10 Best Books to Teach English in 2023( Don’t Ignore)

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English is known as a universal language and is the most common language which is used for communication. The process of teaching English is known as TEFL. This term refers to the English language where knowledge sharing is done with native speakers. TEFL is the abbreviated term for Teaching English as part of Foreign language. TESOL- Teaching English for the Speakers of Other Languages. 

TEFL/TESOL is the fastest-growing industry as any person who is certified has opportunities to work abroad. Many institutions provide certification in TEFL and TESOL. There are also books which help in teaching English and learning English. These books can be purchased or read online at the convenience of the user.    

Listed below are the Best books to teach English. 

1. Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

This book is written by Michael Swan. This is the 4th edition and is a guide to answer all the problems in English. This book is a guide for teachers and students. The editions of this book help in providing solutions about Tenses, conditionals, word usage, language tone, and many more. This edition of the book is about grammar usage, speech writing, formal writing, style, idiom, and the difference between British and American English. This book is a complete guide to vocabulary problems, word formation, and Spelling.

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 01 June 2017

Language: English

No of pages: 768 pages

Publisher: Oxford university press

2. Learner English by Michael Swan and Bernard Smith

This book is a teacher’s guide to interference and other problems which were published on 26 April 2001. This book is an updated version and guide to teachers to help them understand the problems of students. The chapters of this book focus on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. This covers language backgrounds of Korean, Indonesian, and Polish.

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 26 April 2001

Language: English

No of pages: 378 pages

Publisher: Cambridge university press

3. How to Teach English by Jeremy Harmer 

This book was published on the year 7 July 1998. This book provides coverage on the topic-specific methods, lesson planning, how to use textbooks, and how to handle unexpected scenarios in class. This book includes all the clear instructions to describe a language for a better understanding of technical words. These books provide information relating to grammar and pronunciation. This book helps inexperienced and inexperienced teachers and Celta candidates. 

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 07 July 1998

Language: English

No of pages: 208 pages

Publisher: Longman 

4. The Practice of English Language by Jeremy Harmer

This book is 5th edition and was published on the date 02 April 2015. This book is a guide for teachers. This book provides clarity and methods to teachers on how to use the latest technologies in teaching. This book includes topics like: 

  • Theories and learning of language
  • Characteristics of influencers of Teacher’s decision making
  • How to manage learning and guidance on it
  • Language teaching for grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation 
  • Language skills teaching for speaking, writing, listening, and reading. 
  • Practical teaching ideas
  • Technology in classroom
  • Assessment of language

This book is provided along with the DVD of 3 hours in total. This DVD provides exposure to learning in different scenarios, situations, groups of students, and places.

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 02 April 2015 

Language: English

No of pages: 456 pages

Publisher: Pearson Longman 

5. Grammar for English Language Teachers by Martin Parrott 

This book was published on the year 14 January 2010. This book is a guide for teachers who are experienced and non-experienced who want to develop knowledge. This book helps with practical ideas for teaching in regards to lesson planning and explanations. This book has activities and exercises which help in better understanding of the subject. This book helps teachers to cope up with mistakes by students.

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 14 January 2010

Language: English

Edition: 2nd 

No of pages: 479 pages

Publisher: Cambridge University Press 

6. English Grammar in use by Murphy 

This book is known as Self study Intermediate learner book for reference and practice. This book was published on the year 11 October 2013. This book is the fourth and updated edition of the subject. The new edition of the book is visually updated in design and layout. This book provides answers to questions with tried and tested methods. There are lots of methods, exercises, and activities for a better understanding of the topic and subject. This book is provided along with the CD with audio and test explanations. This book has appendixes like

1 Regular and irregular verb

2 Present and past tenses 

3 The future 

4 Modal verbs 

5 Short forms

6 Spelling 

7 American English 

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 13 October 2013

Language: English

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

7. ESL Classroom Activities by Shelley Ann Vernon

This book is for Teens and adults which includes ESL Games, fluency activities, and grammar which was published on 9 July 2012. This guide will help teachers to make the classroom fun and effective. The queries are being answered by the author, which makes it easy to follow up with this book. This book includes 70-page templates as an appendix. This book will help in

  • Making learning as fun
  • Help students to be confident while speaking English
  • Help students to learn vocabulary and grammar 

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 09 July 2012 

Language: English

Publisher: Lightning Source Inc

Page: 200

8. Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching by Jack C Richards and Theodore S Rodgers 

This book is an updated version and was published on the year 16 April 2014. This book is an upgraded edition of other books in this series which was successful. This book includes new material on CLIL, genre-based, and Text. This book helps in providing clarity to assumptions, similarities in methods, differences, and to explore the teaching. It also provides a new direction in language teaching and outcome-based initiatives.

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 16 April 2014  

Language: English

Publisher: Cambridge University Press 

Page: 419 

9. Advanced Grammar in use with Answer by Martin Hewings

This book is a self-study reference and practice book for English advanced learners and was published on 07 March 2013. This book is the first choice of advanced learners in English. This book has explanations and practices to gain in-depth knowledge of the topic. This book helps in improving communication skills.

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 07 March 2013  

Language: English

Publisher: Cambridge University Press 

Page: 303 

Edition: 3rd 

10. English Pronunciation in use by Martin Hewings

This book is an advanced book with answers and includes 5audio CDs and a CD-ROM that was published on 26 February 2007. This book includes 60easy units which cover pronunciation, individual sound, word stress, connected speech, and intonation. Every unit has audio material support and guidance. This book along with Cd’s provides lots of interactive activities, games, animated diagrams, progress tracker to make learning fun and effective. 

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 26 February 2007  

Language: English

Publisher: Cambridge University Press 

Page: 192 

Edition: 3rd

10. Pronunciation Practice Activities  by Martin Hewings

This book is Activities with an audio CD which is a resource book for teaching English pronunciation and was published on 29 April 2004. This book is a collection of pronunciation activities. The part of the book contains information on phonetics and phonology. The second part of the book cover activities divided into 

  • Developing awareness
  • Sounds
  • Connected speech
  • Syllabus and stress
  • Intonation
  • Spelling, grammar, and vocabulary 
  • Resources and testing of teaching materials

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 29 April 2004 

Language: English

Publisher: Cambridge University Press 

Page: 260

Edition: 3rd

11. Teaching English as a second or Foreign language by Drona M Brinton, Marguerite Ann Snow, and Marianne Celce- Murcia 

This book is the fourth edition and provides the methodology for the experienced ESL and ELT teachers on approaches. This book provides theoretical and practical background on approaches, resources, and materials which can be effective in the classrooms. 

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 23 January 2013 

Language: English

Publisher: Cengage ELT

Page: 708

12. Descriptive English by SP Bakshi and Richa Sharma 

This book helps students to prepare for competitive exams by providing knowledge on writing and comprehension skills. The authors have included current topics relevant to Present Indiana and social context. This book provides practical material to support grammar, writing skills, and Verbal comprehension. This book’s table to content is as follows.

Part 1: Writing skills, Essay and Expansion writing

Part 2: Comprehension skills

Part 3: Grammar skills

Part 4: Verbal skills

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 01 January 2017 

Language: English

Publisher: Arihant Publication 

Page: 704

13. English for Academic Purpose by R R Jordan 

This book is a guide and resource for teachers and was published in the year 13 February 1997. This book provides knowledge on, study skills, Need analysis, materials, syllabus, course designing, learning styles, exams, genre analysis, and academic style. This book provides subject-specific guides for language and the production of teaching materials. These books provide a user-friendly approach in theory and practical ways. This book contains various issues, which are illustrated, and also train readers to use their opinions in the situations.

Highlight of book

Date of publication: 13 February 1997 

Language: English

Publisher: Cambridge University press 

Page: 426

Students learning English isometric vector illustration. Pupils reading books 3d cartoon characters. Using hi-tech gadgets for teaching foreign languages. Distance education, online learning concept.


The above listed are a few Best books to teach English. There are various other books which are known best for English teaching and learning. This book provides a guide on learning and teaching English. They are effective for teachers and students to learn the concept clearly and approaches that are effective. They are a blend of theory and practical, which covers all the parts of English as a language. These books can be purchased from E-commerce sites or also can be located online. They provide self-learning and can be read at the user’s own pace.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q.1 What is the Best Course for English Teaching?

The best course for English teaching is TEFL certification which is provided by Henry Harvin. 
Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s online Tefl certification course is ranked number 1 in the USA. This course provides 100% guaranteed interview opportunities as it qualifies for 12000+ jobs from 6+ countries. The course duration is 120 hours which is instructor-led classes and 24 hours live brush-up sessions online. The key feature of doing TEFL certification online course in the USA is

It is an online 120 hours certification course 
This course provides AAEFL certification 
The student gets exclusive LMS access to support learning
The teaching methods include recorded videos, monthly revision sessions, quizzes, and the best methods of teaching. 
Job support is provided to students.
The trainers are the best outstanding academicians.

Q.2 What are the tips to get TEFL Certified?

The tips to get the TEFL certified are as below 

Once you have decided to take the TEFL certification, It is necessary to understand which institute and course are right for you. The choice will have an impact on your achievement of going abroad. The institute which offers job assistance is helpful. Also, the time and importance of the course need to be assessed. 

The certification can be applied, from the website of the institute or by contacting the institute. If you are not sure, you get help from advisory services provided by the institute. The advisory board also will check in the eligibility and screening. 

After applying, you need to put all the effort into learning the course to gain knowledge. More than certification, it is about the knowledge for the opportunities abroad. You need to effectively utilize the services provided during the course. 

The certification depends on the assessment process. Hence, it is necessary to gain the knowledge to clear assessment. The score in your assessment will help you to gain the dream job. Once you clear the assessment, make use of the placement services provided by the institutions. 

Q.3 What is an English Teacher and its responsibilities? 

The English teacher is an individual who teaches grammar, writing, and reading English to students. They create lessons to teach students and perform other duties like

Answering the questions 
Providing grades for tests and assessments
Tracking progress 
Educating and preparing students for future
Providing mentoring support
Interact with the parents of the students.

Role and Responsibility of English teacher

Create lessons, course design, and syllabus
Grading of student
Ensuring the discipline in the classroom
Help students in communication
Prepare progress reports for students
Create test and assessment
Assign homework to students
Assign projects to student

Q.4 What are the career options after completing a TEFL course?

The few career options which can be opted on completion of TEFL are training are

Teaching TEFL 
Academic Coordinator or Senior teacher job refers to the Young learner coordinator, Senior teacher, or Business English coordinator. This is also related to the administration type of work.
Director of Studies is a role which involves activities like, Planning curriculum, developing courses, coordinating teaching schedules, Conducting workshops, Teacher observation, feedback sharing, recruitment, client handling, school management, and teaching.
Self Employed is setting up your teaching school. The courses can be delivered online, in-class, or as convenient for an individual. 
TEFL Trainer: To be a TEFL trainer, the candidate must take additional qualifications.
ELT publishing refers to developing content, writing curriculum, sales representative, promotional activities, and any material creation to selling work. 

Q.5 What is the English Teacher Requirement?

To get hired as a teacher, the education requirement is

The elementary level requirement is to have a Bachelor’s degree in English.
The secondary level requirement is to have a bachelor’s degree in English and state-approved mandatory programs and certifications.
The college and universities require a Master’s degree in English and Ph.D. in English. 
The teacher who teaches non-native speakers needs to have TEFL certification.

The process steps of becoming a English teacher is as follows:

Earn a degree in English, as per the above-mentioned requirements.
Complete the training internship for teaching students
Complete the mandatory assessment and test to get the certifications
Apply for a teaching license
Start applying for the open role
Prepare for interview 


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