Shaw Academy Review

Shaw Academy Review


Shaw Academy, Higher Education at a lower cost is its vision. It offers education without any limitations. Shaw Academy makes learning easy to get real qualifications which lead to real success. It empowers thousands of new students every month all over the world. Shaw Academy milestones are delivering great education, accessible and affordable, to everyone. Shaw Academy’s first course was offered to 700 students in 2012. 2020 Shaw Academy is currently engrossed in a growth strategy of stimulating its pre-existing courses and adding new courses into the already established market. It continuously offers a learning experience. In 2021, it offered 155 courses in multi-languages. It offers the world a better chance at Education. It offers the world. a better in providing the world a better chance at Education. It changes the lives of millions and impacts the generations to come. Shaw Academy has an enterprise plan which includes unlimited access to all courses,data-driven insights, International certification, competitive pricing, and customized branding, proven value, and outcomes and supports LMS integration.

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Shaw Academy courses were from industry skills and career growth to financial health. And also from personal well-being and more. Design, Business, Technology, Arts and hobbies, health and wellness, photography, Marketing, Language, Music, beauty, and finance.100+ courses, 3 thousand hours of content,2 recognized global awards,24million students. Understanding that learning is not the tedious chore we used to think it is when sitting in a classroom, the emotional wellbeing of learning has a lot of advantages.

Photography course

Shaw Academy expert-led photography classes will give the learners the skills that are needed to become professional photographers. This course gives complete training from beginner to advanced photography techniques. The course gives an understanding of lens types. This course gives the understanding of each camera mode in detail. The importance of lighting and teaches how to work with natural light. They can control depth of field with aperture and learn how to shutter speeds for dynamic movement learners can learn composition rules and guidelines and learn to develop the learner’s style and achieve the most. They provide university-certified courses and earn recognized certificates.  The learners can learn at their own pace and All modules include exams. The learner can access all courses. They can learn free with zero commitment.

I phone and Android photography course 

From this course, the learner s can learn how to take high-quality, amazing shots using iPhones or Android devices and take the learner to the next level of smartphone photography skills. This course is4 weeks duration with 8 plus assessments. It has an online 1 module and globally recognized certification. From the overview, of this course, we can understand how the camera works on mobile devices and understand how different lenses work. we can edit through apps and learn to expose correctly to improve the photo composition.

Video production course online

This course helps to learn how to capture footage and sound correctly. They can become a master filmmaker through the video production course online. This course is 16 weeks duration course and 32 lessons plus assessments. It has 4 modules of online courses and globally recognized certification. In this course, we can learn the techniques involved in capturing footage and taking a deeper look at different types of video such as advertisements, documentaries, and films. And also the importance of storytelling and how to portray their vision through video which includes how to write screenplays.

 We can know advanced lighting techniques and how to capture sound effectively. This course helps to understand the equipment and how to use it to achieve the best results. And learn the art of piecing everything together in post-production

online photoshop certification course

This professional photoshop course will help the learners to master the fundamentals of photoshop. from basics to advanced skills and processes like masking, automation. This professional course helps the learner to become a photoshop pro. this course creates unique compositions. the learners can learn how to design logos and other graphics. They can master powerful photo enhancements. through this course, the learners can develop their creative skills and discover all the tools they need to achieve their vision. This course is for 16 weeks duration with 32 lessons plus assessments. It has 4 modules of online courses and the certification is globally recognized.

Marketing Course

Shaw AcademyMarketing course includes digital marketing, social media marketing, creativeWriting, SEO and Digital Marketing, Blogging, Content Marketing, and vlogging, viral Marketing.

In a digital marketing course, online the learners learn about different marketing channels and tactics, and they learn how to apply these skills. This course creates a digital marketing strategy based on the needs of the learners’ brand. The duration of the course is 16 weeks and 32 lessons plus assessments. It has 4 modules of online and globally recognized certification. 

By this course, the learners can understand marketing channels such as SEO, PPC, social media, Affiliate, content, and email. It defines the target audience. It creates paid campaigns for social and searches engines and a digital strategy encompassing a variety of channels. Website and mobile usability for best practices. This course chooses objectives and determines KPI s.

Creative writing

Shaw Academy‘s creative writing classes online will take the learner’s prose style to the next level. This course discovers how to write for publications. The duration of the course is 4 weeks and 8 lessons plus assessments with one module online and it has been globally recognized. This course helps the learners to craft a believable story, characters, and dialogue. It helps to employ essential editing and critical-thinking tools. It explains how and when to employ traditional story structures. And also to employ metaphor and visual storytelling techniques with a focus on visual symbolism for a modern audience.

Design course

Shaw’s Academy’s Design course includes Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, online photoshop, Web design, Budget Graphic Design, Adobe illustrator, jewelry Design, Technical Drawing. online Graphic Design Course of shaw’s Academy expands the learner creative skills in image editing, animation, custom layout,3Drendering, and they can earn a globally recognized certificate in graphic design. The duration of the 16 weeks and 32 lessons plus assessments with4 modules online. It is a globally recognized certification. This course helps to understand the principles and various elements of design. It gains practical skills in Adobe software(illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign)and the learners can understand the design cycle and typography. They can learn to create a portfolio and they can start their own graphic design business.

Business and Analytics course

Shaw Academy’s Business and Analytics has an enormous range of online business courses that will help the learners to gain the skills needed to take the learner career to the next level. It is globally recognized certifications for project management and data analytics that will get the learner industry-ready. Excel, Leadership and Management, Diploma in Project Management, Data Analytics, Booking keeping, and Accounting,  Sales and Business Development, Organisational Psychology, probability, and statistical Analysis, Mini MBA in Business, E-Commerce. Shaw’s Academy explores certified online Business Courses to develop new skills to improve the learner’s own video business. Its range of university-certified business courses will equip the learner with the qualifications the learner needs to succeed. Bookkeeping, Project Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Excel were Shaw’s cost-effective learning solution allows the learners to earn the certifications that learners need to enhance their resume and improve their career. The learner can get unlimited access to the portfolio of expert-curated online business courses

Finance course

Shaw’s academy Finance courses are FinancialTrading and investment, Gold trading, CommNutition, sports Nutrition, Meal Planning, and food science, Mindfulness and meditation, Alternative Therapies, Coaching, Early childhood development.


Shaw Academy believes in delivering higher education at a lower cost. It offers a huge range of online certification courses with a four-week free trial. Shaw’s Academy offers language certification like the IELTS training exam. For graduate students to learn a new skill, an industry professional looking to upskill, or a person who wants to pick up a new hobby Shaw Academy offers a range of courses like photography, design, technology, business, beauty, music, etc.

Shaw’s Academy provides 20 hours of learning for its course. It includes practical training and free assessments. On the completion of each module, the learners get the opportunity to obtain a certificate from globally recognized universities like AustinPeayState University and other institutions. All its educators come with exceptional industry training and sound educational background.

The learner’s personal growth is important to shaw’s academy. It will provide everything which the learner needed to happen; comprehensive training, one-on-one coaching, skill development workshops, and access to all full course catalogs.

The Academy is growing quickly, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. The learner will get the creative freedom to make a real difference in the world of education, and the chance to work with some of the best in the business.

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