetings in French, recognizing weeks and months of the Year learning the spelling of the French words in self-introduction, and making inquiry G, grammar, Auxillary verb, masculine-feminine Feminine gender, articles, plurals, adjectives, verbs in the present tense.

 In module 2 how to ask questions, know about  directions, Speak about weather , say about that time, prepositions

In module 3  grammar, articles, how to answer the negative question, Future tense how to make positive and negative commands, and describing someone  and something.

 In module 4 past tense present continuous tense direct pronouns etc.

 The University of Cambridge is one of India’s major foreign language Institute institutions, French ACE School is a global leader in French education. IEFL,  alliance Francaise, DELF  are some of the major  institutions which teach the French language.

 . Podcasts  to learn French


Podcasts, it is digital audio recording files. It deals with special topics from politics, music, current affairs, science, education, and all .you can see an abundance of podcasts that cover learning the French language. It is a recent day concept Which became very popular. And it is considered a convenient way of communication.  More recently podcasts became a way to learn a new language.

 the highlight of the podcast is uploaded by native speakers it helps to grasp authentic accents and improve the pronunciation.


Coffee break French.

 This podcast covers fundamental French. It helps to improve oral comprehension and helps to understand modern and conversational French. this podcast has Four Seasons. absolute beginner, intermediate, after intermediate, and advanced. Their dialogue was crystal clear.

 News in  slow French

 It podcasts current events and one can get a better understanding of the French language. it helps to speak with confidence and build vocabulary. Each episode focuses on French grammar rules and idiomatic expressions are their value is the added value of this podcast.


  •  always free 
  • Accessible at any time with any device
  •  conversational French
  •  variety of subjects 
  • Improves oral comprehension


  • Niches audiences
  • Should be an additional learning material

. Video games

It is a possible way to learn French with video games. It is simple to switch the game language from English to French. you put play online at your own pace.


  •  Fun
  •   gen r e s to choose
  •  develop  written comprehension


  •   costly 
  • Additional learning material

 . Blogs

 Like virtual learning,  podcasts, block also helps you to learn about a wide variety of subjects in written form.


  • Conversational   French
  •   Wide range of topics
  •  current events
  •  broaden your knowledge


  • Niche audiences
  • Additional learning material

Mobile apps for learning French

 online learning apps remain an effective tool to learn basic French this is also useful for memorizing and learning new vocabulary some of the popular French learning apps are Babbel, Duolingo, Memrise, Mondly, Rosetta Stone.

Duolingo is the app. It is an online french course. This app helps to learn french basic to advanced french-LSRW skills. you can learn and review vocabulary. Duolingo app presents information that is endorsed to the learning style. The App user gets immediate feedback on their performance. This feedback helps to improve french skills very fastly. App provides great flexibility for learning new skills. It is free and affordable. The App is easy to access and all the study materials are available online.


  • Uses conversational French
  • Deals with a variety of subjects


  • Created for niches audiences
  • Additional learning material

. Summing up

There are numerous and enormous ways to learn French. But learning French requires discipline. It depends on your interest, motivation, and approach. Currently, globalization is making the world closer as well as together. our country is doing businesses in other countries. Foreign countries are also coming to our country to do their trade. As a consequence, the French language is becoming increasingly important in our country.


Q.1.What makes french special?

French is unique .It is the only languagetaught in every country apace with English

Q.2. Can anyone learn a foreign language,French?

obvisously,Anyone should not expect it to be easy but they can learn a second language just like learning a first language.

Q.3.Which language is the easiest to learn?

There is nolanguage that would be the easiest for all.As for us English speakers are concerned German,Swedish,French,Spanish are easiest language to learn.


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