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Top 15 Content Writing Courses in India (Leaked)

Content Writing has emerged as one of the most celebrated job roles in recent times. The global market has opened opportunities that have never seemed to be so impressive and promising. Thus a lot of writers are wanting to begin a career in writing, especially CONTENT WRITING. Content writing is a huge term in itself. It encompasses several branches that writers can choose to specify and explore their career in the branch respectively.  

But is Content Writing really that easy as a lot of conversations address? Unfortunately, NOT. Content Writing requires much more hardship than you or I could ever imagine. Here writing does not mean to just accumulate fancy words, it needs to have purpose and should compel your audience to take specific actions.  

Therefore if you are someone who is wanting to begin a career in writing then you must surely continue to read because the piece of information shared here is truly going to shape and influence your decision for good. So what is the most important thing to look for if you are wanting to be a Content Writer?  

Constructive guidance and supervision from industry experts who can help you answer your every what and why. So basically it means that a Content Writing Course is very essential to begin your career in Content Writing.  

A lot of newcomers to the industry avoid taking courses and thus, never acquire complete knowledge on the functioning of Content Writing and tremendously also fail to make an impact in the industry. We definitely don’t want you to be one of them. Therefore we want you to take a Content Writing Course for a better career and future to stand away from the crowd confidently.  

But which institution would be better for you to pursue your Content Writing Course? There are numerous content writing courses in India. How do you know which is the best one? Well, leave that to us. We have your back.  

After carrying out several types of research we finally managed to collect a list of the top 15 most admired Content Writing Courses in India just for you. These institutions have trained and transformed several lives and now you are their hunt.  

So without delaying it any further let’s just continue to scroll down and explore the names in the lists. 

1. Henry Harvin – Content Writing Courses in India

Making it to the first spot on our list is your very own Henry Harvin Education. Henry Harvin Education is one of the most celebrated institutions offering impressive content writing courses globally through its online platform. The platform of Henry Harvin is ranked as No.1 by several prestigious organizations for its commendable contribution in training and placing learners at higher positions in different firms.  

The trainers at Henry Harvin are one of the most crucial parts of the institution. They are highly experienced and industry-related, which allows learners to have a gist and understanding of the real modern world of writing.  

The certifications that you receive from Henry Harvin Education for the Content Writing Course is globally acclaimed and allows you to explore opportunities beyond territories. Apart from this, there are several other more benefits that you will be getting to explore while you enroll for the Content Writing Course here.  

The Content Writing Course here is considered to be one of the best courses in India. There are several courses designed on Content Writing which you as a learner can choose as per your interest and need.  

When pursuing a course at Henry Harvin Education you get several benefits in just 1 single course. Your benefits usually include pieces of training, Projects, Internship opportunities, placement bootcamps and many many more.  

When pursuing your content writing course here you will be exposed to 30+ content types and will be made one to one with tried and tested ways to earn online.  

You will also be receiving 1 year Gold Membership of Writing Academy which will incorporate numerous benefits. The course here is designed for 36 hours and will provide the learners with Globally recognized CDCW Certification. You will be introduced to several ways of writing promising copies, pitching clients, using tools for effective results, building connections, researching, forming and understanding strategies and many many more.  

So to begin your career in Content Writing begin it under the guidance and supervision of Henry Harvin Education. Enroll Now! 

2. Udemy – Content Writing Courses in India

Udemy is an enormous platform to learn and explore almost anything and everything. A HubSpot for all the change-makers out there. When looking for a Content Writing Course in India, Udemy is surely not going to disappoint you. It not only provides you with an effective content writing course but also introduces you to a lot of different aspects revolving around it. Which makes your job role easy to understand and act upon.  

You get a variety of trainers and can choose from who and what to learn. This I personally think is a great choice given to the learners. Before choosing your program you can check for the modules associated and read testimonials associated with it to feel more confident in terms of your decision.  

The content writing courses here will introduce you to the concepts like Achieving Mastery overwriting, Copywriting, Content Marketing, SEO Writing, Blog post Writing and many many more. Exploring never ends here!  

To keep your progress in check you will be introduced to several assignments and presentations that will constantly polish your ability and help you identify the best in you. So there’s nothing better to wait before. Enroll Right Away. 

3. FutureLearn – Content Writing Courses in India


FutureLearn is your next stop to wait, wonder and enroll. The platform has some really commendable writing courses that just work best to get the inner writer in you on track. The courses offered here are extremely well refined and introduce you to uncountable points that can help you enhance your writing capabilities.  

The courses at FutureLearn are led and directed under highly experienced professionals who continuously strive to bring the best out of their learners. From writing effectively to strategizing and marketing is what your takeaway will look like.  

So don’t wonder anymore if you want to begin your writing career today, don’t wait till tomorrow. The program at FutureLearn is surely to be your best decision ever. To begin enrolling, TODAY! 

4. IIEDM – Content Writing Courses in India

IIEDM is another celebrated platform offering Content Writing Courses in India. The institution is highly acclaimed and has managed to make several prestigious awards and mentions in its own name. The program comes with several benefits. There are various courses available here as per the demand and the need of the modern world and emerging learners.  

The Certification Course in Content Writing at IIEDM allows you to have an opportunity of being trained and monitored by highly acclaimed professionals of the industry. The trainers here hold the immensely impressive experience that helps the learners gain deeper insights into the writing world.  

During your course tenure, you will be given practical training along with Live Projects. The institution also promises to provide 100% Job Assistance for the learners graduating from here.  

The program will take you through every basic to advanced step involved in writing effective copies. From guiding you with the proper usage of Grammar to using tools that can enhance your writing abilities you will be made one to one with every single possible element of effective writing.  

So what are you waiting for? Check their website for more information and Enrol Now! 

5. Learning Beyond Books – Content Writing Courses in India

Learning Beyond Books is one of the most compelling platforms in India for students who wish to begin their career in Writing. The course is formulated in the most comprehensive and updated manner for the learners to take the best benefits out of it.  

The trainers here are well trained and hold enough relevant industry experience. Their experiences make the learning process even easier. As a beginner, this program can work wonders for you and help you create the kind of platform you’ve been wanting to create as a writer.  

The introduction to content writing course here consists of 14 modules. The course timings are 4-6 pm on Weekdays and 11-2 pm on Weekends. The trainer attending you will be well versed and minutely aware of every single aspect of the writing world. Which will eventually prove to be very beneficial for the learners in the long run.  

For more information visit their website and begin your career in Content Writing, TODAY! 

6. The Brand Salon ( TBS )  – Content Writing Courses in India


The Brand Salon ( TBS ) is contributing equally to the Content Writing Courses in India. The content writing course offered here gives you a wide view of the writing world and introduces you to several necessary elements of writing. Brainstorming sessions, Road Maps, Analyzing your audience, trying different types of content, strong research and various other similar aspects are going to be your key takeaways from the course.  

The trainer will minutely work on your skills and help you rectify for better with every session. So don’t wait too long. Head onto their website to get more detailed information and request an assistance call from their executives today. 

7. ECT – Content Writing Courses in India

ECT offers some uniquely refined content writing courses in India that you can surely rely on. It has provided training to several corporate members of several prestigious corporations. The platform of ECT aims to transform your writing abilities in just 90 days.  

The program encompasses a 1-month of classroom or online training and 2 months of internship opportunities where you will be given a chance to work and interact with real clients of the writing world.  

Once you successfully complete the program you will be able to write different types of copies, pitch clients, work as freelancers and many more. You will not only learn tactics of writing but will also be introduced to the concepts of marketing your own writing and self to attract handsome projects.  

8. Inventateq – Content Writing Courses in India

Inventateq is another most trusted and relied content writing course providing a platform that trains and guides the writers of today in the best possible way. 

Inventateq minutely focuses on the basics of writing and how you can refine it with every constant practice. The course takes you on a journey wherein you can explore every single necessary element of writing in the best possible way.  

By the end of the program, you are sure to hold mastery over writing different forms of papers, researching, pitching and many more. The course is a complete package designed to shape new and vibrant writers into the most professional ones.  

So go ahead and get yourself enrolled today.  

 9. Online Idea Lab 

 Online Idea Lab offers numerous courses on Content Writing. You can choose according to your need and demand that fits you best. The Content Writing Advanced Course at Online Idea Lab is of 120 hours with recordings of all the live sessions.  

You will have 2 years of access to all the course materials offered here. The course includes 20+ additional resources, 50+ writing activities for the learner’s practice. Moreover, to keep your progress in check you will receive more than 20+ quizzes. You will also be having regular Live Q&A sessions and a Website Hosting with an SSL certificate & paid theme with 1 year of validity. 

10. Digital Academy 360 – Content Writing Courses in India


The platform of Digital Academy 360 is another impressive platform for content writing courses in India. It offers exceptionally well refined and updated comprehensive study materials that help the young learners to acquire every necessary element of effective content writing.  

Having this program done will allow you to write refined and persuasive copies for your clients. Whether it is blogging, copywriting or web content writing you will get the gist of every possible type of writing.  

So to begin a successful content writing career choose an effective platform of guidance and supervision today. Head onto their website for more detailed information. LinkedIn has been professionally declared to be the most acclaimed platform that adds major value to your career graph. Not only does it help you in building contacts but also offers some exciting courses, like the Content Writing Course.  So if you are looking for the best content writing courses in India then LinkedIn is surely your catch. There are several specializations that LinkedIn offers to its valuable users. You can choose according to your need and begin your learning at your own pace.  

The program here is going to give you all the necessary insights and will guide you with constructive feedback and guidance. The trainers opening up the courses are well known to their field with some really strong experience mentions.  

From understanding SEO to marketing to strategy making, this is your best survivor kit that is going to help you sustain better and more effectively in the writing world.  

So go ahead and Enrol Today. Check their website for more detailed information. 

11. SkillShare – Content Writing Courses in India


Making it to the 12th spot is none other than our very own SkillShare. It is a well-known platform that is highly admired for the quality of the program that it offers to the dedicated & motivated vibrant learners of the era.  

One can find several courses that can help the learners acquire relevant and trustworthy knowledge about the industry. The Content Writing Course here introduces you to several important components like effective writing, audience analytics, keyword research, marketing, tools & tactics and every other minute to major aspects that adds to a great copy.  

Thus, SkillShare is one of the most responsible platforms that train learners for a better tomorrow. By the end of the program, you will be able to successfully try your hands on various new forms of writing and take several writing projects, beginning to earn & explore.  

For more detailed information, check their website, NOW! 

13. Mindstairs – Content Writing Courses in India

Mindstairs is one wonderful platform that you simply cannot miss. It offers amazing content writing courses that prove to be vital and life-changing for new writers who are just beginners in the field of Content Writing.  

There are several courses offered at Mindstairs for Content Writing you can choose according to your need. The Certificate Course in Content Writing consists of 46 lectures segregated into 16 hours. By the end of the course, you will be having a very clear and wider view of Content Writing, Content Marketing & Copywriting.  

Moreover, you will also be introduced to several factors of SEO writing which will be a major plus point to your career graph. Your writing abilities will be highly refined and polished under the guidance and supervision provided here and thus you will be able to excel in your work area.  

This is a must-have course for beginners who wish to begin an impactful career in the writing world. Also, the platform offers several free courses which you can definitely check.  

For more detailed information and enrollment, check their website. 



The platform of Thoughtful Minds offers Content Writing Courses as well. So when talking about the best Content Writing Courses in India you surely do not want to miss this.  The platform sounds exceptionally well organized and formulated. Every why and what related to Content Writing is effectively answered here within the duration of 46 days. Once you complete your lectures you will be assigned certain assignments in order to keep your progress in check.  

When you successfully complete the program you will be capable of working as a Content Writer, Copywriter for any and every particular firm. You will have enough impressive knowledge on the main pillars of Content Writing like SEO, Marketing, Strategy Creation, Audience Analysis and many more.  

Thus, this content writing course can work miracles for the people who are just beginning. So don’t wait too long. Just head onto their website to get broader detailed knowledge on enrollment and functioning of the program and get enrolled quickly. 

15. Content Knock Out – Content Writing Courses in India


Last but not least is Content Knock Out. One of the most affordable and worthy platforms for a Content Writing Course that I have ever encountered. The course is finely presented with the best study materials and trainers on board.  

During the ongoing course, you will be learning points like what is expected of a Content Writer? What is not the work of a content writer? Necessary elements to be a good content writer and many similar points.  You can also request for a refund within 10 days if you do not find the course worthy. The trainers here work dedicatedly to get the best out of the learner so that he/she can avail better opportunities.  

To be a part of this dynamic team head onto their website and enroll, NOW! 

Final Words:- 

Finding a worthy content writing course in India can be stressful as one gets multiple options to choose from. So one is always in the fear of missing out on the best one. But I guess now that we have provided you with the 15 most acclaimed platforms you wouldn’t really have any problem deciding which one you would want to go with. 

Always remember to choose your program based on your need, demand of the market and opportunities associated with the program. If it fits you, it fits you. Personally speaking, my favorite would be Henry Harvin Education anytime. Do let us know which one you would pick. 

We hope this piece of information helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If in case you still have any doubts or questions on the above-discussed subject then please feel free to voice it using the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same. 

Happy Reading! Happy Learning! 


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Q1. Is content writing a good career in India?

Ans. Content writing as a professional choice offers many opportunities and as the awareness for the latest and fresh content is growing, demand for content writers is also increasing in India. Brands hire content writers for marketing purposes to be able to convey the core values, mission, and vision of their business to their target customers within the online domain.

Q2. Is content writing hard to learn?

Ans. Having quality content that is informative and attention-grabbing may be a crucial part of the success of any website. However, content writing is not easy. It is difficult to grasp the most effective information your concerned audience is looking for. However, developing good research skills and accurate data will take you towards success.

Q3. Is becoming a freelance content writer a good option?

Ans. Freelance content writers have the flexibility to work on a variety of projects, from many different employers, which makes it a remarkable aspect and gives them a versatile career.
Many aspiring content writers value more highly specialized in a particular niche to build their expertise.

Q4. Is Will getting Testimonials on my work be helpful?

Ans. As you begin to create a name in the writing world, it will be extremely important to have your own testimonials from previous employers to get new clients. It is good if they can write some words about how it has been working with you, either on your work or give testimonial networking channels like on LinkedIn.

Q5. What are the different types of content writing?

The different types of content writing that you might need to write as a content writer are Blogs, Copywriting, Technical Write-ups, Social Media Posts, Emails and a few more.

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