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 Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Courses in Bangalore

 Are you looking for the top artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore? No wonder, today’s world dominated by artificial intelligence is incentivizing people to learn artificial intelligence. Of course, Bangalore is the right place to learn artificial intelligence as it is India‘s one of the largest IT hubs. So, let’s quickly look at the best artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore.

 Evidently, the number of people urging to study artificial intelligence is increasing day by day. One prime reason for this is the fascination for it because developing a mobile app to program robots is all a part of artificial intelligence. In other cases, we all know that artificial intelligence will transform employment opportunities shortly. In this article, we will analyze the top 8 artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore.

      Top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Bangalore.

Artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes sharing the number one position in offering artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore. In fact, The artificial intelligence and machine learning academy of Henry Harvin is promising 100 percent placement support. Also, it is providing a well-articulated curriculum to its learners. Moreover, the institute is focusing on providing effective knowledge of machine learning and deep learning. Learning from professional mentors who have a  deep awareness of the industry is another added advantage. Also, the course is giving a special focus on creating awareness in  data wrangling and data visualization

Number of learning hours-32

Course fees-15,000

Key Takeaways

  • A piece of thorough knowledge of applied artificial intelligence and its basis
  • Valid certification
  • Practical learning aligned with the needs of the industry
  • Perfectly designed curriculum that is oriented on attaining a job.
  • Assured internship that can widen your skills and talents
  • Placement support and master classes on how to be successful in an interview for one year.


EMAIL- [email protected].

Other courses by Henry Harvin

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2. Artificial Intelligence and  Machine Learning in Business course

3. Natural Language processing Course

4. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Course

5. Machine learning with R Course

2. Datamites


 This is a well-reputed institute providing artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore. Moreover, this is one of the institutes providing three modes of learning: virtual learning, classroom learning, and fused learning [ Live e-learning and self-learning together].

 Course fees-Virtual mode-95,000

                        Fused course-57,000

                        Offline classroom-1,20,000

 Hours of learning

 Virtual mode-781 hours in which there will be 100 online mentor-led classes[11   months]

 Fused- One-year access to students’ e-portal

  Offline mode- 781 hours in which the number of live classes will be 100 [11 months]

           Key Takeaways

  • Internship and job support
  • E portal access for one year
  • Capstone projects
  • Direct client projects
  • Cloud lab usage
  • Certificates by IABAC and DMC

        3. Intellipaat


 This is another top-ranking institute offering artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore. Intellipat is an institute following a strict curriculum plan. Obviously, the course material helps an individual to be proficient in machine learning, python, MLOps, etc. Moreover, this institute is adhering to strict rules in the selection of its faculty. Thereby, Intellipat assures a refined level of coaching in artificial intelligence.

Course Fees-INR 1,00,000

Number of learning hours-55[ 7-8 months]

 Key Takeaways

  • Training from experienced trainers
  • Placement support
  • 215 self-study videos
  • You will learn data visualization
  • getting good exposure in tableau and algorithms
  • A wide understanding of the industry by handling more than 200 projects


4. Corpnce


 Corpnce is another well-known institute that trains in artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore. Most importantly, this is the foremost institute that put forward the concept of technology quotient[ TQ measures the adaptability of a person towards future technology]. Three major courses offered by them are machine learning, deep learning, and data science.

Number of learning hours- 1300 progressive training hours


[email protected]

Key Takeaways

  • Unlimited access to the student portal
  • 100 percent job guidance
  • Elite level coaching 
  • Enormous project availability
  • Mastery orientation from the previous learners who are successful in the industry.

5. Inventateq


.Inventateq acquired a good name for catering top artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore within a short period. It is a training institute delivering both online and offline classes. Moreover, the institute tries to create a good learning environment by providing well-equipped classroom facilities. Also, the mentors are all with much industrial knowledge. Overall, the institute has received high ratings for the past few years.

Number of learning hours-30[2 months]

Weekdays or Weekend classes

Key takeaways

  • Job assurance after course completion.
  • Mock examinations and interviews for practice
  • Real-time projects focussed on the industrial advancements
  • In-depth knowledge of machine learning, data mining, and algorithm engineering
  • The course aims to throw light on Computer technology and its ethical problems
  • Institute also gives awareness of human language technologies, information retrieval, etc 
  • Universally valid certification

Contact-7899332878 or +91 6366644707

 [email protected]

6. Zen Rays Technologies


Zen Rays Technologies is a reputed institute offering learning in various programming languages. Most importantly, it is providing artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore. In fact, the best part of this institute is that its trainers are all from various IITs in India. The course structure is well planned by giving equal importance to practical and theoretical learning.

 Course duration-1.5 months

Course Fees- 23,000

 Key Takeaways

  • Job guaranteed program
  • Course well aligned with industrial needs
  • Completely free demo classes
  • Certification


7. Learn Bay


Learn Bay is a distinguished institute that provides artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore. The institute promises its full support to attain a high-salaried job with the completion of the course.

 Number of learning hours-355 live classes

 Key Takeaways

  • Capstone projects
  • Doubt-clearing sessions individually
  • Unlimited student portal access
  • Weekend and weekdays sessions
  • Best industrial experience
  • Learn from experts

Contact-+91 8123327570

8. Besant Technologies


Besant Technologies is an institute that started in the year 2005. Predominantly, They provide artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore. The curriculum of this course here is a blend of machine learning, deep learning, Reinforcement learning, and Chabot. Besides this, the institute is blessed with professional mentors for teaching.

Course duration- 2 months

Course fees-INR 24,000

Key takeaways

  • Complete course package of theory and practicals
  • Training by working professionals from various corporate companies..
  • 100 percent placement guarantee
  • Certification that can add more value to your resume.



Artificial intelligence courses

Bangalore is known as the IT capital of India. This is because of the presence of numerous IT companies ranging from startups to large multinationals. On the other side, artificial intelligence is reaching almost all areas of our lives. AI has transformed our technological growth too. Therefore, learning artificial intelligence in Bangalore will be beneficial for anyone who wants to thrive in their career.

Recommended Reads

1. How can the artificial intelligence course benefit an individual?

Artificial intelligence has started dominating all industries. Therefore, for successful and steady career growth, knowledge of artificial intelligence will be helpful.

2. What are the fees for artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore?

Fees for the artificial intelligence course depend on the course duration. However, you can expect fees ranging from INR15,000 to INR 1,00000 for the best institutes.

3. What is the minimum eligibility to do an artificial intelligence course?

The minimum qualification required to do Artificial intelligence courses is 12 th pass from any affiliated board.

4. What is the minimum salary of an individual after the completion of AI courses?

The salary of a person after completing AI courses starts from 4-5 lakhs per annum.

5. What will we learn by doing an Artificial Intelligence certification course?

We will know the basic concepts of machine learning, natural processing language, and deep learning by attaining certification in AI.

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