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TOP 10 Medical Coding in Chandigarh


 Medical coding, and healthcare outsourcing jobs, in fact, India is the largest destination for the majority of internal hospitals, healthcare organizations, and even other companies. Henceforth, the high amount of outsourcing jobs has the demand for specialists like trained medical coders. Medical coding means the process of standardizing the recorded medical word. Evidently, the trained and certified medical codes convert the doctor’s reports into medical codes. Indeed, the experts ensure that all the data are relevant and correctly entered to guarantee correctness and consistency.

The Healthcare system helps highly skilled medical coders. From health insurance companies the patients provides their reports for reimbursement. Afterward, the medical coders will make review the patient’s files. And then they convert the patient’s diagnosis into special codes. At the present time, many institutes are offering medical coding courses. .In Chandigarh, there are many institutions that provide Medical Coding courses. Here, I have listed the top 10 Medical coding Institutions in Chandigarh that can help the aspirants to make their careers in medical coding.

Henry Harvin’s Medical coding course

This Henry Harvin Academy provides Medical coding courses in Chandigarh. of course, Henry Harvin’s course content is recognized as one of the best courses as per the standards of the health industry. In Chandigarh, This Academy has self-paced sessions as well as online sessions. Nevertheless, they conduct in batches which have training sessions with 100% practical training methods

Highlights of the Medical coding course

Particularly, The medical coding course is a nine-in-one course. At the same time, it includes training projects, certification, internships, placements, boot camps, e-learning, and gold membership. In fact, the curriculum has been designed by covering CPT, IDC, and HCPCS. Despite this, the course has 26 modules and additional 2 modules As i said the trained and certified trainers taught these courses Through these 90 hours of live online interactive sessions, the learners get access to the tools, video content, techniques, and assessment. Additionally, the learners undergo the project in the field of HCPCS, CPT, and CD-10 CM.

2.Medesun HealthCare solutions

This institution provides many courses, in the field of medical coding courses in Chandigarh. Some of the trending courses of Mede sun Healthcare solutions are Medical coding specialty training medical coding and billing training .Besides, they provide quality and affordable education to the aspirants.

Medical Coding Interview Questions and Answers

Indeed ,the online mode of medical coding courses includes several topics which covers the sample files for coding and billing as well as five mock exams .It has a flexible timing to schedule the class .Additionally the highest of this courses one to one sessions with experts. Moreover, after completing the certificate one can get in CPC,CCS , CCS-p. Further ,the training is provided with job oriented  goals. They conducted the classes in batches and the duration of the course is for 2 months.  

3.IGMPI   – Medical coding course

IGMPI provides medical coding courses for post-graduate diploma courses. The aspirants who have a science background like B. Tech, B. Sc, in microbiology, Life science, Zoology, Food Technology, Food Science B.E, and B. Pharma, can pursue this course.

Moreover, the duration of the course is for one year. And at the same time, it contains13 modules. The system is fabricated with the guidance of industry experts in the field. Hence, this course has an updated version and relevant, real-world examples. Furthermore, these courses are conducted online and also interactive live sessions for specific learning areas. At the same time, it gives the aspirants to choose flexible timing and the mode of teaching.

To say the truth, in the online class es all the modules were taught .In addition to this, they have a separate session to clear the doubts of the learners before the examination. Besides, to track the progress of the aspirant’s performance they used to give assignments for every module.

4. Acusis

One of the leading healthcare institutions in Chandigarh is A cusis. Of course, they focus on e-learning medical coding courses and training. In fact, this training program is a self-paced online course. Indeed, Acusis provides qualified medical coding professionals. Further, this institution produces in-depth knowledge in medical coding. Above all, it has certified trainers. Nevertheless, the duration of the course is 3 months.

5. Odyssey informatics-medical coding course

Odyssey informatics has many years of experience in Medical courses. Certainly, it provides classroom sessions in California and Dubai. And also it offers online training to American students.

Odyssey informatics online class provides the students to learn from anywhere. In fact, it offers medical transcription training as well it has a dedicated placement cell. Most important Odyssey informatics has tied -up with the US, Canada, and India.

6. NIMC- Medical coding course

Emphatically, the National institute of medical coding is the leading institution. NIMC provides online training for medical coding. This curriculum has international quality. Indeed, the main aim of NIMC is to improve the employment of many Indian graduates. On the other hand, the teaching approach is very easy even non-life science graduates can understand it.

NIMC’s study material is designed for students. Furthermore, it also provides soft skills and leadership training. In addition to this, it focuses on the personality development skills of the participants. with the holistic development .

7. Resolve Medicode- medical coding course

Resolve Medicode institution is ISO certified institution. Of course, it is bestowed in medical coding with certification. Moreover, it assists in the placement of their students who were placed in top MNCs .Their trainers were USA-certified trainers in the healthcare industry. It offers various services like clinical trial management services, clinical research -SMO services, and clinical data management services.

8. X pert Healthcare Group

The first thing to remember is that X Pert Healthcare Group is the certified American Association of Professional coders. Generally, it offers courses like medical biller, medical transcription, and medical coder. Their learning modules were provided with mock exams. Of course, it includes decisive reasoning activities. Indeed, the approved mentors design the questions for the mock exam. However, it provides a self-paced course.

9. Genus Healthcare Solution

Genus Healthcare Solution provides an amalgam of the  Business Process Management technology and the health care industry. As I said, this institution ensures to deliver excellent service and offers solutions rated on industrial practices. Further, their training was high -standard that includes technologies and as well they were capable of rendering solutions for medical care in various dimensions. They cover basic principles and guidelines for medical coding in their training program. Nevertheless, CPC exams were scheduled after completing the course.

10. Elate Academy

Next, on our list of top 10 Medical Coding in Chandigarh, is Elate Academy. Furthermore, this institution demonstrates the fundamentals of medical coding. However, they provide free online training at the AAPC learning portal and it enhances the aspirants with study materials, mock tests, and interactive sessions. This academy has more than 210 updated courses with 60 certified trainers. Additionally, after the course completion of the medical coding course, they offer a one-month free internship for the students.


In recent days, Medical coding is in high -a demand profession in the field of the healthcare industry. Emphatically, India is the best destination for offshore clinical billing and clinical coding. The most important characteristic of medical coders is their strong ethical standards. The medical coders have the generic prototype and it is considered critical work. At the same time, they must pay keen attention to very tiny details because even a tiny error may cause major issues in the coding.

Medical coding in India is a valuable career. It provides a job guarantee and also job security. This medical coding  is a unique profession and so it provides an individual the opportunity to work and understand the back-end process of a healthcare facility. Unlike others, the Medical profession job can be done from the home, the comfort zone.


1.What are the skills needed for a Medical Coding in India?

1.A study on document
2.Ready to work independently

2.Career option of Medical Coding jobs?

Medical Records coordinator, Medical coding specialist, Medical Billing specialist ,Medical records technician ,Medical, Record cleek , Health information specialist

3. What is the valuable certification in medical coding training?

CPC with AHIM credentials


  • Medical coding is appealing, and its application in the healthcare sector is quite helpful. The popularity of medical coding is also rising among young people. So, programs like those on the list above are quite beneficial.

  • A few years ago, the terms “medical” and “code” sounded strange. Only in the IT industry did we consider coding. Coding has actually been useful in the realm of medicine.

  • The most advanced training in the HENRY HARVIN profession is in medical coding. I wish to sign up for these medical coding classes. The top medical coding training program in Chandigarh.

  • The most advanced training in the HENRY HARVIN profession is in medical coding. I wish to sign up for these medical coding classes. The top medical coding training program in Chandigarh.

  • The ideal candidate for the course is a science graduate. It is ideal since it combines knowledge of human anatomy and coding medical terms. Even commerce graduates occasionally enroll in the course. Holders of a master’s, bachelor’s, or diploma can enroll in the courses.

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