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Top 10 TEFL Certification in India: 2023 ( Leaked)

TEFL is the abbreviated term for Teaching English as a Foreign language. This term refers to English language knowledge sharing with native speakers. It’s segregated into three categories which are

  • TESOL- Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages
  • ELT – English Language Teaching
  • ESL Teaching- English as a second language 

TEFL/TESOL is the fastest-growing industry in the education sector. Any person who completes certification has many opportunities to work abroad. TEFL certification is the key to getting the opportunities as it is a globally recognized qualification. Any individual who completes this qualification is eligible to teach abroad and likely to get the job as the company prefers this certification. Many institutes provide TEFL Certification in India via online, self instructed, instructed led and classroom training. 

Let us understand the Top 10 TEFL certifications in India

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

The Henry Harvin course is ranked as No 1. The courses are live online-led classrooms with 100% interview guaranteed. The students have access to 12,000+ and jobs in 20+ countries. The course is certified with the American Association of EFL (AAEFL) Certification along with 5+ certifications. The student gets 1-year gold membership of TEFL academy and customer support 24/7. The student can attend an unlimited 1-year batch with different instructors. There are 12+ webinars for the donut clear and topic brush-up session with mobile app access and an E-learning portal.

Benefits of doing the course

  • The course duration is for 40 hours instructor-led session
  • 24 hours of community session for 1year
  • 56 hours of e-learning access and unlimited batches for 1year
  • 100% placement support
  • Complete course offering 120 hours.

Course Module

  • Module 1 is Introduction to language and teaching concept 
  • Module 2 is the role of the instructor, the role of the learner, and the teaching process. 
  • Module 3 is how to teach young learners
  • Module 4 is Teaching pronunciation, Phonetics, and phonology
  • Module 5 is learning how to teach grammar
  • Module 6 is Teaching vocabulary
  • Module 7 is Teaching reading
  • Module 8 is Teaching listening
  • Module 9 is Teaching speaking 
  • Module 10 is lesson writing
  • Module 11 is lesson planning
  • Module 12 is Classroom management techniques
  • Module 13 is Testing and assessment
  • Module 14 is Materials, digital technologies, and resources
  • Module 15 is Post leanings


The course fee is Rs 26,500 for virtual and Instructor-led classrooms. 

Cities where Henry Harvin is located

Agra, Visakhapatnam, Patna, Faridabad, Indore, Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar, Cochin, and many more. 

Other courses with Henry Harvin

  • Content writing course
  • Technical writing course
  • Lean six sigma green belt course
  • Teen MBA course
  • Artificial Intelligence course

2. Asian College of Teachers- ACT 

ACT is known as a leading teacher training institution that provides knowledge and understanding of teaching methodologies. They offer 100+ courses and have academic collaboration with top institutes like Microsoft and Cambridge. The alumni base is 50,000+ across the globe, and they provide placement support and lifetime assistance.

Benefits of doing this course

  • They have courses available for teachers who are from various areas.
  • They are recognized worldwide, and their certifications are trusted.
  • Faculty support is provided in a complete program.
  • The courses are offered in online and distance mode.
  • The courses are completed at the convenience of the students. 
  • Placement support is provided. 
  • The courses offered are Live/ online TEFL course, International TEFL Certificate, International TEFL Diploma, International advanced diploma in TEFL, International PG Diploma in TEFL, Certificate in TEFL Young learners, and Certificate in TEFL Business learners.

Live/ online TEFL course

This course is designed for aspirants to connect with their trainers, as the trainees are provided with stimulating classrooms. The student can attend classes from anywhere and develop knowledge. The course duration is from 1.5 months to approx 2 months.

Fees: 33,000 INR

International TEFL Certificate 

The course duration of this course is 120 hours which is approx 4months. These courses are flexible and can be attended from anywhere. They offer one 1day of live training classroom sessions and Teaching practice.  

Fees: 14,500 INR

International Advanced TEFL Diploma

The course duration is for 1year with 280 hours of an online course. The courses can be completed in fast-track mode from anywhere. The courses are offered online. There is one classroom training session, and Face to face tutoring is for students.

Fees: 29,500 INR

International PG Diploma in TEFL

This course duration is for 1.5 years with a total of 400 hours. The course duration is for 1 year with 280 hours of an online course. The courses can be completed in fast-track mode from anywhere. The courses are offered online. There is one classroom training session and Face to face tutoring for students.

Fees 39,000 INR

Certificate in TEFL Young learners

This course duration is for 60 hours with a maximum of 3 months. 

Fees: 10,000 INR

Certificate in TEFL Business learners

This course duration is for 60 hours with a maximum of 3 months. 

Fees: 10,000 INR

3. Intesol India

Intesol is known as the trusted and dedicated training institute offering courses on TEFL. The courses are being offered in online and offline mode. They offer various courses for pre and primary teachers. Along with courses, Intesol offers job assistance to students, on completion of courses.

Benefits of doing the course

  • Intesol have 23 years of experience
  • They are accredited by UK ELT awarding body
  • They provide flexible study options to kids
  • The trainers are highly qualified and trained
  • Intesol worldwide is accredited by Awarding language Acquisition for professionals.
  • They offer TESOL/ TEFL Courses online and classroom TEFL courses.

120 Hour TEFL- 6 months Fees 15,000 INR

Course covered        

Unit 1: Study skills

Unit 2: Study of English

Unit 3: Teaching and Learning of ESOL

Unit 4: Classroom management and assessment 

Bonus unit: Young Learners

150 Hour online Tesol course- 6 months- Fee 20,000 INR

Course covered        

Unit 1: Study skills

Unit 2: Study of English

Unit 3: Teaching and Learning of ESOL

Unit 4: Classroom management and assessment 

180 Hour online Tesol Course- 8 months- Fees 24,000 INR

Course covered 

Unit 1: Study Skills

Unit 2: The study of English

Unit 3: The concept of teaching and learning of ESOL

Unit 4: Lesson planning

Unit 5: ESOL skills for life

Unit 6: Business English

Unit 7: Young Leaders

350 Hours Online TESOL Course- 12 months – Fees 40,000 INR

Course covered 

Unit 1: Being an efficient distance leader

Unit 2: Semantics/ Language awareness

Unit 3: Phonology and Phonetics

Unit 4: Psycholinguistics

Unit 5: Discourage Analysis

Unit 6: Syllabus Design

Unit 7: Materials design and Exploitation

Unit 8: Methodology

Unit 9: Teacher development

Unit 10: English as a world language 

Fees :

  • 120 Hour TEFL- Fees 15,000 INR
  • 150 Hour online Tesol course- Fee 20,000 INR
  • 180 Hour online Tesol Course-Fees 24,000 INR
  • 350 Hours Online TESOL Course- Fees 40,000 INR

4. International TEFL and TESOL Training

ITTT offers a wide range of courses with different lengths, styles, and costs. ITTT has been a market leader in providing training since 1993. They provide knowledge of the language and practical skills. They have experienced staff to provide training. They provide customer support 24/7. 

Benefits of doing the course 

  • The certificate is embossed in the PDF format and the certificate is Notarization
  • The certificate is recognized worldwide
  • They provide lifetime job assistance as they have to tie up with the recruitment companies
  • They have blogs for experience sharing. They have a good online presence with excellent reviews. 
  • The course materials are updated and also have free videos to support students.
  • They provide in-class and combined courses. 
  • There are specialized online courses and students can learn at their own pace. 

Online TEFL Certification courses 

This course is online related and can be opted as a self-learning or instructor-led network. These courses can be completed from anywhere and anytime


US$ 199 and INR 14,908.16 

Combined TEFL certification courses 

This course is a combined option for online and in-class certification courses. The courses are taken by students at their own pace and attend the scheduled live classes. 


US$ 1500 and INR 1,12373.10

Diploma TEFL Certification course 

This course is advanced for 370 hours in online mode. This course can be completed by students at their own pace or with the instructor. 


US$ 499 and INR 37,382.78

220 – Hour Master Package

This course offers multiple certification courses and is a 220-hour course. This course contains a 120-hour TEFL certification, a 50-hour certification in English teaching, and a 50-hour certificate for English teaching to young learners.


US$ 349 and INR 26,145.47

470- Hour Professional Package 

This course is advanced-level learning with a single course of 470 hours. This course also includes a 120 hour online TEFL certification course, 50-hour certificate in business English teaching, 50-hour certification in young learner teaching, and 370 hour TESOL diploma course.      


US$ 699 and INR 52,365.86

550- Hour Expert Package

This is an expert package with six courses. The courses include 120-hour Tefl certification, 50-hour business English teaching, 50 – hour English teaching to Young learners, 370 -hour TEFL diploma course, 50- hour English online teaching, and 30- an hour of teaching practice recognition. 


US$ 899 and INR 67,348.94 


AP Teacher Training Institute is an international training institute. They have their Asia headquarter in Kolkata, India. Their vision is to make good teachers and support learning. The course offering is for 150 hours. 


TEFL course in Hyderabad is for Rs 50,000 + 18%GST

TEFL course in Chennai is for RS 50,000 + 18%GST 

TEFL course in Bangalore is for Rs 50,000 + 18%GST

TEFL course in Mumbai is for RS 50,000 + 18%GST

6. Coursera

The TESOL Certificate, Teach English Now part1 is offered by Coursera. This course helps you to understand basic modes of language learning, how to design lessons, plan a lesson, apply best practices, and maintain the classroom. The certification journey includes taking a course, doing hands-on projects, and earning the certificate.

Benefits of doing the course 

  • The certificate is sharable
  • Online course making it flexible to access anytime and anywhere
  • Provides flexible schedule
  • Beginner level course
  • The course duration is approx 6months 

Course Modules

  • Course 1: Foundation principles
  • Course 2: Theories of second language Acquisition
  • Course 3: Lesson Design and assessment
  • Course 4: Capstone Project 1 

7. Udemy

The TESOL course offered by Udemy specializes in teaching skills and classroom management. This course will help students to learn the teaching of English as a second language.

Benefits of doing this course

The course includes 8.5 hours course lectures

This course is full time accessible

This course is accessible on mobile and TV

A certificate of completion is provided.

Course Module

Module 1: Introduction to teaching includes reading, listening, writing, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar.

Module 2 is Classroom management.


This course is for RS 3499, which is currently at an offer price of Rs 455.

8. I TO I

I to I  was established in the year 1994. They are known for the quality and value of the TEFL course. They provide support and advice with experience and knowledge in this domain. Their mission includes changing lives, broadening horizons, supporting dreams, and creating stories. They offer various categories of the course as listed below.

TEFL Certificate

This course is 180 hours online which is 4- weeks. This course is suitable for beginners and provides a level 5 certificate. This course includes a module which is teaching young learners.


This course fee is 210$ and INR 15,735.

TEFL Diploma

This course is for 300 hours online for 8-16 weeks. The course access time is 27 weeks. This course is for beginners and provides a Level 5 diploma. This course includes Teaching Young Learner, 60 hr of English teaching, 60 hr of business English teaching, and a free study guide.


This course fee is 385$ and INR 28,847.49

TEFL Advanced Diploma

This course is for 420 hours online, which is for 12 to 20 weeks. This course has an access time of 37 weeks. This course is for beginners and provides a Level 5 advanced diploma. This course includes Teaching Young Learner, 60 hr of English teaching, 60 hr of business English teaching, 60 hr of teaching other subjects and 60 hr of teaching IELTS, and a free study guide.


This course fee is 262.50$ and INR 19668.74. 

9. London College of Teacher

LCT is known as a global teacher’s training institute. The courses are available online, distance, and classroom mode. LCT is present in 85+ countries.  

Benefits of doing the course

  • The training is accredited and certified
  • An International Teaching certificate is provided
  • High Qualified tutors are available 
  • 24/7 access to the course is available with 100% placement assistance. 
  • Affordable fees with easy installment options.
  • The course duration is 12 days which is 2weeks for a total of 150 hours


  • TEFL course in Bangalore is Rs 50,000 (Inclusive GST)
  • TEFL course in Chennai is Rs 45,000 (Inclusive GST)
  • TEFL course in Mumbai is Rs 50,000 (Inclusive GST)
  • TEFL course in Hyderabad Rs 45,000 (Inclusive GST)

10. Cochin International Language Academy 

The CILA is known for its English training and teacher training. This institute is based in Kerala and known for its training as it helps the non-foreign language speakers, The course is for 5- week intensive training. The trainers are from various countries and provide up-to-date knowledge of the subject. They also offer a Diploma in TESOL.


For doing TEFL certification, there is no requirement to get a degree in English or teaching experience. There is no requirement of attending a college to get a degree to teach abroad. Any person who completes the TEFL professional-level training is eligible to get a job abroad. However, to get professional training, it is mandatory to join the TEFL certification course. TEFL certification is a process that involves completing the training and clearing the assessment to be eligible for certification. 

The above mentioned are a few institutes that offer TEFL certification in India. TEFL certification is not restricted to the above institutions, as there are many more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Q.1 What is the difference between TEFL and TESOL? 

TEFL Certification is training, which helps teachers teach English to students in a country where English is not the native language. TEFL certification is recognized for teaching in non-native English language speaking countries. TEFL is the accepted certification for teaching English by the institutions. TEFL offers specific training as the focus remains on teaching non-native English speakers.
TESOL is the certification that trains teachers to teach English in both non-English speaking countries and English-speaking countries. This training will help to get a job abroad and in your home country. TESOL is the new term, and it’s less likely to be accepted in comparison to TEFL certification. TESOL courses are split between teaching to ESL and EFL language learners, and the learning is not specified for one purpose. 
However, both the certifications refer to teaching English and are recognized by companies for getting the job. Both certificates offer complete training.

Q.2 How does TEFL certification work?

To work as a professional teacher, the skills need to be acquired. The TEFL training institute covers the knowledge from basic to advanced, providing skills and tools. There are a few standards to be followed, such as

1. The 100 hours of minimum course work to be completed
2. 6-20hours of practice to be completed which includes live teaching and classroom observation with real-time students.
3. The accredited curriculum to be followed to make the certification valid
4. The trainers must be qualified as per the requirement and sills
5. The training, when taken from an institution that offers job search, is effective. 

In general, the companies accept candidates who have completed a minimum of 100 hours. However, any candidate who has completed 120 hours, of course, has increased chances to get placed. These courses are available in online and offline formats. 

Q,3 What are the career options after completing a TEFL course?

The career options that can be opted on completion of TEFL are training are

Teaching: TEFL refers to teaching English to non-native speakers and is one of the most preferred careers after completion of the TEFL course. 
Academic Coordinator or Senior teacher: This job refers to the Young learner coordinator, Senior teacher, or Business English coordinator. This is also related to the administration type of work.
Director of Studies: This is a management type of role which involves activities like, Planning curriculum, developing courses, coordinating teaching schedules, Conducting workshops, Teacher observation, feedback sharing, recruitment, client handling, school management, and teaching.
Self Employed: This refers to setting up your teaching school. The courses can be delivered online, in-class, or as convenient for an individual. 
TEFL Trainer: To be a TEFL trainer, the candidate must take additional qualifications.
ELT publishing: This refers to developing content, writing curriculum, sales representative, promotional activities, and any material creation to selling work. 

The career progression graph of TEFL often is step by step. 

TEFL Teacher
Expanding knowledge in this domain
Senior teacher, Young learner coordinator, or Business English coordinator
Seek Diploma level qualification
Director of Studies
TEFL course trainer
Being self-employed

Q.4 What are the additional qualifications required to be a TEFL Trainer?

The TEFL trainer should be an industry expert, and to become an expert in this domain, the individual must take additional qualifications, which are as follows

DELTA – (Diploma in the English Language for Teaching Adults)

This course is provided by Cambridge English. This course is advanced, and the candidate must have completed basic TEFL training. This course covers the topic in detail to give the required exposure. 


This course is provided by Trinity College of London. This course is also an advanced level training which will help to become a TEFL Trainer.

Certificate In Teaching Business English and Young learners

This course helps in gaining specialization in one area. These courses are for a few weeks and days. This course is useful for positions like Teacher and coordinator.

Q.5 What are the tips to get TEFL Certified?

The tips to get the TEFL certified are as below 

Look for Right Course

Once you have decided to take the TEFL certification, It is necessary to understand which institute and course are right for you. The choice will have an impact on your achievement of going abroad. The institute which offers job assistance is helpful. Also, the time and importance of the course need to be assessed. 


The certification can be applied, from the website of the institute or by contacting the institute. If you are not sure, you get help from advisory services provided by the institute. The advisory board also will check in the eligibility and screening. 


After applying, you need to put all the effort into learning the course to gain knowledge. More than certification, it is about the knowledge for the opportunities abroad. You need to effectively utilize the services provided during the course. 


The certification depends on the assessment process. Hence, it is necessary to gain the knowledge to clear assessment. The score in your assessment will help you to gain the dream job. Once you clear the assessment, make use of the placement services provided by the institutions. 

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