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Top 10 Data Science Courses in India

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Data science is the consideration of large amounts of data that applies a variety of tools, algorithms, and machine learning concepts. This is being done so to extract patterns from the existing data. Here is a blog to help you understand the new Data Science courses in India.

One must be disciplined in conducting and concluding a large amount of data that is dispersed all over the world. The analysis of the data gets ready for processing, and evaluation to find trends and help businesses to conclude.

Additionally, the process may involve data cleansing, sorting, storing, and manipulation for certain processing objectives. It’s a study that requires the use of analytical programs, AI models, and algorithms, as well as their construction.

To support business decisions, data science relies on software for analyzing complex data and turning patterns into predictions.

Data Science Courses In India

We present the Top 10 Data Science Courses in India below

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is the most in-demand institute for Data Science courses in India and it ranks at the top of the list. As part of this program, you will receive training on the latest Data Science tools and techniques so that you can cope with the demands of the industry.

The training institute thrives owing to its proven record, solidifying its position as the industry leader in student education. It combines theory, calculation, and application in a way that is both practical and understandable.

Companies such as Abbot Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Fidelity Investments, Apollo Tyre, and others have hired Henry Harvin graduates. Students will gain practical experience working with Henry Harvin’s affiliate ties from organizations like the American Association of The course will qualify participants for EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME, and the Government of India certifications after completion.

Features for Data Science Course in India from Henry Harvin

  • Duration & Mode: 50 hours of access to online learning and 32 hours of two-way live classroom sessions.
  • Trainer: mentors having experience of more than ten years in the field.
  • Membership: validity for one year of Gold Membership with 12 months of E-learning access
  • Alumni: Become one of the renowned 18000+ Henry Harvin Alumni worldwide by achieving the prestigious designation of alumni.
  • Internship: Internship with Henry Harvin or associated companies is guaranteed.
  • Job Opportunities: 10+ job openings are offered each week.●   Live Projects: Take Part in Projects in the Industry Even While You’re Training

The curriculum offered by Henry Harvin for its Data Science course in India

  •  Introduction to Data Science
  • Getting and Cleaning Data
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Research and Statistical Inference
  • Introduction to python Exploratory
  • Exploratory Data Analysis, Research, and Statistical Inference
  • Regression Models and Practical Machine Learning
  • Practical Machine Learning
  • Complimentary Module
  • Soft Skills Development
  • Resume Writing
  • Projects Covered
  • Analyze the attrition rate for employees in HR
  • Sales: Predicting Department wise Sales
  • Marketing: Website Trend Analysis
  • Financial Analysis: Stock Market Prediction

From Henry Harvin, Skills Covered in its Data Science Course in India

  • Ensemble Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Supervised & Unsupervised Learning
  • Model Building & Fine Tuning
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Duration: 32 hours of live interactive instruction and 50 hours of online learning

Fee: Not Available

Phone: +91-9891953953

Email: [email protected]


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2. Intellipaat

The Data Science course in India by Intellipaat is affiliated with CCE IIT Madras, which educates in Machine Learning, Python, NLP, etc. As part of this training program, students will receive instruction from IIT Madras faculty members and business professionals. With the help and guidance of these experienced mentors, students will be enriched to become certified data scientists.

Instructions will be imparted on both fundamental and advanced concepts. This training method will prepare students with the knowledge and abilities required to pursue a career in this industry.

In addition, the instructors are well-experienced professionals who will walk you through each concept in detail.

From Intellipaat, features of its Data Science Course in India

  • 50+ Hours of Live sessions for seven months
  • 218 Hrs Self-paced Videos
  • 200 Hrs Project & Exercises
  • 3 Guaranteed Interviews by Intellipaat
  • 24*7 Guidance and Support

From Intellipaat, Skills Covered in its Data Science Course in India

  • Python
  • Data Wrangling
  • Story Telling
  • Machine Learning
  • Prediction algorithms
  • PySpark
  • Data visualization
  • And More

The curriculum offered by Intellipaat for its Data Science course in India

  • Data Analysis With MS-Excel
  • Python With Data Science
  • Data Wrangling with SQL
  • Linear Algebra and Advanced Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning Using TensorFlow
  • Power BI
  • Deploying Machine Learning Models With Cloud
  • Data Science Capstone Project
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • And More

Projects based on Intellipaat Data Science Course in India

  • Face Detection
  • AI Chatbot
  • Restaurant Revenue Prediction
  • Census Project
  • Housing Price Prediction
  • HR Analytics
  • And More

Fees: ₹ 85,044

Phone: +91-7022374614

Mail: [email protected]


3. ExcelR

The Data Science course in India provided by ExcelR will walk you through the whole Data Science lifecycle. It is a process of collecting, extracting, cleaning, engineering, and mining data. A variety of processes are also involved, including the creation of predictive models, visualization, and many others.

This program by ExcelR will cover a variety of tools, including Python, Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning, and Hypothesis Testing.

Post completion of the training program by ExcelR, they will provide job placement assistance as well. Several students were hired by various global corporations, such as Panasonic, E&Y, Infosys, IBM, Accenture, etc.

From ExcelR, features of its Data Science Course in India

  • Case Studies & Assignments: Work on 60+ Case studies and Assignments with 24*7 Guidance support.
  • Projects: There are 18 projects altogether, and get industry experience by working on industry-related projects.
  • Association: ExcelR has Tied up with 150+ Companies to Provide Jobs to Many Students
  • 100% Placement Assistance: A dedicated placement cell for the participants who completed the course

The curriculum offered by ExcelR for its Data Science course in India

  • Probability And Hypothesis Testing
  • Introduction To Supervised Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Text Mining
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Forecasting
  • Basics Of R
  • Tableau
  • Basics Of Python
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • And More

From AI Patasala, Skills covered in its Data Science Course in India

  • Statistics
  • Data Analytics or Business Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning or Algorithms
  • Ensemble Techniques
  • Text Mining or Natural Language Processing
  • Hypothesis Testing

Projects for Data Science Course form ExcelR

  •  An analysis of Twitter data for a product – Social Media
  • Natural Language Processing – E-commerce
  • Predicting Loan defaulters – Banking
  • Warranty Cost prediction – FMCG
  • Predict flight delays – Aviation

Classroom Training

Fee: ₹ 78,999

Live Virtual Classroom

Fee: ₹ 68,999

Phone: 18002122121


4. upGrad

Another well-known educational training facility that offers Data Science courses in India is upGrad. This training center provides both working professionals and college students the chance to learn exceptional data analyst skills.

On seeing the need to provide opportunities to change careers for undergraduates and job-seeking persons. upGrad saw this opportunity to assist them in enhancing the required skills at the in-demand industry level.

In the journey of a corporate person, a software professional may benefit greatly from the training system upGrad is devoted to the building.

From upGrad, features of its Data Science Course in India

  • Complimentary Python Programming Bootcamp
  • Career Essential Soft Skills Program
  • Designed for Working Professionals
  • 14+ Programming Tools & Languages
  • 60+ Industry Projects
  • 24×7 Guidance support
  • Daily Doubt Resolution Support

The curriculum offered by upGrad for its Data Science course in India

  • Data Analysis in Excel
  • Analytics Problem Solving
  • Introduction to Python
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Linear Regression
  • Data Storytelling
  • Advanced Excel
  • Data Storytelling
  • Python & SQL Lab
  • And More

Projects for Data Science Course from upGrad

  • Engage in collaborative projects with student-mentor interaction
  • Learn from expert mentors in person
  • You will receive unbiased suggestions on your work to help you improve

Duration: 12 months (12-15 hrs per week)

Fee: ₹ 2,99,000 {INR 6,736/month – (EMI Options Available)}

Phone: 1800 210 2020

Mail: [email protected]


Data Science Courses in India

5. Analytix Labs

In light of the fact that business operations are scaling up their profits because of the use of data-driven business decisions. Here at Analytix Labs, they provide you with a Data Science course that can help you scale in the industry.

Because of this evolving trend in using data, companies are constantly recruiting qualified data scientists to join their corporations. Similarly, Analytix Labs provide you with a learning process that top industry professionals create. This program is framed to assist you in learning and adjusting to the demand of the industry which is challenging.

It applies both theoretical and hands-on learning, which helps you prepare for the industry requirements. You can enhance your knowledge and skills with cutting-edge methods with the help of this data science course.

The curriculum offered by Analytix Labs for its Data Science course in India

  • Introduction
  • Data Visualization and Analytics
  • Python, NumPy, and Pandas
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Text mining
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Data Visualization and Analytics with Tableau
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Cloud Computing
  • And More

Projects based on Analytix Labs’ Data Science Course in India

  • Network intrusion detection
  • E-commerce recommendation engine (MBA)
  • Bank reviews analysis
  • Banking customer clustering
  • Retail chain sales forecasting
  • An analysis and manipulation of sales and marketing data
  • And More

Interactive Live online

  • Fees: ₹ 48,000 + taxes

Classroom & Bootcamp

  • Fees: ₹ 48,000 + taxes

Self-paced eLearning

  • Fees: ₹ 38,000 + taxes

Phone: +91 9555219007


6. Star Agile

For those looking for a Data Science course in India, Star Agile provides you the training and gain certification in data analytics. You will see a promotion in your career with this data science course thanks to the training program.

This training program teaches you from the basic data science principles to the advanced methods applied on daily basis within the industry. Hence, this training experience will help you cope with the in-demand professional settings.

From Star Agile, features of its Data Science Course in India

  • 300+ Hours of Live Training
  • 2 + 2 Capstone Live Projects
  • Data Science Certificate from IBM
  • 100% Job Guarantee*
  • 6 months of Project Experience Certificate

The curriculum offered by Star Agile for its Data Science course in India

  • Introduction to Data Science using Python
  • Databases and SQL
  • Probability
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning
  • Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Time series forecasting using R
  • And More

Fee: ₹ 1,77,000

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +91 95133 93880



To prepare and meet the requirements for a pool of skilled and talented professionals for global industry requirements. This NIIT training center is a leading skill and talent development institute.

NIIT now ranks among the top 10 training providers in the world with its extensive and all-encompassing selection of talent development initiatives.

This training center provides the skill and development of Individuals, Businessmen, and Institutions to meet the requirements of skilled professionals.

From AI NIIT, features of its Data Science Course in India

  • Assessment: Have mentors review your code and design to help you refine it.
  • Internship: Gain hands-on experience with targeted interventions during your internship.
  • Integrated Problem Solving: Practice real-world problem-solving exercises for deep skilling
  • Capstone projects: Design a complete application for a predefined case study and test it.

The curriculum offered by NIIT for its Data Science course in India

  • Summarize and represent data using graphs, charts, and pivot tables
  • Store, retrieve, manipulate and analyze data
  • Dashboards & visualizations using Tableau
  • Statistical tools to validate a hypothesis
  • Forecasting and Predictive Analytics
  • NLP
  • Machine learning tools and techniques
  • And More

Fee: ₹ 2,25,000 + 18% GST

Phone: 1800 3000 6448

Mail: [email protected]


8. DataMites

Become a Data Scientist with DataMites in an online training program. Here they teach you right from the fundamental concepts of Data Science and help you master the required skills.

This Data Science Online Course by DataMites was created for working professionals. It was meant to cater to these professionals who want to learn new skills without having to leave their current jobs.

There is a good structure to the course, and it is a great opportunity to put your knowledge to work in a rapidly growing industry.

From DataMites, features of its Data Science Course in India

  • A two-month intensive training program includes classroom instruction on weekends or live classes and four months of mentoring on live projects.
  • Having access to the Data Science Cloud Lab for training purposes.

The curriculum offered by DataMites for its Data Science course in India

  • Data Science Foundation
  • Python Essentials
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Data Preparation with Pandas
  • Visualization with Python
  • Machine Learning Associate
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • SQL for Data Science
  • Tableau Associate
  • And More

Duration: 6 Months

Live Virtual (Instructor-Led Live Online)

  • Fee: ₹ 88,000

Blended Learning (Self Learning + Live Mentoring)

  • Fee: ₹ 62,000

Classroom (In – Person Classroom Training)

  • Fee: ₹ 88,000

Phone: 1800-313-3434

Mail: [email protected]


9. 360digitmg

The Government of India approves this Certified Data Science Program by 360DigitTMG. This training program is in partnership with Future Skills Prime and has been accredited by NASSCOM. The modules consist of the like of Naive Bayes, Network Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, and Data Mining.

From 360digitmg, features of its Data Science Course in India

  • Assignments of over 150+ hours
  • Resume and LinkedIn Review Sessions
  • Lifetime LMS Access
  • 24*7 Guidance Support
  • Job Placements Oriented
  • Mock Interview and Quiz Session

The curriculum offered by 360digitmg for its Data Science course in India

  • Exploratory Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Data Mining Supervised Learning
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Logistic Regression
  • Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning – Naive Bayes
  • Building Blocks of Neural Network
  • Kernel Method
  • And More

Fee: ₹ 47,200

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +91-9989994319/1800-212-654321


10. AI Patasala

This online Data Science Certification program from AI Patasala provides an alternative career path for aspirants interested in this field. The instructors in this course will prepare the students to become qualified Data Science professionals.

From AI Patasala, features of its Data Science Course in India

  • 25 Assignments
  • 80 Hrs Instructor-led Training
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 24-hour support and lifetime access
  • Certification and Job Assistance
  • Frequent Mock Interview Sessions
  • Real-Time Hands-on Training Approach
  • Build Project Portfolio with a capstone project

The curriculum offered by AI Patasala for its Data Science course in India

  • Introduction
  • Python programming language
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Numpy, Scipy, and pandas
  • Data preparation and pre-processing (pandas)
  • Machine learning
  • Cross-validation, Hyper-parameterization, Stacking
  • Natural language processing
  • And More


  • Self-Paced Subscription: ₹15,000
  • Online Instructor-Led Course: ₹25,000
  • Corporate training: ₹25,000


  • Fraud detection
  • Malware Prediction

Phone: +91 9160622221

Mail: [email protected]



To conclude this article, let me summarize the worth of pursuing a professional career in data science. It is advisable to put importance on the scope that it provides when it is used efficiently.

This industry in Data Science has been predicted that it will grow to a 77 billion USD sector by 2023. It is important to be aware that India is an excellent developing nation in businesses, enterprises, and startup initiatives.

Furthermore, every industry and service sector in this nation is expanding and doing well. Given that businesses in India place a greater emphasis on data analysis to identify patterns and implement corrective measures, there is a need for data scientists in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best training center for data science courses in india?

The course taught by Henry Harvin is one of the top training facilities.

Q. In order to become a data scientist, what skills are required?

Machine learning, statistics, math, and algorithms.
SQL, SAS, R, Python, and Hive.

Q. What is the fee for data science?

For undergraduate courses, the average fee is 1.55 lakh, while for postgraduate courses, it’s about 2 lakh.

Q. Data scientists earn what kind of income?

A data scientist’s annual salary in India ranges from 4.5 lakhs to 26.0 lakhs, with an average of 10.6 lakhs.

Q. How can I become a data scientist?

Identify what you must learn.
Become familiar with Python.
It is possible to manipulate data, analyze it, and visualize it with Pandas.
Utilize Scikit-Learn to learn machine learning.
Learn more about machine learning.
Continue your training and studying.


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