Top 10 Online IT Certification Courses in Demand for 2023

IT (Information Technology ) is perhaps the most well-known category with top to bottom certification courses and tutorials across all parts of IT. Information Technology is building interchanges, networks for an organization, shielding data, and information assisting representatives with troubleshooting issues with their PCs or cell phones. 

Individuals getting into this field have a better chance to look into their career paths. 80% of IT experts say that certifications are valuable for their professions.

About Online IT Certification

The requirement for IT experts with efficient skills and experience is developing rapidly. Owning an IT certification makes you stand apart from other candidates in a competitive job market. To get certified you need to pass one or more certification exams.

Benefits of IT Certification

  • Expand knowledge and skills
  • Earn respect and credibility among colleagues
  • IT certification gives you better career options
  • 28% of technology experts can earn a pay increase upon successfully getting certified
  • IT certification can help in getting higher-paying jobs with better promotions
  • IT experts can assess to the global community
  • IT experts experience lower turnover and increase productivity
  • The Government requires IT position certification to get hired in leading companies
  • IT certification can help in building a competitive profile

Let’s have an overview of the most demanding certification courses in 2022 :

Top 10 Online IT Certification Courses in 2022

1. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

The program upgrades the abilities you want to propel your career in cloud architecture and gives a pathway to acquire industry-recognized; Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification You will convey arrangements components including foundation parts like organizations, networks, and application administrations. You will likewise have the chance to rehearse key abilities including case investigation, recognizing technical watchpoints, and creating proposed arrangements. To test your basic abilities, you will be provided with sample questions including practice exam quizzes to pass the certification exam. Upon successful completion of this program, you will get a certificate and can expect to acquire practical involvement with the ideas clarified all through the module. 

The exam accesses your capabilities to:

  • Design and plan 
  • Analyze and optimize technical processes
  • Manage implementation 
  • Ensure solutions

A GCP Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect has the highest salary at $179,529.

Anyone looking to acquire knowledge in the Google Cloud platform can get GCP certification. 

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate

Want to master your skills in architecture design, administration, and programming advancement? Well, this is an ideal course for you. This incorporates capable utilization of both the AWS order line and the AWS programming advancement kit. The AWS exam is computer-based. The exam takes about 80 minutes, taken at PSI centers across the US. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect/Associate tests your in-depth knowledge in designing systems on AWS.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be driven through practical lab sessions. The course culminates in 4 practice tests to give you openness to the kind of inquires you can expect on the test : 

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

A successful AWS Certified Solutions Architect can earn up to $149,446 per year. 

3. Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

CRISC is one of the first certifications that help professionals to get ready for a real-world string with proper tools to both evaluate and manage risk. The certification requires pre-requisite abilities, for example, the capability to deal with continuous difficulties of big business risk and to design risk-based data framework controls. To get CRISC certification, you need to have three years of involvement with at least two or four areas the certification covers. The exam held is computer-based. CRISC certification has been a top certification for years. It will remain high in demand in the coming years. A successful Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control can earn up to $146,480.

4. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

CISM is a certification presented by ISACA, a non-benefit autonomous partner that promotes the experts associated with data security, assurance, risk management, and administration. 

CISM is a high-level certification that approves individuals who have shown the information and experience needed to create and deal with enterprise data security programs. Certification is planned for data security managers, aspiring managers, or IT consultants who work in data security program management. 

To qualify for the exam, candidates should have 5 years of verified experience with the infosec field with at least three years of infosec management experience in three or more CISM content regions. The exam is computer-based. CISM is well paid. On average worldwide information says you can make $148,500 per year. 

5. Certified Information Systems Security Professional ( CISSP)

Today numerous IT security experts lean towards CISSP certification training. This is on the grounds that it gives data security experts proposing to quantify and a worldwide standard of achievement. The certificate was presented in 1994 and is the most required security certification on Linkedin. The digital certification is presented by ISC and a global non-benefit association with more than 200K Certified members.

The test is accessible in 8 dialects in 822 areas and 144 countries. The test is presented at Pearson Vue testing centers. CISSP candidates must have 5 years of full-time paid experience with no less than 2 of the 8 CISSP areas. In case you don’t have the work experience, you can in any case acquire an Associate designation by passing the exam by working on the full certification. Anyway, you will have as long as 6years to finish the required experience.

In addition, CISSPs must receive Continuous Professional Education (CPE) credits each year. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional can earn on average $141,452.

6. Project Management Professional ( PMP)

The Project Management Professional certificate was made and managed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is one of the most presumed project executive project management certifications accessible today. The certificate shows that you are capable of managing projects and project teams. You will be tested mostly in 5 explicit regions : 

  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Observing 
  • controlling and
  • Closing

If you wish to become a certified manager, you need to complete at least 35 hours of related training prior to giving the exam. 

Getting a PMP certificate requires years. However, it is worth it after all. PMPs currently can earn on average $143,493 per year. 

7. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

The IT Information technology library is designed to standardize the selection, planning delivery and maintenance of IT services with a business. Our goal is to enhance efficiency and acquire predictable service delivery. Information Technology Infrastructure Library is most likely an accepted framework. It has held this difference for the past 30 years. Covering a set of best practices for imparting IT services with the needs of companies, it is for the extensive-ranging field protecting a long list of important specializations such as IT operations, capacity management, incident management, and alike. This certification is accepted as a framework for handling the IT life cycle. As this certification is unique from the other certifications, it focuses on the intersection of IT and the wants of the enterprises. To turn out to be certified you have to pass the examination. Depending on the ability an employee can earn on average $132,278 per annum.

8. ITIL® Foundation

ITIL foundation presents ITIL 4 and examines  IT service management throughout the operating model. ITIL 4 gives directions to the new techniques used in modern IT, like Agile, DevOps, and learn IT development.

The certification approves an understanding of ITIL structure and how it can upgrade IT service management. The certification is acknowledged as a system for dealing with the IT life cycle. This certification is often connected with higher IT salaries in view of cross-certification. The certification is unique from other certifications on the list. Professionals on their ITIL Foundation Certificate, regularly proceed to accomplish higher-level credentials.  Certified IT experts who don’t have this certificate can earn $8,000 less every year than the ITIL foundation. To accomplish this certificate, you need to pass the ITIL exam. Once you get your hands on a certificate, you can earn on average $129,402.

9. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner- Associate

AWS Certificate Cloud Practitioner is meant for any individual who has essential information about the AWS stage or platform. Prior to taking this exam, you need to have : 

  • Top to bottom knowledge on no less than one high-level programming language
  • Need to have the capability in creating, sending, and investigating cloud-based applications using AWS
  • Need to recognize basic highlights of an AWS administration
  • Fundamental understanding of IT services and their uses in the AWS cloud platform. 
  • Information of core AWS services and their utilization cases, billing, pricing models, and security ideas
  • Need to have the capability to use or interact with AWS services
  • Need to have a basic understanding of cloud-native applications to compose code

If you wish to earn the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, you need to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test. The exam is computer-based. Presented at PSI testing centers like all AWS exams. The test includes a combination of two question formats: multiple choice and multiple responses. 

To get certified, you need to have an insight into at least one programming language and AWS. An AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner can earn up to $131,465.

10. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Azure Fundamentals gives basic information about essential cloud ideas and administrations. It gives an overall understanding of components such as security protection, compliance, and trust. Azure is exceptionally adaptable and affordable. 

According to Microsoft, the test is intended for applicants looking to demonstrate a foundational level of knowledge and understanding of cloud services and how the services are provided with Microsoft Azure. There is no separate module for this certification. For acquiring Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals, you need to clear AZ- 900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. It is available to every individual who has measures of involvement in any cloud-based arrangements. 

An employee can earn up to $126,653. 

Few roles to take up with this Certification are:

  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Azure Networking Specialist
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud key Account Manager

At present, IT Certifications are in high demand. 80% of IT professionals say that certifications are useful for their career; the challenge is selecting your area of interest to focus on. There are many leading institutes that provide IT Certifications. One such institute is Henry Harvin®. 

About Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin® Microsoft Training (Technology Academy) has been set up with goals and objectives to upgrade the skills of the latest Microsoft Technology, aspiring professionals to reach their potential. It offers Microsoft Training like 

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Course
  • Microsoft Azure Administrator Course
  • Microsoft Azure Architect Design Course
  • Microsoft Azure Architect technologies Course
  • Microsoft SharePoint Course

Henry Harvin ® Cloud Computing Academy has been set up with goals and objectives to upgrade skills of the latest technology and management. This academy helps in reaching the targets of empowering the professionals to reach their potential. Courses under Cloud Computing Academy are: 

  • AWS Solutions Architect Course
  • AWS Developer Associate Course
  • AWS SysOps Associate Course
  • AWS Technical Essentials Course

Henry Harvin ® IT Management Service Academy has been set up with goals and objectives to upgrade the skills of the latest technology and management. This helps the professionals in reaching their respective targets. Course under IT Management Service Academy are:

  • ITIL Foundation Course
  • COBIT 5 Course

Henry Harvin ® Cyber Security Academy has been set up with goals and objectives to upgrade the skills of the latest technology and management. The learning solutions are unique and goal-centered. 

Course offered: Cyber Security Course.

Let’s have an overview of the top IT courses of Henry Harvin:

1. AWS Solutions Architect Training Course

AWS Solutions Architect Training course is one of the most demanding certifications. The course helps candidates to prepare for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate tests SAA-C02. The program includes all changes in SAA-C02 with the ideas of SAA-C01.

Henry Harvin provides experts with 15 years of experience with global certification.

Training: 36 hours of live interactive classroom sessions.

Projects: project facilities in fields of AWS Cloud, EC2, IAM, etc.

Certification: AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Internship: to get practical experience of learning.

Placement: 100% placement guarantee support.

E-learning access: sufficient tools and techniques, videos, content assessment, etc.

Bootcamp: regular boot camp sessions over the next 12 months. 

Membership: 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin ® Cloud-Computing Academy for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Training course.

Career Benefits

  • Qualified for professional in cloud computing jobs
  • Improve CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Get promoted
  • Openness to abroad job opportunities 
  • High paying jobs in the management industry
  • Develop a startup in one of the most remunerating fields of today
  • Earn AWS Certified Solutions Architect Training Certificate

2. Certified Cyber Security Professional Course

Certified Cyber Security Professional Course provides experts with 23+ years of experience, globally certified. Applicants are free to attend multiple sessions with multiple trainers. 

Training: 16 hours of live interactive classroom sessions. Exams are conducted based on the training, at the end of the program to get the certification.

Certification: get certified as Cyber Security Professional. 

Bootcamp: regular boot camp sessions over the next 12 months.

Membership: one your gold membership of Henry Harvin ® Cyber Security Academy for cyber security professional Training Course.

Career Benefits

  • Qualified for cyber security professional jobs 
  • Improve CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Good job opportunities
  • Get promoted
  • Be aware of the growing market of cyber security professionals
  • Learning about computer network security with reference to internet layer protocol,l transport layer protocol, link layer protocol, and application layer protocol.
  • Opportunities to work with industry top brands.

3. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training helps applicants to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals i.e AZ-900 test. Microsoft Azure has 4 types of Cloud Computing: 

  • Software as a service
  • Platform as a service
  • Infrastructure as a service and
  • Serverless

           Training: 36 hours of live interactive classroom


           Projects: projects related to Azure, VMSS, AKS, etc.

           Internship: to gain practical experience of learning.

           Certification: get certified with Microsoft Azure

           Fundamental training.

           Bootcamp: regular boot camp sessions over the next 

           12 months.

           Membership: 1-year gold membership of Henry 

           Harvin ® Cloud Computing Academy for the Microsoft

           Azure Fundamentals Training Course. 

 Career Benefits

  • Learn about Azure virtual networks
  • Understand the cloud concepts used in Microsoft Azure.
  • Get thorough knowledge of core Azure services 
  • Qualified to Azure jobs
  • Openness to abroad job opportunities
  • Get promoted
  • Improve your CV and Linkedin profile


At present, the demand for skilled professionals and specialists is high. Each of the above-mentioned courses will help you get into high-demand jobs. Master your choice of Certification today with Henry Harvin ®. 

Enroll now! 

Other IT courses offered by Henry Harvin:

AWS Developer Associate Course 

AWS SysOps Associate Course 

AWS technical essential course 

Microsoft Azure Architect design course

Microsoft SharePoint course 

Besides IT Courses, Henry Harvin offers Courses

Technical writing 

Medical writing 

Content writing 

Education StartUp in India

SAP FICO S/4HANA course 


1. Which IT certification course is best for IT jobs?

BI( Business Intelligence)
Web Development
Software Development
Cloud Computing

2. Which IT certification course is best for a high salary?

Data Science,
Cloud Computing,
Artificial Intelligence,
Website Development and so on…

3. How can you become an IT Manager?

To become an IT manager you need to have a bachelor degree in computer science, information technology, IT project management, or a related field
Get an internship
Get practical experiences in the IT field

4. How can I get an entry-level IT job?

Research job requirements,
Get required qualifications,
Computer operator,
Gain professional recommendations and so on…


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  • I enrolled in the Certified Information Systems Security Professional course and was impressed by the hands-on approach to learning. The virtual labs provided a real-world simulation of cybersecurity challenges, allowing me to apply what I learned in a practical setting.

  • The Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert course was an eye-opener for me. The course covered the latest trends and technologies in cloud computing, and I was able to gain a deep understanding of Azure and its capabilities. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to advance their cloud computing skills.

  • I recently completed the Certified Ethical Hacker course and it was a great learning experience. The course material was up-to-date and the virtual instructor was highly knowledgeable. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to expand their cybersecurity skills.

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