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Top 10 Medical Writing Courses in India: 2023 (Leaked)

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Writing has evolved tremendously during this era of modernization. There has been cultural exchange and a burst of global opportunities that have now enabled us to extend our hands globally. The diversity we experience today has opened several doors to experimenting and not just limiting individuals to being a Doctor or an Engineer. 

The world is witnessing change and luckily the changed world is accepting art like never before. This era is mutually exclusive and has allowed people to transform their area of interest as a career. Full-time career, actually. 

Writing doesn’t have a boundary. It doesn’t ask you to fit into any box. It instead throws you to uncountable options and allows you to choose the one that you feel most alive in doing. Introduction of Medical Writing is one such gemstone placement. 

As already said, you don’t need to fit into a box, you instead have to explore and writing offers you choices, explorations simply like no other. Your interest and expertise are valued here and then are encouraged to give it the best shot. 

The reason writing allows you so much freedom is because it has uncountable areas to explore and introduce. A lot of enthusiasts are seen following writing as a full-time career in the niche that they are best at. Medical Writing is surely grabbing a lot of worthy attention these days. And a lot of people are willingly wanting to know more and more about the medical writing requirement aspects. 

I personally believe, when starting a career you should be throwing yourself completely to the subject and should consider starting from scratch, BUT UNDER GUIDANCE AND SUPERVISION. 

What I meant by that is, if you are looking to pursue Medical Writing as a full-time career then you should be throwing yourself into everything that’s associated with it directly or indirectly. And this is only possible when you are guided and supervised by top celebrated professionals of the industry. 

Thus, a Medical Writing Course can do wonders for your career. It will give you the right kind of push, guidance and opportunities that a lot of beginners find difficult in setting up that for themselves. 

But do we have any specialised course called a Medical Writing Course? Yes, we do have and we have ample of them. India is a hubhose for a lot of sectors which are yet undiscovered for normal people like you and me. Undoubtedly, India has amazing platforms that can help you know and explore everything about Medical Writing. 

But which Medical Writing course would be best for me? And which platform do I choose? Don’t worry, we have your back. We have filtered some of the best platforms that offer Medical Writing Courses throughout India. These platforms are definitely worth considering and will surely help you elevate your career journey. 

So without any further ado let us just walk through the Top 10 Medical Writing Courses in India:- 

What Is Medical Writing? 

Before we begin to explore the super amazing list of best Medical Writing Courses in India, let us take a moment to try and understand what exactly Medical Writing means and what job responsibilities are associated with it. 

Of course, a lot of you might be slightly already aware of the term but for those who are true newbies, this is surely going to be helpful. Very helpful, actually. 

Medical Writing is associated with a type of writing that deals with the terminologies related to Medical Science. The writing involves sharp researches, facts and point to point information. One needs to thorough themselves completely through the documents and the projects they work on. 

The field is extremely a great ride of fun and exploration for someone who enjoys doing researches and exploration the most. So if you have that knack for research and the ability to brief in point to point format then this is something that you surely must try to explore. 

Can anyone become a Medical Writer? 

Yes, but one needs to essentially have a degree that is directly or indirectly associated with the Medical Field. This is a very basic eligibility criteria that major platforms look for. 

Anyone willing to explore this field as a career can surely become a Medical Writer but after following certain responsible steps and of course after qualifying the eligibility criteria set up by platform he/she desires to enrol for. 

To become a Medical Writer you will need to join a specialised Medical Writing Course. During your course tenure you will be made one to one with every needed aspect of the medical field and there onwards after successful completion of the course you can explore the opportunities in the related industry. 

If you decide to choose Medical Writing as a Career be sure to be alert and double-checked with the facts you knot down in your reports. 

Top 10 Medical Writing Courses in India

India has several institutions and platforms that offer Medical Writing Courses but to filter the best ones out was really a huge struggle. After continuous research and efforts, we finally have a noteworthy list of platforms that you can look up to. So get ready to get one-to-one with them. 

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education has always been upfront in providing qualitative education to its young, vibrant, and aspirant learners. The platform offers hands-down services that not only allow learners to learn but also explore several job opportunities. 

Henry Harvin Education has been named as the No.1 platform that offers impressive educational courses and commendable job opportunities. It is the first platform to come up with anything and everything that is in demand or in need by the current generation. 

The trainers, study materials, placements and everything else is simply well arranged and served at it’s best. This platform has always fascinated me and surely is my go-to course platform for anything and everything. 

Henry Harvin Education offers several excitingly impressive Medical Writing Courses that learners can and should surely grab. You can opt for a Medical Writing Course or Post Graduation Medical Writing Course as per your need. 

The Medical Writing Course by Henry Harvin Education introduces you to major basic and advanced aspects of Medical Writing. Doing this allows the learner to have a wide variety of understanding on the subject. 

Key Factors:- 

Enrolling for the course can prove to be tremendously beneficial. The platform has much more to offer than you can ever count. A few of them are mentioned below:- 

  1. Opportunity to partner with the Leaders in Education and Training
  1. 9 benefits in 1 single course. 
  1. An assurance on Job placements. 
  1. Extreme Practical Medical Writing Training. 
  1. Comprehensive and Finely updated Curriculum. 
  1. 16 hours of Live Online Interactive Classroom sessions. 
  1. Government and several Award-Winning Institute recognised Certifications. 
  1. E-learning access and 12 Months Bootcamps 
  1. Opportunities to explore projects related to Scientific Writing, Drug development processes and several more. 
  1. 1 Year Gold Membership from Henry Harvin Education for the Medical Writing Course. 

Know your Trainers:- 

You will be under constant supervision and guidance throughout the course tenure. Therefore it is important to know about them so that you feel confident choosing them.

The trainers at Henry Harvin Education hold 15+ years of relevant industry working experience. They have been invited for more than 100 keynote classes of Medical Writing Course and have delivered about 350+ lectures. So you can feel completely secure and confident about your choice. 

Benefits associated with Henry Harvin Education – Medical Writing Course

The Medical Writing Course at Henry Harvin Education comes with incomparable benefits. These benefits help learners to accelerate their careers graph. A few of the most notable benefits are mentioned below:- 

  1. Allows you to improve your writing skills as a Medical Writer. 
  1. Introduction to different Genres of Medical Writing. 
  1. Expertise to effectively communicate with the Non-Medical audience about the Medical details. 
  1. Everything that a successful Medical Freelance Writer should know. 
  1. A comprehensive introduction to essential ethics for Medical Communicators. 
  1. Effective traits and hacks to build a successful career in Medical Writing. 

There are ample of more which are simply going to take your career graph to altogether a very different level. Enroll to begin your career as a Medical Writer, NOW! 

2. Udemy – Medical Writing Courses in India 

Udemy is an exploring platform I would call. You get to learn anything and everything that you desire. Your learning here is guided and supervised by the best professionals coming from several impressive territories. These professionals hold solid experience in their relevant industries and serve you with the best knowledge on it. 

The certifications you receive here are globally accepted and open numerous doors of opportunities for you globally. 

You will find many courses related to Medical Writing here. You can choose them according to your need and comfort. The Freelance Medical Writing course at Udemy is the best Medical Writing Course available here. There’s a lot to explore and be aware of. You will also get to know if you should be pursuing this particular writing as a full-time career or not. 

The course includes 1 hour of on-demand video, 2 downloadable resources, full lifetime access and a recognized certificate after the completion of the course. 

Throughout the course tenure you will be exploring the below-mentioned topics in detail:- 

  1. Understanding Medical Writing. 
  1. Understanding the client and pitching process. 
  1. Different Genres of Medical Writing.
  1. Importance of a Scientific Background and writing abilities. 
  1. Required qualities to sustain in medical Writing effectively. 
  1. Know your tools and ways to market your work. 
  1. Constructive steps are involved in being a successful Medical Writer.
  1. A day as a Medical Writer. 
  1. Salary expectations. 

So if the course structure impressed you and if it made sense to you then you can surely enrol for the course and begin your career as a Medical Writer today. Note there are several other Medical Writing Courses available here. Choose according to your needs. 

3. Coursera – Medical Writing Courses in India

Coursera has emerged as one of the biggest online education providing platforms that provides some really impressive courses. There is a bundle of courses related to several fields that any individual can explore. The courses presented on the platform are highly renowned and are led by several celebrated professionals from various territories across the globe. 

When looking for Medical Writing Courses in India you definitely cannot miss Coursera. It offers some really worthy courses related to Medical Writing. Thus, you can count on the Medical Writing Course available here. 

The program presented here doesn’t only cover a single subject related to Medical Writing but instead has a lot to introduce and discover. As a learner, you totally are gainers here. 

So if you haven’t kickstarted your career in Medical Writing then here’s your opportunity. Enrol for the Medical Writing Courses by Coursera and explore every bit of it minutely. 

4. James Lind Institute – Medical Writing Courses in India

When looking for Medical Writing Courses in India you simply just can’t miss James Lind Institute. It’s got the best of everything. From the best trainers on board to Modules that are extremely well refined and updated with all the necessary requirements of the modern age. 

You can find several courses for Medical Writing on this platform and explore incredible global opportunities to kickstart your career. The Medical Writing Course offered here is finely put together in 32 Modules giving you all the required gist of Medical Writing. 

The program is named as Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Medical Writing. The entire program will be made available to you through online means ensuring that your quality of learning is nowhere affected. 

To enroll for the course you need to satisfy the eligibility criteria put by the institution. You need to have a prior degree in a relative field that is related to at least one of the following. 

  1. Medicine
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Chemistry
  4. Nursing 

Note:- Students in their final year pursuing any of the above degrees are also eligible to join the course. For more information head on to their website and Enrol to begin an effective career, TODAY! 

5. CLINI India – Medical Writing Courses in India

CLINI India is sure to be your next spot wherein you would love to explore the Medical Writing Course offered here. One of the most celebrated platforms in terms of Medical Writing has some really noteworthy points to add to your vibrant career. 

This program takes you through every minute to major details on Medical Writing and provides you with the platform that only pushes you to grow and nurture the knack for writing that you have within. 

The program ClassRoom Training, Weekends Program and E-learning options too. According to your comfort and desire, you can choose the one that fits you the best. 

Talking about the eligibility criteria for the program offered by CLINI India, to qualify them you need to have a degree associated with a Medical Field like MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, Life Science and is even open for Engineering Graduates. If you possess prior experience of working in a clinic, nursing home, etc you can also qualify for the program. 

So what are you waiting for? Head onto their website and Enrol for the program, NOW! 

6. Symbiosis International ( Deemed University ) – Medical Writing Courses in India

Symbiosis is another worthy addition to our list that you can surely count on if planning to pursue a career in Medical Writing. The course offered here is highly qualitative and has several benefits that you as a learner can acquire. 

The course is finely planned to help you understand several aspects of Medical Writing and provide you with a platform that can help you to enhance your writing abilities. The course is 6 months long and can be applied online. 

To qualify for the course you need to belong to a medical or associated field. On enrollment in the course, you will be taken through several tricks and tips that will help you make your writing compelling to your readers. 

To know more check their website, NOW! 

7. Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India – Medical Writing Courses in India

Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India is all geared up to train aspiring Medical Writers who want to explore and innovate the Medical Writing industry globally. This program is an initiation to educate and uplift the learners of this field by providing relevant guidance and supervision. 

The Executive Diploma in Medical Writing offered here is curated for a period of 6 months. It consists of 14 modules and comes with several benefits like Online Learning, Executive Learning and New & Updated Work Methodologies and many more. 

The duration of the course is 6 Months long. To be eligible to join the program you need to have a Medical background even diploma students with relevant experience are heartily welcomed. 

Head onto their website for more information, NOW! 

8. Emediwrite Pvt. Ltd – Medical Writing Courses in India

The need and emergence for Medical Writers are constantly increasing in the country so are the number of aspiring writers. Thus, it becomes a social responsibility to provide a platform where these young learners can learn and explore. 

Mediaite has proudly extended its hands and has come with a program called Certificate Program in MedComms ( CPMC ). This program trains the early aspiring birds wanting to ensure an impactful career as a Medical Writer. 

Throughout the tenure of your course, you will be made through with all the necessary elements associated with Medical Writing Directly or Indirectly. 

Anyone coming from a Medical or Associated background can surely be a part of the program and can explore the area of expertise. The program also assures you to give 100% placement assistance that I guess will be a major boost to your career. 

For more information check their website, NOW! 

9. Biomed Informatics – Medical Writing Courses in India

Biomed Informatics has managed to secure the ninth position on our list of top Medical Writing Courses in India. Undoubtedly it deserves that for the quality and efficiency it has to offer to their dear learners. 

The curriculum consists of a wide variety of medical terminologies and associated factors to that. The program thoroughs you through every minute detail related to compelling writing. 

Medical Writing Courses come with huge responsibilities and those responsibilities need to be efficiently addressed to the young and vibrant learners of today. Choices of words use of words and the way of presenting the clusters of words play a very vital role in any form of writing. Thus, you will be introduced to various similar concepts during your tenure. 

Throughout the course you will also be extensively involved in Reviewing Case Report forms, Clinical Study Reports, Writing Patient Safety Narratives, Regulatory Submission Documents Reviews and many many more. 

So to begin your exciting career with some amazing opportunities head on to their websites, NOW! 

10. ICBio – Medical Writing Courses in India

ICBio has introduced a Post Graduation Diploma program in Medical Writing which surely has proved to be one of the biggest assets to the aspiring Medical Writers of today. 

The duration of the course is 10 Months long and consists of two major Semesters. The candidates enrolling for the program should compulsorily meet the eligibility criteria associated with the program. 

The candidate should compulsorily belong to a Medical Associated Field to qualify for the program. As a part of your progress check, you will be receiving 3 presentations per semester.

You will also be involved in several practical learning aspects required for an effective Medical Writing Course. Thus, you will be guided, fed and supervised with all the required essentials to help you achieve excellence in your writing. 

For detailed information check their website, NOW! 

Final Words:- 

There are several Medical Writing Courses in India but finding the best out of them is always a struggle. But as an aspiring Medical Writer, it is always advisable to opt for a Medical Writing Course. So that you are introduced to every tiny to major required detail of the industry. 

We hope that by providing the above list of the best 10 Medical Writing Courses in India we somehow proved to be of some help to you. These above-mentioned institutions are highly celebrated and recommended by the learners of today. They simply have the best to offer their learners. So don’t wait too long, just make your right choice and begin your career as a Medical Writer, TODAY! 

We hope this piece of information helped you find your answers effectively. If in case you still have any doubts or questions on the above-discussed subject then please feel free to voice it using the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same. 

Happy Reading! Happy Writing! 


Q1. What are the medical writing courses in India?


Q2. How can I become a medical writer in India?

Ans. Applicants should possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a life science-related field. If the candidate has a basic understanding and knowledge of medical terminology, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the English language is also acceptable. You can check out medical writing courses in India articles to learn more.

Q3. How much do medical writers earn?

Ans. A junior level or beginning medical writer can expect a salary range of $52,000 to $80,000 annually, while a medical editor can expect a salary range of $40,000 to $80,000 annually, according to websites such as,, and You can learn more about the opportunities in this medical writing course in India article.

Q4. What do medical writers do?

Ans. The role of medical writers is to create well-structured scientific documents, including clinical research papers, news articles, health magazines, and health journals. Documents such as clinical trial data, regulatory submission documents, and post-approval documents are included in this category.

Q5. What are the different types of medical writing?

Ans. According to the responding schools, the five most important documents were: writing up the patient’s history and physical examination, progress notes and discharge summaries (tied), writing up a peer-reviewed publication (either clinical or laboratory research), and writing a grant proposal.

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