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Henry Harvin vs Alliance Francaise Online Classes Reviews ( Leaked)

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re you looking for the best online French language courses but don’t know where to look? You’ve come to the right place. Here you can get information about the best online French-language schools. Both Henry Harvin and the Alliance Francaise French course will be reviewed here

There are a few words that can explain the French language. The French language is called a Romance language. More than 25 countries used French as an official language at the beginning of the 21st century. 

Besides France, French is spoken in countries like Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, and the United States. When compared to Latin, the phonology of French is different because words sound differently. Most people around the world speak French. 

About Henry Harvin Education

Among the most prestigious and inspiring international educational organizations, Henry Harvin Education is well-known throughout the world. Candidates are trained by a variety of training programs to increase their knowledge in this organization. Approximately 300,000 people have been trained by Henry Harvin in 97 countries. Students from across the globe enroll in Henry Harvin courses which are vividly certified because of the school’s outstanding teaching skills.

Henry Harvin offers more than 700 online classes. Over 110 colleges have partnered with it, making it one of the most popular educational institutes. 

A commendable scale within the education sector is Henry Harvin Education’s affiliation with 180 corporate firms.

Besides being an outstanding educational institution, it is also an international organization with branches in San Francisco, California, the U.S., and almost 70 countries around the world.

Henry Harvin Education has partnered with a number of well-known media platforms and firms. The book has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Aaj Tak, India Today, Tribune India, The Statesman, The Daily Pioneer, The News Caravan, The Hans India, and others.

There are many renowned institutes for candidates and students nationwide, but Henry Harvin stands out. As a private, educational institute, it seeks to educate individuals in a variety of fields and to assist them in gaining skills. In 2013, Kunal Gupta founded Henry Harvin, a global Edtech company focused on training candidates.

The headquarters and main institute of Henry Harvin are located in Noida, Delhi. As well as Delhi, there is a branch in San Francisco, California, in the United States of America. A global pandemic creates an efficient need for all students to learn and develop skills online. 

Learning a new language is always a challenge. Many candidates want to learn French, as it is an intricate language. In addition to teaching many languages, Henry Harvin Education offers courses in French culture.

Students enrolled in French language programs face a challenge in developing these skill sets. Among the many courses offered by Henry Harvin Education Institute, the French language course stands out as one of the best.


Through Henry Harvin Education, students are able to gain knowledge from curriculums that are at an international level. Henry Harvin Education offers French courses to students. Learning French is a crucial and unique subject.

In many countries, French is spoken as a second language after English. French is the language of choice for many companies and large organizations as it is convenient for them.The French language training program at Henry Harvin was internationally recognized, thanks to affiliations with the United Kingdom Accreditation Forum (UKAF), Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), UK CERT, and American Association of English Language Teaching (AAEFL).

The working language of many multinational companies in French. As well as preparing candidates for rewarding careers, Henry Harvin Education helps them improve their language skills. Over 7,800 students enrolled in French language courses received a 4.9 out of 5 ratings.


Fluency in French requires a lot of study and practice. 

Henry Harvin Education helps candidates to become fluent in a language by providing them with the right study materials and by providing them with language trainers with years of experience and expertise.

An online course allows candidates to receive expert advice and answers to their questions in a comfortable environment where they can express their opinions and solve their doubts.

Grammar is taught effectively at Henry Harvin’s French language training program. This course allows candidates to use proper vocabulary and speak the language. They are called experts once they have mastered the language.

The French language curriculum consists of six levels: Level A1 (Beginners), A2 (Upper Beginner), B1 (Beginner), B2 (Upper-Intermediate), C1 (Intermediate), and C2 (Proficient).

  • Level A1 (Beginners): This level focuses on the basic vocabulary and greetings in French. In addition to nouns and pronouns, it also covers verbs, plurals, adjectives, and more.
  • A2 (Upper Beginner level): This level consists of expressing a decision, making comparisons, expressing chronology, expressing certitude, using adverbs, demonstrating pronouns, and expressing relative pronouns.
  • Level B1 (Intermediate): Students at this level are expected to have good reading and writing skills. The candidates learn the structure of a few sentences and gain proficiency with the language.
  • The B2 level trains candidates to understand complex texts and French dialects. Furthermore, this will help students develop complex thinking skills in addition to improving their French communication skills.
  • Candidates at the C1 level are able to grasp the underlying meaning of long texts. Candidates must possess fluency and spontaneity in the French language.
  • C2 (Proficiency level): Candidates who achieve this level are capable of synthesizing information virtually and demonstrating these skills verbally and in writing.

Review On French Language Course 

Online sessions with Henry Harvin are available for video-recorded trials, appraisals, devices, and procedures. In case you miss sessions or lectures, you can log in to the Henry Harvin learning management system LMS portal. You will be sent a username and password.

  • It is possible to access recorded videos for your batch 
  • Formal updates will be sent to your inbox.
  • Test your proficiency by completing a self-assessment in the learning outlet.

Upon completion of the course, you can enroll in boot camp classes for job suggestions.

Review On French Language Course

Henry Harvin’s support team is highly active and available to assist you with any difficulties you encounter when accessing any online content. There has always been an online course assistance group that ensures that you can access sessions without any difficulty. In case there are webinars, you’ll receive regular emails following the completion of your course.

You can also contact Henry Harvin’s customer service crew if you run into any difficulties regarding classes. You will receive prompt assistance. 


The Henry Harvin French language course review shows that it offers a number of important benefits, such as 9 in 1 training. Included in the 9 in 1 training course are training, projects, internships, certification, placement, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership.

  • Training – There are six levels of training. They are conducted via an online interactive medium with professional experts as trainers. Training hours vary from one level to another. A1 and A2 consist of 30 hours of training each, whereas B1, B2, C1, and C2 consist of 40 hours each.
  • Projects – Expert trainers provide the candidates with projects to improve their French proficiency. By practicing and mastering the language, candidates will gain confidence.
  • Internships – Internships enable candidates to gain practical experience and knowledge of French.
  • Certification – Upon completing the Henry Harvin French language course, candidates will receive a certificate validating their certification. Government of India-recognized certificates is available. As a result, candidates gain confidence about the course and are able to highlight this on their CVs and resumes.
  • Placement – Henry Harvin Education offers candidates a 100 percent placement guarantee one year after completing the French language training program.
  • E-learning – Henry Harvin’s French language training program allows candidates access to all of the different tools and techniques, including recordings of the trainers’ sessions, so they can learn at any time and anywhere.
  • Boot camps – Henry Harvin Education will be hosting boot camps over the next year that candidates can attend.
  • Hackathons – In addition to boot camps, Henry Harvin organizes Hackathons for all candidates free of charge. 
  • Gold membership – As a candidate in the French language training program, you can gain access to the recordings of your online sessions for one year.

Course Fee

Henry Harvin’s course fee is particularly reasonable compared to most other Indian organizations. For your reference, the course fee is assigned according to various categories of French language courses.

  • A1 Beginner level– 300 USD- 30 hours
  • A2 Upper Beginner level– 300 USD/- 30 hours
  • B1 Intermediate level– USD 500/- 40 hours
  • B2 Upper Intermediate level– USD 500/- 40 hours
  • C1 Advanced level– USD 800/- 40 hours
  • C2 Proficient level– USD 800/- 40 hours

Therefore, you can choose any French language course depending on how proficient you want to be.

Refund Policy for French Language Courses 

The refund policy at Henry Harvin is that if you don’t like the first class, you can request a refund. To get a refund, you must contact the support team. When they receive feedback from you, they will refund you.

The Alliance Francaise French language Course 

The Alliance Francaise’s French courses are renowned throughout the world for their quality. As a conventional training center in the field of educating French to people in other countries, it offers customized training based on the learner’s objectives and factors including teenagers, learners, specialists, civil attendants, and people with observant or certain abilities.

Because of this, it is an academy of educational excellence for its students’ intellectual needs. It is about transmission when you learn a foreign language. As part of the initial learning phase, proficiency is expected to interact verbally. They begin with oral communication, using techniques based on effective learner participation at Alliance Francaise.

Students then work on their writing skills through awareness and representation activities. It takes five aptitudes to master a language- verbal comprehension, idioms, interaction, and written expression- from day one.

They use a communicative and effective method of teaching. Students learn how to express themselves from the very beginning. To maximize efficiency, classes are small. During training and assignments, information searches and communication-related practices are incorporated to promote learning.

As a result, the Alliance Francaise enters into an agreement with each learner with the objective of completing training in abilities specified at the beginning. In order for the student’s commitment to continue, they must communicate their goals and undergo specialized evaluations in order to ensure that these motives are being addressed.

Academic Network Internationally Recognized 

The Alliance Francaise has benefited from a developed analysis of second language acquisition for the past ten years. Their educational methods and experimentation system follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Consequently, this academic framework fosters quality training and motivates learners to infer master, and analyze what they are learning while participating vigorously in the learning process.

Through the CEFRL, learners can continue their studies continuously, no matter where they are in the world.Thus, the purpose of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is to facilitate worldwide mobility and experience. Furthermore, it establishes an explanation of the abilities required at various levels of language proficiency, as well as a citation system that indicates correlations between experiments and proficiency levels. Education that is comprehensive and customized

Alliances Francaises offers classes during the week and on weekends, which are intensive and substantial. Students can choose the best plan for themselves based on tasks and classifications.

As an addition to standard French lectures, workshops in grammar, phonetics, culture, literature, discussion, and written modification are available for both French and English speakers. A number of corporate courses are also offered by the Alliances Francaise.

Professional Teachers

At the Alliance Francaise, all educators are native speakers of French from around the country. The Alliances Francaises, as a non-profit institution, invests formally in high-quality education techniques.  

A Remarkable Place for Complete Immersion

In order to fulfill the dual goal of transmitting the French language and French-speaking civilizations, superiority in both health and education is important. They are related- improved verbal skills lead to improved artistic skills. A strong academic and cultural center emerges as a result.

By using their media archives, you can take advantage of the wide range of reserves available. It is more productive to learn a language by total immersion, in which you attend a meeting or watch a movie in French. In comparison to other language academies, the Alliances Francaises offer a rich body of linguistic knowledge. 

It is about transmission when you learn a foreign language. The first phase of learning is verbal and proficiency is expected to interact. Alliance Francaise begins by promoting oral communication through participatory techniques.

Afterward, learners work on their writing abilities through awareness and representation activities. As early as the first lesson, learners practice the five aptitudes necessary to master a language: verbal comprehension, idiom, interaction, and written awareness and expression.

Communication and effectiveness are the foundation of their education program. They teach learners how to communicate from the very beginning. Classes are kept small to maximize efficiency. Information searches and communication-related tasks are part of training and assignments that contribute to the learning process.

Thus, the Alliance Francaise enters into an agreement with each learner, requiring them to finalize training in skills that are specified in the beginning. A student’s commitment begins with communication of their goals and ends with a specialized evaluation that determines whether or not their motives have been confronted.

An Internationally Acknowledged Academic Network 

The Alliance Francaise has benefited from a developed analysis of second language acquisition for the past ten years. Their education methods and experiment system are designed on the 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Hence, this academic framework procures improved quality training and motivates learners to infer master, and analyze what they are learning and vigorously partake in the learning procedure. Learners can follow their studies continuously, no matter where they move or travel, as long as they are connected to the global network. Thus, the purpose of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is to facilitate worldwide mobility and experience. 

The program further empowers a purpose for the abilities required at different levels of language knowledge as well as a citation system that establishes correlations between experiments and proficiency levels. 

In other words, this includes learners, educators, and decision-makers, universities, employers, etc. Test outcomes can be correlated with other results using the CEFRL in all languages.

Detailed and Customized Education

Alliances Francaises offer classes during the week and on weekends, which are intensive and substantial. Depending on their tasks and classification, each learner can determine the best learning plan for them.

Therefore, as an accompaniment to standard French lectures, workshops in grammar, phonetics, culture, literature, discussion, and written modification are offered for both French and English orators. Moreover, there are corporate courses offered by the Alliance Francaise. 

Professional Teachers

All of the Alliance Francaise’s teachers are native French speakers. They must hold a degree in French teaching or education. They hire people based on their academic knowledge, as well as their interpersonal skills. Having a non-profit status, the Alliances Francaises rely on formal reinvestment in high-quality education techniques. Within the maximum duration of the course, the Alliance Francaises procedure will serve as the teaching faculty training centers.

A Remarkable Place for Complete Immersion

French language transmission and the transmission of French-speaking cultures require both vitality and superiority at the educational level. Artistic and verbal goals are interconnected- one improves the other, and vice versa. This vibrant inter-connection develops a cultural and academic center. 

By taking advantage of the range of resources in their media archives, you can enhance your capabilities. To determine your new level of proficiency, you can attend a French-speaking meeting or attend a movie screening. Thus, total immersion is the most effective way to learn languages. Several European counterparts have confirmed this – British Council, Goethe Institute, Instituto Cervantes, etc. Unlike any other language academy, the Alliances Francaises provides learners with extensive linguistic knowledge. 


Henry Harvin is one of India’s most prestigious educational institutions and an exceptional academy for going through a variety of specialized training programs. Henry Harvin Education has had applicants and students from all over the world. It provides not only simple academic courses but also different languages that candidates are interested in learning.

Henry Harvin Education offers a certified training program for all of its courses, including the French language course. This will enable the candidates to add their certificates to their CVs or Resumes, which will give them an edge when applying for jobs.

When taught by Henry Harvin Education, French is not a complex dialect. Go to the Henry Harvin website and choose your favorite courses without wasting time. 

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