8+ Best SAP Training Courses Online: 2023 (Exposed)

Planning to work as an IT professional soon or want more out of your career as an IT professional? You can boost your resume and land rewarding career opportunities by mastering SAP Training Courses. 

Consider online SAP courses that allow you to work through the material at your own pace. There are several options for all skill levels.

What Is SAP?

SAP is a globally recognized business platform today in various functional fields including Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO), Production Planning (PP) and Materials Management (MM). The demand for SAP expertise is increasing in both production facilities are managerial workplaces, with companies coming up with a wide spectrum of SAP facilitated modules.

While most businesses today are looking to work upon an SAP framework, SAP certification is increasingly becoming important for the career of employees. Not just regional job prospects, but SAP entertains hiring across the world.

Taught by an SAP Expert 

Is your instructor a seasoned SAP facilitator? Does this person have a track record of success with past students? What type of experience do they have in the field? These are all critical factors to consider as you assess the instructors’ background for classes you’re considering. 

Start with the Basics

Whether you’re an SAP newbie or subject-matter expert, you want a course that features a primer on the essentials. There’s a lot to learn about SAP, and it doesn’t make sense to jump right into more advanced concepts if you don’t have a solid understanding of the basics.  

Includes Supplementary Resources

You want an SAP course that features supplementary resources. These include readings, downloadable resources, assignments and quizzes that allow you to master the material and apply your knowledge in a practice setting. 

Below are the 10 best SAP Courses Online.

1. Henry Harvin

The Henry Harvin SAP course is the most significant module as it comprises all the output processes such as sales and distribution (SD), Material Management (MM), FICO, and more. It is among India’s top SAP Training Courses Online. It is a top global provider of educational technology that provides working adults and students with certifications, diplomas, and degrees both online and in person. The SAP training will enhance the nominee with several market-oriented planning, developing different planning strategies, sales-related planning, and more. Nominees will increase substantial proficiency on several plans such as sales and operational planning, material requirement, production version, batch management, demand management, Bill of material, Routing, and more.

Career Benefits 

  • Orientation to millions of Jobs globally in the arena of SAP PP
  • Get employed by International brands like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, and other top brands in the trade
  • Be highly reimbursed as a freelancer or as a full-time expert after the successful culmination of SAP course
  • Enhance your CV & LinkedIn profile with technical & skilled development
  • Differentiate your profile from counterparts and get facilitated in current profile with most in-demand abilities
  • Distinguish your profile with the course culmination certification of SAP PP training course and showcase expertise
  • Better job insurance with outstanding growth alternatives

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Balraj SinghUrvashi AgarwalRadhika BhartiSimran KaurAlisha SinhaHammad AkhtarNaren RoyVinay Kumar Mehta

2. Kodak Consulting

Kodak Consulting is a Certified Technology Consulting Company with expertise in SAP software solutions & enterprise application services. It operates across geographies, industry verticals, functional domains, and technical landscapes.  

Kodak Consulting has corporate offices in Hyderabad and San Francisco. It specializes in providing enterprise application services focused on-

– SAP Business Suite S/4HANA
– SAP Cloud Platform
– Successfactors
– C/4HANA with Hybris C4C
– BW/4HANA Cloud Analytics
– SAP Multi-Channel Foundation etc

 Kodak Consulting has its presence in SAP S/4HANA Implementations, Support, Conversion & Cloud Based Services.

With “Customer-first approach” Kodak consulting team helps companies buy, build, implement, service, support, and run SAP solutions to fit their unique needs.

The key area of expertise-

Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing
– Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
– Pharma and Chemical Industries
– Agro Food Products Processing Industries
– Utilities Industry
– Infrastructure and Project-based industries

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3. SAP ABAP Objects Online Training (Udemy)

This is an advanced video training course to help you learn the fundamental object-oriented programming techniques that you need to understand to improve your career development and maintain pace with the evolution of SAP development technology. 

The course is designed by Peter Moxon, who is a professional SAP consultant and instructor. He will help you learn SAP ABAP by watching easy-to-understand lectures and live coding sessions. 

During the course, you will also learn SAP ABAP objects from the ground up while improving your procedural coding knowledge to ensure that you have a thorough grasp of making use of Object-oriented programming in SAP enterprise systems. Have a look at our curation of Best Management Courses.

Key USPs –

– Learn from a step-by-step process to understand how to develop and alter ABAP objects code and how to assimilate it with practical ABAP coding techniques.

– Work with all the critical aspects of ABAP objects like attributes, methods, class definitions, and visibility scope, and then move on to more advanced concepts, such as polymorphism, interfaces, and inheritance.

– Learn how to write and test your ABAP Object-Oriented programs in a commercial environment in no time after gaining adequate knowledge of SAP ABAP Objects.

– Get the liberty to study from your home with a 30-day free trial.

Duration: 8-9 hours

4. SAP Simplified for Absolute Beginners (Udemy)

This is a basic SAP course specially designed for beginners to help them understand how to work with SAP daily. 

Enrolling in this course will help you learn and understand the essential parts of the system, and how you can work with them easily. You will start by learning SAP from scratch, and at the end of the course, you will be acquainted with the system in a simplified manner. 

The course is created by Ulrika Garner, who works as an Application Consultant Materials Management with SAP. During the course, she will help you easily understand the complex topics, as well as provide you with guidance to improve your career in SAP.

Key USPs –

– A practical course that combines theory immediately with practice so that you get a clear understanding of what you are studying.

– Learn the basic functionalities of SAP ERP, how to work with transactions in SAP, and navigate with ease in SAP.

– Know about SAP GUI, customizing in SAP, how to log on and off from the SAP systems, and how to create data in SAP ERP.

– Included with on-demand video lectures, helpful articles, graded quizzes, downloadable resources, and full-time access to the course content.

Duration: 2-3 hours

5. Open SAP

Open SAP is a certified partner of SAP that provides individuals with multiple courses and training on SAP solutions. 

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn how SAP ERP works or an experienced professional who wants to improve their skills in SAP HANA, OpenSAP has a course for you. 

Among the list, some of the best courses are Prepare for your SAP HANA Certification, Prepare for SAP Business Design, Business Technology Platform Tutorials, Introduction to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and many more. 

The best part is that each of these courses and tutorials is created by SAP professionals who have worked in the SAP industry for a long time. After finishing these courses with the given projects, you will receive a certification of completion from SAP. You may like to check our list of Best Marketing Analytics Courses.

Key USPs –

– Get access to free OpenSAP courses to prepare yourself for CHANADEV15 – Development Associate program, Application Associate program, and much more.

– Learn how to implement SAP user experience strategy while preparing for the SAP S/4HANA, as well as get the latest updates related to SAP HANA.

– Work with graded quizzes, workable assignments, practice exercises, and hands-on projects to improve your skills in the specific SAP domain.

– Study from your comfort zone with free access to multiple courses.

Duration: Self-paced

6. SAP ABAP Programming for Beginners (Udemy)

This is a video training course that will introduce you to the fundamental skills required to understand SAP ABAP programming so that you can create your ABAP programs. The course is designed by Peter Moxon, who will provide you with a step-by-step process to learn how to create and modify ABAP code. 

Besides, you’ll gain immense knowledge of SAP ABAP from the ground up so that you get a thorough grasp of how to program SAP enterprise systems. During the course, the instructor will perform the operations in real-time to help you get a better understanding of the topics included in the class.

Key USPs –

– Get introduced to the key aspects of ABAP programming while learning new concepts and language elements included in SAP, such as building report interfaces and modularizing your program with Forms, Includes, and Function Modules.

– Get thorough insight into how the SAP programming language works and understand all the topics easily.

– Offers a hands-on approach to learn how to write and test your ABAP code in no time, and is packed with practical step-by-step examples.

– Avail full access to the course content with a 30-days free trial.

Duration: 13-14 hours

7. Learn SAP Course – Online Beginner Training (Udemy)

This is an introductory course specially designed for beginners to help them learn the basics of the SAP system. Enrolling in this course will help you understand how to work with the most commonly-used functions and features of SAP comfortably. 

The course is created by Peter Moxon, who is a professional SAP consultant; he will introduce you to the basic skills required to understand how the SAP system works. 

During the course, you will learn how to navigate, search, and get help, how to run reports and export the data to Microsoft Excel, and much more. Also, finishing the course with given projects will provide you with a certificate of completion.

Key USPs –

– Learn the basics of SAP System with clear video demonstrations, and get a thorough overview of the various core modules in SAP.

– Learn how to customize the interface to your liking while working with master data and post transactions.

– Understand how advanced tips like pre-populating fields can be applied to save time and effort with Parameter ids.

– Get access to SAP reports, standard icons in SAP, graded quizzes, assignments, and workbooks.

– Be able to customize your local layout and desktop shortcuts while working with multiple sessions.

Duration: 1-2 hours

8. SAP SD Training – in Plain English (Udemy)

Individuals who belong to a sales and customer service background and want to move to the functional consulting world of SAP can take help from this course. This training course is designed to help you learn everything that you need to know about SAP sales and distribution. 

Enrolling in this program will provide you with more than 30 hours of video lectures that demonstrate both the theory and hands-on experience on how to configure the major areas of SAP SD. 

This course is divided into three major parts, each of which will cover a different aspect of SAP sales and distribution. Also, with successful completion of the course, you will get a certificate of completion that can be shared with employers to showcase your skills. 

Key USPs –

– Learn about the basics as well as the most necessary concepts of SAP SD that can help you improve sales in your organization.

– Learn how to configure the most common configuration in SD, and be ready to interpret the SAP help documents.

– Cover the most commonly used end-user transactions, learn about configuring and customizing SD with some real-time scenarios, landscapes, and project life cycles.

– Get assistance and support from a team of experts to help you resolve your queries related to the course.

Duration: 4-5 weeks, 4-5 hours/week

9. SAP Professional Training

SAP Labs itself provides professional training to all individuals in various SAP domains, such as analytics, application development, cloud computing, database & technology, etc. 

There are plenty of training modules available on the platform that can help you excel in your skills. Among these programs, some of the trending courses are Implementing Central Finance in SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA manufacturing for Production Engineering and Operations, and SAP Analytics Cloud: Predictive Functions. 

All these courses are designed by industry professionals of SAP, who have been working in the industry for years. Also, completing each of these training modules will provide you with a certification of completion, and you might even get the opportunity to work with SAP Labs.

Key USPs –

– Get an overview of the scope and capabilities of SAP Central Finance for SAP S/4HANA in LoB finance, and be able to validate whether the solution fits your customer’s business requirements or not.

– Learn the skills and techniques that help you take advantage of the smart data analysis and predictive capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud.

– Get an in-depth functional overview of the SAP S/4HANA manufacturing for production engineering and operations solutions.

– Learn the cloud technologies that are integrated with SAP, such as SAP Ariba, SAP Learning Hub, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Leonardo, etc.

Duration: Self-paced

Final Thoughts

Today, SAP systems define both large scale and small businesses. It is one of the most beneficial ERP platforms that facilitate the better functioning of a business in all aspects. Having an SAP certification enables a professional to be better prepared for the rising workplace complexities. In some cases, it is not just an advantage but a strict criterion for selection.

Don’t spend hours sifting through dozens of articles and textbooks to learn SAP. Consider an online course to bring you up to speed. Regardless of your skill level, there’s an affordable option that meets you right where you are. 

Our top picks are a great place to start. They’re taught by SAP experts and include supplementary resources to ensure you get the most from your online learning experience. Even better, the classes are self-paced so you can work through the material at your own pace when it’s convenient for you.

Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you Happy Learning! 

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