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HENRY HARVIN vs Clever Harvey Junior MBA Review (Exposed)

Henry Harvin’s TEEN MBA course is a unique platform for teenagers to learn the basics of management. Its advantages make it a better investment than Clever Harvey’s Junior MBA course. In this blog, I am going to take you through the courses offered by both institutes and explain why I find Henry Harvin’s course better than Clever Harvey’s.

The world is witnessing change at every minute fraction of time and one who wishes to sustain better has to keep up with the demands and the needs of the modern business world. The world we live in has gone through some major transformations in terms of Education, Technology, Culture and many more and several have been benefited in their own ways.  

Thanks to institutes like Henry Harvin who have kept up with the changing scenario in the field of education and consistently reinvented themselves to come up with better courses that can make the educated employable. Henry Harvin’s one such venture is the Teen MBA Course which is the brainchild of its CEO Mr Kounal Gupta. This course benefits not only young adults but also kids from the 12-18 age group to develop a foundation for business acumen.

There is also Clever Harvey, offering a similar course under their brand i.e Junior MBA. When you think of enrolling for this course, you might want to compare both the courses. Therefore to help you fight the dilemma we have shortlisted the two most celebrated institutions that are widely appreciated and recommended for the quality they offer. Henry Harvin Education and Clever Harvey.  

You might have read several lines on Clever Harvey and about Henry Harvin which is among the strongest Clever Harvey competitors but still, the decision gets tough. But today you will have a clear answer. You will have one name that is a clear winner in every term and deserves the ENROL click.  

So without delaying it any further let just begin the conversation on Clever Harvey Junior MBA review and Henry Harvin Teen MBA review.  

Henry Harvin Teen MBA Course Review 

One leading platform that is turning all the heads in the room is Henry Harvin Education. It is one of the closest Clever Harvey competitors. The platform has always maintained to excel and achieve extreme supremacy in everything they provide, especially to the education sector in global terms.  

From being ranked as the no.1 platform for online courses to opening guaranteed doors for internships and jobs Henry Harvin Education has come a really long way.  What even makes it more exciting is, the platform has initiated the Teen MBA program too and is widely being appreciated for the same.  

The program is specially introduced for the young aspirants of today who aspire to be CEO, CMO, or CTO. This helps you acquire relevant knowledge and develop the required skills for the position. Having this program done will not only help the young learners to understand business concepts but will tremendously shape their professional careers and will introduce them to the concept of making money work for you.  

You will also find several Henry Harvin Teen MBA reviews that will help you feel confident and secured in making the choice. Because those reviews come from real enrollers of the program.  

The program here will progress in a phase-wise manner which will consist of new subjects and the latest introductions at every step. Talking about Phase 1. It is related to Building Business Skills. The learner enrolling for the program will learn Business Planning, Team Management and Decision Making.  

The second phase will encompass Specializations. You will have instructors that themselves have been serving as CMO, CFO and CTO at prestigious firms like Netflix, Google, Amazon and many more. 

Talking about CMO, you will be made one to one with concepts like Digital Marketing, Market Segmentation and Go to Market Strategy. CFO will consist of Budgeting, Financial Planning, Negotiation while CTO will consist of Tech Problem Solving, Tech Insight and Tech Ideation.  

The entire Teen MBA Curriculum will function into 8 important modules.  

  1. Business 101 & Ideation 
  2. Business Planning & Model Development
  3. Business Model & Identity Assets 
  4. Chief Executive officer ( CEO ) 
  5. CEO – Roadmap to Success, Control Management & Specialisation
  6. Chief Technology Officer ( CTO ) 
  7. Chief Marketing Officer ( CMO ) 
  8. Chief Financial Officer ( CFO )  

The program is self-paced so you can avail it at your own comfort. Now let us get into the details of the program and figure out its essential Key Details:-  

  • The program will have a total of 24 Hours. Segregated into 1.5 to 2 hours daily. The mode of teaching will be online and can be accessed on weekdays and Weekends too.  
  • The trainers will be compulsorily from the related industry holding handsome experience that can help and guide the young learners to understand and act better.  
  • By the end of the certification, you will be receiving 2 certificates, one of the basic programs while the other will have the specialisation mentioned. You can share it on social media platforms and can stand out from the crowd.  
  • You can also access to 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Teen academy and avail impressive offers like, E-Learning account, Bootcamp sessions, Profile Building and Interview Skills. You will also get exposure to Business World Visualisation, Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurial Acumen, Challenging Environment, Introduction to several Business Tools and Gamified, Experiential Learning. 
  • The cost of the program is Rs 7999/-.

The Teen MBA program at Henry Harvin Education follows certain methodologies which include the below-mentioned points.  

  1. Understanding the R & R of the profile. 
  2. Building a Prototype. 
  3. Developing a roadmap and understanding the Gap areas. 
  4. Opportunity to practically develop skills using more than 3 industry tools. 
  5. Analyze and understand the industry-related case studies in detail.  

These are few aspects that the institution follows as a method to introduce the concepts to their young and vibrant learners.  

Let us now understand how the Teen MBA certification process at Henry Harvin works

  • In the very initial stage, you need to start by enrolling yourself on the program. You should be between 8th to 12th grade during the enrolment of the program. Once you enrol for the program small projects will be assigned to you in order to keep your progress in check.  
  • Later you will be requested to attend mentor-led training and achieve 20 credits to be eligible for the certification. If you miss it you can cover up for it by viewing the recordings.  
  • Now you reach the final stage where on post-completion of your program you will be awarded t-MBA certification from Henry Harvin Education. So this is how the entire process works.  

So now you’ve got enough information on the Teen MBA program offered here. Also, you might have guessed the benefits associated with it. But still, you might have some confusion and I truly understand that. Therefore this section of the article will brief you on every reason why Henry Harvin’s program you should be enrolling for.  

  1. Great support in helping you build your profile. 
  2. E-learning access 
  3. Globally acclaimed certifications
  4. Gamified and Experiential Learning
  5. 1-year membership and a lot more. 

Clever Harvey Junior MBA Course Review 

Clever Harvey is one of the major platforms of the time that has managed to gather some really good attention with the introduction of Junior MBA programs. Right from introducing it for the first time to date, it has still managed to keep the hype the same. The program will introduce the little minds to the strategies and ideas curated and acted upon by the famous gigantic companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Tesla & many many more.  

The trainers here will have hands down experience that will shape the young minds terrifically. These trainers will not only be introducing subjects of discussion but will also feed them with every relevant knowledge that is essential to help them be the Junior CEOs of the global market. The programs offered here are put together separately so that the little ones can choose according to their need and interest. Altogether there are 2 basic programs offered here.  

  1. Junior MBA 
  2. Junior CEO  

These three MBA programs have been curated with a vision of giving insights about the strategies, functions and other developmental details of multinational companies to the young minds of today. Of course, there are chances that they might fail to understand the entire concept but will at least be known to the real business world of management and functioning.  

The trainers who will be involved in training these young minds will responsibly break down the concept and try to present it in the best possible way. This will widen the thought process of the learners and will help them make better decisions. 

Moreover, as this program is specially designed for young learners it will open several doors of opportunities when they decide to get onto the field. Not having proper experience is the major cause of not being able to find a worthy job or internship, the young generation of today states. Thus, this program will slowly eradicate these changes in the coming future.  

Junior MBA 

Junior MBA comprises 25 sessions which are further segregated into 1 hour each day. The program consists of JrMBA Strategy, JrMBA Technology and JrMBA Marketing. The Marketing section is still not open but will be made available to their audience super soon.  

During the program tenure, you will be exposed to several important topics that will include Value Proposition, Market Sizing, Unit Economics, Team Design, Business Models, Data Analysis for the marketing and sales purpose.  Moreover, the program will also help you answer your basic questions like, is my idea worthy? Will it work? And many more. When you find answers to these questions you will begin to feel confident and will be able to produce better results.  

The program will take the learners through every basic to an advanced aspect of management and functionality. This will help the young learners to understand and evaluate how companies like Amazon and others strive in this competitive global market.  

Strategy formation, the importance of technology and the widespread craze of marketing are what your young learners will be mastering. These three aspects are the main pillars of a successful firm. So knowing them priorly is definitely going to boost your child’s knowledge, skill and opportunities. Thus, many consider the program as the most crucial introduction to their child’s career journey.  

On completion of the program, you will be receiving industry recognised certification that in the further run is going to be your biggest asset.  

Junior CEO  

The Junior CEO program at Clever Harvey is also quite similar to the above MBA program with slight differences. Your Junior CEO program at Clever Harvey is 75 hours. It consists of several important subjects like Strategy Jr.MBA, Technology Jr.MBA, Marketing Jr.MBA along with Lifetime of perks. The total program costs around ₹35000/-.  

The Junior CEO program by Clever Harvey comes with numerous benefits that shape your child’s precious future. A few of them are mentioned below:-  

  1. Opportunity to be guided and supervised by the most celebrated industry professionals.  
  2. Chance to receive an invitation to industry visits.  
  3. Skill-building workshops in order to understand the concept effectively.  
  4. Skill assessments to constantly keep your progress in check.  
  5. Lifetime access to various speaker events. 

Explorer Pack  

This program is designed into 30 sessions, that is further subdivided into 1 hour each day. This program is for those who are wanting to explore different projects before actually enrolling for a company certified project.  

Through the program, you get an opportunity to work on 3 practice projects in various fields before actually confirming the company certified project. The entire program costs around ₹15,000/-. So you can surely enrol if you are looking for something different than a company certified project for your child.  

Transformation in Recent Education System

If something has gained real momentum and transformation then it’s our Education System. These recent years have been enough proof of that. Specialization is what people are responsibly pursuing. Practical understanding after a long time is given priority and is allowing people to follow their instincts. Education is no longer age, gender or colour oriented it has become mutually exclusive to all. 

And in this similar era of transformation MBA for juniors is the latest announcement. Yes, you got that right. There is a formulated set of specialised programs especially for the age group between 13 to 18. It is supposed to be their first introduction to the real world of management, marketing and technicals.  

Whether we talk about Clever Harvey or Clever Harvey competitors like Henry Harvin, such programs are a very effective take on innovating education. Children pursuing the course will get a gist of the real world that will help them grow personally and professionally. But one major struggle that one often goes through is figuring out the best institution that could introduce these subjects to your little ones in the best possible way.  The global market that we strive for today has ample options to offer but to make a wise choice out of those ample offers is a great responsibility. You might have come across several institutions offering this particular program but one always feels risky or less satisfied before making that ENROL click. We understand you, we truly do.  

Which is the best platform to pursue the Teen MBA program?  

Well, having read a lot about Clever Harvey Junior MBA reviews and Henry Harvin Teen MBA course reviews. I personally incline towards the program offered by Henry Harvin Education. If I personally had to enrol for the program my instant pick would be Henry Harvin. Amongst the many Clever Harvey competitors in the market, Henry Harvin comes at the top 

The above-mentioned benefits and opportunities that come along while using the platform of Henry Harvin have an edge over Clever Harvey as

  • It is more pocket-friendly
  • Double certification- one is for basic program other for the specialization
  • Life time access to LMS
  • Avail one-year gold membership that includes facilities like profile building and sessions on interview skills

A lot of learners who graduated from here have only good words to describe the institution. All the learners that are successfully trained here often do well at their professional level with the guidance of the trainers and management here. And I aspire to do so. Thus, my obvious pick would be Henry Harvin Education 

I hope this piece of the article helped you answer your questions effectively. If in case you still have any doubts or questions please feel free to voice them using the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same 

Happy Reading! 


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