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Top 12 PMP Certification Courses In Bangalore

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Your search for the best PMP certification course stops right here.

Looking For The Best PMP Courses in Bangalore?


The 21st century has witnessed a major change in organizations. The work culture has transformed greatly. Technological developments have opened the doors to new techniques. This helps to handle project-related problems: short-term, long term. Every organization strives to achieve its goals. Professionals need project management skills. They also need to have practical knowledge. These skills are required to work in a goal-oriented industry. PMP courses train managers to work efficiently. The course works on using expertise, effective communication, and time management skills. This helps to meet the company’s requirements. PMP Courses in Bangalore are suitable not only for freshers but also middle and senior managers. It helps them to upgrade. This is necessary to meet the changing market requirements.

Bangalore is the hub of educational institutes in Karnataka. Many popular project management courses are set up here.

Here is the compilation of the top 12 PMP courses in Bangalore. The list contains the basic features of each course. These courses are sure to pave the way to a bright future. It will lead to a great career in project management. Aspirants need to do a thorough analysis before deciding on the perfect course.

PMP Courses in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin:

Among the top 12 PMP courses in Bangalore, Henry Harvin’s course stands at the top. Henry Harvin ranks amongst the Top 100 Edtech companies in India. It not only provides quality education but also ample opportunities to study and earn.

Their vision is to train individuals and corporations. It strives to provide quality counseling. They provide employment services. All courses come with a guaranteed guided internship. Their PMP courses are increasing rapidly. The foremost reason is the increase in demand while the latter are good reviews.

Why Opt for Henry Harvin among other PMP courses in Bangalore?

  • Training: 36 hours of online interactive sessions
  • Content: The experts structure the study materials. This is based on market needs not only in India but also abroad.
  • Projects: It provides facilities to get a first-hand experience in projects.
  • Internship: Mentors train candidates to get practical knowledge. They encourage students to apply the theory learned.
  • Hands-on training: Instructors engage the participants in brainstorming sessions. They conduct group activities. This helps to gain knowledge of various tools required to handle projects.
  • Digital materials: Access to practice questions and 7 exams from PMI.
  • Certification: The Government of India recognizes these project management course certificates.
  • Placement: The center grants 100% placement support.
  • Complimentary course: Trainees will be eligible for a free Business Analytics course.
  • Trainers: Certified and experienced trainers. They have experience coaching 900+ trainees globally. 
  • Bootcamps: Arranged regularly over 1 year.
  • In conclusion, Henry Harvin’s PMP Course offers a perfect combination. It has well-designed course content. The trainers are experienced. So, their practical-based projects and internship are their best features.

Other Courses Offered by Henry Harvin

  1. Post Graduate Program in Project Management
  2. PMP Plus Course
  3. Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Course

2. Sprintzeal

It provides training to candidates from not only private but also public organizations. Their vision is to provide quality training at the best prices. Sprintzeal provides training programs through three different modes. They are classroom training, online classes, and virtual classroom training. Their mission is to provide quality services. The organization offers PMP certification, which is globally accepted.

Why Opt For Sprintzeal among other PMP courses in Bangalore?

  • Training: 32 hours of live online classes. These classes are conducted globally. The trained teachers have an expertise of over 10 years. The trainers conduct courses through live classes. After theory classes, they use interactive sessions to teach concepts.
  • Course content: The institute provides study materials that are updated. Field experts prepare the content for classes and training for exams. And so, it gives flexible study options.
  • Instructors: Experts conduct the training. So, this ensures trainees pass the exam in one go.
  • Course fees: Best price offered on par with the market rates. In addition to this, students have the option to pay after the course.
  • Study Options: Flexible study options.
  • Exams: Periodic mock exams. After that trainees have to give a final exam.
  • Money-back scheme: The institute gives a 100% refund if not satisfied.
  • Certificate: It certifies the trainees after the course. However, passing the final exam is compulsory. In addition to 35 PDUs.
  • Other courses: It offers several project management courses.
  • Pre and post-PMP course support: After the course candidates get one year of support.
  • Other PMP Certification exams: In addition to PMP courses, they offer courses like Associate Project Management and PgMP courses

3. ZOC Learnings:

Zoc’s PMP Certification Courses deliver training in the latest techniques in project management. So, they are a popular training and certification organization. It has offered 75 professional certifications that are recognized worldwide.

Why Opt For ZOC Learnings among other PMP Courses in Bangalore?

  • Eligibility criteria: Project managers with a few years of experience.
  • Training: Online classroom sessions with not only experienced but also trained teachers. It provides classroom training.35 hours of training. They train using case studies. And, it lays stress on the use of theoretical knowledge. So, this helps to solve managerial issues.
  • Study content: Not only well-formulated but also well-compiled study material. ZOC Learnings provide interactive sessions. Case studies, mock exams, and e-books throughout the year. In addition to this, a session is exclusively for clearing doubts.
  • Career counseling: In addition to, free career counseling it also provides mentoring sessions.
  • Skills developed: Fund utilization, practical ways of solving issues, managing time schedules, leadership, and effective communication. And lastly customer management.
  • Exam: There are 180 questions. However, there is no negative marking. They hold exams online. The duration of the exam is 230 minutes. Along with, two 10-minute breaks.
  • Skills developed: Resolving conflicts, handling customer issues, leadership. Also, time schedules, and team-building skills. However, these skills are taught through regular sessions.
  • Career mentoring: They offer free career counseling. Finally, it paves the path toward a promising career.
  • Certification: Finally, the institute awards certificates after completion.

4. Edureka:

They provide a range of not only certifications but also master courses. Coca-Cola, VISA, CISCO, and Wipro are their corporate clients. Their PMP certification course covers techniques mentioned in the PMBOK Guide. In addition to that, Edureka has accredited training with PMI. In conclusion, their mission is to provide the best opportunities for candidates.

Why opt for Edureka among other PMP Courses in Bangalore?

  • Training: Live interactive sessions. 35 hours of online classes. The organization employs trained instructors. However, these instructors are in the industry for many years.
  • Course Duration: Almost 1 year. Offline sessions on Sundays.
  • Lifetime access: Access to the PMP course curriculum. And also, with access to the latest updates.
  • Trainers: IIT pass outs and experienced professionals.
  • Project-based learning: Practical application of theory.
  • 24/7 support: A help desk solves issues. However, they support trainees throughout the course.
  • Certification: Accredited certification. Also, they issue participation certificates. However, attendance is compulsory.
  • Dual Certification: In addition, ICT Academy certification from Edureka is also given.
  • Support: 6 months after training support. After that, an internship is provided.

5. StarAgile:

It collaborates with leading organizations. They provide outclass training in Agile, Scrum, and Project Management. StarAgile provides Master’s Programs aimed at career goals. The center conducts corporate training. 

Why opt for StarAgile among other PMP Courses in Bangalore?

  • Training: 35 hours of live virtual classes
  • Course Content: Based on the industrial trends. Field experts design the course. They take the best practices mentioned in PMBOK Guide.
  • Modules: Not only simple but also easy. In addition to, regular doubt-clearing.
  • Instructors: Experienced trainers.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee if unhappy with the course.
  • In addition, flexible batches.
  • Support staff: Not only guides but also supports trainees.
  • Exams: Mock tests conducted at regular intervals. Candidates receive a PMP course certification.
  • Internship: 6 months

6. Skillogic:

The institute’s courses upgrade management skills. They keep in mind the market trends. It stands as one of the top PMP Courses in Bangalore. It not only gives top priority but also provides the best services to corporates. Skillogic awards certification that is accepted globally.

Why opt for Skillogic among other top PMP Courses in Bangalore?

  • Training: Flexible timings and batches. Three learning modes: classroom, online and self-paced learning.
  • Self-learning: 1-year time duration. However, the trainees can do it at their pace.
  • Case study: This sets Skillogic a class from the rest. Case studies based on real-life experience. In addition to problem-solving approaches.
  • 35 hours course.
  • Exam: After completion of the course.
  • Trainers: Motivating instructors with not only expertise but also experience. They provide support even after the course.
  • Course Materials: International bodies compile the content. This ensures good-quality modules. In addition to, making it easy.
  • 24/7 customer care: A dedicated staff provides good customer service. The well-trained staff answers all queries.
  • Top Corporate Clients: Allianz, Hewlett Packard, and Unilever are their popular customers.
  • Experience: The instructors have 10 Years of experience. They have trained 15k professionals.
  • Flexi-Pass: 6 months time duration. This gives time for trainees to revise. Aspirants have time to clear all doubts.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if not happy.
  • The institute offers certificates to candidates. But, this is only after the course completion.
PMP Courses in Bangalore

7. PMI Bangalore Chapter:

Next on the list is the Project Management Institute Bangalore Chapter. The institute started in 1998. It offers project management courses. The main mission of the chapter is not only to promote education but also certification.

Why opt for PMI Bangalore Chapter as an option for courses in PMP courses in Bangalore?

  • Training: 35-hour online course. The classes have fixed dates. Fixed timings, Candidates have an option to choose. So, it is flexible too.
  • Virtual classes: However, it also holds virtual courses.
  • Faculty: Trainers are working professionals. The instructors have completed PMI’s ‘ Train the trainer program ’.
  • Content: Covers the science of project management. However, three aspects are given importance. They are human resources, techniques, and, business.
  • Exam: Mock tests after regular intervals.PMI Bangalore Chapter conducts the final exam. Before that, they apprise the trainees about exams.
  • Certification: The trainees must attend all classes. It issues PMP course certification. However, this is only after course completion.

9. PRO Thoughts

ProThoughts is a leading institute. It offers PMP certification courses in Bangalore. They aim to provide training in project management. The institute empowers individuals with promising careers. Training is provided on the new ATP material. It provides online training not only for Indians but also foreigners.

Why opt for ProThoughts among other top PMP courses in Bangalore?

  • Training: 35- hour classes through interactive sessions. 
  • Course content: A comprehensive study of project management. A unique approach is followed. This approach educates and entertains candidates. Games, quizzes, crosswords, mock exams, and mind mapping. These are included in the learning modules.
  • Free Counseling sessions are provided.
  • Support: The trainer is readily accessible for any query.
  • Career guidance: Aspirants can book a session with career consultants. This helps clear all queries.
  • Certification: The PMP exam has to be cleared on the first attempt. This is to be eligible for certification. The certification is globally accepted.
  • Pro Thoughts promises a 100% money-back guarantee

10. ProPM Academy:

ProPM Academy offers PMP courses in Bangalore not only online but also offline classes. They offer training in areas of project, program, and portfolio management. A team of senior professionals strives to provide the best. They aim to help clients to achieve their goals. Not only in terms of customer service but also satisfaction. They conduct workshops regularly for startup companies. This is for companies based out of Bangalore.

Why opt for ProPM Academy among other PMP courses in Bangalore?

  • Training: It conducts corporate training both online and offline. The instructors give a free demo if required. This helps to clear any query. They conduct classes on Sundays.
  • Instructors: Well-experienced, as well as expert trainers, who strive for the best results. 
  • Practical approach: Trainees learn theory. And, after that through real-life situations. The learning process includes case studies. The trainees are prepared to give presentations.
  • Certification: The institute conducts an exam. This helps to test the knowledge of trainees. The center issues certificates after the course.
  • Other courses: Six Sigma Training, Six Sigma Certification, and Software Training.
PMP courses in Bangalore

11. iCert Global:

iCert Global is a premier institute. It offers courses in project management. It is operational on 3 continents. Its HO is in the United States. They boast of a nearly 100% success rate. They have trained nearly 1 lakh professionals. Customer satisfaction and positive outcome are their two main objectives.\

Why opt for iCert Global from among other PMP courses in Bangalore?

  • Training: They keep reinventing their course modules. This helps them to upgrade themselves. The content is at par to market trends. The Institute makes the training material. This is to suit the requirements of trainees globally.
  • Demo session: The candidates can request a free demo session. This helps clear all doubts in one go.
  • Classroom workshops: Conducted at regular intervals
  • 2000+ mock test questions.
  • Certificate: The trainees get a soft copy of the certificate. This is only after course completion. They become an affiliate with iCert Global.
  • The Institute issues globally accepted certificates.
  • A Private Course: The institute arranges for a private course company location. The participants must be more in number.

12. KnowledgeHut Upgrade:

This institute ranks among the top PMP courses in Bangalore. It is based in many countries like the US, UK, and Canada. They help accelerate career growth. Especially in technology-based industries.

Why opt for Knowledgehut Upgrade among other top PMP courses in Bangalore?

  • Training: Provides the best coaching. This is, however, to ensure a high success rate. 35+24 PDUs with online and classroom sessions. The study module includes mock tests. They have regular doubt-clearing sessions.
  • A Novel Concept: It helps develop a practical approach. Problem-solving through workshops. Provides 6 months of support. Training based on current situations. A dedicated staff takes care of all queries.
  • Flexible timings and dates. So, that the candidate’s choice is met.
  • Doubt clearing sessions with regular classes.
  • Learning:  It teaches concepts of working together as a team. And, finding solutions to problems. Lays stress on
  • effective communication. The course prepares one for project management.
  • Mock tests and simulation exams. This helps to prepare for the final exam. Experienced trainees make the study content.
  • They conduct team-building programs and case studies. In addition to regular workshops. It is based on practical use.
  • Early birds and group registrations get discounts. And, sometimes special offers on the course.
  • Skills developed: goal setting, problem-solving, time management, and communication.

It should be noted that learning is one such journey that never stops.

PMP courses in Bangalore

Add-on courses after PMP courses

  1. PMI- ACP Certification course
  2. Business Analysis course
  3. Certified ScrumMaster

Why Invest Time, Energy, and Finances In PMP Courses?

Along with professional qualifications, certifications from PMP Courses are an added advantage. Candidates who can solve problems have an edge over freshers. Along with this, the time taken to solve problems is considered.

 The course helps one get good positions in manufacturing, healthcare, finance, construction, and other industries. Project management professionals earn regular pay rises.

The dream of not only a good position but also a great salary now seems true. PMP Courses form a strong base for career management. In conclusion, it is easy to achieve goals.

Factors For Selecting PMP Courses

  1. Get first-hand details about the course modules.
  2. Check trainee credentials. It should be noted that the experience of trainers is important. Not only do their expertise but also their experience matter.
  3. Feedback from ex-students.Check for references. Read reviews. Clear all queries.
  4. Check about the exam process.
  5. They must ensure the credibility of the certificate.
  6. The cost and the duration of the course.
  7. Globally accepted certification.
  8. Check if the institute provides after-training support

These factors should be noted. As you dive deep into the compilation of Bangalore’s top 12 PMP courses. One of these will pave the path to a successful career.


PMP courses in Bangalore

Skills Honed At Project Management Courses

    1. Leadership

    2. Practical problem-solving approach

    3. Financial planning

    4. Dispute settlement

    5. Meeting customer expectations

    6. Motivation

   7. Coordination

   8. Teamwork

   9. Crisis management

10. Effective communication


A PMP certification can offer a strong base to project management. It improves one’s ability to plan. It guides one to complete projects on time. Thorough research and review back the compilation of the list.

Selecting one that best suits one’s needs could be a difficult task. At the same time, it is crucial. A perfect course could make your career. So, take your time to pick and choose. Cheers to a great career ahead!


1. Are PMP courses necessary for a great career?

Ans: Yes, it is noticed that professionals with project management certification have an edge. They are in a position to demand an increase in their pay packets. PMP courses are in high demand in the job market. Hence, necessary for a great career.

2. Which is the best among the top-ranking PMP courses in Bangalore?

Ans: It is almost impossible to say which is the best. It is subjective. It depends on personal choices and preferences. Each course has to be studied. Then a decision can be made. The decision must be based on personal preferences.

3. Is the PMP course certification exam easy?

Ans: It is not difficult but it can be tricky at times. Study and thorough preparations are required to ace the exam. Attending classes regularly helps one handle the exam better. One has to clear all their doubts. Revision before the exam is a must.

4. How do I get first-hand reviews for PMP courses in Bangalore?

Ans: Reviews of ex-students would be the best way to assess courses. And choose the one that suits one’s requirements.

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