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HENRY HARVIN Vs Simplilearn Six sigma Reviews (Don’t Ignore)

Statistical analysis, rather than guesswork, is employed in Six Sigma to enhance business operations. Controlling variance and comprehending the complexities of processes improves them. As a result, corporate operations become more predictable and profitable. Six Sigma is more than just “training”; it’s a data-driven methodology aimed toward projects with measurable business outcomes. This tried-and-true method has been used in a variety of sectors to save both hard and soft money while enhancing customer satisfaction. For example, using Six Sigma, GE Capital was able to save $2 billion in 1999.

The Six Sigma approach is a tried-and-true method of increasing earnings and quality by minimizing faults and issues in all elements of a company’s operations. However, the business is flooded with vendors and institutes that offer training and certification at exorbitant fees. So, how do you make your decision? What are the most well-known Six Sigma training institutes?

Here, I’ll go over the key differences between Henry Harvin and Simplilearn, two well-known providers of six sigma training. I’m attempting an Overview of both of these institutions based on a number of aspects and have come to the conclusion that Henry Harvin is superior to Simplilearn.

Henry Harvin is a pioneer in the Six Sigma certification process. They help students with all parts of the implementation process, from Six Sigma Champion training to employee certification at various belt levels.

About Henry Harvin® Education: 

Henry Harvin® Education offers targeted Learning Solutions to a wide range of corporate, educational, and government audiences.

They bring forward a number of learning solutions that are thought necessary in today’s world. Our learning solutions are based on Competency Research, which involves collecting a large number of inputs and millions of data points from a wide range of regions, sectors, functions, and domains. These inputs and data points are then analyzed with requirement and market data utilizing complicated analytics to determine which learning solutions can cultivate notable professionals of the time. 

Instead of Simplilearn, Henry Harvin is the most commonly suggested option for completing certifications and improving learning quality. This blog will walk you through the contrasts in approaches to value creation between the two career competent organizations in six sigma.

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Henry Harvin

The CSSE-GB green belt certification that you obtain at the end of the course is extremely valuable and is the gold standard for the greatest six sigma certification. The CSSE-BB certification is the black belt certification. Both of these qualifications are extremely valuable in today’s work market and will assist you in obtaining employment.

Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma courses are well-known not just in India, but also around the world. If you intend to work with organizations in other countries, it is therefore suggested that you receive your training from Henry Harvin. This will ensure that you meet international credibility requirements and assist you in finding work in their market.

Henry Harvin certifications will be recognized by all multinational brands that undergo six sigma training, enhancing their employability. As a result, your career will benefit greatly. People are also encouraged to enroll in these courses at Henry Harvin because of the recognition from such well-known multinational brands.


Candidates who have chosen the Simplilearn Six Sigma courses must take the IASSC certification exam as a condition of enrollment. There are no explicit requirements for taking the exam, however, Simplilearn reviews suggest that you have a fundamental understanding of the concepts, which the Lean Sigma course can teach.

By taking a combination of online and classroom courses, you can receive your Simplilearn certificate. It should be noted that the course fee does not include the exam fee, which must be paid in order to take the test. You will receive a green belt certification as well as a Simplilearn certificate of completion once you have completed the course.

You do not have to pay the black belt examination fee when you enroll at Simplilearn during the registration process. This should be done separately before taking the exam. A candidate must score a minimum of 580 points out of 750 total in order to pass the test. 


Henry Harvin is an excellent choice over Simplilearn primarily because Simplilearn reviews indicate that it’s not highly acclaimed globally. In contrast to Henry Harvin, Simplilearn’s Six Sigma courses is not immediately recognized by employers in international companies. 

As a result, Henry Harvin is undoubtedly a safer choice and the best option for gaining traction in an international market. 


Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma courses are very reasonably priced. In order to earn your green belt certification, you will need to pay INR 17,500.00. 

The multiple rewards that it provides make this an investment worth considering. An enrolment fee of INR 30,000.00 is required for the 48-hour black belt course. 


Students can access content that is carefully selected by industry experts in Simplilearn’s Six Sigma courses for a lifetime price of INR 12,999.00 in the self-paced mode. Blended learning is the next method. According to Simplilearnreviews, this will cost you about 16,999.00 INR and, in addition to the self-paced benefits, has numerous additional benefits. 


Simplilearn reviews indicate that the online or blended model of the classroom might not be suitable for everyone, despite the slightly higher course fees offered by Henry Harvin. A traditional classroom setting, such as that available at Henry Harvin, is the most beneficial for all ages. 

Additionally, classroom teaching has multiple benefits because it encourages discussion and debate. Their six sigma reviews help clarify concepts far better than those offered by Simplilearn. Therefore, Henry Harvin is a much better option than Simplilearn. 

Fact #3: Course Curriculum

Henry Harvin 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course: The Henry Harvin Six Sigma Green Belt course is a 28-hour interactive live seminar with highly trained professionals. Practical experience is provided.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course – This six sigma certification course consists of 36 hours of live, online training with a 100% placement guarantee.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Course – In this 60-hour course you will experience live online interactive sessions covering major topics such as determining project opportunities, learning how to utilize tools for project determination, as well as organizational culture, human dynamics, and how they affect the project.

Combination course – Marketing Analytics training course and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification training course – This Six Sigma course is 64 hours of live online interaction with professional perks from the CMAP+CSSE-GB course as well as knowledge gained from the CMAP+ CSSE-GB course.

Six Sigma Advanced Statistics Course – This six sigma-certified course is an 8-hour instructor-led post-training course where a test is administered based on the certification. In addition, project support is available for 24 hours

Post Graduate Program in Lean Six Sigma– This six sigma certification course includes a live online interactive session with a 1-6 month internship.

Lean Six Sigma IT Course – This course consists of 28 hours of live, interactive sessions with the option to participate in related projects.


Upon starting their six sigma certification course, Simplilearn follows a specific learning trajectory. The first step in this process is Lean Management. This gives you a general idea about lean and the principles behind it. You will learn about the types and nature of wastes and how to minimize them in this Six Sigma training. 


Simplilearn coursework reviews aren’t satisfactory even though it has a proper learning path. Henry Harvin’s six sigma reviews state that their approach is better and more advanced because it follows a set structure and starts from the basics before moving on to much more advanced material. 

Simplilearn six sigma reviews often skip essential, necessary information, which hinders understanding. In this respect, Henry Harvin wins because it stresses the necessity of establishing the fundamentals before proceeding. Consequently, Henry Harvin is a good choice for a six sigma certification. 

Fact #4: Instructors

Henry Harvin

 Six sigma training at Henry Harvin is specialized by seasoned experts in the industry, so it is highly job-oriented. Six Sigma tools and techniques must be applied to real-world problems in the business sector with proper experience. As well as encouraging decision-making skills, it also promotes problem-solving abilities. 

Their extensive real-world experience is brought to the classroom by highly qualified faculty. Their goal is to help students understand and deal with real-world problems instead of just being limited by theory. By fostering a cooperative learning environment, they ensure quality in their classrooms. 


Based upon Simplilearns six sigma reviews indicate that professionals have taken classes. They have a six sigma degree and are qualified to teach online as well as in a classroom setting. It is reputed that they take quality classes utilizing both methodologies. 


Reviewers of Simplilearn claim that their classes are taught by highly trained professionals, however, none come close to the industry experts who teach Henry Harvin’s courses. Therefore, Henry Harvin has the best faculty available for taking Six Sigma courses.

Fact #5: Course Agenda

Henry Harvin 

There are six sigma classes every Sunday. The training at Henry Harvin takes a total of 32 hours over four days. For the black belt certification, you are required to spend 48 hours in the classroom, which is six days in the classroom.

The classes are offered on Sundays, making it easier for students and working professionals to attend. Students do not have to change the schedule of their week in order to take part. This is an immersive experience, as well. Participation and discussion are encouraged. 


Various learning modes are available to you. With Simplilearnsix sigma, you can choose self-paced, blended, or corporate learning modes. The self-paced and blended modes mostly offer similar benefits such as online learning materials and support for learners, but the self-paced option offers 90-days of online access. 

Training can be customized to meet your needs as a team. Discussions are facilitated and the class’s quality is improved when students learn together. 

Pricing options and dashboards for both individuals and groups are available. It also comes with flexible pricing options. 


As per the six sigma reviews, at Henry Harvin, students are able to communicate with their mentors because they are reachable by phone. However, in Simplilearn, students do not receive the tutor’s contact information, so if they have any doubts, they are not able to contact their mentor and seek clarification. The Simplilearn reviews point out that its teaching method is more complex. It is not easy for many people to combine online learning and classroom learning. Compared to Simplilearn Six Sigma courses, Henry Harvin provides consistently good classroom courses that everyone can follow in a short amount of time. 


Henry Harvin

After completing this course, you will be able to analyze data using more than 20 different types of tools. They will help you troubleshoot and make decisions. This will enhance business knowledge as well as customer service and quality assurance processes. Henry Harvin offers internships with 100% job assistance

You can learn essential leadership and management skills from six sigma certification.  

You will learn how to develop high-quality services which will attract customers to your business and allow it to thrive. 


If you complete all three certifications, you will be a Lean Six Sigma Expert and will be eligible for high-profile jobs such as quality supervisor, manager, engineer, director, etc. This course will teach you six sigma tools and techniques that you can apply to maximize efficiency and reduce waste in your company after completing the course.  


Despite the similarities between the essential skill sets acquired in both certifications, Simplilearn Six Sigma often misses the basics, which may cause problems later in the industry. The thorough knowledge imparted by Henry Harvin makes it the obviously better option. Based on Simplilearn reviews, it can sometimes fall short of teaching the right tools. 

On the other hand, Henry Harvin’s insistence on teaching students the basics ensures they obtain a solid foundation. There are no internships available at Simplilearn, so students won’t obtain any real-world practical experience. They only offer placement assurance. They do not guarantee 100 % placement assistance. 

Hence, Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma courses are superior to those offered by Simplilearn. 

Fact #7: Customer helpdesk

Henry Harvin:

You will find a form on Henry Harvin’s website for their Helpdesk. Students can fill out the form with their concerns. They also provide a Whatsapp customer support number on their website. With that number, students can easily reach them and resolve our concerns. Additionally, they have provided their support email address on their website. Email is another way to contact them. Students can reach them in multiple ways and resolve our issues.


The website of Simplilearn has a support desk. Each concern must be raised as a ticket. That is a very exhausting job. Only a toll-free number has been provided, making it difficult to contact them. Students’ issues will be addressed by a different customer service executive each time, and they have to explain everything from the start. It’s a major disadvantage. 


Six sigma reviews suggest that customer service at Henry Harvin is superior to that of SimpliLearn. We can reach them quickly and our problems will be resolved within 24 hours.

 Despite the fact that Simplilearn Promises to resolve our issues within 24 hours, it is very difficult to reach them in order to resolve our issues

Final Thoughts: 

Henry Harvin Six Sigma certification is highly recommended as it is known globally for its latest learning innovation and the title of ‘certified six Sigma’ is truly recognized. After considering everything, I would like to say that Henry Harvin is the best place to get a six sigma certification. Furthermore, it is unmatched in its coursework and recognition in addition to its excellent faculty and classrooms.  Because of this, I recommend Henry Harvin as one of the best in this field.

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