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Top 10 Product Management courses online

Are you interested in enrolling in Project management courses online to improve your efficiency as a product manager? 

Product management, project management, and product strategy are challenging jobs requiring a committed product team, product leadership, and constant training courses. This is where product management course training comes in.

Enthusiastic product managers are those who are always learning. Just because you’re a professional product manager doesn’t mean you understand everything. There is a lot to learn about product marketing and other factors. It’s a continuous process, just like the product development process.

Becoming a great product manager isn’t as simple as some people may have you believe. However, with the Product Manager Certification Course by Henry Harvin, you can learn about the fundamentals of product management.

Top Product Management Courses Online

1. Henry Harvin Education

This PMP Project Management Certification Training, awarded by Henry Harvin, is worth a try. The Program Modules have been thoughtfully crafted to affirm students remain in Industry ready. The course structure nurtures leadership skills and expertise to lead projects confidently.

Moreover, the modules are updated, comprehensive, and anchored on the latest practices linked in the PMBOK Guide  2021. 

Moreover, Henry Harvin’s  Product management courses online are accredited by PMI, and they are the government-registered training provider for this course. A benefit of the Henry Harvin Product management certification program is that professionals finishing the training can opt for PMI certification. Besides, the certificate is accepted by worldwide companies that can help you to boost your career.

In short, the module is designed to teach the students all the factors required to become well-rounded Project Management professionals.

Course Highlights:

  • Henry Harvin offers 36 hours of Core Instructor-Led online training backed by 50 hours of E-Learning. 
  • Internationally Certified PMP trainers have more than 10 Years of Industry Experience and outstanding teaching experience.
  • Live Projects are carried out during the training process to explicit knowledge of concepts, and deliver practical insight.
  • More comprehensive practice session with more than 1500 Practice Questions, 91 Quizzes and seven mock exams
  • Access to the Learning Management System (LMS) is jam-packed with recorded Videos of Multiple Sessions.
  • Also, Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Management Academy with weekly job alert
  • Provides Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms.
  • PMP Certification access from the reputed PMI 
  • 100 per cent Money-Back Guarantee
  • Makes you eligible for over 3,000 plus job listings across the globe, looking for PMP Certified experts

2. Udemy

 Udemy is known for offering courses on a plethora of topics. However, their Product Management course is an effective product design and management course designed with industry leaders’ help.

With over 13 hours of video content and activities, this course online delivers the product management fundamentals and principles. You can also accrue your money back in under 30 days if you feel the course didn’t meet your expectations.

However, the course is a beginner-level program and does not recommended for advanced-level professionals.

If you’re doubtful about making a career in product management, you can try out this academy to better gauge whether it’s right for you.

3. LinkedIn Learning

The Product Manager course on LinkedIn is one of the best product management courses online. Since different valuable online courses are now available on LinkedIn Learning, aspirants must sign up with LinkedIn Learning to access the course. 

However, the good news is that once you sign up, you can access hundreds of other project management courses and videos of other trainers on LinkedIn Learning.

Hence, this course summarises all the fundamentals of product management and acknowledges how to leverage the tools and techniques for productive product development.

You also educate about product lifecycles and concepts such as scrum, agile, and Kanban. Moreover, you also master how to run MVP experiments, address user requirements, approach customer development, work with stakeholders, and build mobile apps, among other things.

4. Udacity 

Udacity, with the collaboration of Google, has brought together the Product Design course for people who want to explore creativity and validation. The course explains how to act on  Google’s Design Sprint to develop great design sprints and analyse key PM metrics.

Product management is a massive field, and this course does get into the fundamentals, but more so on the core and development process.

It focuses a lot on UX and UI design, so if you know that field or have working experience, you’ll wrap up this course quickly. However, it does offer insights into the best practices of the design process, so even experienced candidates can learn a thing or two from the course.

The course is self-paced and has several engaging exercises, interactive quizzes, and advanced content. It’s the peak of the experience of several Silicon Valley start-ups.

5. Scrum Alliance

The world-renowned Scrum Product Owner course by the Scrum Alliance is for product management professionals who want to enhance the industry’s business side.

So, if you take this course, you’ll grasp to develop the product vision, order the product backlog, and confirm a job well done for customers. You expand your career choice across multiple industries by adopting agile practices.

You will have a complete Scrum understanding and learn everything about the Product Owner’s responsibilities and duties. The course also permits you to engage with other Agile practitioners committed to continuous development progress.

However, this is a one-to-one training 16-hour course by a highly experienced and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). You can always look for live online and self-paced versions of the course.

Once you finish the course, you must also complete the Scrum Alliance membership profile and get the CSPO License Agreement.

6. My Great Learning

The Product Management Program by My Great Learning professionals teaches you the fundamentals and advanced models of product management while performing on a product throughout its work process. The product management course online will equip you with the necessary ability to meet many companies’ minimum product management education requirements. 

The program combines the  MBA and Design Thinking program to further understand product management.

The program will help improve the team’s performance, understand the customer needs, mobilise your organisation, and guide you design better customer experiences.

Moreover, the syllabus is regularly updated, and you can access all your queries answered while in the program.

The course also permits you to do surveys, exercises, tailored readings, video lectures, and an engaging game. Additionally, you can discuss the course, your concepts, and your challenges with other classmates.

When you finish, you’ll be able to develop pricing systems and tools and will be able to optimise product-line profitability. You will also rise insights into dynamic product decisions and different ways to manage your team while improving your management capabilities.

Lastly, your certification will be from a well-respected business school that justifies the extreme worthy tag.

7. Coursera

This training program is a popular certification course for new professional candidates, focusing on product execution and brand administration to assist users in solving problems. Moreover, it focuses on all the profession’s brand-related aspects and acknowledges the student’s different ways to carry out consistent analysis even after creating the product. Here are some of the benefits of choosing the Coursera certification program:

  • It trains candidates to develop activity plans and review viable product styles and formats.
  • The program has tests for aspirants to attempt after finishing a course. Passing the tests permits you to collect the certificate of completion.
  • Coursera is an internationally recognised online platform for certification programs.
  • Putting up your earned Coursera certificate on professional social media platforms boosts your credibility and also attracts HR to hirers.

8. EdX and Boston University

Boston University designed this program and EdX to offer product management training and certificates to candidates seeking to start the industry or enhance their skills. Further, the program includes five segments that combine to train how to manage digital products using vital steps. Here are some core highlights of the product management course by EdX and Boston University:

  • They educate students on how to create the pure digital initiative
  • It instructs employees to analyse data and business prospects.
  • This platform also permits enrollees to market their products properly through social media platforms.
  • A certificate with this program bestows you the luxury of applying for the MSDS program at Boston University without entrance tests.
  • The certification training program is best for advanced-level product management employees.

9. Berkeley Executive Education

This training program compiles all the basic and elemental product management topics in a course that fulfils the fundamental educational necessary in product management. It centres on grasping customer requirements and user experiences and developing the whole team’s performance. This training program is also ideal for top-level product managers that teach the candidates the following: 

  • how to come up with optimisation ability to secure the product’s profits
  • how to group the workforce into product teams
  • how to review customer data to decide a process of a work
  • how to cooperate with fellow employees, and customers


The Agile Certified Product Manager Credentials course is one of the best product -management courses online worldwide that comprehensively explains how to develop, launch, and market products in a specific market. It gives students the necessary skills to plan, implement, and check their projects. Moreover, it trains students in developing adequate business plans and techniques at the different levels of developing their products.



It is a challenging and complex road to becoming a product manager. However, you can always start by selecting the right course to acknowledge you gain the proper knowledge and master vital skills in the field.

If you are already working as a product manager, these online courses can boost your skills and career so that you accomplish in this competitive field. You can try product management courses online from Henry Harvin and Google. Their flexible payment option makes you affordable, and these are the most reputable and known names among all the product management courses.


What is a product management course training program?

Ans: Product management training trains people on how product managers perform their jobs. The training includes project management, external and internal communication, customer experience design, business analysis, and understanding your product’s market to fulfil a need in the marketplace.

What can be the examples of product management training programs?

Ans: Many options are available when searching for online product management courses. Some of them provide things like seminars on different topics related to software processes or specific soft skills courses focused on analysing the change within organisations. 
Others offer more extensive certificate-level education packages where an individual can get hands-on experience with all aspects of developing products, from concept generation through development and execution.

What are the best product management courses online training programs?

Ans: The best product management training is the most productive for you based on your experience, the skills required to improve, and what’s most essential in your job.

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