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Is Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification Course Legit? (Don’t Ignore)


Undoubtedly Yes!!

Henry Harvin is associated with universally recognized certification from AAEFL(American Association for EFL). A TEFL course is evaluated based on hours of study and it includes techniques and skills of effective teaching. Henry Harvin fulfills all the criteria that are needed for a TEFL/TESOL course to be legit.

As English is the international language the communicating power of English is widely accepted. At Henry Harvin, the objective of the course is to get it cleared in the first attempt. Henry Harvin has an association with TUTREE which is an expert in international teacher recruitment. The TEFL course is designed in such a way that even freshers find it good as it inculcates the essential teaching skill and develops the much-needed confidence. Thus provides a higher student-parent satisfaction. Teachers at henry Harvin are ethical and are aware of their responsibilities. 

At Henry Harvin, we provide opportunities to explore new countries with rich natural and cultural backgrounds with boundless job opportunities from all over the world. A different platform that provides higher-paying jobs as EFL teachers.

Henry Harvin a Tenacious Education Institute: It provides the education industry the best online TEFL training with all the support that a candidate requires while pursuing the course.

The benefits of being associated with Henry Harvin: The collaboration with ask henry is one of the best things apart from job opportunities. Ask Henry, is an expert in career advice

AAEFL Certification Globally recognized TEFL certification name that spells confidence in the

Industry. Teacher Trainers are highly qualified and with experienced Experts research plan deliver the courses.

TEFL Reviews

TEFL certification is the certification of the skill of teaching the English language as a foreign language. The countries where English is not the primary language but a foreign language, for example, a teacher from India is Teaching English in China. After completing the course students will be awarded a TEFL certification and are qualified to teach English as a foreign language. TEFL is an internationally recognized certificate for teaching English as a foreign language. 

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), Teaching English as a second language (TESL), or Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)  are the terms used by the candidates whose first language is not English and they need to learn English. The TEFL program is taught by schools and often these classes are for immigrants ( for work for school). Or the one whose family speaks another language at home. The TEFL course emphasizes essential vocabularies as family names, household objects, basic adjectives, and place names, and most commonly used verbs and modal expressions.

TESOL started to gain importance in the 1970s and 1980s. With a focus to provide facilitating a learning environment that allows the students to develop their ideas and activities that utilize creativity and exploration rather than strictly learning facts from a rigid curriculum. Since there was no global standard for the English language it was very difficult for both students and teachers about the training content. 

Institutions with higher standards will require to possess at least 100 hours of instruction or a master’s degree.

Technology advancement has made it online to get TEFL Qualification. Students enroll in an online class that is accredited by organizations.

How to choose a TEFL institute:

The TEFL Institute is chosen basis the 2 primary things first of which is academics and secondly its guidance for job search.

In academics, we look for few things as 

  • Duration of the training,– The minimum duration to be considered for TEFL training is 100 hours. A high-paying employer looks for this many hours of certification. A smaller duration course is less likely to meet the international standards. schools and institutes are divided basis the duration of the course.
  • Accreditation: The TEFL certification should be globally recognized. Acreedition is provided by an independent third party that sets the standard for the institutes in terms of curriculum and tools and techniques used to train the teachers. accrediting bodies provide memberships to endorse that particular institute.
  • Instructors qualification or experience:- The instructor teaching at TEFL should be experienced and have command over the curriculum. He or she has to have years of industry experience. At some institutes, the TEFL course is low priced as it is not taught by qualified professional instructors.
  • Student’s practical and theoretical training: practical training is very important apart from academics. Teaching how to teach and practicing is very important. Role plays only give an idea about teaching to be an effective teacher there are skills needed to be practiced. This only comes from internships.
  • Assistance from the institute before and during the course: before going for TEFL certification there are lots of questions that need to be answered. Like what kind of job is being offered after the completion of course, when are hirings done, what kind of pay should be expected, All the queries that are there and need to be answered before the start of the course.
  • Assistance in the job search is very important as it provides a platform from where to begin your career, It s also necessary to know whether you are being charged for this service assistance not only involves sending the job opening but also includes soft skill development to grab the opportunities
  • Price going for any certification is an investment of time and money if you do well the investment is fruitful else it is learning. A quality certification not only lands up a good job but also gives confidence that you are teaching the students with rewarding education. Price is important but evaluation of price versus quality is very important.

Why choose this Henry Harvin’s TEFL Course:

Henry Harvin is the best institute that fulfills all the requirements of a good TEFL institute

  • Duration of the training: Henry Harvin offers a TEFL course the duration of which is 120 hours with the instructor-led classroom. It is one of the best training that includes 360 development for EFL teaching.
  • Accreditation: The TEFL academy at henry Harvindevelopment is accredited by AAEFL. It not only design the curriculum but also set standards for TEFL certification. Endorsement from such an institute is highly regarded in high-paying employers.
  • Instructors qualification or experience:-At At Henry Harvin, the Instructors are highly experienced and also have industry experience. The trainers use the tools and techniques as designed by AAEFL The trainers are focused and maintain the internal standard of the institute.
  • Student’s practical and theoretical training: At Henry Harvin, the focus is on practical training as the institute is known to bridge the gap of academic qualification to industry requirements. Proper Internships are offered to the participants and training is awarded in every aspect.
  • Assistance from the institute before and during the course: At Henry Harvin, a relationship manager is appointed who answers all the queries regarding the course and related to the course, He or she not only guides about the admission process but also provides clarity regarding the future guidance for the course.
  • Assistance in the job search is At Henry Harvin, 100 % placement support is provided wherein participants are given chance to present themselves as prospective candidates in a confident manner
  • Price At Henry Harvin, the price versus quality is a win-win situation. at such an affordable price the course being offered is a very good investment. Here you get what you pay for. A legitimate certification with the international standard with job assistance globally. What else could you ask for?

TEFL Certification Online Course in the USA- by Henry Harvin an overall review.

Henry Harvin EFL Academy offers online TEFL courses. The course is universally accepted and is accredited by AAEFL(American Association of EFL – TEFL Certification course)

Eligibility criteria and application process

  • A bachelors degree is a must for this course 
  • The age limit is 18 years for the course
  • Basic computer skill is required for the course
  • Anyone looking for a part-time job or aspiring teacher can opt for the course.


  • AAEFL certification is of the highest standard and henry Harvin offers certification in TEFL From AAEFL.

About the course

  • 120 hours of instructor-led online classes. 
  • 24 brush up sessions 


  • The Teaching technique used by the trainers benefits the learners greatly.
  • The Trainers are TEFL course with 10 + years of industry experience with international companies. 

Key features

  • Henry Harvin is associated with Tutree it is an expert in international teacher recruitment. It provides a variety of  teaching opportunity
  • The top 5  countries in Asia that possess teaching opportunities are China Japan South Korea Malaysia UAE and their primary religion is Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam, and the primary language is Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian Arabic.
  • The top 5  countries in Europe that possess teaching opportunities are Spain, Germany, the Czech, Republic, Turkey, Greece, and their primary religion is Christianity, Islam and the primary language is Spanish, German, Czech, Turkish Greek.
  • The top 5  countries in South America  that posses teaching opportunities are Chile Colombia Brazil Argentina Peru and their primary religion is Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and the primary language is Spanish, Portuguese, Aymara
  • The top 5 countries in Africa that possess teaching opportunities are Morocco Kenya Senegal Egypt Tanzania and their primary religion is Christianity, Islam and the primary language is Arabic, Swahili, English, French.


  • The curriculum involves the basics of English language Teaching 
  • Teaching process and roles of instructor and learner
  • Teaching Pronunciation, Phonetics & Phonology
  • English Grammar, Vocabulary, Learning, Speaking, Writing, and more
  • Skills for classroom management: Online & Offline techniques.
  • The Resources, materials, and digital technologies and are used in today’s world.

Learning and career benefits

  • The Training course is such that it enhances confidence in participants to handle all candidates efficiently 
  • The training involves time management, methodologies of teaching skills, developing the capability of innovative ways of thinking.
  • The TEFL certification at henry Harvin is the most credible.
  • 1-year membership that provides access to  E-learning, recorded videos, games, projects, case studies. 
  • Henry Harvin provides 100% placement support by mail and guaranteed internship. 
  • Henry Harvin provides an in-depth understanding of learner psychology. 
  • Design a unique and original lesson plan to teach the candidates.
  • A most effective teaching skill Develop the capability of thinking out of the box and innovative ways to teach the participants.

Cost Of the course

  • At Henry Harvin, the cost of the course is $299.

American Association of EFL (AAEFL)  Association:- 

The universally recognized association is known for growing and enhancing the standards in the TEFL community.

AAEFL awards accreditation to the institute providing TEFL course the accreditations are internally accepted. It provides quality materials and resources to the institutes receiving the certifications. It Develops a curriculum that is internationally recognized and is the benchmark in itself.  The AAEFL institute is unbiased and provides independent endorsement with the highest quality of TEFL courses.

The AAEFL provides practical and comprehensive guidance and develops effective tools to assess the quality. AAEFL is known for adapting to the latest methodologies and has a dedicated team for research and development. AAEFL certifications are recognized by high-value employers and offer job opportunities accordingly. The AAEFL certified institutes enjoy exceptional recognition and provide a high-quality endorsement. 

Benefits of AAEFL

  • Provides support and guidance to the institute accredited by AAEFL
  • It develops a  researched Curriculum keeping all the factors of teaching in mind.
  • We provide specifically prepared Course and resource material It provides access to the AAEFL Book of Knowledge to provide relevant materials. 
  • Low risk & high returns being associated by established and reputed organization creates a good impact on the upcoming Edutech
  • Periodical assessment & evaluation to maintain a standard for TEFL certifications.

My observation :- In Today’s world, TEFL is a good career choice.

  • There are thousands of institutes that provide English teachers to teach professionally without any expertise a TEFL certification from an accredited TEFL institute provides an endorsement of the EFL teaching and opens gates for teaching opportunities high-quality AAEFL certified institutes  abroad
  • A TEFL certification does not require a four-year degree or teaching experience. If you are an aspiring candidate having an interest in teaching TEFL Certification course offers training both theoretically and practically to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) in foreign nations
  • A TEFL certification provides you a mix of tools techniques methodologies and curriculum to be an effective EFL teacher.TEFL certification legally allows you to work as an EFL teacher in foreign countries.
  • Most of the respectable global schools only consider internationally accredited TEFL certification for English teaching. Thus It becomes a must to have TEFL certification for applying to these schools.
  • A TEFL certification maintains the highest level and standard for teaching, As participants having TEFL certification, have undergone the same curriculum, Thus it maintains the standard for TEFL.
  • A good TEFL certification provides a daily practical class, thus teaching the candidates how to teach like forming a lesson plan, different teaching techniques, etc. It develops out of box thinking capabilities.
  • TEFL certification provides a great career opportunity to earn and travel overseas. 
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