20 Best EdTech Companies in India

EdTech is the newest version of the traditional classroom system where a facilitator-led digital classroom is created. This is the combination of education and technology which is designed using different IT tools. This interactive and engaging learning process leads to rewarding outcomes as students enjoy skill-based learnings. This learning process allows students to be creative and innovative.

EdTech startups are the most booming sector during the pandemic. All other sectors have witnessed a loss of business to some extent while EdTech is the only sector that is coming up with new ideas every day. This is a potential sector that is successful to attract more investors as the number of users is increasing day by day. As this pandemic has forced us to confine at home all the time, we all become dependent on the internet and so our education system.

These EdTeche companies are redefining the learning process.

In this article, I will list the names of 20 Best EdTech companies in India that have a huge contribution to mold India’s education system.

1. BYJU’s:

BYJU has become a household name in India. In 2011, Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath established this company.

It has been observed that students are enrolled in tuition classes or coaching centers whenever they face difficulties in any subject. BYZU figured out the need of personalized training for students and tried to bring expert teachers to the vicinity of a student using visual aid.

BYZU’s comprehensive and personalized app allows unlimited access of learning videos, online practice worksheets on students’ own pace. One-to-one learning pattern clarifies all the doubts in a realistic way and strengthen their concepts. The mentor helps to identify the weak areas and guides accordingly. Due to this exclusive way of learning students feel free to ask any questions and solve their doubts.

 Unique features of this app are:

  • you can select your preferred language
  • Subtitles are available
  • The speed control option allows to fast forward or slow down the videos as required.

Their wide range of courses are available:

  • for class 4-10
  • Specially designed coaching for JEE, NEET, and BITS for classes 11 and 12
  • Professional training for competitive exams like IAS and CAT.

Their early age learning program is specially designed for the children aged between 4-8 years. The young minds can grow through this creative app in a fun way.

BYZU has gained immense popularity among both children and parents. Due to its innovative and useful mode of learning, this EdTech startup has become one of the most promising educational training institute.

2. Henry Harvin Education:

Henry Harvin has established its name as a leading educational institute by creating educated professionals. Henry Harvin has started its journey in 2013 and since then it has gained a reputation by offering 100+ online and classroom courses. They focus on the skill development of a candidate who has completed the formal education but not is fully job-ready. The highly experienced instructors and appropriate course structure will shape your career path.

The most trending courses offered by Henry Harvin are the Digital marketing course, Content writing course, Copywriting course, Business Analytics with R, GST course, SAP FICO S/4 Hana course, Lean six sigma course and many more. They have allocated a specific academy to a diverse range of professional courses.

The advanced technology used by them provides access to E-learning Portal, personal trainer-led courses etc. The interactive session and industry appropriate course structure are an interesting part of this EdTech company.

3. Brainly:

Brainly is an online learning platform which is based on the concept of peer learning. A social learning community is created by students, parents, and teachers. Anyone can post their homework queries on any of the core subjects like English, Mathematics, Social studies, and Science and get solved by others. The skill level depends on the grades of a student and is categorized through countries.

This EdTech company started its journey in 2009 in Poland and within six months, it picked up the steam. This unique mutual learning process helps students to interact with others in small groups and that also builds their self-organization property.

This free learning app is successful to secure 350 million monthly users by 2020. Its realistic approach and sure-shot result make this EdTech company one of the most trusted brands in the education sector.

4. Awign Enterprises:

Awign enterprise has built a platform where organizations give their works that need to be done. Freelance professionals, also known as Gig workers, apply through this app, they get appropriate training and then complete the given task. Awign gets paid from their clients after completion of the task and Gig workers earn through Awign.

Recognized as a work platform, this startup was founded in 2016 in Bengaluru.  They provide services on auditing, diligence, assessments, proctoring, last-mile delivery, new business development across the distributed locations. Awign selects aspirants from different cities and provide required tools and training to accomplish the work through full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internship.

With the help of advanced technology, Awign has built a bridge between the companies who want to get work done without taking any risk and a huge workforce who are not able to find an appropriate job.

5. Classplus:

Classplus is an EdTech company through which coaching centers can build their app and set up successfully their own business. With the help of digital tools and resources provided by Classplus, coaching centers have created learning videos and online review worksheets for their students.

With the mission of digital education in India, Classplus has connected almost 1lakh coaching institutes and claimed many rewards nationally and internationally.

The coaching centers can access the following features through this app:

  • Coaching centers can sell their course material online
  • Can set up live classes with students through this app.
  • There is an option of video lectures for revision purpose.
  • Notifications can be created and sent to the students as a marketing strategy.
  • Online assessment option is available with auto-correction features.

This app allows you to increase your earnings by teaching a huge number of students. Through this app you can set your business to the next level.

6. CueMath:

Cuemath is the online platform for solving Mathematics problems and learning coding skills. The orthodox way of solving Maths problems creates anxiety among school children. Cuemath methodology explains the concepts logically and helps to build intuition.

Cuemath provides MAths and Coding classes from K to 12. Founded in 2013, they have expanded their business in 20+ countries with 2,00,000 students under their roof.

Features of this learning app:

  • There are 2-3 live classes every week with a duration of 60 minutes.
  • 1:1 interaction helps to clear doubts.
  • Tutors use the leap platform to deliver personalized-instruction based learning.
  • Practical examples and real-world applications help children to find out answers on their own.
  • Quality education in affordable price. Flexible plan is also available.

Cuemath encourages women workforce thereby creating more employment opportunities for women tutors.

7. Doubtnut:

Doubtnut is an online education platform that uses image recognition technology to provide instant video solutions to any problem. The user needs to click a photo of a question and upload the image on the app. They have a large database in the form of live class and learning materials shared by 2 million users daily. With the help of this large database the app provide video solutions of the question.

Doubtnut app is appropriate for the school children from class6 to class 12 and also provides solutions for IIT and JEE entrance exam. Students can access their video library facility.

Doubtnut is available in 11 regional languages which made this app very useful to huge number of students.

8. Masai School:

Masai school is a software training institute based in Bengaluru. They offer web development courses for both full-time and part-time.

This EdTech company allows its students to enroll in the course at Rs. 0 which means that they don’t need to pay any fees during their studies. After completion of the course, once they get placed and earn Rs. 5 lakh annually, then they will pay 15% of their monthly income for maximum 3 years. They also offer a living allowance for their full-time students based on performance.

With the belief that all have equal rights to get an opportunity to show their talent, Masai school prefers to invest in students to make them job-ready.

Masai school believes that investing in talents is a noble work as it will never go in vain. Their increasing user base across the country strengthens their ideology.

9. Pesto:

Pesto also follows the Income Sharing Agreement model which allows students to pay the fees once they get hired. Pesto provides training to software developer to enhance skills in business, product, and design along with engineering.

With a strong presence all over India, Pesto started expanding its business in the international market too.

10. Quizizz:

Quizizz uses gamification tools to create quizzes that engage any learner anywhere. Students can take the quiz online and can compare their responses with others. Reviews are provided instantly that help to clarify doubts. Instructors get a clear idea about the performance of a class and the areas of improvement.

Quizzes can be accessed from any device with the help of web browser. Quizizz is absolutely free app for K-12 students. Because of its engaging nature and fun learning method, over 10 million students use this app and five hundred million questions are answered every month.

11. Skillmatics :

Skillmatics is a learning app where children can build their knowledge through a fun way of playing. Skillmatics has many innovative and interactive products which help to engage students from the age of 3 to 99.

Feature of this App:

  • T.E.M Learning process
  • Learning material is provided.
  • Educational games encourage students to pay more attention.
  • This digital platform is safe.
  • Assess the existing knowledge.
  • Learn through real-life activities. Develop new ideas.

This learning process helps to assess mental processing, social and communication skill, creative and critical thinking, problem-solving ability.

They have a customer base over 25+ countries by selling 3 million products.

12. Hello-English:

This is Asia’s largest English learning platform. This app helps to learn English speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary from over 23 languages. Personalized training by an experienced teacher is available.


  • Free English learning course with 475 interactive lessons.
  • It works fluently without an internet connection.
  • Helps to pronounce in the right way.
  • Get tips on reading, writing, and speaking.
  • You can speak into the app and that will improve your spoken English.

A personalized live course has been designed for kids on creative writing, public speaking, reading, and phonics.

13. Testbook:

Testbook is an online preparation platform for competitive exams. Every year millions of young aspirants appear for competitive exams to secure a place in the public sector. Testbook caters to this need of students by providing professional coaching online.

This EdTech company offers online courses and practice test series on 390+ exams. Their online discussion forum allows students to engage with other students and share their doubts and get them solved by expert teachers and peers.

Best features of this online platform:

  • Live classes are available where you will get complete guidance about the exam
  • Unlimited practice questions and test series are provided
  • Question papers are prepared by experts following the actual question pattern and standard
  • Mock tests are conducted to get real test experience and improve your time management skill
  • Get a detailed analysis of your strength and area of concern.
  • Unlimited download option.

Testbook provides 15% of course material for free and the rest of the training can be accessed at a very affordable price. This EdTech startup is successful to acquire a huge market of Govt. job aspirants.

14. Gradeup:

Gradeup, now known as BYJU’s Exam Preparation is also an online exam preparation app for all types of Govt. jobs. Their online Classroom Program consists of comprehensive study material, previous year question papers, and mock tests. Their systematic course structure helps students to stay focused till the end. Their expert trainers set test series following the actual test and based on the performnce you will get an All India Rank. This will help you to prepare more effectively.

Gradeup is considered as one of the fastest-growing EdTech startups. Thanks to their efficient and updated features for registering more than 3 crore aspirants.

15. Toppr:

Toppr is another e-learning platform for school children from 5 to 12 classes. Its 3600 degree learning approach includes three steps- learn through live and video classes, practice, and then ask question if you have any doubt. Students can create their own customized syllabus by selecting from the given 120,000 syllabus options. Both students and parents appreciate Toppr’s mock tests as it improves their learning speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Toppr has secured its name among the top 50 Growth companies and recognized as Best Tech in Education and Best Education Platforms

16. Unacademy:

Unacademy is the online educational technology for competitive exam preparations and school learning for classes 6 to 12.

Unacademy started its journey in 2010 by creating a YouTube channel which turned into an educational startup in 2015.

Unacademy provides training for almost 60+ professional exams with help of live classes and video recordings. You can download any video lessons through its app and can watch it anywhere anytime.

Their up to date and relevant course structure helped to engage almost 200k+ learners daily.

17. Vedantu:

Vedantu, is an online tutoring platform for school children, founded in 2014. The name, Vedantu is the combination of Sanskrit words Veda which means knowledge and

Tantu means network.

Vedantu follows an in-house technology, WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment) to create the virtual learning platform.

Vedantu believes in live classes rather than providing video recordings as it improves the interaction ability of a student. A customized learning program is designed for individual students. A gamified way of solving quizzes makes learning interesting.

They offer coaching for grades 1 to 12 and an early learning program for young kids.

With more than 500+ educators in their team, Vedantu has successfully taught almost 40,000+ students. Vedantu has achieved a growth of 220% during lockdown by conducting 8 million+ hours of live classes to more than 2 million students.

18. UpGrad:

UpGrad is India’s one of the leading online higher education companies providing professional training using the latest technology. In collaboration with top national and international institutes, UpGrad offers UG and PG programs in Data Science, Machine learning, Software & Technology, Business Management, and many more.

This Mumbai-based EdTech company, founded in 2015, has been trusted by more than 20,00,000 registered learners. This company has been recognized as the ‘Best Education Brand’ by Economic Times in 2017 and no.1 startup by LinkedIn in 2020.

19. Collegedunia:

Collegedunia is a search engine platform that provides detailed information about colleges and universities. Along with the name of the institutes, students can get information on available courses, admission procedures, location, rating, ranking, fees and, many more through this app.

With the help of their most validated database, collegedunia delivers facts about 25,000 colleges and 250 exams. Almost 2,00,000 college reviews have been registered in this platform and 10 lac sessions are conducted through it.

20. Edukart:

Edukart is an online education exchange forum where students can enroll in a wide range of courses offered here. They offer degrees starting from business management to data science and also provide training for other competitive entrance exams.

Their online social community allows them to share information about courses. Students also get placement assistance from this company.

Benefits of EdTech companies:

  • Thanks to these Edtech companies, children are getting exposure to the world. They can connect with others irrespective of their location and can exchange their ideas. This type of exposure leads to build a social and cultural association.
  • This type of online education format is convenient for both students and teachers as it saves more time.
  • It is available to all kinds of people, all types of situations, irrespective of their location.
  • It is considered as a cost-effective affair as it will be rewarding in long run.
  • Teachers can track the performance of students by scoring their exams with help of machine learning and blockchain tools.
  • The individualized learning pattern engages students and encourages them to interact with peers efficiently.                                                                                      


In recent times, it is a big challenge for every parent to provide a good education to their children. With so many complications in our education system, children face more difficulties with their studies every day. Parents are unable to guide their children every time due to lack of time and rapid changes in curriculum. Both children and parents felt exhausted with project works, competitions, weekly tests etc. School curriculum is no more enough for the overall growth of a child as they need to equip with social, emotional, and behavioural changes.

With the help of advanced multimedia technologies, these Edtech companies transformed the conventional education system into an interesting way of learning. The audio-visual presentation of information reduces the burden on the teachers. This innovative and effective way of teaching increases communication, collaboration, and the overall outcome of a student. Although some parents believe that this concept is not appropriate for young children as it reduces physical interaction which may diminish the social skill of a child.

Whatever the theory is, no one can dismiss that EdTech companies are adding new dynamics to our society by redefining the learning process.


Q1. What is an EdTech company?

EdTech is the short form of education and technology. With the help of computers, programs, and learning systems EdTech company provides training to students and professionals. 

Q2. How big is the EdTech market?

According to experts global EdTech market was estimated as USD 74.64 billion in2019 and anticipates an annual growth of 19.9% over next seven years.

Q3. What is the future of EdTech companies?

The paid user base of EdTech companies has increased from 1.57 million in 2019 to 9.6 million in 2021. There are 1400 EdTech companies in whole world, out of which India has 327 companies, 10% of the whole EdTech market.

Q4. How is EdTech companies transforming the classroom?

In classroom teaching it is difficult for a teacher to pay attention individually. Through online learning teachers can interact with a student effectively. Children can learn more efficiently through video learning and gamified methodology.

Q5. What does the K in K-12 stand for?

The ‘K-12’ system refers to ‘Kindergarten to 12th grade’.

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