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Six Sigma Certification Costs(Black, Green, Yellow Belts)


Six Sigma is one of the finest tools and techniques for quality management in today’s technological world. This process was started by an American engineer from Motorola, in 1986. Six Sigma Strategy help in the improvement of the quality of a product. It identifies its defects and providing solutions in multilevel business processes. Each six Sigma follows a definite methodology and value targets and increases customer satisfaction. The major yield of the Six Sigma process is the products are to be defect-free, which is analyzed by the statistical methodology of normal distribution.

In recent times, Six sigma processes have been combined with the lean manufacturing processes, naming it Lean Six Sigma Methodology. Lean manufacturing process addresses process flow and waste issues, while Six Sigma follows design and variation along worth disciplined methodologies promoting business strategies.

Features of Six Sigma Principles:

  • Focus on the best financial outcomes.
  • Importance on Management Leadership and Support.
  • Decisions based on the perfect data through the best statistical methods
  • Improvement of all processes by integrating performance.

Six Sigma Follows two methodologies:


Define the system, customer requirements, and project goals.

Measure the aspects of the current process along with data.

Analyze the data and investigate the cause and effect of the defect reaching the root cause analysis of the defect

Improve and optimize the current process \based on the techniques/.

Control the process according to future requirements by monitoring the defects and correcting them based on customer needs.


Define the design goals according to the business standards and customer demands.

Measure and identify the capabilities of the products and their risks.

Analyze to develop design alternatives

Design the best alternative suitable for the analyzed step.

Verify the design, run it and then implement it in the production process.

Six Sigma Roles:

The project level always professionalizes quality management, and an elite ranking terminology is provided to every individual similar to martial arts systems.

Executive Leadership includes the top management of the organization. They monitor the vision of Six Sigma. They attend to the departmental barriers of the organization and assist in overcoming them.

Champions are monitored by Executive Leaders. They are the implementers of Six Sigma in an organization. Champions are mentors to the Master Black Belts.

Master Black Belts are identified by Champions. They are in-house coaches of SixSigma in the organization. They assist Champions and guide the Black belts of the organization. They see to that Six Sigma is applied to all the departments in the organization.

Black Belts work under Master Black Belts and guide the Green Belts of the organization. They devote all their time to Six Sigma. They work towards the execution of Six Sigma in the organization where the upper management identifies the functions of Six Sigma.

Green Belts are the lower-level employees who take up the work of Six Sigma. They are monitored by the Black Belts of the organization.

Yellow Belts work under the green belts. They act in the improvement of the organization.

White Belts are not part of the six sigma team. They gain awareness of the Six sigma rules and implementations.

Henry Harvin Education:

Henry Harvin is one of the prime competency development organizations in the country. They are globally placed, and rate among the career institutions globally. They reshape individuals into excellent career personalities helping them reach great heights in their careers through their quality content. Innovation of new products and introductions of new courses is their major mission. They meet the needs of the customers with enthralling ideas and opportunities. Focus on Value Creation is their main mantra. They have the finest clientele and also globally widespread partners who provide the best of business requirements.

Henry Harvin Management Academy:

This organization is the most sought-after academy for Lean Six Sigma Courses. Their management academy provides the best management courses to young and experienced management aspirants who would like to move to higher positions in their management opportunities. Their quality courses are recognized globally and add real weightage to every individual who would like to taste success in their careers.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training:

This course aids the aspirants in comprehending new methodologies of Six Sigma. To become an expert in implementing the Six Sigma Principles in respective areas of the organization is the major aim of this course. Henry Harvin guides these aspirants and shows them the path towards their successful careers by their extravagant qualified Six Sigma Green Belt course. The Green Belt SixSigma Certification cost is not as costly as the Black Belt Six Sigma Certification cost. Henry Harvin charges almost a reasonable price for these courses. Some of its features are:


  • 28 hours of live interactive training sessions
  • Excellent project opportunities in the DMAIC Phases
  • Internship for practical knowledge on the applications of Six Sigma Principles
  • 100 percent placement support post-course completion
  • E-learning access to videos lectures, and recordings for the better knowledge of aspirants.
  • Regular boot camps for a year
  • Hackathons and Competitions for the aspirants’ improvement of learning.
  • 1-year Gold Membership for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt 
  • Excellent Industry experts as trainers to guide the trainees.
  • 160+ Keynote classes for a better understanding of the subject.
  • 350+ recorded lectures by empanelled domain experts.
  • Interview skills training.
  • Other modules of Resume Writing and Soft skill Development are a part of the course.
  • Hallmark certification of CSSE-GB and recognized by the Govt of India.

Career and Learning Benefits:

  • Certified Six Sigma Professionals for a better career aspect
  • Job Opportunities based on Specialization.
  • CV and LinkedIn profile Enhancements.
  • Distinguished profile from peers and improved quality performance at the Interview.
  •  Solving management problems using the skills and techniques
  •  Sharpens the brain and relates to the commitment required
  •  Essential project management skills.
  •  Customer-oriented ideas for business improvements
  •  Knowledge of high-quality products.
  •  Think out of the box and increase the capability to manage the quality of the products in an organization.

Hands-On :

  •    Work-Life Quality experience
  •  Total Time management
  •  Optimization of a BPO Process
  •   Defect Reduction
  •  Improving Internal SQR

Two variants are available for the candidate’s comfort

Self Paced learning which covers only Lifetime Access support and 24*7 Lifetime free upgrade @ Rs 15750/-.

Live Online Classroom Training consists of all the above mentioned features@ Rs17500/-.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training:

This course is ranked No:1 in India among the top institutes that conduct the same. This course helps the aspirants to seek promotion from the mid-management to the top management level. The six sigma black belt training makes the profile distinguished from other profiles and makes the profile a global one. The Black Belt Six Sigma Certification cost is quite high but places the individual at great heights in their career.


  • 36 hours of live interactive training sessions.
  • Undergo Projects in DMAIC Phases along with hypothesis testing.
  • Internship assistance for the aspirant’s betterment.
  • 100% Placement post-1-year course completion
  • E-learning access to video lectures, content, and assessments.
  • Regular Boot camps are conducted.
  • Hackathons and Competitions are held to enhance the aspirant’s knowledge.
  • 1-year-old Membership at the Henry Harvin Management Academy.
  • Job Opportunities to the candidates through the mail.
  • Exclusive complimentary modules of Resume Writing and Soft Skills Development are part of this course.
  • 12 monthly Boot camp sessions are handled worth 6000/-.
  • Excellent management experts as trainers from the industry.
  • 160+ keynotes and 35+ lectures for the understanding of the candidate.
  • Certificates from Henry Harvin and Recognized by the Government of India of CSSE-BB.

Career and Learning Benefits:

  • Mastery in Statistical analysis of the data handled for quality.
  • Data Drive and Problem analytical Skills.
  • Access to 35+PDU’s to maintain the PMP certifications.
  • Root Cause Analysis of the problem and its solution analysis.
  • Higher Degree Of Proficiency in six Sigma at the Top Level Management.
  • Customer-oriented Decision making.
  • Certified Sought After course enhancing the career opportunities.
  • An elite group of professionals with expertise in managing complex projects at the upper management level.
  • Distinguished profile with enhancement in both LinkedIn and CV.
  • Sure startup to the top management leading to a Rock of Success.

 Hands-on Projects are provided similar to that of the Green Belt training. Two variants are available 1) Self Paced Course with Lifetime Support access and 24*7 Lifetime Free Upgrade@₨26550/- 2) Live Online Classroom Course is available with all above-mentioned features, @₨29500/-

For Further Details, contact for Green Belt Course, for Black Belt Course.

Six Sigma Certification:

Council for Six Sigma Certification:

 This council is an industry-standard set for the Six Sigma Accreditation and helps Six Sigma certified individuals in making a place for themselves in the industry. The council was started in 2005. It set a simple goal of assisting institutes in training and mentoring the Six Sigma Principles through the Lean methodologies. CSSC improves the training worldwide and sets a standard for training institutes to achieve the best and provide the best to the customers. Training institutes must follow certain norms to achieve accreditation from CSSC.

American Society for Quality:

This organization is at the forefront in analyzing quality management for the necessity of Industry standards. They have been one of the best worldwide firms in playing crucial roles to uphold quality standards. They have a vast timeline with numerous achievements, and today they stand as a global community achieving 75 years in the industry.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Cost Vs Six Sigma GreenBelt Certification Cost Vs Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Cost:

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Cost:

On the first basis, there are two ways i) Individuals who have already undergone training with significant understanding of the Body of Six Sigma Principles. It costs ₨16888/-. A 3-hour examination is conducted and seek the certificate ii) Self-study by Individuals or through a training provider. The second option can always help the candidates take up the Green and the Yellow Belt certification. The multiple Examination method is the best method to clear the certification. A non-time formatted examination with 3 attempts provision to the candidate at ₨25738/-. Black Belt Certification cost is high when compared to the other two certifications. To complete the certification and obtain a certificate from CSSC, the candidate needs to score 420 points out of 600 points at CSSC. At ASQ, the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification costs 438$ for members and 538$ for non-members.

Examination Requirements @ ASQ:

Candidates must be full-time management employees with any co-op office Or One or more Completed projects affidavit in the Body Of Knowledge is a must with3 years of job experience.

Computer Delivered – The CSSBB examination is a one-part, 165-question exam, and is offered in English only. 150 questions are scored and 15 are unscored. The total appointment time is four-and-a-half hours, exam time is 4 hours and 18 minutes.

Paper and Pencil – The CSSBB examination is a one-part, 150-question, four-hour exam and is offered in English, Spanish, and Mandarin in certain locations.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Costs:

Path 1: Candidates with significant knowledge of the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. It costs ₨11726.05/- for a single-level certification. The exam duration is 2 hours and the candidate needs to clear at one go.
Path 2: Candidates under a training provider or individual self-study patterns can take up this certification at ₨25738/-. The exam is on-time formatted and 3 attempts to clear the exam. The candidate needs to score 280 points out of 400 points at CSSC.

Examination Requirements@ ASQ:

Candidates with full-time employment and 3 years of job experience in or more Six Sigma Green Belt Body Of Knowledge areas. The examination is multiple choice oriented.
Computer Delivered – The CSSGB examination may be a one-part, 110-question exam, and is obtainable in English only. 100 questions are scored and 10 are unscored. The total appointment time is four-and-a-half hours, exam time is 4 hours and 18 minutes.
Paper and Pencil – The CSSGB examination may be a one-part, 100-question, four-hour exam and is obtainable in English, Spanish, and Mandarin in certain locations.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Cost:

Path1: the candidates are already well aware of the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. It costs ₨7301.13/-. The exam is for an hour and the candidate needs to clear the same at one go.
Path2: Utilization Of Self Study guides under a training provider. It costs ₨25728.31/-. The exam is a non-timed exam format along with 3 attempts to clear the certification. The Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certification Cost for Path1 candidates is very reasonable and affordable. To obtain the certification, candidates must complete 140 points out of 200 points at CSSC.
The ASQ also provides the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification with a reasonable cost of 294$ for members and 294$ for non-members.

Examination Requirements @ ASQ :

No Previous Experience is needed for the candidate to apply for the examination. They aim at individuals who play a small role in the industry. As a part of ASQ, the candidates need to pass the multiple-choice questions from the Body Of Knowledge. The examination is open-book formatted. Both Computers delivered, Pen and Paper tests are available.
Computer Delivered – The CSSYB examination may be a one-part, 85-question, 2 hours and 18 minutes exam and is obtainable in English only. 75 questions are scored and 10 are unscored.
Paper and Pencil – The CSSYB examination may be a one-part, 75-question, two-hour exam and is obtainable in English only.


Individuals are awarded a Lean Six Sigma Certificate based on their choice of Belt examination. This Certificate has no expiration date in CSSC. For recent certification, candidates can re-sit for the examination. The certificate holder will be officially added to the council at CSSC. ASQ also has both standards as well as recertification options. The Black Belt Certification and the Green Belt Certification have advanced levels to be completed as well. These certifications help the candidate with a distinguished profile.


Though the Six Sigma Certification Costs may look a little elevated, their guidance will help the aspirants to reach the pinnacle of success in their advanced management careers. It is an added feather to the cap of all management trainees and employees/. It is a single-time positive investment for a better future and career.


1. How long does it fancy become Six Sigma certified?

It takes 10 weeks to finish the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online Certification course, 8 weeks for the Lean Principles course, and 16 weeks for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course.

2. How much does it cost to get Yellow Belt Six Sigma?

Yellow belt certification can range from $99 to $1,099.

3. Can you get Six Sigma certified online?

Six Sigma Certification training and exams are done 100% online, allowing you to study and take the exam when it is convenient for you. … Six Sigma certification is meant to prove your proficiency in understanding the basics of this process improvement technique.

4. . Which Six Sigma certification is most recognized?

American Society for Quality (ASQ) is that the best overall Six Sigma Certification provider due to its global reputation, rigorous exam prep and training, specialize in subject mastery, and certification registry. ASQ was founded in 1946 and has members in over 130 countries.

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