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I am Priyanshi Jain who is a Certified Digital Content Writer and hold around 7-8 months of experience as a writer. I am currently pursuing my MBA in marketing and side by side working as a content writer intern. To me, content writing is something through which an introverted person like me could raise her voice and express feelings via writing. I am quite familiar with the WordPress and SEO world and would like to explore these fields to a greater extent. Courses News Daily has given me an opportunity to write blogs and explore new genere of writing.
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Top 30+ Courses For Housewives: 2023

To all the ladies or housewives who will be reading my blog further. I just want to say, you all that the times are gone when you are responsible for cooking, cleaning, and maintaining the house, raising kids and family only. You are married that doesn’t mean you don’t own...