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Hi, I'm Gulshan Singh an Arts Graduate working as a Content Writer. I also have my hands clear on Copywriting, Poetries, Children Storybooks and Teaching ( TEFL Certified Trainer ). Love for writing is what gets me here. Currently, I'm serving as a Freelance Writer to BCN / CND / RR.
French Language

Top 10 French Language Courses in India

Learning never stops and should not stop either. Especially when the learning can bag you with an uncountable list of opportunities to explore; culturally and financially.  Language learning is one of the biggest assets an individual can ever create for himself/herself. Language is what allows you to express yourself to...

Simplilearn Reviews

Simplilearn Data Science Review ( Leaked )

How many of you out there believe that one should often keep upgrading their skills to be the best-mentioned contributor in his or her particular firm? I guess we all. And to do that we need to constantly upgrade and be known to any latest introductions made in our particular...


10 Best SAP Training Institutes in India (Exposed)

The world of innovation begins with constant learning and adapting according to the needs and demands of the global business. Specialisations & Certifications are creating enough buzz as many national and international firms are rooting for professionals who hold strong expertise in their area of function. Thus, Specialisations and Certifications...

sap training institutes online

10 Best SAP Training Institute Online (Exposed)

The current era is witnessing some major transformations in almost every sector of the globe. There are new innovations and demands that every field is currently going through. And to cope up with this transformational race your abilities & certifications are major vital plots.  The generation we live in is...

Content writing

Top 15 Content Writing Courses in India (Leaked)

Content Writing has emerged as one of the most celebrated job roles in recent times. The global market has opened opportunities that have never seemed to be so impressive and promising. Thus a lot of writers are wanting to begin a career in writing, especially CONTENT WRITING. Content writing is...

Henry Harvin Reviews

Is Henry Harvin a Legitimate Company? (Exposed)

Of course Yes!! There is no doubt about the fact that Henry Harvin is amongst the top 10 EdTech companies in India. They function with the motto of making " the educated employable". This can be substantiated with the fact that it is one of the most trusted institutes for...