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Henry Harvin SAP ABAP Course Review

Do you want to take some SAP ABAP training? If so, Henry Harvin may be a good choice for you. By reading my reviews of Henry Harvin, you will be able to understand how to take relevant training at Henry Harvin. This company specializes in providing certification training. Their professional aspirations can be achieved with the assistance of such professional certification courses. During my review of Henry Harvin, I assessed its facilities and courses. In this post, we will take a look at an SAP ABAP Course provided by Henry Harvin that can be taken by a student or a professional. 

What’s sap all about? 

Among the most popular technology certifications today, SAP is one of the most popular courses. Since its introduction, Sap has evolved into different ERP modules designed to support different forms of work in the organization. 

System Application and Products refers to SAP. It is a leading productivity tool for running various business processes and providing solutions that facilitate information flow for all types of organizations. System, Applications & Products are all parts of SAP. Software called ERP is produced by the firm for order processing, invoicing, sales, and distribution. By using SAP software, you can make faster, more accurate decisions. An SAP implementation allows your company to make fast, informed decisions about critical business risks and opportunities. 

It was founded in 1972 and was initially called System Analysis Program, and was later renamed System Application and Products. Working smoothly in each department has been one of the core elements of an organization. Find out how you can crack the code of complex enterprise software and create a more innovative business platform.

Employees, customers, business partners, and external developers can take advantage of SAP’s comprehensive software and cloud services development platform. Your entire company gets together to share ideas and get new perspectives on how your company works.

SAP software systems enable us to make faster and more accurate decisions. Our team helps businesses of all sizes do the same in more than 180 countries around the world. SAP helps your business make informed decisions about upcoming opportunities or risks and take action promptly. With SAP, business processes are simplified, workflows are standardized, and productivity is increased. Consequently, users save money and can concentrate on their core competencies. 

Many online institutes offer SAP ABAP training. The SAP ABAP course that Henry Harvin offers in India ranks among the top three. Henry Harvin offers an SAP ABAP course that will be discussed in this post. A review of Henry Harvin and Henry Harvin SAP ABAP courses is analyzed on several testimonial sites.


Henry Harvin Education offers academic and online certification courses. Henry Harvin first offered professional training courses in India in 2017.  Institutes such as UKAF, UK Cert, MSME, and Project Management Institute (PMI) have certified the organization.

According to Henry Harvin reviews, the company offers more than 50 training courses on various topics including analytical courses, finance courses, writing courses, law courses, management courses, and digital marketing courses, among others.

More than 3 lakh students have been trained by Henry Harvin over four years. Henry Harvin’s reviews show that the organization has more than 180 corporate partners and more than 110 college partners.

Henry Harvin offers university graduates the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for the industry. Thus, it is possible to enhance the knowledge and skills needed by this field and bridge the skills gap.

The quality of the education provided by Henry Harvin has attracted the attention of top media outlets. Many media houses and publications have recognized the success of Henry Harvin according to the Henry Harvin reviews, including India Today, News world India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, Statesman, Financial Express, among others.

Henry Harvin has received numerous awards for their work according to Henry Harvin reviews. Some of the prestigious awards include the Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and the 40 under 40 Business World Award.

SAP ABAP Course Review

It teaches students how to effectively use SAP ABAP software. Students will develop their understanding of financial accounting and controlling through the SAP ABAP course. Using the latest industry standards and advanced lab tools, Henry Harvin offers its students a track record of success.

A Trainings 360 survey ranks Henry Harvin’s Certified SAP ABAP Training Course among the industry’s top three courses. SAP ABAP certification entails practical training, job support, and a promising career in SAP ABAP. The course is a live online instructor-led certified course.

Candidates enrolled in the SAP ABAP course will gain knowledge about basic and advanced level techniques of sap ABAP. Additionally, the course seeks to place students in some of the major MNCs so they can grow professionally. A few of the highlights include those listed below.

  1. Institutional affiliations
  2. Learning Methods
  3. Webinars or Bootcamp Sessions
  4. Multiple trainers are available for unlimited training sessions
  5. Support available 24/7
  6. At the end of your name, you’ll find certification and the hallmark of the sap abap practitioner
  7. Expert faculties
  8. Experiential learning and internships
  9. The placement and alumni status
  10. Benefits of Gold Membership in Finance Academy

Who is eligible for this course?

It is one of the most beneficial courses for those already within the finance industry who are interested or are interested in learning more about SAP Abap. This course will most suit those who are new to SAP ABAP certification and do not have any particular prerequisites, however, the following people can be benefitted more from this course.

  • Generalists and executives in finance
  • SAP Abap job seekers
  • Department of Finance employees.
  • Successful Careers for Graduates
  • Change of career from any domain to Finance
  • Bachelor’s degree-holding candidates in this field. 

Henry Harvin SAP ABAP course reviews

Most alumni and candidates pursuing the Henry Harvin SAP ABAP course report are satisfied with the course. As per the Henry Harvin SAP ABAP course reviews, the course has many positive aspects like training methods, experienced trainers, placement guarantee, internship, lifetime support, affiliate certification, webinars, hands-on projects, Gold membership, etc.

The affiliations

As a member of the American Association of EFL, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the PMI, UK Cert, UKAF, the MSME, and the Government of India, ISO certified Henry Harvin Educations is fully endorsed by all these organizations. of India and ISO 29990:2010 certified.


Many awards have been won by Henry Harvin, such as the Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and the Under 40 Business World Award. Henry Harvin has more than 1400 Google Reviews and more than 200 Youtube Testimonials with more than 4.5 ratings on Goabroad, Trustpilot, and Gooverseas, among others.


Based on Henry Harvin SAP ABAP course reviews, the SAP ABAP class is a 44-hour instructor-led course. The learners are provided with 24 hours of Bootcamps in a year following the completion of the online training. Candidates may also enroll in unlimited batches with different instructors during 1 year.

Methods of training

Below is a description of how the SAP ABAP course is taught.

  1. A self-paced training program

A self-paced training program involves studying at your own pace. Courses provided by self-paced learning programs are accessible for life. INR 26550/- is the fee structure for the SAP ABAP Self-paced course.

2. Online virtual classroom training

The online virtual classroom training offers the flexibility of instructor-led online classes as well as self-paced training. A Gold Membership is also included in this course.

There are monthly Bootcamp sessions included in the online classroom training, as well as video recordings for lifetime access to all batches. For SAP ABAP online instructor-led classroom training, the fee structure is ₹ 29500/-.

3. Corporate training

An organizational training program is a learning method that caters specifically to the learners within an organization. The training sessions are tailored to the requirements of the company and they are intended only for company employees. Learning management systems (LMS) are customized to facilitate the learners.

Bootcamp sessions or webinars

A 12-month Bootcamp or 1-year webinar is offered to the candidates. The Bootcamps help the learners to brush up on the concepts learned in the training modules and make them ready for industry interviews. The Bootcamp Sessions are a part of the #Ask Henry series.

Attend unlimited sessions with multiple trainers

Several courses are taught by different trainers at Henry Harvin’s Finance Academy, allowing learners to pick a course that suits them. In the course of the membership period, you can repeat the training as often as necessary without incurring any additional fees.

24×7 lifetime support

With SAP ABAP, you will be able to complete Live Projects, get guaranteed internships, receive weekly job support, watch recordings, attend boot camp sessions, and learn interview skills.

Access to moodle e-learning portal via mobile app

Learning Management System (LMS) is provided to students taking the Sap Abap course. On enrollment, the learners are provided with login credentials, using which they can access the Certified SAP ABAP Training Course on their phones via the Moodle app.

Near your name are your sap abap certification and hallmark

Henry Harvin offers a widely recognized testimonial certification to students who complete this SAP ABAP course. Certification as an SAP ABAP practitioner will boost their prior achievements as SAP ABAP experts. With your name on it, the candidates can use it as a symbol of upgraded expertise. Chandra Mohan (CSFP) is an example.


The SAP ABAP Online Course Syllabus helps the learners to understand the basic to advanced level techniques in SAP ABAP.

  • Module 1: An introduction to SAP ABAP
  • Module 2: The ABAP Dictionary and Data Types
  • Module 3: Programming in ABAP
  • Module 4: Techniques for debugging and modularizing
  • Module 5: Integration of Reporting
  • Module 6: Creating applications links
  • Module 7: Intermediate Document (IDOC)
  • Module 8: RFCs and workflows
  • Module 9: Business Application Programming Interfaces and Business Add-Ins (BAPI and BADI)
  • Complimentary Module 1: Development of Soft Skills
  • Complimentary Module 2: Writing CVs

Expert Faculties

Henry Harvin’s trainers have more than ten years of experience in the industry and are the most respected. Throughout the years, our training partners have carefully selected our instructors and praised them for their work. Several hundred keynote classes have been given by the instructors at SAP ABAP training classes, as well as over 500 lectures. A domain expert has been appointed by Henry Harvin Finance Academy.

Internships and live projects

As part of the Certified SAP Abap Training Course, candidates have the opportunity to participate in hands-on training with industry projects. A program for internships assists candidates in gaining practical experience and preparing them for opportunities in the industry.

Placement and alumni status

For those enrolled in the SAP ABAP course of Henry Harvin, a 100% job placement guarantee is provided along with the chance to enrol in the elite Finance Academy of Henry Harvin. They also have the opportunity to join the more than 18000 alumni networks around the world that can help them connect with new opportunities.

Gold membership benefits of finance academy

  • Video, games, projects, case studies, etc. are accessible through E-learning.
  • Bootcamps: Brush up your concept knowledge with our Bootcamps held every month with our industry experts.
  • Graduates of this Certified SAP ABAP Training Course get 100% placement assistance and internship opportunities with Henry Harvin and their partners.
  • Ensure your success at the interview: Support you in preparing.
  • Modules Complementary: As a member of the Certified SAP SAP Training Course you will be entitled to access complementary modules, namely Soft Skills Development and Resume Writing.

Other learning benefits

  • Develop business-oriented applications to help businesses grow
  • Know ABAP terms, data types, tables, buffers, and indexes, along with the terminology for ABAP concepts
  • It consists of implementing ABAP Programming Basics, String Operations, Data Operations, Syntax Checking, and Covering Formatting
  • Create programs using loops, branches, modules, file handling, and scripting
  • Among the features, you should have a solid understanding of are ALE, BADI, ALV, IDOC, RFC, LSMW, and others
  • You should be familiar with Factorial Programs, Field Strings, Field Symbols, and Different Internal Tables
  • Understand how Syntax Checks and Debuggers work, and study those tools
  • With Workbench Organizer, organize multiple development projects and manage their distribution

Check Henry Harvin’s Customers Reviews:

Balraj SinghUrvashi AgarwalRadhika BhartiSimran KaurAlisha SinhaHammad AkhtarNaren RoyVinay Kumar Mehta


1. Do they offer live training classes?

Yes, they offer live training classes. The advantage of this is that you can take courses anywhere, at any time, as many times as you like! That’s why they are available worldwide. 

2. Are the SAP training courses available 24/7?

You will get LMS. In that, you can access course videos. Yes, our courses are available all day and night! It is not necessary to travel to attend the courses in person. You can also take the courses as many times as you like while it is active. You also get to keep the downloadable materials from each course forever. 

3. Will I get a job after the training? Do they assist with job placement?

Their training courses are designed to give you real-world SAP experience that you can use immediately in an SAP position. They provide job placement assistance or job guarantees. 


Henry Harvin is considered the best provider of legitimate SAP ABAP courses in India based on the reviews of their courses. By taking the SAP ABAP course, students will be able to comprehend and effectively implement this software. The SAP system is an essential component of many small and large businesses today. A leading ERP platform that eases the functioning of a business in all aspects. SAP certification enables professionals to be better prepared for the increasing complexity of the workplace. It can be an advantage as well as strict selection criteria in some cases.

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