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Henry Harvin SAP MM ECC course Review

The SAP industry has made business easier and more reliable following the establishment of ERP tools. In the long run, SAP has enabled many changes for industries. With the development of ERP tools, we can communicate more easily between different groups of people. With an ERP platform, it is simple to transfer files from one place to another while keeping the schedule on time.

What is SAP MM?

A key component of SAP ERP central component, materials management helps organizations maintain their inventory, materials, and warehouse management capacities. SAP MM plays a key role in the supply chain process and helps in the management of inventories. SAP MM assists in updating the team once the inventory is running low on resources, which in turn helps in keeping the inventory stocked.

ERP component SAP MM is used for complete stock management in various industries. The inventory list is constantly updated with materials needed, and the warehouse is updated with new products based on the inventory list and requirements. These processes are managed by SAP MM.

Are you interested in taking a SAP MM ECC course? Then Henry Harvin might be a good choice for you. You can learn how to take relevant training at Henry Harvin by reading my reviews of Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin specializes in certification training. Taking such professional certification courses can help us achieve our professional goals. I assessed Henry Harvin’s course offerings and facilities during my review. Our focus in this post will be on a SAP MM ECC course offered by Henry Harvin that can be taken by students and professionals alike. 


 Henry Harvin Education offers academic courses and online certifications. It began offering professional training courses in India in 2017. The organization is certified by UKAF, UK Cert, MSME, and Project Management Institute (PMI).

Henry Harvin offers a variety of courses, such as analytical courses, finance courses, writing courses, law courses, management courses, and digital marketing courses.

 Henry Harvin has trained more than 3 lakh students over the past four years. According to Henry Harvin’s reviews, the organization has more than 180 corporate partners and more than 110 college partners.

As an industry leader, Henry Harvin offers graduates the chance to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. Thus, the skills gap can be bridged and the knowledge and skills needed for this field can be enhanced.

 Top media outlets have taken notice of Henry Harvin’s quality education program. According to Henry Harvin reviews, numerous publications and media outlets have hailed his success, including India Today, News World India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, Statesman, and Financial Express.

 There have been a number of awards given to Henry Harvin for their work, according to Henry Harvin reviews. There are several prestigious awards, such as the Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and the 40 Under 40 Business World Award.

 Key highlights about Henry Harvin’s SAP MM ECC course

 In this course, students learn how to efficiently use the SAP MM ECC software. 

Through the SAP MM ECC course, students will develop their knowledge of financial accounting and controlling. Students at Henry Harvin have a track record of success thanks to the use of the latest industry standards and advanced lab tools.

According to Training 360, Henry Harvin’s Certified SAP MM ECC Training Course is one of the top three courses in the industry. Job support, practical training, and a promising career are included in SAP MM ECC certification. This course is available online in a live instructor-led format.

In this course, students will learn both basic and advanced levels of SAP MM ECC. As a result, students are placed in major MNCs, allowing them to grow professionally.

Here are some highlights of the program.

  1. Organizational affiliations
  2. Instructional Techniques
  3. Participate in a webinar or Bootcamp
  4. Multiple trainers are available for unlimited training sessions
  5. Support is available 24/7
  6. You will see the SAP MM ECC practitioner mark at the end of your name
  7. Expert faculty
  8. Experiential and internship learning
  9. Alumni status and placement status
  10. Benefits of a Gold Membership in the Finance Academy

Who can take this course?

Those already working in the finance industry with an interest in learning SAP MM EC should consider taking this course. This course will provide the most benefits to those who are new to SAP MM ECC certification and have no particular prerequisites, but the following people can also take advantage of the course.

  • Finance specialists and executives
  • Job seekers in SAP, MM, and ECC
  • Finance department employees.
  • Career Opportunities for Graduates
  • Changing careers from any domain to finance
  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in this field. 

Henry Harvin SAP MM ECC course reviews

Students and alumni of the Henry Harvin SAP MM ECC course are generally satisfied. According to Henry Harvin SAP MM ECC reviews, the course has many positive elements, including training methods, experienced trainers, placement guarantees, internships, lifetime support, affiliate certification, webinars, hands-on projects, and gold membership.

All affiliations

Henry Harvin Educations, an ISO-certified company, is a member of the American Association of EFL, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the PMI, UK Cert, UKAF, the MSME, and the Government of India. The company is ISO 29990:2010 certified.


Henry Harvin has won numerous awards, such as the Top Corporate Training Award, the Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and the Under 40 Business World Award. Henry Harvin has more than 1400 Google Reviews, 220 Youtube Testimonials, and a rating of 4.5 on Goabroad, Trustpilot, and Go overseas.


According to Henry Harvin SAP MM ECC course reviews, this is a 44-hour class taught by an instructor. 

In a year following completion of the online training, learners receive 24 hours of Bootcamp training. During the year, learners are permitted to enroll in as many batches as they wish with various instructors.

Training methods

The following is a description of the SAP MM ECC course.

  1. Self-paced training

Self-paced training programs allow students to study at their own pace. They are available for lifelong learning. INR 20250/- is the fee structure for the SAP MM ECC Self-paced course.

 2. Online virtual classrooms

You can choose between instructor-led online classes and self-paced training in online virtual classrooms. This course also includes a Gold Membership.

Online classroom training includes monthly Bootcamp sessions, as well as video recordings for lifetime access to all batches. There is a fee structure of *22500/- for Sap MM EC C online classroom training.

3. Training for the corporate sector

Training programs tailored specifically to learners within an organization are organizational training programs. The training sessions are tailored to the company’s requirements and are only open to company employees. The learning management system (LMS) is customized to make learning easy.

Bootcamps or webinars

Candidates have the option of attending a 12-month training program or a one-year webinar. They prepare the learners for industry interviews by brushing up on the concepts learned during the training modules. #Ask Henry is a series that features Bootcamp Sessions.

Multiple trainers are available for unlimited sessions

The Finance Academy at Henry Harvin’s offers a variety of courses taught by different trainers so that learners can pick a course that suits them. The training can be repeated as many times as needed without incurring additional fees during the membership period.

24×7 lifetime support

Through SAP MM ECC, you will have the opportunity to complete Live Projects, receive guaranteed internships, watch recordings, attend boot camp sessions, and learn interview skills.

Mobile access to the Moodle e-learning portal

Students taking the SAP MM ECC course have access to a Learning Management System (LMS). Upon enrolment, learners receive login credentials for accessing the Certified SAP MM ECC Training Course via Moodle on their phones.

A SAP MM ECC certification and hallmark appear near your name

Students who complete this SAP MM ECC course are awarded a testimonial certification from Henry Harvin. Certification as a SAP MM ECC practitioner will enhance their prior expertise in SAP MM ECC. It can be used by the candidates as a symbol of their upgraded expertise since it bears your name. Rahul Khanna (CSFP) is an example.


  • A brief overview of SAP is covered in Module 1
  • The second module introduces the basics of SAP MM
  • The third module focuses on master data
  • The procurement process is covered in the third module
  • The Purchase Order Scenario module in Module 5
  • Valuation and account determination in Module 6
  • The inventory management module is the seventh module
  • Verification of invoices is in Module 8
  • The special procurement module is part of Module 9
  • In Module 10, you will learn how to transfer stocks
  • The Release Strategy module is the eleventh module.
  • Twelfth module discusses PO pricing
  • Split Valuation is Module 13
  • The fourteenth module consists of MRPs
  • Report and Inquiry is module 15
  • Developing soft skills is a complementary module
  • The second complementary module focuses on resume writing

Faculties of Expertise

In addition to more than ten years of experience, Henry Harvin’s trainers are well respected in the industry. Training partners have carefully selected instructors and praised them for their work over the years. Our instructors have given hundreds of keynote classes as well as over 500 lectures at SAP MM ECC training classes. An expert in the field has been recruited by Henry Harvin Finance Academy.

Work experience and internships

Candidate participates in hands-on training using industry projects as part of the Certified SAP MM ECCC Training Course. An internship program helps candidates gain practical experience and prepares them for career opportunities in the field.

Alumni status and placement

Henry Harvin offers a 100% job placement guarantee to students enrolled in its SAP MMM ECCC course as well as the chance to enroll in its elite Finance Academy. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to connect with new opportunities through the more than 18000 alumni networks worldwide.

Benefits of gold membership in the finance academy

  • The types of tools available to students through E-learning include video, games, projects, and case studies.
  • Bootcamps conducted every month by industry experts will help you brush up on your concept knowledge.
  • The SAP MM EC Training Course is offered by Henry Harvin and its partners with 100% placement assistance.
  • Support your preparation to ensure your success at the interview.
  • As a member of the Certified SAP SAP Training Course, you will have access to complementary modules, such as Soft Skills Development and Resume Writing.

Other learning benefits

  • Obtain a thorough understanding of the Functions and Objectives of Material Management
  • The SAP R/3 system provides an overview of an enterprise’s organizational structure
  • For purchasing documents, define various document types like PR, PO, REQ, Contract, and so on
  • Develop an understanding of the Release group, Release codes, Release indicators, Release prerequisites, and Release strategies
  • Find out how to determine the Schema Group, Calculation Schema, Schema Group Vendor, and more
  • Get familiar with the service categories, number ranges, and more of the organization
  • Identify inventory differences and create a physical inventory document
  • Find out more about Stock Transport Orders, Returnable Transport Packaging, Third Party Processing, etc.
  • Be familiar with Material Valuation, Split Valuation, Global Categories, and more
  • Become familiar with the Invoice Verification Procedure, Invoice for Purchase Order, Automatic Settlements (ERS), and Maintenance of GR/IR Accounts
  • Integrate the MM module with other modules such as FICO, SD, and PP

Benefits of SAP Certification

  • Certified SAP professionals are recognized internationally as one of the most sought-after certifications in technology. The SAP certification validates your SAP skills in the global market.
  • Enhances SAP Skills: To achieve SAP certification, one must pass the SAP certification exam, which requires adequate SAP skills. This training helps participants gain SAP certification skills.
  • SAP Modules: Different SAP modules are available for different organizational processes. A user can become certified for the SAP modules that are relevant to their job role. SAP HCM certification can be obtained by HR professionals, SAP FICO certification by financial professionals, SAP SD certification by salespeople, and so on.
  • SAP systems allow organizations to manage the database and work processes of various departments and branches from a single unified system, which enhances job performance. As a result, SAP certification allows one to achieve the organization’s goals more effectively.

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Q.1 What are my options for SAP MM training?

It is better to take online classes in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic without risking your health. We are providing you this opportunity to attend SAP MM certification classes from anywhere at Henry Harvin without having to interrupt your routine

Q.2 What makes Henry Harvin’s SAP MM Certification program better than others?

In Henry Harvin, SAP MM certification training programs are delivered by senior industry experts that have worked and handled projects for international companies. It is their job to assist you in learning the latest industry standards and techniques that are necessary in the real world. They will help students earn experience through case studies.

Q.3 For the purpose of gaining experience, will live projects be assigned?

Definitely, live projects will be given to be handled in order to gain experience and get hired


Based on the reviews of their courses, Henry Harvin is considered the best provider of legitimate SAP MM ECC courses in India. The SAP MM ECC course allows students to understand and effectively implement this software. Nowadays, many businesses rely on SAP systems. A leading ERP platform offers ease of use in all aspects of a business. Certification in SAP enables professionals to better prepare for the increasingly complex workplace. In some cases, it is also a criterion for selection.


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  • SAP MM is one of the finest & important modules in SAP ERP, very vital in manufacturing and trading industries as it mainly deals with “Procurement” & “Inventory management”. thanks for this blog it is very helpful to me

  • SAP MM is one of the finest & important modules in SAP ERP, very vital in manufacturing and trading industries as it mainly deals with “Procurement” & “Inventory management”. thanks for this blog it is very helpful to me.

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