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The Future of AI: In what ways will AI impact Programming Jobs?

The future of AI is an ongoing hot topic that leaves people thrilled and frightened at the same time. As promising as it sounds, Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world, bit by bit, with its excellent functionalities. In fact, the future of AI is so vividly bright that it is unlocking futuristic growth by turning impossibilities into possibilities. To tell the truth, the current advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence present great opportunities to unload the burden on humans. Definitely, it will make day-to-day activities effortless. However, a fleeting look into the downside of the AI revolution is enough to foresee the impacts it would create on employment.

Unquestionably, AI will soon replace a massive number of employees, especially in the programming industry. According to current trends, AI can completely wipe out human presence in the programming sector by writing and executing codes on its own. Here, you will get to explore more regarding the future of AI and the challenges programmers should expect in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

As we all know already, Artificial Intelligence is nothing but human intelligence working in harmony with machines such as computers. In other words, we are imparting our intelligence to the machines that will execute all the tasks and process large volumes of data, which is otherwise time-consuming or impossible for humans. Without a doubt, the introduction of AI has made manual work easier, primarily through automation and coding. The impact of AI on programming jobs starts right where the future of AI grows beyond its existing limitations.

Applications of AI in Programming

As mentioned, AI can perform tedious and repetitive tasks in a matter of hours, while some of them may take months if done manually. For instance, the way AI can automate routine activities, such as bug fixing, code generation, and bug testing, has been found immensely helpful to programmers. Plus, a wide variety of AI systems are available in the digital market, each of which carries specified functionalities to perform exclusive tasks in programming. On the plus side, the assistance of AI is an inevitable boon to programmers, which in turn solidifies the future of AI. Nevertheless, recent developments in artificial intelligence, particularly in programming, have shown how it can almost independently manage the processes involved without human intervention.

Prominent AI Coding Tools at present

Needless to say, Artificial Intelligence technologies have limitless applications in the programming industry. From debugging to coding, AI saves programmers and developers from the monotonous tasks involved in programming. Thus, AI also gives programmers plenty of time to actually focus on their major responsibilities. In fact, there are several coding tools that work using AI technologies, which clearly showcase the impact of AI on programming jobs. Take a look at these AI-powered tools to understand how they can take over manual programming activities anytime soon.


open AI logo

This private AI research company based in America has launched many features that support content generation, semantic search, translation, and many more. As you may already know, Open AI has created GPT models that are capable of natural language understanding and generation.

2. OpenAI Codex

open AI codex

This popular tool is used for several purposes like code generation, auto-completion, code summarization, Error detection, etc. The functionalities are more than enough to understand how promising the future of AI is. Developed by OpenAI, this tool also helps with content generation and integration with IDEs. 

3. Github

github logo

Collaboration among developers is made easier with this AI-powered tool. Essentially, this tool is known for its version control feature, which helps developers track changes to their codes over time and collaborate. Also, developers can analyze the code collectively to come up with suggestions and further progressive changes. 

4. Deepcode

deepcode logo

As in the name, this AI-supported tool will dig deep into the code you entered and provide suggestions to detect issues and improve the quality of the code. In addition to issue detection, Deepcode will provide security analysis by deeply detecting the code for security vulnerabilities. Moreover, it is remarkable that the tool also delivers code recommendations to keep security intact.

5. PyTorch

pytorch logo

Specifically, this tool creates a flexible programming space for developers through dynamic computation graphs to enable intuitive debugging. However, PyTorch has the primary application of building and training neural networks. Furthermore, the tool also includes tensor computation, Autograd, Neutral Network modules, and Gradient Descent Optimization.

6. Tabnine

tabnine logo

Unquestionably, one of the best AI-powered tools used for the auto-completion of codes. This tool will predict and suggest suitable codes as you type, thus saving time for software developers. Essentially, it supports a broad spectrum of programming languages. In addition, this tool is known for its code context awareness, which makes it an ideal friend for versatile programmers. 

By analyzing these AI coding tools, it is easy to anticipate many possibilities in the future of AI. As we all know, we must accept that every invention comes with not just a bright side but a downside too. However, we are humans, and we can always come up with solutions to reduce the impact of AI on programming jobs.

How can programmers secure their jobs from AI?

Comparing the capabilities, one can easily identify what separates Artificial Intelligence from human intelligence. Clearly, machines don’t think like humans do. With that said, one of the essential ways to survive in the future of AI is to equip ourselves with the necessary skills to be in that position to control AI. Needless to say, existing programmers and budding software developers must gain skills to highlight their relevance above AI. Evidently, a few of these skills include expertise in the following areas:

  • Machine learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • Software Development Tools
  • Data Management
  • Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence Course at Henry Harvin

After all, AI has been providing immense assistance to every industry despite its handful of downsides. For that reason, it is better to know everything about AI to be aware of its countless functionalities and watch out for the loopholes where it interferes with our professions. At Henry Harvin, you can effortlessly learn anything and everything about Artificial Intelligence by taking our Artificial Intelligence Course. The certification program will take only 32 hours of your time to help you master the tech-dexterity needed to become an AI expert. The Artificial Intelligence course at Henry Harvin ranks first in India, according to PC Quest Express Computer. 


Similar programs at Henry Harvin’s AI & Machine Learning Academy

Future of AI: Scope Analysis

Certainly, Artificial Intelligence will bring more radical transformation to the software development industry in the coming years. So far, AI has already proven its excellence in coding jobs. Nevertheless, it is hardly possible for AI to completely take over programming tasks without human intervention once in a while. Alongside AI, we humans are also growing our skills and knowledge day by day. Hence, with AI technologies at our disposal to handle routine programming activities, we humans can focus on exploring new horizons and embarking on innovative inventions within programming. In simple words, while the future of AI may affect some programming jobs, there will be new roles emerging to satisfy the employment requirements of programmers. In addition, it is to be noted that the functionalities of AI will continue to grow only as long as we input the data it needs to perform the tasks at the beginning.


Truth be told, the AI revolution is going to be one of the biggest revolutions in the history of technological advancement. However, in order to reduce the impact of AI on programming jobs, we should take certain measures to ensure that the reins of technology remain intact in our hands. As discussed, understanding AI inside out and keeping our skills upgraded can diminish some of the concerns we may have regarding the future of AI. Furthermore, it is also advisable to predict the trends and possibilities of AI and how exactly it alters the environment in the programming industry. 

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1. Which programming jobs will be affected by AI?

Software developers, Data scientists, AI Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, and AI Hardware Specialists are some of the programming occupations that may be affected by AI in the future.

2. How do I secure my job in the AI era?

The easiest way to catch up with the ongoing AI revolution is to upgrade one’s skills in accordance with the advancing technology in a particular niche.

3. Which is the best online institution for learning AI?

Henry Harvin offers an exclusive Artificial Intelligence Program that will give training on the most relevant aspects of AI in a short duration.

4. What are the threats posed by AI?

Job displacement, misinformation, and consumer privacy are some of the major threats posed by the Future of AI.

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