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Top 10 Business Analytics Courses in Mumbai

Business analytics courses are among the best courses in great demand in Mumbai. Are you thinking of taking the training of business analytics courses? The course helps people in business solve many business problems using data analysis and statistical models. The company uses different tools to work with complex sets of data. Business analytics predicts the trend by using the insight of the businesses. Many top business analytics courses in Mumbai help business people to work better in their professional journey.

1. Henry Harvin(Best Business Analytics Courses in Mumbai) 

Henry Harvin ranks as the top industry to provide the business analytics course in Mumbai. Bestcoursenews awards the institute for providing the best course in the region. The institute’s vision is to provide “Value Creation” in all the classes.

Why Should You Select Henry Harvin as Best Business Analytics Course?

  • Get the best hand on training from the industry expert on the topics.
  • Provides the best job support to the students after completing the course.
  • Become one year member of the institute, grabbing a lot of benefits.
  • Recommended by IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay.
  • Gold membership is provided to the students joining the course.
  • Students can work with many companies through an internship. They will know how to work with different tools and see the course more detail.

Business Analytics Courses Details

  • The total duration of the business analytics course is thirty hours, with twenty-four hours of brushup sessions and fifty hours of E-learning access.
  • Students get the certification of CBAP after completing the training.
  • The trainer teaches different tools like Microsoft Excel.
  • Learn the interview skills included in the complimentary modules.
  • Institute covers more than five projects where students learn other topics.

Other Courses Offered

Henry Harvin provides other courses to students who want to upskill their careers. Check out the top courses available in the institute:

  • Content writing courses
  • Language academy
  • Accounting and taxation course
  • Medical writing course

2. ExcelR(Top Business Analytics Courses)

ExcelR is a global leader that delivers many training courses to students. They provide different levels of courses to the students, fulfilling the industry’s needs. ExcelR provides virtual classroom sessions, which help them to sit in their area and get the training. The institute covers different topics and tools in the business analyst course. Participants get an E-learning access to browse the recorded classes and notes. They work with other projects and assignments to get practical experience. Blending training models are also available, which helps to watch the missed lectures.

3. My Great Learning

It is a part of the Byjus group, one of the leading global tech companies. There are different programs available which are developed in collaboration with top institutions of the world. They deliver the best learning programs with trainers from the best industries. Institute provides various free courses also to the students to help them achieve their dream. The business analytics course covers and teaches different tools to the students. Candidates do not require to pay any additional fees for the course materials. Great learning provides live virtual classroom sessions to the students. Also, it allows for upgrading their Cv by delivering certificates.

4. upGrad

upGrad is South Asia’s largest ed-tech program which provides different courses for executives. The company’s vision is to give career success and build trust for professionals with the best course structure.UpGrad was founded in 2015 and aimed to achieve its goals at each step.LIBA is the institute under the upGrad to provide an Executive PG programme in Business Analytics. The duration of the institute includes three hundred hours of learning with the best course material. Institute also gives the projects that must be completed during the training sessions. Professionals can have a choice of virtual hiring after completing the course.

5. Techcanvass

Techcanvass is a professional training program for different courses available. It provides globally recognised certifications in Business Analytics courses in Mumbai. They give the best industry experience to the students. Techcanvass also includes access to 180 days of sessions.

6. Gamaka AI

GAMAKA AI SOLUTIONS is a training centre that conducts various professional training courses in multiple technologies. Seasoned industry experts and professionals lead the Institute. The goal of Optimal Student Satisfaction encourages us to transform the lives of aspiring young people. Trainers are working for top professionals with top MNCs.

7. Edvancer Edventures

Edvancer is an IIM IIT set-up venture aiming to provide students with the best career options. It is a part of the Global education system, which aims at providing anytime, anywhere learning. The education system focus on delivering higher ROI to the students. The Certified Business Analytics Course Professional aims to deliver seventy-two hours of learning sessions to the students. Edvancer gives both the option of self-paced and online learning sessions in the business analytics course. They also provide hands-on training with 70% helpful content. The course curriculum includes various topics with query sessions to make it possible to learn the course. Students get multiple job opportunities from the institute.

8. ZipherTech

Ziphertech designed a Training program for college kids and graduates who aspire to become enterprise Analysts. A Business Analyst calls for the area of interest abilities to come to be a success in the IT industry. This application guarantees thorough education and grooming abilities for the candidate to become an expert Business Analyst. And they never forget to focus on many areas, which helps the candidate to shine in their professional journey. They fill the gap by balancing the demand and supply of trained and skilled workers.Zipher Tech takes recruitment under the top MNC for business analytics courses. 


COEPD is a primary community aiming to minimise business analysts’ project failures. It strives to make the businessman aware of the business analyst and its benefits. The institute conducts four days of workshops in different metro cities throughout the year. The expert trainers work the workshop training with other projects. Training is conducted in various mediums such that many professionals can learn it.

10. Skill logic

Leading education centre with top-notch Business Analyst publications in Mumbai. The institute offers education for Business and Data Analysis publications for aspiring applicants for professions in diverse sectors like Banking, Management, Agriculture, Retail, Insurance, Logistics, etc. The modes of conducting training sessions are online, classroom, and self-paced learning.

Benefits of Business Analytics Courses

Are you interested in learning the business analytics course? The professionals and company have various benefits from choosing the course. Some of the benefits are:

  • Decision-making skills

This course teaches the students to use a different sets of information with the help of different tools. They will have the new skill of decision-making. This makes it possible to apply for the new job title.

  • Career Growth

Due to higher skills, candidates can upgrade their CVs.Business analysts can earn more income after training and upgrading their knowledge. There are many opportunities available for them to work in a different field. Even with a graduation degree, getting this skill can give the candidates a high salary.

  • High Promotion Opportunity

After completing the course, professionals can get a promotion from the company. As there is the demand of the course in any company. This opens a new door to the professionals and the company. Also, they will get the opportunity to work with top MNCs.


Business Analytics courses in Mumbai are among the best courses every business person wants to learn. This blog contains the name of the institute providing online and offline methods. Are you still thinking about how to select the institute? Note down the features and your requirements from the course. Select the best course and institute which fulfils your demand. Business analyst course helps the business to move in the right direction. There are various tools which make the work easier through the strategic decision. So business analytics courses are the best help provider to enhance the entrepreneur’s skill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between business analytics and data analytics?

Business analytics uses different types of information, which helps to make decisions. The info is practical, data-driven, implemented, and changes according to other choices. Data Analytics uses data sets which uncover trends and insights going on. It focuses on making informal organisational decisions.

What are the eligibility criteria to become a business analyst?

There are different requirements for the different institutes. Some of the institutes want a 10+2 degree to learn the course. Simultaneously the business school requires the candidate to have some skills related to the course. Work experience is also needed to understand decisions and course structure adequately.

Will I get any benefit from the business analytics course online?

Yes, the course’s benefit is the same irrespective of the learning mode.

Can I use the business tools after learning the business analytics course?

Yes, the course teaches many business tools like Excel, which small and big businesses use.

Do I get certifications from the course on which I enrol in?

Yes, the institute offers certifications after completion of the course.


  • I have found Business Analytics online class very interesting and fast paced. I think if I would have known more about the class, then this online class would have been a better decision for me. I think since I did not know anything made it difficult on where to begin with the information I needed. This class has definitely been a challenge which has made it fun for me.

  • The expectations were upfront and obvious, and it worked well with a busy schedule. I had a great time taking your course. I truly enjoyed learning more about business analytics training course; even though this is not a degree or field I am pursuing, it was one of the greatest courses for me.

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  • I had a great time taking your course. I really enjoyed finding out more about the top business analytics programmes in Mumbai. I wholeheartedly advise anyone who would be interested in taking this course to do so. In that case, advise them to read this blog.

  • I appreciate you giving this important information. My career will benefit greatly from it. I’m receiving very high-quality course material that is relevant to my abilities.

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