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Top 10 Data Science Courses in India

One of the best and most lucrative occupations in the world is data science. Indian businesses are looking for trained data scientists to create business plans and solve issues. Sectors like financial, insurance, engineering, transportation, e-commerce, entertainment, and medical, among others, use data science significantly. Anyone can enroll in a data science course if they have an interest in big data, AI, or machine learning. Statistical, mathematical, and coding knowledge are prerequisites for enrolling in a data science course. You can sign up for this course regardless of whether you have no related knowledge of coding. Numerous computer languages, including Javascript, SQL, Julia, Python, R, Matlab, C,, Scala, etc., are available for data science courses in India.

For your reference, I have also included the top 10 data science courses in India.

1. Henry Harvin

One of India’s most esteemed institutes, Henry Harvin offers competency development courses all around the world. They offer classes in management, IT, business, languages, SAP, and several other well-liked and in-demand ones on the job market. In India, Henry Harvin provides data science courses in both Python and R computer languages. The distinctive method used by Henry Harvin Education to teach courses to pupils has earned its recognition.

Every course that Henry Harvin offers will have nine components, including instruction from the most experienced working expert in the field. In the sessions, they would converse amicably and jokingly. one-on-one conversations with each candidate. Their training program includes career development courses including drafting resumes, periodical exams, and practical training.

Picks from the Course

Sessions for each batch have been recorded.
Flexible Shifts
Every week, Bootcamp sessions are held.
You will always have access to their learning management system.
annual gold membership
Course costs are affordable.
Award-winning mentors offer support during training and internship programs.

2. Intellipaat

You can arrange a data science course at any time that suits you with Intellipaat, India’s leading provider of online data science courses. After assessing the demand for data science employment in India and the interest of young people in the course, Intellipaat developed this course to put students’ knowledge and imagination to use in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

After completing the Data Science Course on Intellipaat, you may use your smartphone to expand your company at a low cost and with a minimal time commitment. By applying several online tools and techniques, this data science course will enhance corporate performance.

Picks from the Course

modules with the most cutting-edge capabilities
only practical sessions
Excellent, goal-oriented training
The course’s educational program remembers significant information science subjects for expansion to openness to various coding languages and advancements, like Python, R, Hadoop, Scene, and Flash.
Free internships on active projects are offered.
100% Placement Assistance

3. Scalar

It is known for delivering organizations with the main purpose of preparing industry-ready individuals in data science. Scalar offers a Data Science Course in India that is exclusively for tech professionals and students who are interested in pursuing a career in data science. On the Measurable Examination, Python, Flash, Hadoop, AI, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Windstream, and different subjects are covered throughout the course.

Picks from the Course

The course will have several accessible modules, I
The lecturers for data science courses are very knowledgeable and professional.
The instruction will help you understand more about artificial intelligence and machine learning.
You can benefit from 100% positioning possibilities.
After finishing the course, you’ll have a better awareness of the industry’s best practices, fresh tools, and emerging data science trends.
A declaration will be given at the end of the training.

4. Simplilearn

A significant data science institute in India, Simplilearn Academy, provides working professionals, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors with certification in data science courses.

Both experts and seasoned professionals interested in a career in machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, and other fields for forecasting and developing future technologies to build strategies have found suitable employment possibilities through the Data Science Course. The Data Science Education features internationally renowned experts who are well-known for their Bootcamp sessions.

Picks from the Course

The best trainers in the business will lead live, interactive workshops that will be held.
Each student receives individualized instruction, and before going on to the next topic, the teacher will make sure that all of the previous content has been understood.
You will receive recorded videos if you miss any sessions, and the batches can be adjusted to meet your needs.
You’ll have access to their e-learning platform, where you’ll get lifetime support and updates.
You will receive notifications and emails about job opportunities as well as 100 percent placement support.
You can apply for an internship with their organization or one of their partner companies after you complete the course.

5. Great Learning

Great learning Training provides advanced data science classrooms and online training programs in India. These programs emphasize hands-on learning and real-world projects that you develop during the course. In addition to case studies, the course’s more than 30 marketing modules also contain daily assignments, monthly tests, and group discussions.

Learners can break down their advancement every month and differentiate it from that of their friends. Serious courses are transformed into pleasant learning experiences through group discussions, case studies, and Q&A sessions based on your projects. We offer the most current and thorough study materials, guaranteeing that each participant has the same chance to succeed and reach their full potential.

Picks from the Course

From Basic to Advanced Level Mastery
There’s no need for any specific knowledge.
Real-Time Problem Solving, Step-by-Step Guided Training
The Learning Group offers prompt support.
Freshers will receive 100% job assistance when creating and maintaining their websites.

6. Knowledge Hut

The KnowledgeHut will help you develop into an all-arounder for the greatest benefits and job chances. Our course gives you a comprehensive introduction to data science while simultaneously teaching you the fundamentals of the internet and soft skills development, enabling you to become an expert in every field. In India, they provide data science courses.

Picks from the Course

The most knowledgeable instructors in the field are in charge of the training sessions.
There will be supplied study materials, case studies, and live projects.
As you develop your talents as a competent data scientist, the course material includes programming and analytical abilities. In-depth knowledge of programming languages like Python, coding, MySQL, data mining, and data visualization, among others, will also be provided.
You will be able to apply concepts in a real-world setting after finishing the course.

7. Upgrad

Advanced-Data Science Courses are offered by Upgrad in India, and they are a type of contemporary information technology education that emphasizes tactical concepts and methods for contacting a large range of people globally and convincing them to subscribe to one or more services.

The Upgrad Data Science Course mainly helps business professionals, marketers of all kinds, and entrepreneurs push their firms to their respective clients and eager customers using the most cutting-edge online tools and media.

Picks of the course

The best knowledge and abilities regarding the power of the internet are what each student will receive from Data Science Training.
How to operate a website on the internet efficiently to increase output and yield.
Moreover, helping pupils understand the essential tools and specifications needed to achieve a highly flashy presence through their web pages and websites

8. Excelr

The Excelr data science course in India includes all of the fundamental and advanced concepts in data science. They provide academically oriented sessions where you will work on tasks that are more practically oriented than theoretical. They offer each full generated employment. They provide both in-person and online sessions in the city. Both established coders and non-coders are welcome to enroll in the Excelr Data Science training course.

9. 360digimg

360digimg provides a data science course in India, with tools like Jupyter Notebooks for Python, SQL data, and Artificial Intelligence, aspirants may master Data Visualization, Statistical Data Analysis, Neural Networks, and Machine Learning techniques. But that’s just the beginning.

Candidates participate in hands-on learning in data science labs equipped with the most up-to-date testing software and equipment, according to 360digimg, which claims that this engaging, placement-guaranteed program is taught by the industry’s leading experts.

10. Udemy

Data Science combines techniques with exceptional creative abilities to increase consumer awareness of goods and services. Whatever area of the subject matter you need assistance with, Udemy has a course to help you get better. They offer self-paced online data science courses in India, which are only available through their website.

Course On-Demand Video Length: 23 Hours Course Fee: Rs. 499

Picks of the course

workshops and recorded videos led by the most experienced mentors in the field of data science and its many subfields.
You can watch videos at any time, get 24/7 support, and get upgrades by going to the website’s Q&A section.
You can download the test to check how well you comprehend each subject.
You can use the 12 downloaded resources and the 8 articles in the course.
You will receive an endorsement once the course is completed.
Additionally, you can buy other courses that are frequently purchased if you want a comprehensive package of digital marketing.


Due to their special capacity to make sense of large data, derive insights from it, and assist organizations in using those insights to increase profitability, data scientists are among the most sought-after experts across a variety of industries. Most importantly, data scientists apply these insights to resolve common issues and improve the world. Anyone who wants to learn data science can do so, regardless of experience level. Professionals in engineering, marketing, software development, and IT can enroll in part-time or external data science programs. Basic high school-level subjects are the minimal prerequisite for regular data science courses.


Q1. What is powerful data science known by another name?

Ans. Predictive analytics, machine learning, advanced analytics, and business intelligence. These are words that are frequently used interchangeably in the context of big data and analytics.

Q2. Can I study artificial intelligence in India after taking a data science course?

Ans. People who are interested in AI have a better outlook on the future, especially as AI plays a significant role in data science. As more companies invest in artificial intelligence technologies, the area will only continue to expand and offer a wide range of professional prospects.

Q3. Is it challenging to pursue data science in India?

Ans. No, anyone with a basic understanding of algebra, statics, and coding can enroll in a data science course. However, since you will be given a foundational understanding of coding as part of the data science course in India, many people have achieved success without having any prior expertise in coding.

Q4. Can I find an IT job in India after completing a data science course?

Ans. Indeed, reputable companies like IBM, Infosys, Wipro, and other software behemoths are employing qualified data scientists.

Q5. Which nation offers high salaries to data science professionals?

Ans.  Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many more nations pay very high salaries in the field of data science.

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