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Top 10 Diabetes Doctors in Delhi

Do you want to know about the Top 10 diabetes doctor? The health sector plays a vital role in today’s life. So for the treatment, there are the top Diabetes Doctors in Delhi. They have highly satisfied their patients with the best medicine.

So check out the best Diabetes doctor in Delhi:

Top 10 Diabetes Doctor

1. Dr Sanjay Gupta – Top Diabetes Doctor in Delhi

Dr Sanjay Gupta is the gold medallist with the MBBS degree. He comes under the top 10 Diabetes doctor in Delhi with thirty-five plus years of experience as an Endocrinologist. He is the Director and Endocrinologist of the SG diabetes Centre, Delhi.

Rewards & Recognitions

  • He is recognised by API(Association of Physicians of India)
  • He also contributed to the field of Diabetes, awarded by the honourable Cabinet Minister of India(Dr Harshwardhan) in 2016.
  • Research as a Study of salt and fat consumption pattern in regional Indian Diet, among hypertension and dyslipidaemia patients
  • He is a recognised  member of the one of the Society(USA)named as endocrine.
  • He also has membership in RSSDI, API, CSI, DFSI, and MNAMS


He is the Senior Consultant physician at Fortis hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

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Address:- 123, D-1, Floor, Kamla Nagar, Delhi, 110007

Phone No:- +91 9899974752

2. Dr Amitabh Khanna

Dr Amitabh Khanna ranks as the top 10 Diabetes doctor in Delhi. He is an alumnus of Moti Lal Nehru Medical College, Allahabad. Dr Amitabh has received many awards in the army field as he was keen to serve the nations in different areas. He has also taken his post-graduation degree in clinical endocrinology and diabetes. Holding many degrees apart from this, he possesses thirty years of experience in the diabetes field. He has the best Diabetes Clinic in Delhi.

Phone:- 098109 49594

3. Dr Rajiv Singla

Dr Rajiv Singla is one of the top 10 diabetes doctor in Delhi. He has completed his graduation from Maulana Azad Medical College, which is situated in New Delhi. He has also received his education degree from Diplomat of National Board and AIIMS. The doctor has many years of experience which helping patients and handling complex cases. He is the head of the department at 

  • Saket City Hospital and 
  • Kalpvriksh Superspeciality Center in Dwarka, Delhi. 

Dr Rajiv knows many fields like thyroid, growth disorders, metabolic disorders, PCOD, etc.

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Phone:- 087430 55284

4. Dr Aastha Gupta

Dr Aastha Gupta is one of the top 10 Diabetes doctor in Delhi. She is very devoted to her work as she is working in the health sector. She has done her duty with many private and Government hospitals gaining a lot of experience. The most decisive vision is providing specialised care of endocrinology to all. She has completed her PG from one of the foreign universities. Her experience in various fields like diabetes, thyroid disorder, PCOS/PCOD, high cholesterol, obesity, and hormonal imbalance.

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Phone:- 098180 15081

5. Dr Deepak Khandelwal

Dr Deepak Khandelwal comes under the list of the best diabetes doctors in Delhi. He knows the various field which deals with multiple health problems. He has done his graduation in the medical field from Maulana Azad Medical College situated in New Delhi. Dr Deepak feels proud to publish in more than 100 international and national paper which records the different aspects of endocrinology. He also received several awards, which made him more popular. He is a visiting senior consultant at Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini, Delhi. There are more details available which make the best diabetes doctor in Delhi.


Phone:- 099530 82480

6. Dr Arvind Kumar

Dr Arvind Kumar is a famous doctor specialising in Diabetes and thyroid disorders. He has generated a vast experience in the field of medicine. Dr Arvind has been a consultant at the Sitaram Institute and Gurgaon clinic. He has been part of many diabetes awareness camps and helped a lot of patients in Gurgaon. Also initiates many changes in their lifestyle. He is an essential asset to the doctor’s family. Dr Arvind has seventeen years of experience serving many helping hands.

Phone:- 098100 25756

7. Dr A Silviya Irene

Dr Silviya brings the best diabetes treatment in Delhi. Taking the special training in Endocrinology from Safdarjung hospital, Dr Silviya serves all the patients and helps treat their disease quickly. Diabetes is a big problem for some patients, so she provides holistic care on controlling sugar efficiently. According to her faith, she brings the best connection with patients for the long way and helps them in managing their sugar.

Phone:- 011 4211 1111

8. Dr Mudit Sabharwal

Dr Mudit is the director of 

  • Health Plus Xpress Clinics, 
  • SB Med Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

He has taken his MBBS degree from Chaudhary Char. Singh University, Meerut. He has also taken his post-graduation from one of the prestigious colleges of a foreign university. He has served many patients and comes under the best diabetes doctors in Delhi. As degrees and education plays a key role in the medical field, he has completed a diploma in diabetes from the prestigious Cardiff University UK. People are fond of his clinical services. He has been an active member of various medical associations. If you want to consult a doctor, check out the website for my details.

Phone:- 075030 20433

9. Dr Anirban Biswas

Dr Anirban Biswas is one of the top diabetes doctors who has achieved his MBBS degree from MGM medical college, Indore. He has also received many certifications from top medical boards. With his extraordinary skills, he has earned gold medals in the medical field. He has presented many lectures and participated in many events throughout the world. He has a helping hand quality as he organises free health camps to help diabetes patients. His dedication has helped more than twelve hundred patients and assisted in providing proper insulin.

Phone:- 093133 15383

10. Dr Atul Gogia

Dr Atul Gogia is a consultant and the best diabetes doctor in Delhi. He handled many complicated diseases and helped the patients. He has taken many pieces of training and got the certification. According to the patient, he is famous for treating all adult illnesses and ailments, including chronic diseases. He is an observer of various infectious diseases.

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Phone:- 098910 03450

Tips for Diabetes Patients

A good lifestyle plays a crucial life in every human being. It is found that following the proper lifestyle helps fight diabetes disease. Many people get afraid after getting the disease. There may be several reasons for entering the condition. But following certain habits will help in reducing the problem.

Lose your weight

It may be possible that you are overweight. You may face different health problems and do stuff. Diabetes patients should reduce their weight.

Be active physically

You should maintain a proper diet and be physically fit. Yoga is the key to maintaining physical health. Aerobics also acts as the best source of physical fitness. So many tutorials available on the internet. Even offline sessions are also available for the candidates.

Reduce the consumption of junk food

Junk food is not a good source for the human body. Excess consumption leads to the growth of various diseases. Healthy foods should be eaten, and a proper diet should be followed.


The above includes many best diabetes doctors in Delhi. If you want to make an 

appointment, check out the website and enrol your details at the preferable time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the medical term Endocrinologist?

An endocrinologist specialises in the treatment of Diabetes disease.

Can I schedule an appointment for diabetes with the best doctors?

Yes, you can visit the website and schedule an appointment.

Do I need to take the previous reports while consulting doctors?

Yes, it is good to carry the previous reports.

How can I check if I am suffering from diabetes?

Diabetes can be checked through blood tests.

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