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Almabetter Course Reviews ( Leaked)

Those of you interested in learning Data Science and searching for the best courses have come to the right place. The Data science pro program of Almabetter may be what you are looking for. In this article, I will review this popular Almabetter course to learn Data Science in 2021.

More than ever before, companies gather data about their customers and services. Data scientists are needed as a result, as they are able to interpret and use the information for making decisions.

Based on that insight, one can make better decisions based on data analysis. If you want to learn even more about your field and to improve your resume, data science courses are the way to go, regardless of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional.

It is possible to learn data science through many different courses, but not all are great and teach all the necessary skills you’ll need to become a data scientist, and one of these courses is The Data Science Course 2021: Complete Data Science Bootcamp.

As a data scientist, you are in higher demand than ever before. After learning the basics of Data Science and why it’s worthwhile to learn it, let’s examine this popular data science course from Almabetter step by step to see whether it’s right for you.

Almabetter Course Review — The Data Science Course 2021: Complete Data Science Bootcamp

The industry will benefit from Shivam’s AlmaBetter data scientists when it launches in August 2020. Vikash Shrivastava, a fellow IIT-KGP alumnus, joined as co-founder. 

With AlmaBetter, data science aspirants obtain fast-paced training through an online Bootcamp that is community and cohort-based. Founded in Bengaluru, the startup is claiming to train and prepare its workers for the fast-paced requirements of the tech industry within six to eight months. 

AlmaBetter has developed its programs so that no matter what the aspirants’ financial situation is, they are able to learn. Additionally, AlmaBetter confronts traditional education’s high costs. 

As of May 2021, AlmaBetter had 40,000 registered users (four cohorts and community learners). The platform is growing at 30 percent month-over-month in paid memberships.

By March 2022, the startup hopes to graduate 25,000 data science aspirants from two lakh applicants. A portion of the fund of Rs 2 crore will be used to support needy students with scholarships, financial aid, and computer equipment. 70% of students on the platform do not have an IT background, which indicates that AI/ML roles are growing in popularity. 

By 2022, AlmaBetter aims to grow its learner community to 1-2 lakh. According to Shivam, the job crunch will be aggravated by increased automation, which makes data science upskilling a necessity to survive the IT job market. 

Key Highlights about the program

  1. Course duration and program details:

Offering placements ranging between Rs 6-25 lakh per year, the platform provides a 32-week instructor-led program. The platform offers two types of programs. There is pay after placement option and a job guarantee option. As part of the pay after placement program, students can enroll in the program without paying any fees, and the amount will be deducted from their account as an EMI once they are hired. Students enrolled in the second option paid in advance and were guaranteed 100% employment. In the event that the student doesn’t get the job, the full amount will be refunded.

The cost of the course is only paid to students after they are placed in data science jobs at high-growth startups or Fortune 500 companies. 

  1. Course fees:

Basically, it’s an income-share model: Students pay Rs 10,000 for 30 months of the course after they earn Rs 3 lakh

For its first cohort, it claims a 100 percent placement rate. Eduvanz, a provider of education finance, has also backed the business. 

  1. Hiring partners:

In addition to 120+ hiring partners, AlmaBetter has partnered with firms like Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, Paytm, Delhivery, Ola, Myntra, PaisaBazaar, PayU, and MNCs like Sony. Amazon, Oracle, Accenture, Citibank, HSBC, and Microsoft). According to the founder, students receive 1.8 job offers on average. Using an AI-powered platform, the learning platform ensures competency-based, personalized results.

  1. Enrollment procedure:

Pro Live and Pro-Flex are two different types of programs.

Pro-Flex students have lifetime access to recorded lectures, data science labs, industry discussion sessions, and case studies and the Pro live Students have live mentoring, five capstone projects, and instant doubt resolution. 

  1. Eligibility:

Those who wish to learn Data Science can enroll in this program. Neither your educational background nor the stage of your studies is a barrier. Students who want to learn Data Science from the ground up at their own pace and have jobs or other obligations will benefit from this program especially. In addition, if you have completed some coursework and wish to be considered for placement, you can enroll in the program after passing some competency tests and be considered for placement. It is a program that can be used by any student, whether they have no coding background or prior data science training.

  1. Certification:

A certificate will be issued to you after you have completed the program. In addition, if you pass the milestone competency test, you will also get a completion certificate.

  1. Pro program details

A placement guarantee from AlmaBetter is only available to Pro Program students who have passed all of the competency tests. A student enrolled in the Pro Program who chooses a placement guarantee must sign the ISA.

As soon as you start earning a high salary, you will start paying yourself back. As a result, the threshold salary is kept at INR 6 Lakh per annum, that is, the loan is not paid until you get employment paying at least that amount.

They currently have partnerships with 120+ companies, from high-growth startups to large corporations. According to the ISA, all income-related documentation must be submitted including Offer Letters, Salary Slips, Income Tax Returns, and Bank Statements. Nevertheless, owing to our relentless pursuit, this number is constantly increasing as they continue to expand their hiring partners network

Students who enter into an income share agreement called an ISA, are obligated to share as tuition a predetermined portion of their income. Data Science Pro program participants will receive an ISA of 10,000 rupees per month after their first salary for a period of 20 months. The ISA will only have to be signed if you choose our placement services.

8) The Instructor Reputation

Various fields of specialization are represented by the instructors for this course, including artificial intelligence and data science.

9)  Content and Structure of the Course

The course will teach you data science, math, and Python, so if you want to become a data scientist, it is worth taking. Here are the topics you will study:

9.1. Data and Data Science

The section on data science describes why a business needs it, and how it relates to other fields such as machine learning, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and more. Also included in the course are some data science methods.

9.2. Probabilities of learning

During the course of the program, you will gain an understanding of the basics of data science and how it relates to other fields. You will also learn how to utilize and analyze data using math and probabilities.

9.3. Develop a statistical understanding

There is a nice feature of this course that it teaches you more than Python. Students will also learn more about statistics and how to form hypotheses in this section.

9.4. Become proficient in Python

This section covers how to use Python as a programming language, including functions, variables, data types, conditions, and more. By the end of this section, you will be proficient in Python.

9.5. Become familiar with machine learning

We will learn some Python in the next section so we can use it to make the computer learn from data, as opposed to being programmed. We will also be learning some algorithms like logistic regression that will assist you in learning from your data.

9.6. Become an expert in deep learning

There are times when you have large amounts of data and machine learning algorithms cannot handle large amounts of information, so you have to apply deep learning, which creates neural networks modeled after an individual’s brain to learn that data, which is implemented using the Google TensorFlow library.

9.7. Case Studies

To be a good data scientist, it is not only about learning the tools and things you need to do, but also about practicing yourself. In this section, we will get some real-world data and show you how to apply what we have learned.

10. People Review

There are over 40k students enrolled in this course. It has a score of 4.5. Any professional in the field of data science would benefit from this course. In more than half of the surveys, students found the content easy to understand, and over half of them gave it a 5-star rating.

They provide excellent training. Their work is both excellent and very well-spoken. Unless you are placed at the minimum package of six LPA, there is no tuition fee to pay. A new fee structure has been introduced, requiring you to pay 1.6lac rupees in advance within 8 months of enrolling in the course. In the event you do not get placed with their minimum guarantee (6lpa), they will refund your fees plus 10% interest (1.76 lacs they will return to you). The point is to see what level of confidence they have in their course because ultimately you will get profit. You will find that even if you don’t come from a CSE or IT background, they can place you even if you don’t see a lot of their placements. Their course is not a scam, and in fact, it is much better than many good data science courses because their instructors are IIT graduates with experience in the field and their placement officer is an iim graduate. Therefore, I strongly suggest you try them or do their course.

My recommendation of AlmaBetter is definitely yes. LEARN-EARN-RETURN is an ambitious program. The curriculum is extensive and rigorous. During your trainee period, you may even feel that you will get the job if you put this much effort into the job.

Overall review of the  program:

  1. Assignments with deadlines are due every day.
  2. Each class ends with a Kahoot quiz
  3. Classes are held twice a day (except on Sunday)
  4. Generally speaking, a Saturday guided project lasts between 10am and 12pm
  5. Three hours of AMAs, revision sessions, and industry talks (Saturday)
  6. This Sunday’s Project
  7. Mentor sessions and mock interviews weekly (65+)
  8. Deploying projects on the cloud
  9. During class, it is mandatory to give answers to questions. You receive 10 marks for this activity.
  10. (Utter) Classes for Communication Improvement
  11. Sessions on building a resume.
  12. Every module must be passed with a 70% grade. You will need to repeat the module if your grade doesn’t meet 70%.

By participating in these activities, you will gain an advantage over your competitors. Although you will not lose anything here, AlmaBetter will lose their fee if they do not place you, as the program is Pay After Placement. Hard work is all that’s required!

A placement guarantee from AlmaBetter is only available to Pro Program students who have passed all of the competency tests. A student enrolled in the Pro Program who chooses a placement guarantee must sign the ISA.


I appreciate you taking the time to read this article. The Data Science Course 2021: Complete Data Science Bootcamp review of Almabetter is a great read. Please share it with your friends and colleagues. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback, or if you suggest a Python course or book I should read.

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