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Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Pune: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)

There is no batch or a conclusive way to pursue becoming a content writer. Today, there is a huge demand for online resources granting courses on everything. From broiling to drawing to digital marketing, and content writing, there are courses attainable for everything online. There are platforms like Henry Harvin, Living Bridge, Digital Tita, etc, and several more that procure content writing courses. These courses give the flexibility to acquire anything from any gadget at your own pace. 

You can benefit from these reserves to discover the basics and get at least an adequate awareness of what content writing involves. The downside of these courses is that they are not very interactive or hustled. They need combined sudden acknowledgment and understanding.Additionally, there are many orienting academies offering content writing courses. 

They have a well-known and structured course curriculum that takes you step-by-step guide through the procedure and gives you an exact awareness of the practical factors. Such institutes even give internships and certifications with post allowance.The only way to become a good content writer is to pursue training from a university of repute. 

The training at university is like a launchpad. It gives you the type of logical understanding that stimulates your content writing profession to a sudden take-off.Content writing in Pune is quite a trending professional opening these days. Are you also looking to make your career in it & glancing for content writing courses in Pune?

Content writing is the process of conveying awareness to the world. There are no shortcuts for beginners to instantly become experienced bloggers. 

It expects great passion and determination & should start opting for content writing courses.

Below are the top 10 content writing courses in Pune.

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Henry Harvin is amongst the top Certified Digital Content Writing Courses. Henry Harvin is ranked no.1 in the business via Henry Harvin empowers you with a clear concept about content writing which can help you to explore various writing niches. 

The advantages which you get by opting for a content writing course are:

  • Website making and personal blog making
  • Graphic skills
  • Language skills
  • Advanced Research Skills
  • Article writing, blog writing, newsletter, academic writing, technical writing etc
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)

Henry Harvin helps writers to enhance their writing skills and to become professional writers. The instructors give you an excellent format of content writing course, they provide extensive content writing training to scrutinize the impact of content writing. 

An online content writing course from Henry Harvin gives you a learning forum at your own pace.

Henry Harvin furnishes 1-year gold membership and 24/7 lifetime support. The content writing program involves recorded sessions, guaranteed internships, weekly job support, brush-up sessions, and much more.

The institute has several courses such as Digital Marketing Certification Program, Certified GST Course, TEFL Course, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Course, and many more courses that are offered by Henry Harvin Education.

  About the content writing course:

  • Duration- there will be a class of 32 hours
  • Curriculum- the course is selected as a mixture of topics from the prevalent Content Writing section
  • Trainer- senior industry professionals having experience in content writing takes batches for the students. These practitioners are also empowered as section experts with Henry® Harvin Education
  • Employment support- get 100% support on placement, internships, freelance proposals

Once enrolled at Henry Harvin Education, you have the installation to attend different batches with different mentors. This means you can access unlimited times on the learning portal.

Mobile App permits to LMS E-Learning portal. You can access the complete Learning Management System (LMS) on the go by just signing in with your ID and password

2.Living Bridge

It is amongst the top institutes of content writing courses in Pune. This is an open learning forum that aims to bring ability and passion to the actual path. 

Your fascination will not withstand either paucity of time or money. The online training of content writing at Living Bridge encloses the intensive and extended characteristics of writing. 

The institute offers different courses under its major specialty i.e., filmmaking, photography, screenwriting, video editing, theatre and acting, content editing, and  cinematography

In the writing section, the trainers will teach you blog writing, story writing, content writing, travel writing, and creative writing, creative writing, 

Features Of Content Writing Course At Living Bridge: 

  • Living Bridge aims at transforming striving writers into popular and successful content and blog writers.
  • You will be instructed under industry expert trainers
  • You can expect individual attention because of the batch size, which is just 12

The blog and content writing workshop subjects are as follow:

  • Content writing
  • Characteristics for making a good content writer
  • Writing activities
  • What is a blog?
  • Monetizing a blog
  • How to excite readers
  • Tips and tricks of becoming an applicable content writer 
  • Writing activities with acknowledgement     

The courses here are a combination of the established and the productive, the unique and the traditional, the academic and the practical- all the better to cater for the beginners of various shades in the surroundings of an increasingly active global forum. 

The living bridge is the best platform to go with. Whether you are a published or striving writer or you just love writing, this workshop will enable you to understand your writing aspirations, analyze your work, edit, generate imaginary characters, and more.

For more details visit their website. So! Writers, why wait? Enroll today!

3.Digital Titan

In Pune, it is one of the dominant companies of educational institutes. Their major motive is to assist the careers of their members as digital marketers and global business dealers. 

They assure that businesses are powered by a creative, experienced, and qualified mentor, and are skilled in fulfilling the needs of the competitive digital economy. 

The trainers encourage learners to think adversely and they always look for a new opportunity to think adversely.

The online content writing course here is structured to fulfill the technical norms and to provide the learners with skilled qualifications. 

With this online content writing course, they are also known for digital marketing services, website development, SEO specialists, social media marketing, writing skills, and various forms of content production that can be used for different purposes.

You will enroll as an amateur and end up as an experienced digital marketer, content writer, etc.” That I can assure you! 

The plus point is that you’ll be assisted for your placement by the Digital Tita team. 

Learners, you are at the right place if you want to explore and learn the basic niches of digital Marketing, content writing, social media marketing, etc. 

Therefore, For any further details or doubts and queries visit their website. Enjoy learning!

4.Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning 

Symbiosis has been a pacesetter in empowering education in numerous sections since 2001. The two courses provided by symbiosis are:

  • PG Diploma in Technical Writing 
  • Diploma course in Creative Writing in English 

Come let’s know more about the courses in detail-   

1.PG Diploma in Technical Writing 

This course will open up the way to a vast career for you such as journalism, media, communication, professional writer, advertising. 

The duration of the course is 1 year. Though, the registration duration is valid for two years. 

The fee for the course is 35,000 which can be paid in installments and the eligibility for the course is a bachelor’s degree and the marks of English should be above 50%. 

The PG diploma course comprises two semesters and the syllabus includes the following:

  • intro to creative aspects of writing 
  • dominion practices 
  • inventive life
  • references of art
  • sustaining the world

You will be getting the practical assignments after the end of every semester which will help you in assuming the improvement you made. 

2. Diploma Course in Creative Writing In English

The course duration is of 2 years, and the registration duration is valid for four years. 

The fee for the course is 50,000 and this too can be paid in installments. This course comprises four semesters and the syllabus includes the following:

  • Progressed Concepts
  • Introduction to Technical Communication
  • Editing and Technical Writing Style
  • Grammar
  • Tools and Software
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Management 
  • Business Communication
  • Instructional Design
  • Advanced Documentation 
  • Tools for Technical Writing
  • Analysis Methodology 
  • Assignments

You can also go through the recorded lectures which will be easier for you to understand the lesson if you skip the class in any case.  

 “Learn and write”

5.Callidus Media And Arts Academy 

The Callidus Media and arts academy is one of the famous organizations of content writing.

The Callidus Academy offers programs in Television, Radio, Anchoring, Theater, Digital Media, and Writing. 

Its purpose is to deliver a comfortable learning atmosphere, nurture creativity to the full prospect of every student while pursuing moral norms.

The Academy imparts awareness on the job training to all of its learners. The training instructs the learners to complete industry norms and desires. 

The courses are structured with the latest modes of the industry.

Through its industry-relevant activity and trendy classes, it changes lives, developing future-ready platforms for specialists. 

They think that people with adequate work knowledge create efficient mentors.

The Academy is trustworthy for training 1000+ learners, now into growing careers. In the writing profession, they have efficient writing training as well as training for script and article writing.

Features of the creative writing course at Callidus Academy are as follow:

  • The creative writing course teaches various writing styles to the learners
  • It encourages learners to customise their writing skills, making them different.
  • The course length is two months, twice a week.
  • One can continue a career as a trained writer after completing the course

The course content includes:

  • News Story.
  • Art and Idea Generation
  • Promoting Copy.
  • Column Writing.
  • Basics of Screenplay Writing.

6.Skills Upgrader

The Content Writing Course at Skills Upgrader will illustrate to you how to do well in writing content. 

They give the most unusual direction, a profitable job that is extremely great in the market and is an excellent mixture of content writing and content marketing.

Skills Upgrader is a well-known company that offers a content writing course. 

It’s been a period since Skills Upgrader initiated giving content writing courses in Pune and this institute has executed extremely well in giving content writing training to the learners.

The teaching is completely online, you’ll be taught by the industry experts professors. The course is for anyone who wants to learn and grow. whether you are a beginner, a businessman, or a homemaker. 

The program is well structured and formulated so that it benefits everyone. The trainer assures that the training is well discerned by the applicants.

Skills Upgrader’s content writing has superior faculty, lifetime assistance, free INR 40,000 worth of content writing and digital marketing tools. 

The online session consists of 16 hours i.e., 4 weeks of live classroom training plus 70 hours of hands-on tasks.

For more information visit their website and get to know more about the course and the institute.      “Happy Learning”

7.Digital Knowledge Factory

Digital Knowledge Factory is an institute providing essential and developed digital marketing analyses. 

The faculty involves professional digital specialists. Digital Knowledge Factory is a generation of the Knowledge Factory. 

It has a remarkable portfolio of 950+ consumers.

The syllabus of classes at Digital Knowledge Factory indicates its importance of crafting, supervising & magnifying group originalities. 

The Digital Knowledge Factory is in itself a credential course. It is among the top academies proposing content writing courses in Pune.

Features of a content writing course at Digital Knowledge Factory are:

  • The content marketing course at Digital Knowledge Factory prepares you to write tremendous content that connects the audience.
  • It gives in-depth awareness and thorough analysis techniques.
  • The content marketing professional trainers instruct you on how to analyze a topic and write clear and catchy content 
  • The training is logical and prompt
  • You’ll also get an internship and placement support as well


Technowrites is an initial platform in procuring content writing courses in Pune for distinct networks. 

They have a combined coaching module that encompasses writing in various forms.

The Combined coaching section includes the following topics:

  • Technical Writing
  • Business Report Writing
  • Technical Report Writing
  • publicizing content and research paper writing 
  • Trading Content
  • Developing Presentation Videos
  • Equipping Training Videos
  • Building Your Own Learning Management System
  • Illuminative Designs

They also have a distinct Technical Writing Course for people curious about enhancing their technical writing abilities.

The technical writing course comprises 2 months of training. 

The course is for both, graduates and undergraduates who want to conform to the technical field. Along with the two months of course you’ll get the assignments as well.

Relying on your improvement and development you also get the chance for the six months internship proposal at the university to illustrate all that you have acquired in the course.

The program syllabus comprises the following topics:

  • Communication
  • Requisitions Of Technical Writing
  • Techniques of Technical Writers
  • Theory, Practices of Technical Writing 
  • Grammar
  • Program Management
  • Freelancing Section
  • Tools of technical writing 
  • Assignments/Tasks

The prerequisites to enroll in the course are your sharp influence over English and your awareness of MS Windows and MS office.


Nestsoft procures the best content writing courses in Pune. It is an academy that gives you a 100% placement allowance and empowers soft skill advancement as well.

Nestsoft has developed a prudent curriculum that gives rise to your chosen tips, skills to build a powerful content writing technique.

The program focuses on the following:

  • Specifying and examining your goals
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Selecting your niche
  • Assembling your content
  • Plagiarism free content with precise grammar
  • Building Captivating Content With Tools And Applications
  • Requisites Of Writing
  • Validating
  • Communication 
  • Pre-writing Requisites
  • Publicizing Project Work
  • Editing
  • How To Create Inspirational Content

The course has been formulated by remembering people from various domains, marketing administrators, students etc. 

It is profitable for people who are enthusiastic about seeking a career in writing for distinct platforms.

Important Characteristics Of the course; will allow you to build valuable blogs. You’ll know the details of developing content. 

You will also have sufficient awareness of the online section to build more productive content. 

The course will furnish you with thorough detail as to how content influences your marketing actions. You will also learn to develop content for different sectors and content forms.

10.VDMS Digital Marketing

Vijaya Digital Marketing Solutions (VDMS) is a Digital Marketing Company adequately a Digital Marketing Consultant established in Pune. 

VDMS procures all the Digital Marketing assistance needed for attaining your target audience. 

which involves Website Designing and Development, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Email Marketing, Logo Designing & Application Development.

In today’s Digital World, the buyers are purchasing on the internet & to erect a brand’s existence as well as engage them on the Internet is necessary. 

Having a great-searching website that influences and renovates users into subordinates, and you will be getting all the basic knowledge of digital marketing provided by VDMS.

Web development relates to the establishment, formulating, and maintaining of websites. 

It creates a perfect understanding so the learners can learn how to build websites. Learners will develop the skill to become website developers.

Writers come, let’s start your writing journey from Vijaya Digital Marketing Solutions and enjoy writing!

Final Words

A profession in content writing is an outstanding action to make instantly, examining the need for good content writers. People aspiring to become content writers can benefit from the above exhaustive details on the best content writing courses in India. The desire for content writers has risen extensively because now people select online sites over formal books and material. So if you are intending to make a profession in this field then you are precisely not going to repent of it. After seeking some content writing courses you will get the essential suggestion of where you should begin.

Remember, this is a profession that expects invention along with some specialized skills. Also, you can either opt to operate for firms or you can also move for freelancing. Content writing courses can assist you to replenish the spaces in your knowledge of online marketing and writing for the web.

 Whether you want to know more about SEO, focusing and attaining an audience, specialized writing, or working as a blogger, you can explore a course that encloses the topic. 

Want to start your career as a writer, then you must start enrolling in the best institute of your choice listed above, and start your new journey and start growing!

                “Learn and grow”

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Q1. What is the demand of Content Writers today?

Ans. Today, there is an enormous demand for online resources offering courses on everything. There are courses online for everything from broiling to drawing to digital marketing to content writing. There are several platforms that offer content writing courses, such as Henry Harvin, Living Bridge, Digital Tita, and more. Check out the Content Writing Course in Pune for more details. 

Q2. Shall I choose content writing as my profession?

Ans. If you examine the need for good content writers, a career in content writing would be an excellent choice. Content writers are in high demand since people now prefer online sites over books and materials. See our Content Writing Course in Pune article for more information. Therefore, if you intend to make a career in this field, you are not going to regret it. 

Q3. How do I begin writing content?

Ans. The Certified Digital Content Writing Courses at Henry Harvin are among the best. Henry Harvin is ranked no.1 in the business by In order to explore numerous writing niches, Henry Harvin empowers you with a clear concept about content writing.  From there, you can begin to write content. For more information, see Content Writing Course in Pune. 

Q4. How can you create good content?

Ans. Content that is original, actionable, and answers a question is good. The article is properly sourced, unique, concise, grammatically correct, and formatted correctly. By using this formula, you can create content that will increase likes, shares, and rank well on search engines.

Q5. Content creation is a job, right?

Ans. Social media content creation is integral to its success
Because of social media, content creators have an amazing role to play-and why it has become a real and viable career option not just for influencers, but also for those behind the scenes. We know how critical social media is.


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