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Henry Harvin TEFL Course Review

TEFL course is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This training is a pair of teachings for non-native English speakers. This is one of the fastest-growing academic areas in the nation. This certified program delivers many alternatives for teaching English in distinct portions of the world.

Hence, The Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews also illustrated the advantages of this course training, which are as follow:

  • Learners increase adequate dignity to face a class.
  • They also train participants to know the student’s psychology.
  • TEFL specialists formulate a nature to believe out of the box during classes.
  • The course also equips you to work time efficiently and productively. 

Thus, learners who enrolled for the course could observe the advantages Henry Harvin packed as an institute for the participants. Their confidential Henry Harvin review will verify the level of quality by which their course is provided. 

However, the self-paced online TEFL course fee of Henry Harvin is $600, which is adequate for a certified course with AAEFL accreditation.

Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

The English language is used globally and many people are peeking forth to know the language through a skilled teacher to educate them. 

Hence, if you become TEFL Certified then you will get an opportunity to work at various education outlets. Maximum countries select the English language over numerous languages across the world. Therefore, due to the growing economy, the need for English teachers in non-English speaking countries is also increasing. Consequently, It’s often important to choose the best TEFL course because of the increased competition and desire for highly equipped teachers. There are various promising TEFL courses and Henry Harvin is one of them.

Many students from Henry Harvin are pleased with their courses and assistance and give optimistic feedback, you can also go through with Henry Harvin TEFL course review, by searching on Google and you’ll notice only optimistic reviews.In this article, we will share with you 5 certainties about Henry Harvin TEFL Academy. How the Henry Harvin TEFL certification course is unique from other courses, what is unusual, why Henry Harvin is a responsible institution and all about Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews.

Consequently, Henry Harvin TEFL Academy is one of the prominent organisations and is recognized for being the best TEFL program provider. Henry Harvin enhances your abilities by acquiring effective class and time management techniques with the formulation of an unusual and fundamental lesson plan to educate the learners. 

Hence, It is rated the no.1 TEFL provider in the USA. Authorised by AAEFL.

Here, five certainties about Henry Harvin TEFL course:

1. Program Duration 

Henry Harvin delivers an online 120 hours of flexible classes. Once enrolled in Henry Harvin TEFL Academy, you have the faculty to enrol in several batches of classes with various educators. 

Hence, this indicates that you have infinite replications of the TEFL courses during your membership duration without paying anything additional. They also deliver post-training assistance for 24 hours of live brush-up sessions online.

However, various other TEFL courses provide 120 hours but do not give you flexibility, but in Henry Harvin, you will get flexible timing according to your convenience with no burden of timing.

2. Affordable Courses

Henry Harvin delivers TEFL courses at very reasonable prices. Henry Harvin furnished a TEFL course at $299. Henry Harvin delivers assistance at a reasonable price different from other organizations. 

Therefore, it will give a permit to a varied platform of most highly paid job openings as an EFL educator. Yet, with reasonable prices, they educate you to clear the TEFL examination at the initial try with in-depth proficiency of the learner’s psychology.

If you relate Henry Harvin TEFL courses with other course fees you will see that they are so costly. Thus, when you go through any Henry Harvin TEFL review on any website you’ll see many students give feedback that they are delighted with the Henry Harvin TEFL course fee because they give the best assistance at reasonable prices.

3. Guarantee Placement 

You will get 100% placement and job options through Henry Harvin TEFL Academy. You will promote your resume with many hands-on proposals to stimulate your career and job possibilities in more than 20 nations worldwide. 

Accordingly, there are unusual TEFL courses that offer guaranteed placement or even job interview alternatives. According to an analysis, almost every student gets employment after the culmination of a TEFL course.

Hence, according to the Henry Harvin TEFL review, students are told that they are doing jobs and fetching placement through Henry Harvin.

Nonetheless, If you distinguish from others like The University of Toronto of Education (OISE) has scheduled a TEFL certification course in a combined accomplishment with Teach Away but they don’t provide any type of guarantee considering placement or interview.

4. 1-Year Free Membership 

You will get 1-year membership of Henry Harvin’s TEFL Academy with a lifetime allowance and additional benefits in a live program, class recorded videos. Henry Harvin delivers additional classes in Interview abilities and career advice. 

Nonetheless, with a one-year membership of Henry Harvin TEFL Academy, they take the responsibility to deliver you with new lessons recorded to tape and brush-up sessions every month and most importantly access to the highly-rated LMS (Learning Management System) they stand by you in providing you career assistance, formal job updates, interview strategies practice and many more things. 

I believe this is one of the promising aspects of Henry Harvin. They provide a 1-year free membership that is contrary to others. Hence, students review says that no one delivers assistance like this, even prominent TEFL courses like International TEFL Academy, i-to-i, Premier TEFL, my TEFL and many others who don’t provide this type of assistance.

5. Authorised Courses

Henry Harvin is generously known for its services and is recognized by many organisations. Henry Harvin Education’s license to get approved from the AAEFL means American Association of EFL, UKAF, UK Cert, MSME & Government of India. Henry Harvin provides TEFL courses globally and reputable TEFL course organizations.

Although, If you go through Henry Harvin survey on different-different websites you’ll note that learners are glad and indicated that they’ll get additional advantages because of Henry Harvin’s prestigious AAEFL certification for the TEFL course as well as passing out from a reputable institution.

All around, Henry Harvin is the promising TEFL provider not only because they are an accredited institution but because of the extraordinary course content and affordably priced courses as well. However, this TEFL course is composed to verify that you clear the TEFL Certification examination on your first attempt. The training will promote you to understand the nuances of teaching English to non-English Orators.

However, It will Formulate and Expand your enthusiasm during class. It will educate the most useful education abilities and techniques by increasing an in-depth proficiency of the learner’s psychology. Therefore, you will be able to examine learners without prejudgment and formulate a different and fundamental class agenda to teach them.

Henry Harvin TEFL Core Units

  • The TEFL program of Henry Harvin is an online self-driven course accredited by the AAEFL
  • Henry Harvin ensures a 100% consultation guarantee on culmination, of course. 
  • This program has 12000 or more job openings in 6 or more nations, comprising elegant annual packages from Asia.
  • The globally approved certification ensures Visa approval as an ESL educator.
  • The trainers at Henry Harvin were professional specialists and devoted toward participants.

In this Henry Harvin TEFL review, I will also enclose the course syllabus that Henry Harvin offers for a favourable conclusion. The 120 hour TEFL course comprises 11 core units with substantial training and study material. The 11 units are: 

Unit 1- A preface to English Language Teaching 

Unit 2- Teaching language abilities

Unit 3- Structuring and providing lessons 

Unit 4- Managing class atmosphere

Unit 5- Resources and equipment

Unit 6- Digital technology in the classroom 

Unit 7- Learner-centered classroom 

Unit 8- Teaching English to new learners 

Unit 9- Teaching Business English 

Unit 10- Teaching English Abroad 

Unit 11- Teaching test practice courses

Information And Advice

The Henry Harvin TEFL certification course has equipped an Online Course educator assistance website where you can approve assistance acknowledgements and trace every support suggestion with a virtual archive of the knowledge you’ve had with your appointed teacher.

Henceforth, anyone completing the online 120 hours professional TEFL  course will achieve beneficial proficiency and moral gratitude for teaching the English language to students. 

Thus, the class itself can be finalized within 3 to 5 weeks if you are significant, though you have up to 4 months to complete the course. This should be enough time to complete the course and receive your TEFL certification.

Further the core course topic, The Henry Harvin includes a module for teaching a CV as well as a cover letter.

Final Words

Generally, Henry Harvin is the best TEFL provider because it has exceptional course content, is accredited, and is significantly priced. Their TEFL course is organized to confirm you pass the TEFL Certification exam on your first trial. As an outcome of the training, you will be able to understand the nuances encompassed in teaching English to non-native orators.

Nevertheless, your enthusiasm will be improved and boosted during the lecture. You will attain the most useful strategies and abilities for teaching by comprehending learner psychology. You will know to examine students without preconception and build a varied and important class plan to teach them. 

The Henry Harvin TEFL Academy provides the best TEFL courses, implying your qualification will be acknowledged worldwide. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy is the nation’s prominent provider of TEFL courses. Yet, if you are eager in teaching English as a foreign language, Henry Harvin can assist you to develop the required abilities.

Please go through this article, about Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews and give me your precious comments.


  • Yes, I recommend Henry Harvin because I just completed my course TEFL certification, I had long wished to do a TEFL course. When the pandemic happened, I realized this was the time! The Henry Harvin course is the only one certified. I completely enjoyed my class and would suggest it to everyone. Thank you for empowering us with such a great program that will help build us and others throughout the nation. If you appreciate working with people and assisting make a difference then this TEFL course is for you.

  • Henry Harvin is the nicest and different in comparison to other academies. The TEFL course of Henry Harvin was verified to be very helpful for me and I would highly suggest it, It is an incredible course. I suggest it to everyone who is committed to becoming a skilled TEFL educator. It will teach you everything you want to know about the job and also give you detailed exposure to the entire industry of educators and trainers. It will not only assist you in finding a job but you can also be sure of on them for unlimited assistance in all spheres of your career.

  • I received my TEFL 120 hours certification from Henry Harvin Academy. I will like to thanks Henry harvin for providing the TEFL diploma from the best academy. I have admired them while doing my course and they also help me find my job at several companies across the world. Also, their certificate is accredited by the American Association of EFL. Which is for lifetime certainty. It is a 100% profound academy.

  • Thank you for this nice blog. HenryHarvin is one of the best TEFL certification provider. So, I also recommend anyone to get their TEFL from HenryHarvin.

  • HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is undoubtedly the best place to get trained in TEFL course. It is very affordable and also the registration process is very easy. The trainers at the Academy are so well-experienced that they will definitely bring out the expertise in you by the end of the course and make you eligible for highly paid jobs. It is worthwhile to study here.

  • Henry Harvin is one of the best academies. It is accredited by the American Association of EFL. I learn a lot while doing my course. They accompany me to a job as well. It is 100% genuine. Henry Harvin is one of the best TEFL certification providers. So, I recommend anyone to get their TEFL from Henry Harvin.

  • Pursuing TEFL course at HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is the best decision to make. The entire course curriculum is well-updated and meets all the current industrial trends. They also have the guaranteed placement after the course. In fact, the course fees are also affordable. It is right to say that is the best place to start your TEFL career.

  • There are lots of TEFL Certificate providers but after some research, I decided to go with Henry Harvin. What a journey it has been so far. Awesome customer service, the course is very helpful and I could apply for jobs all over the world.

  • TEFL is one of the best professional courses taught at HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION. I also did my training here and was absolutely amazed with their infrastructure. The Academy is the best place,I must say, where one can learn, grow and explore a successful career at a very affordable rate.

  • HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is the best educational institution which provides the most updated course curriculum of TEFL at a very affordable rate. The trainers are really helpful and also the course is affordable. Once enrolled, you will come across other benefits that will ultimately help you to become an expert in this domain.

  • There are several TEFL Certificate suppliers however when some analysis, I made a decision to travel with Henry Harvin. What a visit it’s been up to now. Glorious client service, the course is incredibly useful, and that I will embrace jobs everywhere the planet. Henry Harvin is one among the simplest colleges. Approved by the yank Association of EFL.

  • Yes, I commend Henry Harvin as a result of I actually have simply finished my TEFL certificate & I actually have continually unreal of doing a TEFL course. Once the epidemic happened, I noticed that this was the time! Henry Harvin’s career is that the just one confirmed. I totally enjoyed my category and will suggest it to everybody.

  • Henry Harvin provides an incredible four-week TEFL direction. terribly arch and pleasant instructors helped the North American nation through this excessive course however the experience won become extremely worthwhile. Henry Harvin is that a nice institute for the TEFL route. I am therefore appreciative of the skilled assist, aid, and comments provided with the help of the old academics on this application. Henry Harvin presents the fine ESL certification direction (TEFL) at a reasonable charge. Henry Harvin is that the problem-solver. I appreciative of Henry Harvin as I buy to expertise a very new method of distinctive TEFL certification course with such a reasonable value. on the far side appreciative for providing Pine Tree State the most effective support.

  • The best institution to get trained on TEFL and get the right start of our career. The course is also affordable and worthwhile to take up. The trainers at the Academy are really supportive for the lifetime. They also offer guaranteed placement in various organisations. I shall definitely recommend HENRY HARVIN to everyone who wants to have a bright future ahead.

  • Henry Harvin gives a wonderful four-week TEFL direction. The route is fingers-on with you coaching basically proper off the bat! Very skilled and pleasant instructors helped us through this excessive course but the expertise won turned into really worth it. Henry Harvin the great institute for the TEFL route. I couldn’t speak extra exceptionally of my level with henry Harvin TEFL. I’m so appreciative of the professional assist, aid, and comments furnished with the aid of the top-notch teachers on this application.

    Henry Harvin presents the fine ESL certification direction(TEFL) at an inexpensive charge. Henry Harvin is the hassle-solver & usually allows the activity applicants as well as personnel even on this modern pandemic through turning the problems into opportunities.

  • HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION provides training on various professional courses like creative writing, digital marketing, SAP, GST course and many more. Although I opted for the TEFL course. I was absolutely overwhelmed to get the opportunity of learning from such a great organisation.
    The Academy provides an online TEFL certification course. The curriculum is so well-structured that it makes you ready to get a job right after your course, even if you are a beginner in this domain. Moreover apart from the scheduled course the well-experienced trainers of the Academy give you the training on how to write a proper resume and crack the interviews of top organisations. It is definitely worthwhile to get trained at HENRY HARVIN.
    The entire course curriculum will help you to qualify for more than 12000 jobs in more than 6 countries. But if you are thinking it is costly, then I should say the Academy has various course packages at a very affordable rate.
    I was so much benefitted by their course that I will always suggest HENRY HARVIN to get the right start of your career.

  • TEFL is one of the best professional courses offered at HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION, the best Academy in the nation. They have the best trainers to train the students and also provide assured lifetime support to the customers. They have the assured placement offers right after the course to give a strong foundation to the students where they can start their TEFL career. In one word, it is worthwhile to study here.

  • HENRY HARVIN has an excellent group of trainers who are well-updated on the current industrial trends and accordingly they make the students an expert by the end of the course to crack interviews of top brands. They also provide guaranteed placement to give the students a right start of their career in this domain.

  • HENRY HARVIN is the best place to get trained in TEFL and get the right start of your career. They have the best infrastructure and well-updated course curriculum to train the students and ultimately bring out the expertise in them. They also provide placement by the end of the course in various renowned organisations. I strongly recommend this Academy to all.

  • My experience during the TEFL was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. it helps me hone my skills but also made me aware of my other strong areas, especially as a future trainer. My confidence levels have significantly improved and I am excited about my impending professional journey

  • In Henry Harvin, when I was pursuing the TEFL course, my overall experience was very good and the course has helped to gain more insight into teaching practices. It was an intensive yet liberating experience.

  • Henry Harvin provides an incredible four-week TEFL direction. terribly arch and pleasant instructors helped the North American nation through this excessive course however the experience won become extremely worthwhile. Henry Harvin is that a nice institute for the TEFL route. I am therefore appreciative of the skilled assist, aid, and comments provided with the help of the old academics on this application. Henry Harvin presents the fine ESL certification direction (TEFL) at a reasonable charge. Henry Harvin is that the problem-solver. I appreciative of Henry Harvin as I buy to expertise a very new method of distinctive TEFL certification course with such a reasonable value. on the far side appreciative for providing Pine Tree State the most effective support.

  • The Henry Harvin TEFL course was truly nice. But my biggest review would be for their student services – FANTASTIC! The team is super responsive and helpful to their students.

  • HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is the best place to learn, grow and pave the way to success in TEFL. The entire course curriculum is so well-updated that it meets the current industrial trends. In fact the course fees are also affordable and getting trained here is worthwhile for sure.

  • Henry Harvin was a wonderful experience, and I am very happy and satisfied that I chose the program! The content and approach presented by Trainer is very friendly and broken down in easily navigated stages. I also really appreciated the ability to take my time and complete the program at my pace and between other activities. I would highly recommend the Henry Harvin program to anyone seeking to begin or continue their teaching journey, and I am excited to be certified and part of a growing family of professional educators. Thanks very much Henry Harvin!

  • The course greatly expanded my understanding of mindfulness and gave me great understanding of how it can be used & taught to develop students academic performance. Excellent course– learned a great deal and inspired to learn more. Thank you so much and a special thanks to Trainer entertained my minute queries even.

  • Absolutely fantastic course! And the lady I spoke to when I was having issues was so lovely and helpful! It was one of the greatest experiences and I’m so excited to go further!
    The delivery of the course was easy to navigate and also compact enough that it wasn’t overwhelming while still being full with knowledge! I think it has excellently prepared me for going further and working abroad confidently and comfortably!

  • I was very satisfied with the quality of TELF course consisted of, offered by The Henry Harvin.

    All work is well planned and structured and easy to understand and follow. The end of unit tests was a creative way of keeping me motivated througout the whole course.

    At times when I felt a little bit lost, the Academy had a great platform offering assistance to help and guide me to better understanding of what was expect of me.

    I am very satisfied and was suprisingly amazed by the wholesomeness of the course. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and learned so much from it to equip me with the tools to become a very good qualified TEFL – teacher.

    I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to join the TEFL family. You won’t regret it for a single moment.

  • Getting my TEFL certification with Henry Harvin was hands down one of the best decisions of my life. The month-long course is rigorous but once it is over it is so rewarding. The TEFL trainer is an incredible teacher. Trainer loves her job so much making each day of learning fun and making you excited to come to class the following day. Not only is the course incredible but also is Trainer, the place you get to call home for a month or maybe you will never leave.

    If you are even considering doing this program stop thinking and sign up, you will not regret it.

    Huge thanks to the Henry Harvin Staff and most importantly trainer for making my experience so special and rewarding.

  • I am so thankful for my training at Henry Harvin. After successfully completing the course, I received several job offers to teach English and obtained my current job. I feel strongly that the face to face course was instrumental in preparing me for my current position and my employer has commented on my level of confidence and competence. I have recommended Henry Harvin to several colleagues who asked me about my experience. They completed their TEFL course online and are interested in taking a face to face course in the future.

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to the administration at Henry Harvin. Thank you for all you have done to make my transition to teaching English in Mexico so successful.

  • I am a public school teacher and I have been teaching for 20 years. I was very pleased with the feedback I received from the teacher on my assignments. It was always helpful and my teacher didn’t waste any time giving me constructive criticism right after my assignments were complete.

    I found the directions very clear and easy to follow and I very much enjoyed my experience with Henry Harvin. Upon completion of this course my emails were always promptly returned when I needed transcripts or if I had any follow up questions.

  • The Henry Harvin TEFL course was definitely a 10/10 experience! Although it’s intense, we had an incredible instructor to guide us and help us every step of the way. I’m much more confident in my ability as an ESL teacher now after having learned about critical teaching techniques, online classroom management, and of course doing practical teaching with students! This was an amazing experience I will never forget and I can’t wait to see where this certification will take me in the future!

  • I took this course jut to learn more about teaching and education and I ended up learning far more than I expected. The course was designed well and the online platform was set up to work at your own pace so I was quite happy to know I can study when I have time. After taking the TESOL course, I also took the teaching business english course and learned even more. After getting certified, I was also still interested in learning more and Henry Harvin offered more courses so I could keep learning. Overall, I have been completely satisfied with Henry Harvin and I still keep going back to learn more.

  • Henry Harvin is the best Institute to do TEFL certification from. It opens doors to many job openings abroad and within India. The Institute has both online and offline classes. The entire program is structured in such a way that every single detail, be it the course material, Internship, or placements is meticulously planned and delivered.

  • I had a very great experience at Henry Harvin TEFL. The people on staff went out of their way so many times to accommodate us, and it showed. Definitely worthwhile and a whole lot of fun.

  • I feel more confident about planning a lesson and completing the online course. I learned many useful examples of activities I could perform with students. Our tutor was excellent.

  • This course provided me with the skills and tools to prepare my lessons and to teach English. It is easy to follow and well structured. My tutor provided me very useful material and reviews after the submission of each assignment. I would hardly recommend Henry Harvin tefl course to anyone who is interested in teaching English as a second language.

  • I have completed my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course from Henry Harvin and I’m extremely pleased with the results. Every parameter, be it the teaching, Internship, or placements were meticulously implemented. There are both online as well as offline classes available to choose from. Overall, it’s totally worth the time and effort to pursue your TEFL certification from Henry Harvin.

  • Henry Harvin is a leading company that provides the best certified TEFL training course. The trainers course curriculum and the entire infrastructure is absolutely amazing and I must say it is the only educational institution that offers assured placement after the completion of the course. Overall I would recommend Henry Harvin for the TEFL course. They provide you with the recorded classes , with abundant teaching tools and techniques.

  • The TEFL course offered by Henry Harvin is way ahead of its competition. This is because it incorporates the best teaching practices and also takes learners through the best methods to teach in a classroom. Overall, its the best investment one could make to build your chances of making it big in the world of teaching.

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