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Top 18 Foreign Language Courses in India

Top 18 Foreign Language Courses in India

Our world has become more intertwined in recent decades, and new technologies have enabled us to collaborate with people from all over the world. The requirement to speak a foreign language grows in tandem with the development of contacts with other countries.

Are you interested in exploring a foreign language? It is always intriguing to study a foreign language given the hyper-connected society in which we live. Foreign language classes with certificates not only improve your portfolio and curriculum vitae, but they also allow you to travel, establish blogs, join embassies, and, most importantly, communicate with people from all over the world. Additionally, learning a foreign language makes you stand out from the crowd, and it is always advantageous to do so.

When it comes to studying a foreign language, choose one in which you feel comfortable speaking and communicating. Do not be afraid to pick up and learn the language. There are numerous institutes that help people learn a foreign language in stages. A course to study a foreign language often lasts six to twelve months; however, plenty of practice is required to perfect the language, including how to read, write, and understand the language. In India, major universities provide full-time education in a foreign language. Not only will the course teach you how to speak the language fluently, but you will also learn how to read, write, and interpret it, and you will acquire a full-fledged professional degree.

Top 18 Foreign Language Courses in India


Kounal Gupta is credited with initiating the launch of the organisation in 2013. Henry Harvin provides services to about 300,000 clients located in 97 different nations. Offices of the corporation can be found in San Francisco, in the state of California, as well as in Delhi, in the National Capital Region of India (India). In addition, the company collaborates with a variety of well-known management and leadership organisations as a training partner and instructor.

Professionals and students can take advantage of the off-campus certification, certificate, and degree programmes available through the Henry Harvin Language Academy, which specialises in offering online language classes.

Henry Harvin’s one-year gold membership includes a variety of perks, such as access to frequent Bootcamp sessions and e-Learning courses. The Henry Harvin Languages Academy provides its students with a selection of the Best language Courses, as well as internship opportunities, support with finding suitable employment, and hands-on Online language Training.

Henry Harvin’s foreign language courses include 

  • Spanish Language Course
  • French Language Course
  • German Language Course
  • Korean Language Course
  • Japanese Language Course
  • Russian Language Course
  • Portuguese Language Course
  • Mandarin Language Course
  • Italian Language Course
  • Post Graduate Program In French Language
  • Post Graduate Program In Spanish Language
  • Post Graduate Program In German Language

Most graduates who complete their desired courses here are employed in reputable companies, and some are promoted within the company. Main goal is to close the gap between academic and industry norms. Henry Harvin’s education aims to make people employable in a competitive employment environment.

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Bangalore’s training institute for French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. We offer tailor-made English courses to improve fluency, from basic to advanced to career/business. GRE, TOEFL, IELTS (academic and general), and PTE guidance and training are also provided. Soft skills training helps develop personality.

Students practise writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Students learn business and effective communication skills.

Our cutting-edge technology-based learning gives an edge. Our industry-focused courses provide comprehensive learning to meet future needs. 

Our current courses equip students to go beyond market standards. 

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inlingua is recognised as one of the most successful language learning institution in the world. You may learn German, French, Spanish, English, Japanese, Mandarin, and 20 other languages with inlingua! With approximately 308 Language Centers teaching over 20 languages in 34 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. Millions of individuals and employees of large and small businesses have benefited from the inlingua method of language acquisition during the last 50 years.

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BSL teaches three languages Spanish, French and German apart from teaching English online and offline. These are one of the most in demand languages around the world and can provide great opportunities both in personal and professional aspects.

BSL also provides educational consulting services for studies abroad, with direct ties to 2,000+ schools/colleges in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. We’re an IELTS and PTE partner (PTE). BSL British School of Language India is BSL Infra-Tech (P) Limited’s fastest-growing brand, delivering language training and IELTS preparation.

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Edubull teaches many foreign languages. Languages improve communication. Students can learn German, Japanese, French, Chinese, and more to improve their skills and prepare for the future. We offer video courses, grammar, vocabulary, and other language-learning resources. By providing online study material, we facilitate language acquisition.

  • 4000+ videos by prominent lecturers
  • 3000+ interactive activities
  • 5000+ vocabulary terms
  • 200+ quizzes to learn quickly
  • Basic and advanced levels

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ITESKUL offers classroom courses in Foreign Languages, English Communication, and Computers. Expert consultants, experienced instructors, and a learning-focused environment make us a premier Pune training centre.

ITESKUL has trained over 50,000 students of all ages, educational and professional backgrounds. Our courses help students develop personal and professional skills through interactive learning.

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Excel Academy pioneered foreign language instruction in Mumbai. We provide a French course for beginners. Mumbai’s best French lessons. We’ll make learning French fun. Learning French connects you to 120 million native speakers worldwide. It’s the 3rd most taught foreign language worldwide and 2nd in Europe and Japan after English. Most graduate institutions require at least one foreign language, and French is the most common after English and Spanish. We teach French in Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik.

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8. J&C french institute

J&C is a language school for professionals. We guide and train our students to gain command and fluency in the language, preparing them to take internationally recognised certification exams at all levels. We prioritise high-quality instruction. The training is delivered live in time slots and is trusted by thousands of people all across the world, including India.

They not only focus on literature and writing, but they also teach you how to talk fluently. Classes are delivered online, allowing you to attend from anywhere!

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Cambridge Institute is a major foreign language institute in India, offering classes in writing, reading, and speaking in six different languages. The Institute has been in the education market for 13 years and provides custom developed foreign language courses with quality content and a better learning environment. Instructors focus on modern teaching methods and work hard to improve each student’s foreign language speaking ability. Emphasises the present shifting trend of business and trade between two distinct countries, for whom communicating fluently is critical.

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The Symbiosis Society maintains 42 academic institutions, from kindergarten to postgraduate, where thousands of students from India and over 60 other nations study. Many of these campuses are residential and contain swimming pools, amphitheatres, and health centres. In 2002, the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India granted Symbiosis ‘Deemed to be University’ status.

Today, it’s comparable to Central or State Universities. Symbiosis International University graduates can apply to postgraduate or Ph.D. programmes in Indian or foreign universities. Symbiosis International University includes 16 schools.

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The institution offers intensive or extensive programmes for students or businesses. Langma School of Languages has been a pioneer in teaching foreign languages since 2007. We are the first institution to offer lessons in 150+ International and Regional languages. The d istant learning programmes and academic languages set us apart.

With us team of Linguists can provide Transcription, Translation, Voice-over, Subtitling, Interpretation, Content Moderator, Voice Dubbing, Language Training, Language Analysts, and Language Auditors. These reliable and efficient services will help you expand internationally. Langma serve clients from different industries, sectors, and government agencies.

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LingoThoughts was established in 2015, from then onward we have trained over 1000 students in different languages. Our objective is to teach our students how to overcome language barriers and bridge communication gaps. Aid students to achieve excellence in possessing it. Strength of one batch is about 10 to 12 students, for better personal attention.

Trainers are well experienced in teaching. Personally monitor and analyse each student’s progress by taking regular tests. Also assist you for appearing in exams.

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At InventaTeq, everyone can advance technology and gain tomorrow’s talents. Expert-written tests, learning routes, and courses. InventaTeq is the top foreign language college in Bangalore with 100% JOB Placements and Real-time Training.

  • Real-time case study training
  • Professional trainers with 10+ years in IT provide foreign language training.
  • Live Examples Provided to Practice, OCA OCP Certification from Foreign Language Company 
  • Limited Batch Size in Classroom Resume & Interviews Preparation Support Freshers, sql/plsql developers, working professionals

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Oracle International Language Institute is the best IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic training institute.

Through its high-tech, state-of-the-art teaching locations strategically positioned around the country, the Oracle International Language Institute brings together a diverse range of international professional and vocational certifications under one roof. It provides intriguing and creative programmes combined with industrial experience and practical application that will appeal to the academic community as well as a variety of other market sectors.

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Escola has been the premier French language school in Chennai since 2018, delivering excellent training to both students and corporate professionals! The forerunners in providing career-oriented courses to wannabe professionals as the top French training facility. 

In addition, they provide French training to corporate clients in order for them to study better courses and master them in order to significantly enhance productivity in the organisation. Escola have established as the foremost institute for French instruction in Chennai for both corporate and individual training.

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Communication is essential to an individual’s success at WLC. They teach staff how to interact effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, the ability to connect in the language of their clients helps employees create fruitful relationships and equips them to effectively and efficiently achieve targets and objectives, ultimately contributing to the company’s success.

The World Languages Centre is a hub for quality foreign language teaching. This centre offers complete lessons in many foreign languages in a friendly and attractive environment, thanks to its highly competent professionally educated faculty, cutting-edge technical facilities, and the best pedagogical aids.

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17. EFLU

The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, was founded in 1958. (CIE). The mission of the University is to promote and disseminate “instruction, research, and extension facilities in the teaching of English and foreign languages and literatures in India,” as well as “to take appropriate measures for interdisciplinary studies and research in literary and cultural studies.” The Institute’s objectives expanded to include improving English instruction, doing relevant research, and teaching foreign languages. It was renamed the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (CIEFL) in 1972 with the inclusion of German, Russian, and French.

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Prajakta’s Institute of Foreign Languages is one of Mumbai’s best. The institute was founded in 2009 to help students improve their language abilities and careers. We welcome anyone who wants to learn a new language, including professionals, college students, youngsters, regular travellers, and anyone travelling overseas for job and study. Our course fees are low so we can serve clients of all ages and backgrounds. PIOFL provide honest coaching at economical prices to students. Our hard work and dedication have made us one of the greatest foreign-language colleges in Thane, Mumbai.

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Learning a foreign language has numerous advantages:

  • Learning a foreign language fosters more positive attitudes and less discrimination against persons who are different.
  • Learning a foreign language will increase your chances of landing a job.
  • Learning about a new culture allows you to meet new and interesting individuals.
  • Interacting with people from other cultures allows them to get a deeper understanding of their own culture.
  • Learning a foreign language promotes confidence.
  • Knowing a foreign language makes international travel easier and more enjoyable.
  • Learning a foreign language improves one’s chances in government, commerce, medical, law, technology, military, industry, marketing, and other fields.
  • When students study a foreign language, their analytical skills improve.
  • Being able to speak in a foreign language gives one a competitive advantage in job options.
  • Learning a foreign language improves listening and memory skills.
  • Knowing another language allows one to participate more effectively and responsibly in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Foreign language learning provides a cultural and linguistic sense of the past.
  • Learning a foreign language increases one’s knowledge of one’s native tongue.
  • Learning a foreign language teaches and encourages respect for different cultures: it fosters a knowledge of the interrelationship between language and human nature. 
  • Learning a foreign language broadens one’s worldview, liberalises one’s experiences, and makes one more flexible and accepting.
  • Foreign languages broaden one’s worldview and reduce social barriers, which generate distrust and fear.
  • Foreign language study is just part of a fundamental liberal education: to “educate” is to lead out, to lead out of confinement, narrowness, and darkness.
  • Foreign languages open doors to art, music, dancing, fashion, culinary, movies, philosophy, and science.

Final Thoughts

A new language opens doors. Learning is most effective at a reputable learning centre or with a tutor. Some are language-specific, while others provide a variety of courses online. So, you can learn languages at home.

This blog helps you find the best institute. Choose what works for you and start learning a language!

So, dear students, give yourself a chance to learn new foreign languages from the aforementioned institutes and take away Online foreign language course credentials that will add value to your portfolio and delve into the world of opportunities.


Question 1: What are foreign language classes?

Ans. When learning a foreign language, students are taught about the language’s history, culture, and people, as well as comprehension techniques and accents and diction.

Question 2: Which foreign language is in high demand?

Ans. Mandarin/Chinese language is regarded as one of the most significant languages for improving company prospects around the world, owing to its dominant influence in the global commercial environment. This means that there are numerous job chances in Chinese enterprises not only in India but around the world.

Question 3. Which foreign language has the highest pay?

Ans. Of all the foreign languages gaining traction in the sector, Chinese (Mandarin) is the highest-paying.

Question 4. What work prospects are available after completing a foreign language course?

Ans. Some jobs that require foreign language skills include translator, teacher, blogger, content creator, customer service representative, sales representative, tour guide, travel agent, flight steward, restaurant staff, academic researcher, import specialist, hotel manager, and human resources specialist.

All the best!

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