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Henry Harvin vs KPMG Six Sigma Course Reviews (Don’t Ignore)

Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course Or KPMG Six Sigma Course?

After much evaluation on different perspectives, I find Henry Harvin’s six sigma course better than KPMG six sigma course. There are various parameters to evaluate a course. Both the courses cover a wide range of curriculum, the learning provided is good, so the question arises which course to opt for? I found henry Harvin apt on each parameter be it the course curriculum, training, and projects, or added benefits or placement assistance. Henry Harvin has been the institute to look upon.
Both being certification courses I had to decide on what I am learning and getting from the course apart from the name of the institute. KPMG gains popularity based on being part of a KPMG firm. Henry Harvin is the Eductech setup for the purpose to provide certification for industry-related courses. The courses being structured to bridge the gap between the academic and industry requirements. 
Professionals who are stuck in their career or freshers who are going to start a career need a push to advance in their career these are the courses that finetune your skills and gives a boost to your career. I had found the Henry Harvin course a mix of the learning experience, practical training along with theories. Implementation of theoretical concepts in a practical way. Henry Harvin has always been considerate to their students.
It has been like on job training kind of experience, practical experience with training and projects have been their USP. Henry Harvin is established for the purpose to provide practical knowledge to its students. 

Being a career advancement step I had to be sure that I benefit from the course that I am taking. From getting the best training experience to the best placements. I had to be sure that I get the right opportunity. Henry Harvin guided me at every step, When I was making calls to shortlist the institute from where I should  pursue the course HenryHarvin not only briefed me about the course it also offered a demo to understand the methods and tools used in training.. and one can easily observe that trainers were experienced
The enrollment procedure of the course details everything was a guided step. A relationship manager was assigned to help throughout the course. It resolved all my queries and also the answer for not-so-asked queries. 
It is always been tough to select the institute for pursuing the course. One has to be sure that the choice made is correct and fruitful. For this first, you need to be clear on your expectation from the course and support you are looking for from the institute, Basis which decide the institute and course.

Here is a review of HenryHarvin’s six sigma course

It was a tough call to decide which one to choose from the two options and I would say this was not some random decision It was decision-based on proper evaluation of both the options. KPMG is itself a big name and choosing henry Harvin over KPMG I had to be sure that I am making no mistake. After a lot of research, the feedback I picked Henry Harvin, and here is why

Henry Harvin is one of the leading Edutech established to make the participants more employable, confident, more skilled it is established to Harvin’sHarvin’sbridge the gap of academic qualification and Industry experience.  It has gained popularity because of its certification courses, over the period. Henry Harvin has been associated with top companies that have been part of the global economy. With growing, you will find any upcoming Eductech established with the same objective but the effort that is put in by Henry Harvin is outstanding.

The six sigma courses offered by Henry Harvin are 

  • Post Graduate Program in Lean Six Sigma
  • Post Graduate Program in Project Management
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course
  • Lean Six Sigma in IT Course
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Course

With a 9 in 1 program, Henry Harvin offers these benefits with single courses.





Placement assiseLearningLearning 


Management Hackathons and competitions


The trainers at Henry Harvin have 18 plus years of experience with global certifications and are experts on topics and the tools used. The trainers are chosen with utmost care. Even aspirants are free to attend multiple sessions with multiple trainers. The Trainers are Industry experience and well qualified. With a constructive approach, the mentors guide the students and promote the pattern of thinking. 

The experiential learning at Henry Harvin makes it different from others. It has a clear shared focus and frequent monitoring of learning and teaching. teachers closely monitor student’s progress and offer support to students as they require. 

Benefits of Henry Harvin Six sigma course.

The course helps to develop and an eagle vision to spot areas of error and flexibility for mid-crisis adjustments.  Being flexible and responsive during a project is valuable as changes and errors happen and you need to be ready to deal with them.

Engaging in the continuous growth of the company by practical applications of the concepts and tools learned in the six sigma course.

How to Build a Team and Understanding the Team dynamics bringing together the talented people to complement leaders talent is a quality 

Leadership qualities, communication, and patience are the attributes that you develop over the period, and at Henry Harvin, they help to develop these attributes to be a good six sigma practitioner.

Six Sigma course is not only about tools and concepts it is educating yourself to be an asset to the company where you can be relied on. The real-life projects provide you with opportunities for practical learnings and in-depth knowledge thus enhancing your skills.

As a learner, we want to have job opportunities at the end of our course. The internship makes you ready for the job market and polishes your skills. Thus making you ready for the real-life job. The opportunities of internships are available during the tenure of the program and after successful completion of the program, the doors of job opportunities are opened.

Why Henry Harvin

A complete package of course. we have already discussed why henry Harvin stands out differently among all the institutes. here is a list of different points that emphasizes the growth of Henry Harvin.

Trainers- The trainers are selected at Henry Harvin basis criteria that evaluate their skills, They are highly experienced and experts in their field. Their industry experience allows them to provide focused and clear learning scenarios faced in real life.

The curriculum at Henry Harvin is next to any management school six sigma course. It meets the standard set by any management institutes and strives to achieve it. The syllabus is designed keeping in mind the industry standards and the outcome that one is looking to get from this course.

Internships and job assistance in today’s world a platform for job opportunities are always welcome, being new to the industry and not facing real job difficulties, it gets really difficult to start a career. A platform for an internship not only infuses confidence and capabilities but also guides you to make the correct career choice.

Standards At every level of Henry Harvin Education center you will find a certain standard, Be it a teaching standard or student relationship support, or their eLearning platform. 

At Henry Harvin, you will find quality in each aspect. Their Teaching mechanism and syllabus have been equivalent management institutes.

KPMG Six Sigma Course

KPMG six sigma certification program offered by KPMG Learning academy is a live virtual program. It provides in-depth knowledge on the subject matter. The course is designed keeping in mind the working requirements of its clients the curriculum is more than just training 

Training is delivered by KPMG employees who have experience in consultancy and Industry the selection is done by their panel and then they are allowed to conduct training.

The eligibility criteria include management of the basic knowledge of statistics and participants from across the Industry who have participated before. The syllabus is more or less similar to the leading institutes, and it primarily includes about DMAIC cycle. The course is scheduled bi-monthly in 2 phases and depending upon the number of students. 

The courses offered are

Lean six sigma Green belt

Lean six sigma Black Belt

Lean six sigma Master Black Belt

There is a brochure for the courses and details of the course is explained briefly

 You may wonder why I am propagating Henry Harvin so much over  KPMG. The Reson here is very simple I have evaluated every benefit that is being offered by both the institutes and little you know that both of them match on every ground except for the fact the after course training and job opportunities that are there with Henry Harvin is lacking with KPMG. You will get a good curriculum good understanding of concepts at both places but at Henry Harvin it is about extra.

The extra benefit that it offers makes it a better choice than any other institute.


The above review is based on my analysis of different parameters and while deciding which is a better institute I was sceptical. But later on, as I wrote the pros and cons of the institutes the doors of clarity were opened. I realized I am making the correct choice. And after doing so much research I wanted to share so that it could also help others to decide.

I hope you find this article helpful and it answers all your queries and helps you in your decision. In case you are still confused and looking for guidance you can post your queries.

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