List of Courses after 10th Standard for a High Paying Career

“Study well. From next year you can enjoy life”. It is a common saying of almost all parents and teachers to the younger ones in their surroundings. Is it for real? The answer is yes, because, we search a list of courses after 10th standard, and we choose to join a course that helps us to settle into a career. 

Though every student knows that, most do not know the options to pursue. The course most parents think of is to become an engineer or a doctor to get a good salary which is difficult for a medium knowledge. This blog helps you to learn about the list of courses after 10th standard. And the excitement is that many institutes like Henry Harvin offer most of the courses after 10th standard.

In the olden days, parents opt for engineering or medicine for their kids. But, nowadays, there is a list of courses after 10th standard to pursue.

Traditional courses include maths, science, arts, and so on. Apart from these, some other trending courses include engineering, diploma, paramedical, ITI, Travel and Tourism, Vocational courses, certification courses, and many more. 

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Diploma course – list of courses after 10th standard:

The diploma is one of the best choices among the list of courses after the 10th. The diploma course is a short-term course. The main focus of the diploma course is training in industrial or technical methods. Usually, the duration of a diploma course ranges from a few months to years, based on the type of course.

Though diploma courses are not popular in the olden days, this is a better option to settle early now. Just like intermediate, there are a lot number of list of courses after 10th standard. 

Diploma in engineering: 

After completing school, generally, parents dream of making their children Engineers. Is it possible only after the intermediate? No doubt. The answer is no. Even after a diploma, students can enter engineering college and join in the second year of year. It is called Lateral entry. Students can either join a job after their diploma or continue their studies. However, even in diploma engineering, there are several options. 

Here is a list of courses after 10th standard to join the diploma.

Below is a trending list of courses after 10th standard for engineering.

Engineering courses:

  1. Civil Engineering: This course helps to plan the construction of bridges, buildings, roads, etc.
  2. Diploma in Chemical Engineering: This course teaches the students about chemicals and raw materials and how to create new materials from existing chemicals.
  3. Computer Engineering Diploma:  It provides basic knowledge of computer science, mathematics, and engineering concepts.
  4. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering: It gets specific knowledge about the manufacturing and maintaining several parts and tools of air flight-capable machines. The aeronautical diploma course teaches you to study and design an aircraft. It also helps to design, manufacture and test them. The student also learns about techniques to control an airplane and rocket.
  5. Electrical Engineering: This engineering discipline is concerned with the study, design, and application of equipment, devices, and systems which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.
  6. Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering: This course focuses on understanding electronics networks and devices, electric magnetic fields, computer fundamentals, telecommunications, and control systems.
  7. Electrical & Telecommunication Engineering Diploma: It trains the students in electronic networks and devices, electric magnetic fields, computer fundamentals, communication, control systems, design wire/ wireless networks and circuits, etc.  What to do after 10th? Career option in science, commerce and arts || Career guidance after 10th – YouTube

Additional courses:

  1. Diploma in Mechatronics: integration of mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering systems, and also includes a combination of robotics, electronics, computer science, telecommunications, systems, control, and product engineering.
  2. Marine Engineering Diploma: Train the students about shipping operations at sea. The course focuses on Marine Technology, Maintenance of Ship Propulsion Plants, handling of electrical and refrigeration machines, etc.
  3. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering: The diploma in Mechanical Engineering deals with the designing, manufacturing, and maintaining mechanical equipment by applying the basic principles of mechanics. 
  4. Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering: The course trains potential candidates to become IT professionals. Introduction to different new concepts for engineering studies will be a backbone for their career.
  5. Automobile Engineering: It is a branch study of engineering that teaches manufacturing, designing, mechanical mechanisms as well as operations of automobiles. It introduces vehicle engineering dealing with motorcycles, buses, trucks, etc.
  6. Diploma in Agricultural: Diploma in Agriculture is a two-year-long course that imparts knowledge about various forms of agriculture, livestock and crop management, agricultural extension, agricultural chemistry, and more. A diploma in Agriculture helps candidates work in agriculture and related research fields.

Difference between the Diploma and intermediate courses:

TermLong termShort term
FeesLess feeHigh fee
SubjectsConcentrate on engineering subjectsConcentration on maths, physics, and chemistry
AdmissionLateral entry into the second year of engineeringJoin from the first year of engineering
TestNeed to qualify for entranceNo entrance test
CollegeCollege is not optional depending on counseling after the entrance exam.College is optional
Duration:Duration is three yearsDuration is two years
Next stepCan join the job after completion of the course,Should go for higher studies
SyllabusVast syllabusFewer syllabus
Total marks40001000
MediumEnglishEnglish and Local language
Considered asa degree in some areasNot a degree
Exam patternSemesterYearly

Diploma in Science – list of courses after 10th standard:

The only thought we get to join the Science group is to become a doctor. But, many people lack knowledge about the various options in the science stream.

Just like Diploma in engineering, there are a lot of courses to join in a Diploma of Science.

Science courses:

  • Diploma in hospital assistance: It helps students to provide care to patients with skills and human understanding. The short-duration course inculcates skillful healthcare assistance techniques in the students.
  • Diploma in rural healthcare: This course addresses the primary requirements of rural health and trains the students on how to provide healthcare and do first aid to patients. They also help with sanitation techniques.
  • Pathology lab technician: Students interested in health sciences can opt for this pathology lab technician course. It gives knowledge about the recent equipment and technologies used in laboratories. 
  • Diploma in Paramedical Nursing: This course teaches how to treat a patient during an emergency. They also take instructions from doctors. Paramedical nurses are important in saving patients’ life in a critical state.
  • Physiotherapy: Physiotherapist works in fitness centers, government hospitals, private care centers, and community health centers, and they give treatment to patients who have encountered an accident or had an injury and are unable to move. Mainly help patients relieve the pain of their body parts through physical treatment.

Paramedical courses

  • Certificate of Nursing Assistant: Nursing assistants, commonly known as nurse aids, work under the supervision of doctors or qualified nurses. During the course, they learn about medical-surgical operations, community diseases, etc. They usually work in medical or educational institutes, nursing homes, health care centers, etc.
  • Diploma in X-ray technique: This is a common profession most people know. They take photographic films inside the body by sending electromagnetic radiation into the body.
  • ECG Technology Diploma: ECG equipment helps to monitor patients’ cardiovascular(heart) performance. This course helps to work with this equipment.
  • Radiology Diploma: Radiology is a technique of using radiation techniques to diagnose a disease or treat a disease.
  • Diploma in Pharmacy: A pharmacy is a place where we buy medicines. After completing a diploma in pharmacy, they can work in private or government hospitals or health clinics as a pharmacist.
  • Dental Mechanics Diploma: This course gives knowledge on areas and partial dentures, dental technology, and operating equipment.
  • Diploma in information technology: This technology helps with information technology and computer applications. Information technology involves studying, storing, recovering, manipulating data, and sharing communication.
  • Craftsmanship course in food production: It is a course that helps in Cookery, Larder, maintenance of hygiene and equipment, etc. This course also trains various types of services, menus, ingredients and preparation methods, and garnishing techniques.
  • Certificate in Diesel Mechanics: This field of automobile engineering teaches about diesel engines.
  • Diploma Dental Hygienist: The students had to qualify for an entrance test and learn about oral hygiene. The institute admits a student based on their performance on tests. The students can join as dental or medical assistants in hospitals or clinics.
  • Electrical Engineering: This is a three-year program that helps students to learn about Installation, troubleshooting, control systems, telecommunication, and many more. 

Diploma in Arts and Commerce – list of courses after 10th standard: 

A diploma in arts is a common choice for students in the list of courses after 10th standard. Those who choose one among this list of Courses after the 10th can become a language expert or financial expert or start their own business.

Arts and Commerce courses:

  • Diploma in Commercial Art – This course involves advertising, publication media animation, visual effects, and many more. You can either specialize in one subject or all subjects.
  • Diploma in Graphic Designing – A diploma in graphic design teaches one to create new graphic designs for movies, videos, or programs. 
  • Certificate course in Spoken English – This course helps to improve English speaking skills. 
  • Certificate course in Functional English – Functional English helps with the tips and techniques for studying, reading, and writing English like a master.
  • Diploma in Social Media Management – Social Media Management helps to manage the accounts of a company or a person on various online platforms.
  • Diploma in Hotel Management – Hotel business is growing day by day. The hotel management business helps you to teach various techniques for maintaining a positive environment in hotels.
  • Certificate in Animation – Animation is a technique for creating an artificial environment related to a video. It is common in most videos and is a booming career now.
  • Certificate course in Tally – Tally is a course that helps to record data in businesses. It is necessary for many software companies and all kinds of businesses. 
  • Diploma in Banking – Banking is a sector most of us know. A Diploma in banking teaches how to maintain the accounts and calculations and terms related to banks.
  • Risk and Insurance Diploma- Though many get a negative thought upon hearing this word, it is a good source of income. 
  • Diploma in Computer Application – This course allows getting computer knowledge or a job by completing this course.

ITI and vocational courses – list of courses after 10th standard:

Apart from these courses, several industrial training institute courses help to start a career in relevant immediately after completing the courses. There is a belief that only poor people study these courses. But, many people try to experiment with new things in life and join these courses even if they are born with a silver spoon. 

Below is the list of courses after 10th standard

ITI Courses:

  1. Electrician – Teaches how to repair all items that work with electricity.
  2. Radiology technician – Teaches how to work with X-rays and other radioactive waves.
  3. Insurance agent – Teaches various insurance plans on how to sell insurance to customers.
  4. Digital photographer – Teaches techniques for taking photographs.
  5. Fashion design and Technology – Teaches how to design new models of dresses.
  6. Sewing Technology – Teaches about Creating and analyzing sewing techniques.
  7. Tool and die-making – Teaches about stamping dyes, molds, and jigs. 
  8. Computer operator and programming artist – Teaches how to manage computer operation.
  9. E-commerce – Teaches everything about e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Demo of Henry Harvin Courses | Henry Harvin Reviews – YouTube

Vocational courses:

  1. Digital Marketing – Teaches about marketing skills in a digital world.
  2. Occupational therapy – Teaches how to do everyday activities like dressing, working, or playing.
  3. Agriculture – Explains techniques of agriculture. 
  4. Journalism – Teaches how to find and tell truths or stories to the public. 
  5. Certificate in Animation – Teaches how to design animation for videos.
  6. Course in functions or spoken English – Tells about writing, speaking, and reading skills of English.
  7. Certificate in mobile repair course – Teaches how to fix problems with mobiles
  8. Diploma in commercial practice – Teaches how to represent a product promotion, sale, or supply. 
  9. Cosmetology Diploma – Teaches all about cosmetic preparation.
  10. Certificate in stenography – Teaches about short handwriting while dictating.
  11. Diploma in leather technology – Teaches about different types of leather and how to make products with leather.
  12. Mechanical engineering diploma – Teaches how to design, observe, and repair objects that exhibit motion.
  13. Diploma in 3D Animations – Teaches how to create three-dimensional visual effects.

Certificate courses – list of courses after the 10th standard

If none of the courses from the above list of courses after 10th standard interests you, you can choose certificate courses. Mostly the duration of a certificate course will be less than a year. If you study well for this duration, there will be many options to join and start building a career. Some courses among the list of courses after 10th standard

Certificate courses:

  1. Diploma in Social Media Management
  2. Certificate in Social Media Management 
  3. Diploma in Hardware Maintenance
  4. Certificate Course in Search Engine Marketing
  5. Diploma in computer technology
  6. Certificate in Search Engine Optimisation
  7. Graphic/Web Designing certification course
  8. Certificate Course in Programming Language

How to choose from the list of courses after 10th Standard?

Though many are available, only a few can help you to achieve your goal. The first thing to do is identify your area of interest. There is a chance to select the interested subjects. 

If you are interested in mathematics or calculations, you can choose maths. However, if you are afraid of mathematics but interested in science, you can opt for science. 

Despite the fact that science subjects do not involve more calculations but still need minimum calculative knowledge. So, if you are afraid of mathematics completely, then the best choice is to opt for arts or commerce subjects.

Certification or diploma courses are the best for students who aim to settle into a career early. Though it is tough to get higher payments, it is good to choose among the above list based on your talent. But, before starting your career in any field, get all information about the course and its future opportunities by consulting an expert or a person working in the same profession. 

Online courses:

You can complete these courses either by attending physical classes or online. For example:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. News writing and Reporting course
  3. Blockchain course
  4. Medical coding 
  5. Family law course
1Q. Can we get government jobs after studying this list of courses after 10th standard?

A. Some of these courses can help you to get government jobs. However, you need to qualify for some entrance examinations.

2Q. Am I eligible to get an MNC job after completing these courses?

A. Yes. Some courses like digital marketing can help you to get jobs in MNC companies.

3Q. What is the easy course among the list of courses after 10th standard?

A. There is no easy or hard course. It depends on your interest. Still, maths and science subjects are a bit hard compared to others.

4Q. What is the first thing to keep in mind before choosing a course?

A. The main criterion to check before choosing a course is interesting. If you find interest in a Course, you can get success in any field.

5Q. I am confused about choosing a course. What should I do?

A. Many students raise this issue of confusion. Consult a career counselor or an expert or discuss with your beloved ones clearly to become successful.

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