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Top 10 Spanish Language Courses Online

You’re ready to enroll in Spanish language courses online for real.

It can be challenging to locate the top Spanish Language Courses Online. It’s difficult because there are simply too many options to pick from, not because there aren’t enough of them.

Spanish is undoubtedly the most popular foreign language in the world right now, and the market for Spanish education is entirely saturated.

It’s understandable why so many people desire to study Spanish—traveling to Spain and Latin America is something that everyone wants to do—but it’s also becoming crucial for commercial success and career advancement across various industries.

Or, since there are so many Spanish speakers in the US, learning Spanish will help you get along with your neighbors. I’ll summarise the best of all the most popular online Spanish courses for you today (I’ve had the opportunity to use most of these courses).

I’ll share my knowledgeable viewpoint with you as a native Spanish speaker. The advantages of each course, the cost, and a summary are listed below. 

Top Spanish Language Courses Online

Spanish language courses online

1. Henry Harvin

According to experts in this field, Henry Hervin is the best option for learning Spanish language courses online. In the US and India, Henry Harvin is a Global Edtech firm. Henry Harvin aims to improve the interpersonal skills of the candidate.


Henry Harvin won the under forty business world Award for best game-based learning company in corporate training. It is affiliated with the Project Management Institute, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the American Association of EFL, and MSME.

Course Organization

Henry Harvin experts created the course following the DELE and SIELE tests administered by the Instituto Cervantes. Native. Moreover, skilled Spanish instructors offer project training with 25,000 words in Spanish vocabulary and the fundamentals of Spanish grammar.

A1 (Beginners Level)  It is the foundational stage of language learning. Spanish words, phrases, and everyday expressions are picked up over time.

A2 (Upper Beginners Level) learn about pertinent topics’ many sentence structures and idioms.

Development of fundamental communication skills, such as sharing information at this level

B1 (Intermediate Level): The learner improves their writing, reading, and listening abilities. Candidates have the ability to construct structured sentences in Spanish.

B2 (Upper Intermediate Level): Candidates master complex texts and Spanish dialects at this level. The ability to construct lengthy presentations in Spanish and articulate complex ideas.

C1 (The Advanced Level): Candidates at this level can understand lengthy texts and decipher their meanings. You’ll develop language proficiency.

C2 (Upper Advanced Level): The candidate will master the Spanish language and be able to read and comprehend everything.

Why you choose Henry Harvin for Spanish Language Course Online

  • The “9 In 1 Program” Spanish language course online is offered by the institution.
  • Training: Each course level includes 30–40 hours of interactive training.
  • Project: Various Spanish language projects help applicants utilize their learning and improve their language proficiency.
  • Internship: A chance to put what you’ve learned into practice
  • Government-recognized certification will be issued.
  • Placement: Henry Hervin offers a one-year 100% placement help promise following course completion.
  • E-Learning Access: The LMS includes worksheets, audio files, and videos.
  • Bootcamps: A year’s worth of access to boot camp.
  • Entry to the #ASKHenry Hackathon and related competitions
  • Spanish-language membership: Offers one-year Gold Membership 

2. Let’s Speak Spanish

The sole purpose of the online Spanish course is to teach you Spanish. They have been teaching Spanish for 20 years. They can ensure that you receive a tailored and personalized language course from one of our qualified, native Spanish-speaking instructors to advance your Spanish fluency.

Our COMBI Course combines teacher teaching, peer help, and independent study. The course has a wide range of options. You can find infographics, recorded webinars, and podcast episodes with transcripts that include exercises, grammar explanations, and much more. You have an evaluation exam demonstrating how well you learned the material after each level.

They have created the “24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®,” a novel and effective learning method. It enables them to establish the students’ Spanish proficiency levels more precisely and serves as the ideal beginning point for their language learning journey.

3. Lengalia

One of the top Spanish language courses online is offered by Bengali.

It’s a worthwhile course with various learning options and the opportunity to receive small awards that recognize your accomplishments and give you an extra push to keep going.

Bengali may be the online Spanish course you’ve been searching for if you’re hoping to obtain a solid foundation in the Spanish language by studying a clear and well-organized curriculum covering everything from grammar to vocabulary. It has a tonne of exercises that will help you hone your Spanish in various ways. The course’s features include live tutoring, listening to podcasts, a virtual teacher who assists with all the explanations, language exchange, and much more.

You can choose your topics from Spanish classes ranging from A0 (for absolute beginners before A1) to C2. Bengali offers specific alternatives that let you tailor your learning to your needs, such as everyday Spanish for travel and work.

4. Instituto Hispania’s mission

The Instituto Hispania’s mission is to develop linguistic and intercultural proficiency in the broader sense. Founded in 1997, Instituto Hispania started its branches in Chennai.

The center of FIDESCU within the Spanish Ministry of Education is linked with the institute. International exams like the D.I.E. are held there. In five Indian cities, Instituto Hispania is active. This institution offers one of Chennai’s top five Spanish language courses online.

According to international standards, Instituto Hispania adheres to its custom-designed curriculum.

This academy hires teachers with extensive training and academic backgrounds from a variety of schools and institutions throughout the world.

Instituto Hispania Academy offers customized one-on-one lessons in business, tourism, or technical Spanish.

5. Lingoda

You can take online group or individual courses from certified native speakers through the Lingoda platform. Since these instructors come from many Spanish-speaking nations, you can converse with them and develop your ability to understand various Spanish dialects.

As you can expect, doing this could help you become more motivated and absorbed in the language.

You have to start your Spanish course training with a new teacher. Some of the educational resources are repetitious. If you’re not having a private session, the ability of the teacher to make them more involved depends on the level of the other students in your class.

6. FITA(Focused IT Academy)

FITA is a leading IT and Language training center academy specializing in one hundred and twenty courses with more than fifteen years of experience in IT. It offers one of the best Spanish learning courses online.

This academy helped more than thirty thousand students to build their careers. FITA has placement tie-ups with more than twelve thousand companies.

Course detail-

  • FITA provides global certification exams such as DELE and SIELE for Spanish language courses in Chennai.
  • Flexible Spanish language course online batches are available at FITA academy. Students can change their timing as per their requirements.
  • FITA offers thorough training to help you become thoroughly used to the language.
  • Regular review and testing boost the learning process and help to monitor progress.
  • Coursework created by knowledgeable academy instructors aids in passing the certification tests internationally.
  • The FITA’s Spanish language instructors average more than ten years of teaching experience. They concentrate on the vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation of Spanish.
  • FITA offers thorough training to help you become thoroughly used to the language.

7.  ACTE Education

ACTE Education offers Spanish classes to individuals, groups, and corporations. The candidates receive instruction from both qualified experts and Spanish-speaking natives.

Seven hundred small and mid-sized businesses are close allies of ACTE. After passing the training, they will award a certification.

An employment-oriented program offers lifetime access to the student portal by the ACTE Spanish language school in Chennai.

Spanish language training, educational counseling, and exam preparation are all services offered by ACTE.

It is a private training facility for NEET(UG) and foreign languages (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test).

8. Sprachlingua

The primary mission of Sprachlingua was always to teach Spanish without the aid of textbooks or curricula. They mimic how kids pick up their mother tongue. They provide three different learning options: online, offline, and corporate classes. Fast-track Spanish language classes are available in Chennai through Sprachlingua.

Course Highlights

  • Language levels at Sprachlingua range from beginner to expert. Instead of concentrating on passing the exam, they concentrate on the language’s basics.
  • The first training facility in Chennai to follow a no textbook, no homework policy is Sprachlingua. Their approach to teaching Spanish is to impart vocabulary.
  • They teach the new language while establishing a connection to the already-known language, which aids in understanding it clearly and in long-term memory.
  • The institution’s tutors offer several suggestions for learning the language and memorizing the terminology.

9.   Institute of Spanish Studies India

The institution’s mission is to develop linguistic and intercultural proficiency in a global context. . According to international standards, this institution adheres to its custom-designed curriculum.

Teachers with extensive training and academic backgrounds are hired from a variety of schools and institutions throughout the world. Institute of Spanish Studies India offers one-on-one lessons in business, tourist, or technical Spanish, depending on the candidate’s needs.

10. In a Word

Zenobia Irani established a Word Spanish language program in Chennai in 2000. The goal is to give the kids top-notch language instruction. In small groups, experienced teachers receive interactive training. Satellites for In a Word Classrooms have partnered with Qual-ET Education and Training.

Courses and schedules have been created for various groups of people, such as entrepreneurs, IT users, those applying for immigration, tourists, etc.


The Spanish language is not only simple, but it is also a lovely and passionate one. English words have many synonyms.

Because Spanish is a phonetic language, words are written exactly as they are spoken. The Spanish language has ten vowels and diphthong sounds.

According to experts, you should be able to read and speak Spanish fluently in 22–24 weeks.

Learning a foreign language improves your resume and gives you access to greater employment chances.

Learning a language gives one access to the local literature and culture. One can spend less money and travel the country more thoroughly.

According to studies, bilingual individuals are more imaginative, have better recollections, and are better listeners. People who speak two languages are more self-assured and always have a positive outlook.

You can listen to popular Spanish-language artists like Shakira, Enrique, and Ricky Martin if you love music.

The Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) Three Language Formula curriculum has expanded to include a foreign language. Young people are already enrolling in foreign language classes. According to their school curricula, many institutions provide unique design classes for children’s groups.

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Q1: What is the CEFR?

Ans – The CEFR was created by the Council of Europe (The Common European Framework of Reference). The Spanish Institute uses the CEFR as a way to describe language proficiency on a global scale.
Six criteria are used to evaluate the language, from A1 (for beginners) to C2 (Mastered)

2. What is SIELE and DELE in the Spanish language course?

Ans:  DELE(The Diploma of Spanish) and SIELE(The International Spanish Language Evaluation Service) are the two most popular exams for Spanish language courses online. The Ministry of Education and Professional Development of Spain presents the Diploma of Spanish. It is a certificate with no expiry date. Simultaneously, SIELE is certified by the Cervantes Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and the University of Salamanca. It has five years of validation.

3. Which Certificate, in your opinion, is best?

A: DELE diplomas are accepted all over the world. It validates mastery of the Spanish language and is a lifelong certificate with no expiration date.


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