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Top 10 French Language Courses in Delhi: 2023


As Edmund de Waal quoted, “With languages, you are at home anywhere.” Knowing another language has its advantages. One can learn a language for professional or even personal interest. According to research, French has made its place in the top 5 list with its increasing popularity. The French language is used by more than 280 million speakers around the globe.

French is not limited to France, Canada, and Europe. With the expansion of the world digitally, learning is no more a classroom job. Learning through online platforms is the next big thing. Many institutes provide French language courses in Delhi. Apart from moving a step ahead in your career, French language courses have many other individual paybacks. Learning a language can help you – 

  1. Build problem-solving skills
  2. Boost multi-tasking capabilities
  3. Develop more retention power
  4. Improve attention span
  5. Expand your first language usage and understanding. 

In this blog, you will explore different places that offer French language courses in India. If you are unsure which course to opt for or which institute to select and why? I will help you with the details of the best packages in the market to learn French.

What is the French language?

French is the language of the Indo-European family. Just like Spanish, it has its roots in the Roman Empire. These languages are otherwise called the Romance Language. More than 25 countries acknowledge French as the official language. One of the world’s leading languages, French is very popular and has multiple applications. Uses of French are in almost every sector these days, from education to judicial language; French has an immense influence in the sphere of life. Academic studies suggest that French is ahead of Spanish and is the second most used language after English. A person who speaks French is often called a Francophone.

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The Best French Courses in Delhi

1. Henry Harvin Language Academy

Henry Harvin is an ISO certified Edutech company. It has a lot of awards in its kitty for the quality courses they provide. Henry Harvin provides a curriculum designed as per the directives of CEFR. Their key feature is the 9-in-1 benefits. Along with the course, you get access to the learning portal, job support, live projects, and even gold membership benefits.

This course will make you job-ready. The French classes with Henry Harvin come with multiple aids. The mentors have more than 15 years of experience and are the best in their field of work. Henry Harvin’s French language courses in Delhi will help you to grasp more than 25000 vocabulary words. It will improve your sense of French grammar. This course has additional benefits of internships, boot camps, and competitions for the learners.

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Duration: The duration of each level is approximately 30 to 40 hours. The basic level A1 to the proficient level C2 is conducted at Henry Harvin.

Fees: The very affordable course fee is a perk that makes Henry Harvin a desirable institution in this competitive market. The fee structure for the French language courses in India is as low as INR 8999. In the table, you will find the details of the course duration and fees for your reference.

  Level    Duration (In Hours)  Fees

Contact: Call or drop a mail at +91-9015266266 / [email protected]

Opportunities: The gold membership, 9-in-1 course benefits are the advantages of Henry Harvin.

Obstacles: The offers are lucrative and no doubt about it, but the course is relatively new. Henry Harvin is a reputed company in India.

2. Udemy

Udemy is a humungous platform offering numerous online courses. From young to adult learners, they have huge enrollments every month. With more than 150, 000 courses to choose from, Udemy has been delivering well-planned French language courses in India. They have an array of choices to opt from. You can select the ones best suited for your requirements.

Language lessons for beginners are their bestseller course and can be your best way to learn French. This course gives you the liberty to download 12 useful resources and gives you access for a lifetime. With 24 articles to choose from, you can easily access this course on mobile and TV.

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Duration: The course designed for beginners is a four-and-a-half hour-long course. This course is popularly known as the 3-Minute French course. Each video has a 3-minute duration. This helps in better consistency and concentration of the learners..

Fees: You can avail the course for only INR 8640. There are plenty of other French language courses in Delhi with more or less similar fee structures.

Contact: Check out their Help and Support link in

Opportunities: The fee is easy on the pocket.

Obstacles: This course is just the first step and cannot be of much use.

3. Live Lingua

Founded by Laura and Ray, Live Lingua is one of its kind. Launched in 2008, Live Lingua was built on the foundation to help bring people closer through digital media. They offer a lot of language courses in Delhi, and French is one of their best-selling courses. They offer the best self-paced courses. You can learn from as many as 28 free online courses.

Ideal tutors to learn from, well-structured lessons to facilitate learning, and tailored feedback for better progress are one of the essential features of Live Lingua. They have the option to pay per hour basis which saves you time and money. You pay for the lessons you might need.

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Duration: They have a great plan to offer which is their standard course. If you wish to learn from the base, these lessons are great for you. The standard lesson has a minimum of 1 hour of learning. It can go up to 100 hours, depending on the needs of the learners. They also have structured plans for exam preparation for individuals looking for certifications.

Fees: The standard classes come with a price of INR 2140 per hour of learning. If you select a 40 hours package, then you need to pay INR 1844 per hour only.

Contact: Drop an email at [email protected]

Opportunities: Some free course materials are the best aspect of Live Lingua.

Obstacles: The pricing is based on the number of hours, and you have no fixed course fee. You might end up paying a lot.

4. Institut Francais India

One of the premium French classes in the country, Institut Francais India promotes the French language and culture through its numerous courses. The courses are available from any corner of the world. They have 13 Alliance Française offices across the nation. IFI is an integral part of the Embassy of France and conducts exchange programs.

They have different courses designed for both adults and adolescents. They organize classes in collaboration with Alliance Française. They understand the needs of the learners and hence organize both online and onsite classes. Their mentors are highly qualified and trained to adapt to the new pedagogical upgrades.

They have a library in each of their centers which consists of books, movies, and tools for the learners to explore. The facility to an online library portal is also available for the students. They do offer different levels of French.

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Duration: The French levels offered by them are A1, A2, B1, and B2. The duration for each course is different and depends on the classes you opt for. The duration of the basic A1 course is 50 hours.  The advance B2 level has a total duration of 200 hours.

Fees: Learning French is affordable in India. The deals that you get in different institutes vary. The course fee for the basic level is INR 6000 while the advance course is for INR 30000. In the table, the course fee is mentioned for different learning levels that they offer.

  Level    Duration (In Hours)  Fees

Contact: +91-11 3041 0000

Opportunities: The pros include free library access and discounted tickets for cultural events.

Obstacles: The course fee is relatively high. They do not have C1 and C2 courses for the learners.

5. Rocket Languages

In 2004, Jason Oxenham and Mark Ling started Rocket Languages for individuals with immense interest in learning a second language. People around the world joined Rocket Languages for Spanish and French. At present, it is one of the global leaders in French training classes in Delhi. With the magic of language, they have connected several people from different corners of the world.

With a focus on more than 8000 words and phrases, 112 lessons on French culture, and 30 different learning tools to empower your learning journey Rocket Languages is your perfect partner. Rocket activities are planned to make your learning an experience of a lifetime by enabling you to learn through kinesthetic and audio-visual actions.

alt = "Rocket Languages French Classes"

Duration: The Rocket French Level 1 course is a 172 hours well-designed course that covers 3840 phrases, 33 audio lessons, and 53 cultural lessons for the learners. You even earn lifetime access to the course.

Fees: The basic Rocket French Level 1 course is INR 11000. They do offer other French language courses like Rocket French Level 1 and 2 for a price of INR 22,000. The Rocket French Level 1, 2, and 3 course is also available for INR 33,000.

Contact: Check out their website

Opportunities: They offer the best conversational class with a solid foundation of grammar.

Obstacles: The course is a little boring. You might not enjoy while learning.

6. Fluent U

French learning courses in India are now just a click away. Thanks to the digital world, French classes are accessible from the comfort of your home. The passionate language learners from far and wide formed the platform Fluent U. This website is to help you learn a new language with proper tools and real-time experiences.

French comes with real-world videos, quizzes to enrich vocabulary, and tools to enable language comprehension. Fluent U teaches you beyond textbooks. The videos are designed to enhance your listening skills. Reviews suggest that within four months, you can achieve higher learning levels.

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Duration: The duration of the course is a choice of the learner. There is no specified time mentioned to learn a language. You can choose a monthly billing scheme or an annual billing scheme depending on your convenience.

Fees: The annual learning scheme costs INR 1473 per month, and you get 14 days of free trial classes. The monthly billing comes with INR 2200 per month after the 14 days trial period is over.

Contact: You can raise a ticket from the help section in the website.

Opportunities: They give you a real-time learning experience.

Obstacles: No proper course framework, lack of speaking activity is the cons of Fluent U.

7. Babble

Founded in 2007, Babbel is the pioneer in this field. They have millions of subscribers around the world. Babbel gives you the confidence to learn and converse in your new language within 5 hours of the course. Advanced technology to support your learning, Babbel has more than 10,000 hours of content for over 14 different languages.

The French language is easy if you have Babbel in your palm. With the Babbel method, it would take just 10 minutes a day to learn French. Babbel has a dedicated team of mentors to design their app while keeping learner’s needs in mind. They offer live online classes, podcasts, videos, and games for French learning courses in India.

alt = "Babbel Logo French Language Courses Online"

Duration: Babbel has two different plans for their learners. You can select the Babbel app-based learning experience that is the most preferred way of learning. You can also opt for the Babbel Live plan that offers live French classes for interested learners. The details of the classes are:

  App Based Learning    Live Classes
1 month1 month
3 months3 months – 4 classes per week
6 months6 months – 2 classes per week
12 months12 months – 1 class per week

Fees: The fees have a wide range. As low as INR 955 per month to INR 87000 per year. You can select as per your requirements. The detailed fee structures for the courses are:

  App Based Learning    Live Classes
1 month – INR 9551 month – INR 7300
3 months – INR 28673 months – INR 21900
6 months – INR 57346 months – INR 43800
12 months – INR 1146812 months – INR 87674

Contact: Send an email to [email protected]

Opportunities: The app allows you to learn on the go.

Obstacles: Set-up like a traditional learning experience makes it not so enjoyable.

8. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has an enriched collection of over 30 different languages that they teach. Founded in 1992, they also have a couple of endangered languages in their course list that might interest students across the globe. Their solution is cloud-based and hence can be accessed from any place and any time.

Winner of the best language learning app award for seven consecutive years, Rosetta Stone has made its mark. This course covers extensive vocabulary words, alphabets, grammar, and even French etiquettes.  Through their app, you can even converse in French online. The French language courses in Delhi include a lot of paybacks for inquisitive learners.

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Duration: You can select from three options. The basic course is for three months. There is also an option for 12 months and even a lifetime plan to choose from. The lifetime plan gives you access to unlimited language learning opportunities.

Fees: INR 2657 is the course fee for the basic three months course. The lifetime plan comes with INR 22000. If you select the 12-months scheme, then all you have to pay is INR 10000.

Contact: Connect via toll-free number1-800-767-3882

Opportunities: They offer great bonus content.

Obstacles: Lack of grammar and vocabulary choices makes learning incomplete.

9. FrenchAce

Rashmi Vohra, a professor of French, established FrenchAce in 2012. A small initiative left behind a huge impact on the lives of the learners everywhere it went. It is one of the best private French language courses in India. With branches all over Punjab, they are a well-known face in French training. Ex Infosys employee and a former professor of Alliance, Rashmi Vohra, started her journey from Punjab and carried FrenchAce to Toronto.

The best thing about FrenchAce is small batches, accent lessons, and special examination preparation facilities. They also provide four free classes. They furnish a well-structured curriculum and exceptional standard study materials. Every course has a regular and extreme program type. All of their faculties are either B2 or C1 qualified.

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Duration: They have multiple program options to suit the requirements of their learners. The basic A1 and A2 levels are for 70 hours each. The B1 and B2 are for 100 hours each. Apart from these, they have numerous combo offers to cherry-pick. The DELF and TEF exam preparations are also escorted for the assistance of the students.

Fees: The fees for the French classes vary and are determined by the type, of course, you want to pursue. The expenses for A1 and A2 are INR 12990 for each level. The B1 level is available at INR 18990. The B2 level of the French language is INR 20990. The exam preparation courses are also available for varied remunerations.

Contact: You can call at +91-77110 51000 (Available in WhatsApp also)

Opportunities: Refund policy is an eye-catching pro they offer.

Obstacles: The mentors are B2 and C1 qualified and not very experienced.

 10. French pod 101

Started 12 years back, Frenchpod 101 had the vision to make French language courses fun. Recognized in the top-most news articles like The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal, the Frenchpod 101 is a famous name in the market. They teach more than 30 different languages that include Hindi as well. They offer podcasts based lessons which is a unique way of learning.

Their course consists of video-based lessons that are designed in a way that lets you grasp the language faster and use it instantly. With their mobile application learning French is now in your hands. Flashcards, blended learning, and word banks are the essential features of Frenchpod 101. The best deal is that their course is CEFR aligned.

alt = "Frenchpod101 Logo"

Duration: There is no specific time duration for completion. You can choose from 3 different courses. Premium, Premium +, and Elite are the names of the levels they offer for French.

Fees: The expenses rest on the type of course you pick. The 3-course types have their features and benefits, and the pricing varies too. The basic plan is available for INR 737. The premium + has many benefits and costs INR 1696. The premium + and the elite courses have the advantage of 1-on-1 sessions specially designed for the learner’s need.

Contact: You can send in your queries to [email protected]

Opportunities: Blended learning and repetitive flashcards are in high demand.

Obstacles: The basic subscription pack has very few features that might interest you.

Benefits of French language courses:

  • Language of the World

French is a popular language. From art to office, it has its significance everywhere. French language courses are present in every continent.

  • Language of Culture

Language of Victor Hugo, Edith Piaf, and Jean-Paul Sartre; French is the vernacular of art and culture. Learning French can give you access to literary work, movies, and melodies. From cooking to fashion, French can increase your possibility to join the cultural family of France.

  • Language for Jobs

France is one of the major economies and a favourite endpoint for investment. French can be your permit to the top-notch organizations for jobs and business deals.

  • Language for studying other dialects

Learning French can help you create the base to learn other languages like Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. All the Romance languages are pretty similar.

  • Language of fun

It is an easy language, and it is fun to learn. It is the language of love and romance. It certainly is the most preferred second language in universities and schools.

What are the levels of French language courses in India?

Six different levels of French language courses are the standard course syllabus. They have basic to advanced learning levels. French has a well-dispersed course framework in India. According to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the levels are:

  Category  Level  Proficiency  
Beginner  A1Can recognize and use familiar words.
Elementary  A2Can understand phrases and expressions.
Intermediate  B1Can understand main ideas.
Upper Intermediate  B2Can speak clearly.
Advance  C1Can use the language effectively during speaking.
Proficient  C2Can effortlessly speak, read and write.


The insistence; to learn a second language has drastically increased due to globalization. The number of institutes that can help you master a language has also eventually increased. A lot of establishments offer French coaching in India. The institutes listed in this blog are the best across the country. If French is an art, you can be the artist. The words, phrases, and dialects are so creative about French.

The technique of communication is unique too. Once you learn, it is all about the practice that will aid you to ace the language. Learning this language will assist you with the right career path. It will support your international travel. It will even be a feather in the cap while designing your resume.


Q1. Is it a constraint to learn a new language as an adult?

Ans. Learning is always fun. Learning a language with an experienced instructor can be joyful. Age is not a hindrance if you have an immense interest in learning and are ready to use the skills required to grasp a new language.

Q2. Is basic knowledge of French a prerequisite to learn the language?

Ans. If you are learning for the first time, a course like A1 is for you. The subsequent levels like A2, B1, and so on requests knowledge of French. To comprehend the language well and at the end of the day speak, read and write well.

Q3. In India, which other languages apart from French are in demand?

Ans. If not French, you can also study Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

Q4. Does French have a good scope in the Indian market?

Ans. India is expanding, and so is the requirement of foreign language specialists. You can effortlessly apply in multi-national establishments as a translator and content writer. Scope to join the Embassies, universities, and publishing houses increase manifold by enrolling for this course.

Q5. Are there any offline modes of learning French in India?

Ans. Many institutes offer offline courses. The current pandemic situation has created a surge for online classes from the comfort of your home.


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