Top 10 GST Practitioner Courses In Mumbai: 2023 (Leaked)

Looking for an adequate GST program in Mumbai? This article will lead you through the best preferences for you to acquire and become a GST practitioner. 

If you would like to become a certified GST practitioner then, these are the top 10 best institutions for GST Courses in Mumbai

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy

Henry Harvin delivers one of the adequate GST Courses in Mumbai. Which was scrutinized by many for its teaching techniques and Strategies. It wields a reputation for superiority.

Program Name: GST Practitioner certification program

Length of program:

  • Live lectures in 32-hour sessions
  • 100% logical classes
  • If you are a working proficient then they would provide classes on weekends 
  • You can approach recorded lectures on LMS
  • GST program – Live Online GST course | after completion get a GST Practitioner Certification

Therefore, Henry Harvin GST Program Ranks #1 in India by Tribune India and India Today

The curriculum in the GST program are as follows:

The topics are indexed into 4 Modules–

Module-1: supply, niche of supply, the significance of supply, export and import, E- waybills

Module-2: enrollments, Input tax credit ITC 04, transitional outlay, job employment

Module-3: accounts and reports, invoice, tax payments, time of supply, retrievals, rebates

Module-4: prosecution association, audits & examinations, offenses and sanctions, demand, and recuperation

Moreover, soft skills and resume writing are included as corresponding modules for agility advancement.

It also gives free one-year membership of the finance academy worth Rs. 4000/-. 

This comprises E-learning, Internship, Job placements, assistance in exempting interviews, and you can also approach modules like soft skill development, resume writing, and course syllabus. 

The way the teachers acquaint their learners and the utilization of contemporary strategies and new software formulates it one of the best organizations which give the best GST Courses in Mumbai.

2. ITAA(International Transactional Analysis Association)

International Transactional Analysis Association(ITAA) is a non-profit, member-driven academic institution. 

To make the pupils available for citing employment alternatives, they deliver instruction in quality training programs.

The Tax Pro Advanced Accounting Certification Course is a logical and extensive 40-hour program. 

Altogether formulated for high-performing individuals who aspire to climb up the career ladder, the program equips you with the best initiative processes.

Mainly, this advanced program is implied for professionals looking to upscale themselves. Beneath this program, specialists formulate earmarked and factual tutoring about GST taxation, and industry-standard modules.

If you wish to know what you will conclude in this program, here is an outline of the same:

  • Individual Tax
  • TDS
  • GST
  • GST overview
  • GST registration
  • Normal v/s Composition Scheme
  • Morality of supply
  • Niche and time of supply
  • ITS
  • Tax Invoice
  • Credit & Debit Notes
  • E-Way Bill for the carrier of goods
  • Monthly & annual retrieval in GST
  • Assorted degrees
  • GST practicals
  • Finalization of accounts
  • MIS document preparation
  • Other statutory laws

Conflicting other GST-specific programs, this course is an all-inclusive program on tax and accounting, which will wander you through all these beliefs. 

Apart from that, to adapt to hands-on familiarity, you will get to work on various experiments in a communal atmosphere.

After the three and a half month course; you will receive a credential in Advanced Accounting from ITAA.

3. NIIT 

NIIT is another exclusive ed-tech organization that contributes high-quality education. For years, it has been educating learners as per the enterprise norms to confront human reserve desires at a global level. 

Similarly, it is awarded India’s most trusted training brand title 5th time in a shaft.

With its concept-based “Preface to GST” program, they endeavor to make commerce background pupils affluent with GST and relevant beliefs. This program operates in alliance with Tally.

Learning advantages of this program are as follow:

  • Awareness of GST
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Time and significance of allowance
  • Invoice and input tax credit mechanism
  • Refunds and revenue of tax
  • Non-compliance outcomes
  • Accounts and other documents
  • Tax rate configuration and tax rebates
  • Input Service Distributor (ISD)
  • Non-resident taxpayer
  • E-commerce and observance ratings
  • GSTN and GSP knowledge
  • Audit technique
  • Demands and retrieval
  • Interests and amendment
  • Liability to spend

It is a classroom-based learning course with enterprise master personnel conveying the concepts. 

The program length comprises 20-hours of intensive learning along with real-time procedures for adequate retention. 

Owing to its cooperation with Tally, the program is entrenched with the Tally Online Certificate Exam. Liberating this exam will direct you to attain certification, which you can assemble with your resume.

4. GST Centre

GST center is a “Teach Group (a group of Chartered Accountants)” industry to furnish wonderful training to the future generation. 

The Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship has authorized this well-known foundation. Further, it is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Like all other GST certification programs in Mumbai, the GST center also delivers its GST program affiliated with logical training. 

The program includes two modules: the GST beginner module and GST moderate module.

In the GST amateur module, ability advancement is delivered through simulation software, which facilitates learners to conclude in real-time practice.

Proficiency knowledge imparted in this module are:

  • Synopsis of GST
  • Tax charge
  • Enrollment
  • Importance and extent of allowance
  • GST valuation
  • Tax tariffs and divisions
  • Tax bill
  • Credit and debit notes
  • Accounts and reports
  • E-way bill
  • Input tax credit
  • Payment of GST

In the intermediate level module, ability advancement is furnished through live classes with the high-qualified CA specialists. 

Understanding beliefs imparted in this module are:

  • External and Inward allowances
  • Unusual shelves
  • Import and export
  • Place of allowance
  • GST returns
  • Rebate
  • Offence and sanctions
  • Analysis and seizure
  • Mandate and retrieval
  • Inducements
  • E-invoicing

5. Educa

One of Asia’s massive learning outlets, Educba is a global agility validator. It offers as many as 5000+ programs across 400+ verticals formulated by highly trained experts.

Their GST training course is extensive of 10 classes with 21+ hours of video tutorials and lifetime permits. 

Through online training and technical assistance, you will develop notions of GST. While there are no precise provisions; yet having an essential awareness of GST will put you in an adequate position.

Being a self-paced course, you can discover and attain awareness at your pace-making it is a hassle-free learning technique. 

Forming this paradigm of self-paced learning enforces it as one of the top GST certification courses in Mumbai.

Benefiting its mysticism through comprehensiveness and expediency, the professionals make use of case studies to heighten incarnation. 

Now, before getting you updated with the certification procedure, have a look at the course syllabus :

  • Scope of allowance
  • Taxable exhibition
  • Importance of goods and services
  • Writing assessment
  • Invalidate charge mechanism
  • Time and place of allowance
  • Taxable subjective
  • Enrollment
  • Job-work
  • Input tax status
  • Inferring the significance of allowance

At Educba, once you finish a program, you receive a shareable certificate which you can bind to your resume or LinkedIn profile to showcase your progressive abilities.

For more knowledge, you can dig into the website and register consequently.


Next-in-line of top GST certification courses in Mumbai is IIPTR or Initiative Inst. of Professional Training and Research. 

As a prominent Mumbai university, IIPTR makes provisions for skilled training in finance and remuneration.

Among its spectrum of skills training programs, the GST logical training course is a one-of-its-kind program to make you a GST practitioner. 

Grasping the vigorous wants of the finance market, the curriculum drapes around the latest GST concepts.

A brisk walk-through of the curriculum:

  • Prelude to GST and comparison to old subtle taxes
  • Categories of GST
  • Impunities
  • GST enrollment
  • Concept of allowance under GST
  • Niche of allowance
  • Time of supply and valuation
  • The notion of branch transfer, job work, special economic zone, and more
  • Export and imports and expenditure pertinent to LUT
  • Statements configurations
  • Analysis of GST
  • ITS
  • Reverse charge mechanism and compliance
  • GST penalty,
  • Filing GST returns
  • E-way bill
  • E-invoicing
  • Tax analyses, payments, and reports
  • GST annual retrieval
  • GST audit

Experienced professionals provide training through an integrated state-of-the-art learning management system. Training equipment and content encompass videos, webinars, PPT, PDF, worksheets, tasks, and notes.

Commonly, the length of the program is 2-5 months. Yet, leveraging the LMS and email backing, you can approach the videos and lectures for a year. 

Throughout one year, you can go through the videos multiple times to obtain better awareness.

With the industry-recognized certification, you attain a “Certified GST Practitioner” proclamation. Similarly, if you desire to appear for the Government exam for GST practitioners, you can enroll for the same. Once you permeate, they will give you mock practice tests.

What makes it show up against its opponents? Their substantial support and assistance get you enrolled as a GST practitioner at the Governmental portal secure is a coveted procedure to the extent.

7. Elite Accounts Academy

Elite Accounts Academy is a joint enterprise of CA Yogesh Jain and CA Lokesh Jain in the finance educational profession. 

Since its concoction in 2018, they have endeavored to incite a stillness between the in-demand skills and prevailing accountancy aptitudes.

To provide job-oriented logical training to commerce students who pursue to build up a career in finance and taxation, it was set up. 

Also, they understand the truth that some practitioners lack prerequisite abilities for action. Thus, their programs are for working experts as well.

To make people GST-ready, they give a Goods & Service Tax Course. Developing the belief of lack of logical preparation, they have combined academic and logical training for learners. 

They are all-encompassing of the GST concepts that construct a crucial part of accountants’ day-to-day life.

Exceeding classroom education, they ensure that post-course undertakings any nominee can effectively carry forward with their job. 

Nevertheless, they also make you wide-awake to become a freelancer or GST specialist.

Any fresher, semi-skilled, experienced, business, or more can pertain to this program. This 25-hour course is halved into 5 modules. Each module includes assorted topics pertinent to GST practices.

8. ICA Edu Skills

With 250+ centers scattered across 23 states, ICA Edu Skills is one of the foremost innovators in the education trade. 

One of its centers is located at Andheri West in Mumbai. Among the reservoir of programs, the most outstanding job-oriented programs constitute GST, Tally, SAP, etc.

ICA Edu Skills is a good alternative for the GST credential program in Mumbai with wonderful training, placement allowance, and a reasonable fee configuration. 

With interactive classrooms, up-to-date formalized syllabus, and logical training, it becomes a considerate substitute for GST candidates.

The Goods and Service short program has a span of 27 hours. With adaptable eligibility norms, anybody who aspires to master GST can enroll in the program. There are no mentioned requirements.

What will you discover in this program? Here is a glance at the syllabus:

  • Explanations of GST act
  • Expenditure of GST
  • Pass entry associated with GST
  • Analysis of the taxable significance of services
  • Estimation of GST
  • GST return submissions
  • GST invoices
  • Input credit available
  • Developing essential reports

In expansion to the industry-driven syllabus, you achieve practical training in GST conceptualizations. Yet, the thriving culmination of the course makes you prepared for skilled GST certification. 

An augmented benefit wraps placement assistance to illuminate the journey for your perpetual career.

9. Laqshya Institute Of Skills Training

Established in 2008, Laqshya Institute of Skills training is a known name in the academic division. 

It broadens its sections to a slew of specialized and non-technical programs across Maharashtra. Among the variation of programs- the GST course directs in the arena of the finance sector.

The Certified Course in Goods & Services Tax is a 1-3 months program with two assortment categories. 

One is a regular batch, and the other one is a Sunday batch. It means that even working consultants can effortlessly join the classes without taking an off.

Who can pertain to this program? Anybody pursuing studies, graduates, postgraduates, working consultants, or freshers can refer for this program. The one who enrolls in the course receives study equipment in the form of PDFs.

At Laqshya, skilled trainers give GST training lessons to elevate the understanding of striving learners as well as experts in a well-structured form. 

Their fundamental priority is on logical training which makes them one of the best GST certification courses in Mumbai.

Program Highlights:

  • !00% practical facilitation
  • GST govt. requirements
  • GST significant beliefs
  • Calculation and analysis of GST
  • Vital sections under GST law
  • GST documentation
  • GSTR – return filing Procedures
  • GSTR – annual returns Procedures
  • e-filing process
  • Notes and study equipment for assistance
  • Fast track and Sunday batches
  • 100% placement allowance

After completing the program, they operate learners’ appraisals. Upon clearing that, you receive a certificate of culmination. 

Besides, through their vigorous placement cell, they give placements from their configuration of prospects.

10. ICIT Computer Institute

ICIT Computer Institute, with over two decades of acquaintance, is an outstanding software institute contributing extensive IT courses. It also delivers several government certification and business certification courses, including GST courses in Mumbai.

Hence, the association furnishes online courses, corporate training, corporate hiring, and university connect assistance to promote learner abilities with in-demand courses. 

It offers courses in cloud computing, programming, business analytics, industrial designing, accounting, web designing, graphic designing, etc.

Hence, ICIT Computer Institute also gives career counseling and placement assistance with resume-building strategies and hands-on experiments in all of its courses. The accounting portion provides GST courses in assortment with Tally and Marg.

The highlight of the course:

Program Name:

  • Tally ERP with GST
  • Marg with GST

Eligibility: Freshers interested in a job in accounts and finance, working specialists, industry people, CAs, HRs to handle payroll process.

Syllabus :

The Tally ERP with GST delivers extensive logical training with live projects and simulations. It comprises a detailed Tally ERP 9 course along with all core knowledge of the GST. The GST segment includes summary, enrollment, prerequisites, returns, payments, refund, GST compliances, TDS, and TCS.

Marg with GST analyzes the widely used industrial accounting and GST software with the syllabus, comprising the inventory master, rate and discount master, and Goods and Services Tax.

GST course duration:

  • The Tally ERP with GST is for 45 hours.
  • The Marg with GST is for two months.

Certification: Course culmination certificate by ICIT.

Added benefits: Self-paced learning, best techniques, industry-based examples, and assignments for practice along with subject matter specialists as trainers are the added advantages of this course.


Most of the financial professionals and experts have foreseen that the implementation of GST will reduce the economic crisis and in India, each state has its own set of rules and regulations and this makes India a middle-income developing market economy. 

To make payment of tax process simple. GST has been introduced in India and it helps to gain revenue in both businesses as well as the government. It will reduce corruption.

The introduction of GST in India has made a huge impact on the Tax system in India. 

Therefore, It changed the entire view of taxation in India and it replaced entirely all previous taxes like Central excise duty, Central sales tax, Service tax, Additional duties of customs, Additional duties of excise, excise duty levied under the textiles and textile products making us understand the tax system easily.

Hence, the above institutions will provide the best GST courses and I have ranked them according to the rating and going through the hassle-free benefits offered by every institution in India.





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