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Top 10 Medical coding courses in Mysore

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Medical coding certification offer many benefits if you’re looking for a high-paying field with a feasible education component. Medical coding courses in Mysore teach you to identify diagnoses, medical tests, treatments, and processes found in clinical documentation and convert this data into codes. 

The pay is higher than average, and you don’t require an expensive and higher college education. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states that between 2019 and 2029, job demand in the industry would increase by 8%, double the 4% average for all jobs. The median annual pay for this position was 12 lakhs in 2021.

Many institutions provide medical coding courses, and taking these certification courses is merit.

Top Medical Coding Courses in Mysore

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy

 One of the most renowned Edutech sets is to bridge the gap between academics and industry requirements. Moreover, they theme the practical aspect of training and follow all forms of experiential training. The learners are given the curriculum designed to prepare them by covering the medical codings like CPT, IDC, and HCPCS.

The highlights of the institution

Faculty: The trainers at Henry Harvin are the prime trainers featured by Hindustan Times and NDTV for their masterful training. Moreover, the trainers have industry experience directing companies for a structured transition to medical coding and are part of Henry Harvin accounts academy as domain experts.

Relationship manager and student support:- Much emphasis is on student support 24 X7. So they hire relationship managers to assist them through the journey with Henry Harvin. They tackle all your problems pre and post-completion of the course.

Job assistance- Since the aim of this organization is industry experience. Henry Harvin provides 100 percent job support to its students till the one-year post-completion of the course.

Course content:- The content of the medical coding course in Mysore is updated.  The course has an aristocratic curriculum, but the primary focus is practically implementing the modules taught during the class. The learners are also equipped to undergo projects in HCPCS, ICD-10 CM, CPT, and many more.

Added benefits:-

Enrolling a course with the institute Henry Harvin offers many added benefits that no other institute offers.

  • The course delivers practical training; thus, there are opportunities for projects and internships. There are projects, Hackathons, Bootcamps, and more. The course offers100 percent placement support even after completion of the course for one year.
  • Moreover, for Gold membership, there are Boot Camp sessions to update and offer brushup sessions to the students for twelve months.
  • E-learning access for all the course-related content, such as LMS, practice papers, video content, and assessments.
  • #Ask Henry, a place for career support, is also feasible for students searching for career advice.
  • It offers a recording of previous sessions. If you have missed a class, you don’t need to worry about the contents taught; students can always go back and view the recordings of previous classes.
  • Complimentary soft skill development and resume writing course are also given that support during interviews.
  • It presents lifetime permission to the course material. 

Duration: The medical coding course is 90 hours of online/offline training sessions. Henry Harvin delivers 360 degrees of training. Additionally, the skilled training facilities and well-supervised internship prepared this course for a huge hit.

2. Course Scout 

Course Scout is one of Mysore’s most well-known institutions and provides a wide range of medical coding courses with exclusive content that covers everything one needs to know for CPC certification.

Besides, Codes, regulations, procedures, and clinical terminology are maintained for the layouts for an extended period, allowing the students to obtain updated information.

Moreover, Course Scout’s expert medical coding preparation for the exam. You may take their programs online and work on your CPC certification on your own time.

3. Udemy

Udemy is an individually-constructed course network that permits instructors to develop and upload their courses, deciding on the price and interest level for themselves. So, there are thousands of paid and free courses on the site on various professional and student topics. This medical coding course takes only an hour to cover and has had nearly 7,000 students, giving the course a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. 

These top courses for medical coding are great for those who are working professionals. Suppose they want to go into the medical coding field and require more general information about the jobs they could have. The best course is provided by PPMC Academy, an institution founded in 2018 that aims to connect medical practice management with students for an affordable price. Udemy also provides courses like front desk administration and practice management. 

During this course, students can learn about the daily tasks of a medical coder, medical biller, diagnostic and procedural coding etc.  This course is ideal for students looking for work-from-home opportunities, as it covers the kind of tasks you can do remotely. 

4. Akode Medical Coding Institution

Anode Medical Coding Institution is an excellent resource for those who want to start learning about medical coding in Mysore but perhaps don’t have the money to invest in a paid course. 

The website provides affordable medical coding courses, including over 50 video lessons. Hence, this course has ten topics that cover a variety of essential lessons about medical coding, including solving claim issues, introduction to medical coding, company and patient setup, and health insurance plans. 

In that case, you always have the option of purchasing the complete medical coding fundamentals course to build more profound into the topics covered. 

5. Resolute Medical Management

At Resolute Medical Management, one would get exclusive learning of the medical coding courses in Mysore. The learning is a step-by-step process here and focuses on the learners discovering newer topics. The learning materials are easy to grasp for the learners.

The courses are delivered by experienced, internationally certified, and trained professionals. Besides, the training is structured around developing the career of the learners. The learners have 24/7 support available.

Further, this institution follows an internationally recognized curriculum, and the learner can access AAPC LMS. 

The course duration ranges from hours to years, depending on the course level. The certificate program in medical coding is for three months, 


Acusis has been in the field of medical coding courses in Mysore and providing career options in the home-based medical transcription field. Their primary goal is to make skillful, rewarding careers. Moreover, Acusis Medical Coding Courses in India offer self-paced courses for medical coding courses.

Besides, this course guides the learners in grasping the medical coding course. The available courses at AMCT for the medical coding curriculum are the Medical Coding Training course, which spans three months, and CPC (Certified Professional Coder)  certification training with one-month free preparation for the learners aiming for certification.

7. EIO Healthcare Mysore

 EIO Healthcare Mysore organization that offers a certificate program in medical coding and billing. This is one of the best medical coding courses in Mysore. The learner should be a graduate to enroll in this course. 

The course covers three modules and aids the learners in converting healthcare diagnoses, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. Therefore, after completing this course, they support potential candidates in connecting with possible employers.    


Elate Academy provides medical coding training, primarily focusing on the fundamental of medical coding courses in India. Students can learn all the medical coding modules needed to prepare for the examination.

One can also get access to the LMS of this course along with more than thousands of mock tests, PowerPoint presentations, and more than thousands of interactive lectures accessible for the Elate learners at the AAPC learning portal. After completing this course, one can get one month of free internship.

The course’s timing is flexible for the learner; they can learn at their convenience. 


At IGMPI, they offer medical coding courses in Mysore for postgraduate diplomas. This course is for an individual with a background in Science, including B.Tech or B.Sc in Microbiology, Life Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Food Science, Food Technology, BE, B.Pharma, etc. Overall a graduate with any degree can also apply for this course.

The course duration is one year, and the course follows 13 modules. Further, the course is designed under the guidance of highly experienced industry experts in the field.

The courses are conducted online and in interactive live sessions for specific learning areas, allowing learners to select the learning mode.

Further, the online classes for all these modules are conducted at the weekends, with a separate doubt clearance session to clarify doubts before the examination. Assignments are given on each module to track candidates’ performance and evaluation progress.


Apex Medcom primarily focuses on exclusive training and is one of India’s best medical coding courses. 

Aspirants can also book a free demo class online or on-sight. The classroom sessions are accessible for online students as well. Most of these courses focus on the foundation of the topics and aid the learners in strengthening the basics. Additionally, they provide an ideal course for beginners in the field.

The course also includes an evaluation process to test the knowledge and progress of the learners. They also offer several mock tests and a one-month CPC practice session that guide the learners with excellent knowledge of medical coding guidelines to use this as a practice session before taking the objective examination.


Medical coding is a rapidly rising and in-demand profession in healthcare administration, and Mysore is one of the best destinations for offshore medical coding.

Globally medical care business is rapidly growing, and demand for medical coders is skyrocketing. So, the demand for and supply gap for certified medical coders has been broadening in recent years.

A generic demand for a medical coder exists, and it is critical for the work. Because the patient data they deal with is responsive, one of the most critical characteristics of medical coders is their robust ethical standards.

Medical coders must also focus on every little detail, as even the tiniest error in a code can cause significant problems. They should also be able to stay focused on their job, which is both challenging and vital.


What is a Medical BillingCourses?

Ans: Medical billing and coding is a specialized field of data entry. After a patient visits the hospital, the medical coder’s work is to take down the information from patient records. After that, they translate the information into numeric and alphanumeric codes. Therefore, these codes are put into the medical facility’s billing software to convey to insurance companies and create payment records and patient bills.

Who can take Medical Coding Courses?

Ans: Detail-oriented candidates with good focus and keyboard skills can excel in this field. Many medical coders work as freelancers, so it’s an excellent opportunity for students to earn and continue their higher studies. The education and experience needed for medical coding jobs vary. 

How much do Medical Coding Courses in Mysore cost?

Ans: The cost of medical coding courses varies widely, depending on your type of education. Generally, an institution charges 26000- 50000 with certification in under a year.


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