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Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Kolkata: 2023 (Exposed)

If you are looking for a professional content writing course in Kolkata glance no further. Today, we schedule the top 10 content writing courses in Kolkata. A lot of students and professionals are modifying content writing as a forthcoming passion or a primary career today.

Content writing is “in-demand” employment, not only in India but globally. 

With a boom in digital marketing around marketing, the desire for content writers is moving to accumulate exponentially. The consequence of content trade-in sect academy is undisputable. Thus, the need for applicable skills in the content writing career is at its peak. A massive agreement of brainstorming, aligning with employment motives, invention, determining out of the box and ahead of the angle, and in-depth SEO strategies make for great content. 

Content that resounds with consumers’ degrees is enormous. The main objective of promising content is to transmit descriptions and proficiency to people’s queries. Content writing is a profession that is concerned globally. Kolkata is not different. The content writing business is now growing in Kolkata. The content writing business is booming with the expansion of the internet and all organizations, digitally slight and massive. Kolkata is looking for a spike in the number of content writing courses.

Below is the list of the top 10 content writing courses in Kolkata, let’s scroll down and go through the porter.

1.Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Henry Harvin Education is amongst the top Certified Digital Content Writing Courses. Henry Harvin is ranked no.1 in the business via 

Henry Harvin empowers you with a clear concept about content writing which can help you to explore various writing niches. 

The advantages which you get by opting for a content writing course are:

  • Website making and personal blog making
  • Graphic skills
  • Language skills
  • Advanced Research Skills
  • Article writing, blog writing, newsletter, academic writing, technical writing etc
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)

Henry Harvin helps writers to enhance their writing skills and to become professional writers. 

The instructors give you an excellent format of content writing course, they provide extensive content writing training to scrutinize the impact of content writing. 

An online content writing course from Henry Harvin gives you a learning forum at your own pace.

Henry Harvin furnishes 1-year gold membership and 24/7 lifetime support. The content writing program involves recorded sessions, guaranteed internships, weekly job support, brush-up sessions, and much more.

The institute has several courses such as Digital Marketing Certification Program, Certified GST Course, TEFL Course, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Course, and many more courses that are offered by Henry Harvin Education.

  About the content writing course:

  • Duration- there will be a class of 32 hours
  • Curriculum- the course is selected as a mixture of topics from the prevalent content writing section
  • Trainer- senior industry professionals having experience in content writing takes batches for the students. These practitioners are also empowered as section experts with Henry® Harvin Education
  • Employment support- get 100% support on placement, internships, freelance proposals

Once enrolled at Henry Harvin Education, you have the installation to attend different batches with different mentors. This means you can access unlimited times on the learning portal.

Mobile App permits to LMS E-Learning portal. You can access the complete Learning Management System (LMS) on the go by just signing in with your ID and password.

2. Compete Infotech Academy

Compete Infotech Academy intends to facilitate learners to become entrepreneurs through their industry-recognized courses.  They empower students with the best-experienced proficiency and educate them to make a possession out of their abilities. 

Some of their primary proficient courses encompass digital marketing training, social media training, SEO training, PPC training, internet marketing training, and content writing training. The major purpose of Compete Infotech Academy is to facilitate people to learn techniques and start their programs. 

Their courses are all under the digital marketing section, with industry specialists as trainers. They have creative training programs with global certification. Most of their classes are attainable online.  This characteristic makes it possible for a more significant number of people to permit the course and get profited from it.

Compete Infotech Academy is one of the top content writing courses in Kolkata. You can register for a free demo class to know further about the content writing course before joining.

Characteristics of the Content Writing Course at Compete Infotech Academy:

  • Upgrade level content writing certification course is the course for content writing. It concentrates on the warm-up in the pathway.
  • The institute utilizes a mixture of case studies, project activities, audio, and video clips with PowerPoint demonstrations to formulate the learning process 90% practical.
  • Their course module encloses earning as a freelancer, work from home (creative writing, associate marketing, blogging), and beginning your own business.
  • The syllabus concentrates on progressive knowledge and attaining extent.

The syllabus for the Advance Level Content Writing Certification Course includes:

  • Preface to technical writing.
  • Significance of writing productive web content.
  • Productive web content writing techniques.
  • Distinct types of writing.
  • The writing method.
  • Analyzing your audience.
  • Enclosing the knowledge domain.
  • Creativity in web writing.
  • Assuring transparency and readability.
  • Architecting sentences that convey.
  • The technicians of writing.
  • Writing in the proper style.
  • Editing for quality.
  • Usability testing.
  • Sustaining document pattern.
  • Procedures of explanation.
  • Constructing content for the human mind.
  • Creating documents.
  • Prototyping the document.
  • Formulating the glance of your document.
  • Transmitting information with illustrations.

The advanced content writing course prepares learners with all characteristics of content creation. Similarly, it concentrates on the earning capacity in terms of beginning your own business or freelancing and client management.

The course provides a certificate from the institute, which will assist you in job procurement as well.

3. One India Training Academy

One India Training Academy is devoted to providing high-quality knowledge technology education to the graduates. Their objective is to teach the abilities needed to regulate in today’s fast-paced, fast-changing industry. 

They began with a tiny squad and with a commitment to their job, they have formulated into a vast corporation that gives various courses in IT. They are dwelling on the most experienced educators devoted to nurturing their students. 

Their educators are oriented with an in-depth awareness of the subjects and are also worthy to assist their students.  They concur that only the promising educators can supervise the students towards success, through which they also work as motivators in establishing a beneficial approach to work and life.

One India Training Academy is suited with all the overdue techniques and technology operated in today‘s manufacturing, the proficiency of which is necessary to generate the greatest creative accomplishment.  Such procedures are initiated to students by their extraordinary professional educators.

Thus, In today’s competitive industry planners and entrepreneurs, with the inducement of their educators and day-to-day operations, students are oriented with the proficiency to specify and produce outcomes while maintaining these patterns in mind.

One India Training Academy utilizes efficient teaching methods along with custom-made modules that communicate every subject in detail. The courses are completely job-oriented and the applicants can select the course of their preference.

4. Vision Upliftment Academy

The Vision Upliftment Academy is a dominant academy placed at the heart of Kolkata’s IT center, which introduces digital communication and web development to all curious pupils.

They offer both Diploma and Advanced / Master Courses in Digital Marketing, a popular platform to get you comprehended and formulated in the cyber society, in front of worldwide audiences. This, in consequence, would enable every learner to attain earnings and reserves from their websites and formulate the varied abilities expected to be a good digital marketer in this century.

Therefore, In part to these, the Academy also gives content writing courses online, an occurring panel for any artist, both huge and minor, to lift wealth and contribute to the revenues of a variation of institutions over the Internet.

This implicates acquiring how to formulate all types of content — academic, posts, artistic, forums, press releases, and more. 

The course is divided into sessions on the planning of job conferences, the growth of one’s portfolio, and the training for execution with gliding colors. The Vision Upliftment Academy’s goal is to educate and motivate its pupils to become influential content writers and digital marketers and to donate to the well-being of the community as a whole.

Once the content writing course has been completed, they also have alternatives for empirical jobs, enabling people with a chance to work with them and get expanded to their employment, before reimbursing to reside in the huge world.

5. Indus Net Academy

Indus Net Academy is a multi-branched organization that concentrates on assisting in Web Development, Mobile Development, Analytics, Cloud services, Business Outsourcing, Digital Marketing, Creative Services, and Market Space Optimization to illustrate more.

They are superior assistance providers, established by a software company. Specialist training is their identity.  The learning process takes place through inquiring queries, prototyping, researching, and unraveling trial surveys.

They are amongst the best Content Writing training providers placed in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

characteristics of content writing at Indus Net Academy:

  • The eligibility norms to enrol for the course is to have terrific writing skills and Vocabulary.
  • The course length is 4 months.
  • The professionals from the content advancement board formulate the course module.
  • The facility is nothing less to specialists.
  • The Indus Net Academy has a worldwide lab and insures 100% placement

6. Skills Upgrader

Skills Upgrader is a well-respected organization delivering a course for content writing in Kolkata. 

Skills Upgrader has been performing content writing courses in Kolkata to an extent and this content writing university has done an extremely good job of providing content writing advice to learners.

Whether you’re a graduate, a producer, a business employee, or a housewife, the course is for anyone. Aspect is so that everyone contributes and is privileged from it. 

It is the mentor/duty trainer’s accountability to assure that all factors of the training are known to the applicant.

Distinct Features of the course:

  • Skills Upgrader delivers lifelong assistance to learners.
  • Skills Upgrader gives a course of content writing with superior facilities.
  • Skills Upgrader gives free INR 40,000 worth of content writing and digital marketing devices to the partaker.
  • The Content Writing Master Course is on the online forum comprising 16 hours (four weeks) of live classroom activity.
  • The hands-on tasks are 70 hours long, and the 16 hours of activity in the classroom are not just notional, but reasonably fascinating and thrilling.
  • Content Writing Master Course by Skills Upgrader is for a fee of INR 9999 + GST. It is worth the expense, accomplished with an instant master certification.

7. Seven Boat Info-System

Seven Boats Info-System is considered the most dependable organization that assists people from various Industries to strengthen their presentation skills. 

It furnishes one of the most detailed content writing courses in Kolkata. It brings out writing impeccable content for various networks.

You can select between the offline and online modes of workout. There are 12 classes for the content writing course. 

You get 2.5 hours of training 2-3 days per week. The course duration is up to 2 months. The course fee is INR 12000.

If you wish to garner command in Ad copywriting, there is a workshop (INR 1500)  that assists you to grasp the various techniques. 

The workshop encloses Google ads, Facebook ads, newsletter, emailer, creative writing, banner ads, etc.

The syllabus for the content writing course are as follows:

  • Concept Of Keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Writing Guidelines
  • Content Research
  • Blog Content Writing
  • Web Page
  • Microblog Writing
  • Social Posts Writing
  • E-commerce Profile Writing
  • PR & Article Writing
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Technical Content Writing
  • Property Expertise Based Content
  • E-learning Content
  • Prototype Writing
  • Product Documentation
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Resume Writing
  • Emails
  • Proposal Writing


They have a lot of reserves in the form of good blog suggestions, sites, devices, and applications. You also get a certificate of completion and infinite lifetime access to the resources.

They also have different groups and tests in their syllabus for you to become proficient at knowing the nuances of good writing. 

Other than the content writing course, they have a variation of courses for students, experts, and different businesses.

8. Digitql Edge

The Digital Edge Institute is part of the Trusted Advance Digital Marketing Training Program. 

Digital Edge Institute transmits online content writing courses where learners can take benefit of this course and attain infinite marketing goals. 

This content writing course in Kolkata delivers an in-depth understanding of marketing techniques and forms multimedia, artistic, health, legal, entertainment, travel, and many more industries in content writing skills with creativity.

Digital Edge Institute is a dominant Training Centre for delivering in-class and online digital marketing courses which comprise SEO Course, PPC Course, SEO, and associate marketing course. 

Their Google certified instructors are well-trained and industry experts. Digital Edge Institute Provides- Digital Marketing Course

Content writing in Kolkata has become a juncture for every company and organization. For a company, it gives the firm a sleek driving belief, commitment, best buyer relationship, market value, and many other advantages. 

It is one of the lead-era techniques in every company. Any online company can not benefit from the content, which is why various infrastructure has been formulated for web blogging.

9. Dimensions

Dimensions is a content assistance provider for a great time. The mission is to empower assistance across all trades. 

Lately, they have attempted to give Content Writing Courses to generate more and more Content Writing specialists.

They have mentored thousands of candidates who have rolled into experts now. The extent of domains varies from blogging, technical writing, website marketing, and white papers to SEO keyword research.

Both online and classroom trends are attainable for learners. Through various marketing/content writing workshops they give corporate mentorship proposals.

Features of the Content Writing Course at Dimensions:

  • They give professional content writing training.
  • The charge for the program is INR 6000.
  • The period of the course is 3 months or 12 classes and can be lengthened to 16 classes if needed.
  • The course syllabus is an amalgamation of logical and academic beliefs in the ratio of 4:1.
  • You can register for a free demo class before taking on the virtual course.
  • Upon finishing the course, the candidates can take up freelancing, jobs in corporate or blogging.

10. Das Writing Services

Das Writing Services has been an aspect of the online trade for years. They have been missionaries in delivering content and Digital assistance to businesses of different sectors. Today, they enlist one of the most extensive programs in content writing courses in Kolkata.

Hence, with their talented crew fellows, they make certain to intensify the learners’ awareness of the various factors of the content writing technique. 

Therefore, It is one of the most progressive contents writing modules. The program comprises intensive logical training along with academic awareness. The program fee is Rs 80000 for 6 months.

Features of the course:

The program seeks to furnish you with plenty of orientation to several content layouts and genres. They prepare you with the proficiency to strategize content for a variation of topics confidently.

Thus, the syllabus is meant to deliver you with an incisive understanding of the inherent properties of content. This will assist you to shift from one subject to another easily and add new achievement fictions to your resume.

Though, the length of the program is one month. You will get a certificate of culmination after the course is over. It will encourage you in the interview process enormously.

Final Thoughts

Here you have the top 10 content writing courses in Kolkata that preface to give you the awareness to grasp the various beliefs of content. 

You become a specialist in overseeing intricate subjects. It enables you to become skillful in dealing with various content be it white papers, technical writing, or ebook writing. 

The syllabus furnishes you with adequate understanding so that you consume the ideas well and execute them in your professional life.Go through the syllabus of these courses, the fee structure, and the class hours. Choose a course that confronts all your norms. Only then will you be eligible to maximize your productivity and become experienced writers.

In your journey to become a content writer, it is of enormous help to enroll in a professional course to comprehend the variety of writing, the technicalities, and how content creation helps in the digital forum. Once you have an essential awareness, you can even select a subspecialty and distant strengthen that ability. The sub-standard specialties could involve being a website content writer, a blogger, a technical writer, SEO writer, editor, ghostwriter, marketing and communication writer, etc.

Distant from sub-specialty portions in content writing, there is also niche content. For someone with a master’s in the medical field, becoming a medical content writer is a nightmare. Similarly, for someone sophisticated with substantial travel history, travelogues, or the niche industry of travel and tourism helps best. There are openings like style, yoga, interiors, education and academics, politics and news, sports, finance, and so on. 

The choices are infinite, and the sky’s the boundary for a content writer. Come next to your nightmares and take them step-by-step to become a growing content writer.


Q1. What is the role of content writing in digital marketing?

Ans. There is a boom in digital marketing around marketing, which is leading to an exponential growth in the demand for content writers. The consequences of content trade-ins at Henry Harvin are indisputable. As a result, content writing has a high demand for skills that can be applied. Find out about the many opportunities available through Content Writing Courses in Kolkata in this article. 

Q2. What are the advantages of learning content writing in Henry Harvin?

Ans. Henry Harvin offers a gold membership for one year and 24/7 support for life. In addition to recorded sessions, the program offers guaranteed internships, weekly job support, and brush-up sessions.

Q3. How does content writing work?

Ans. Content writing involves the process of planning, writing, and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. Write blog posts and articles, scripts for video and podcasts, and content for specific platforms, such as tweetstorms on Twitter or text posts on Reddit. Check out the Content Writing Course in Kolkata to learn about the wide range of opportunities. 

Q4. Are blogs popular in 2021?

Ans. The blogging industry is still going strong in 2021. We can expect it to remain so for quite some time. Blogs are still a part of many people’s lives, even with YouTube videos and podcasts.

Q5. Where can I learn Content Writing in Kolkata?

Ans. Content writing is now a growing business in Kolkata. Due to the growth of the internet and all organizations, both small and large, the content writing business is booming. We are expecting more content writing courses in Kolkata. You can explore various writing niches with Henry Harvin’s clear concept of content writing.


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  • I highly recommend the top 10 content writing courses in Kolkata listed on this website. They are taught by experienced professionals and provide valuable insights into the industry. A great resource for anyone looking to improve their writing skills.

  • The top 10 content writing courses in Kolkata listed on this website are very informative and helpful for those looking to improve their writing skills. The variety of options available cater to different levels of experience and expertise.

  • The top 10 content writing courses in Kolkata listed on this website are great for anyone looking to break into the content writing industry. The courses offer hands-on experience and practical training that is essential for success. I appreciate your contribution to Course News daily.

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