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Top 10 French Language Courses in Pune: 2023

Currently, The French Language is officially spoken in over 29 countries and has more than 280 million speakers. It’s also the 5th most spoken language in the world!

In the global marketplace which our world has become today, knowing multiple languages is a huge asset. Especially one of the most spoken languages in the world. 

If you are aiming to expand your personal, professional, and business opportunities in Pune or you are just dreaming of traveling the world, learning French will be a huge asset to you in both ways!

Here are the Top 10 French Language Courses in Pune;

1) Henry Harvin : French Language Course in Pune

Henry Harvin Logo

Henry Harvin is a leading EdTech company focusing on career and competency development. The organization is in the business of training, higher education, skill development, content services, etc. The French Language Training Course offered by Henry Harvin is formulated to enhance your prowess in the French language by teaching how to write in a variety of texts along with genuinely mastering spoken French.

Key features:

  • Get trained by industry veterans who have 15+ years of experience and have delivered over 350 lectures. 
  • Get access to various e-learning tools including video content, assessments, etc.
  • Get a one-year membership to the Henry Harvin Language Academy as an added benefit.
  • Guaranteed placement.
  • Get Internship assistance by the end of the training.
  • Get certification from the Government of India recognized and award-winning institute.
  • Work on projects in the French language and implementation.

The French Language Training course at Henry Harvin is divided into 6 levels ranging from the beginners level to the upper advanced one. The six levels with their specific details are as follows:

  • A1 The Beginners Level:  The Beginners level is all about understanding the basic vocabulary, greetings in French and basic grammar of the language such as Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, plural, adjectives, etc.
    • Duration – The duration of The Beginners level is 30 hours of live                        


  • A2 The Upper Beginners Level: The Upper Beginners level focuses on a little more of grammar and learning to communicate a simple exchange of information like expressing a decision, indicating a chronology expressing certitude.
    • Duration – The duration of The Upper Beginners level too is of 30 hours of live training.
  •  B1 The Intermediate Level – This level assists students in profoundly developing the skills of writing, reading, and listening in order to be able to structure sentences in the French language.
    • Duration – The duration of The Intermediate level is of 40 hours of live training.
  • B2 The Upper Intermediate Level –  This level is all about learning French dialects and more of the complex texts. It helps in developing the skill of creating long speeches and smoothly explaining complex thoughts in French.
    • Duration – The duration of The Upper Intermediate level is again 40 hours of live training.
  • C1 The Advanced Level – The Advanced level focuses on training the students to use the language effectively and flexibly. It trains student’s the way to express their ideas fluently while equipping them with understanding longer texts and their meaning.
    • Duration –  The duration of thisThe Advanced level is of 40 hours of live training.
  • C2 The Proficiency Level – The Proficiency Level focuses on training students in french to a level that they can understand everything written or spoken in French at ease.
    • Duration – The duration of The Proficiency Level is 40 hours of live training.

Fees of the course;

The Course is offered in two modes, one is a live training course while the other is the Self Paced course wherein video lectures are provided. The fees for the modes are as follows;

Self-paced – INR 13500.

Live-Training – INR 15000.

2) Udemy : French Language Course in Pune

udemy logo

With over 155000 courses available on its platform to a wide audience of 40 million learners: Udemy is a massive online course provider. It was founded by Erin Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Octay Caglar in May 2010. 

The 3 Minute French –  course 1l Language lessons for Beginners; offered by the platform is designed to train students to use the French Language in everyday world real situations using 3-minute video lectures.

Key Features:

  • Get 4.5 hours of on-demand video lectures.
  • Lifetime access to all video lectures.
  • Get certified after the successful completion of the training.
  • Access to 12 downloadable resources.
  • Get about 24 articles.
  • Have the ability to conduct daily life conversations in the French language.
  • Have a basic vocabulary of French words and phrases.

Why 3-minute Lectures?

  • It maintains enthusiasm: It is very less likely for a student to be bored in just a 3-minute lecture!
  • It helps in maintaining Consistency: We all have read that consistency is the key to success, and when we are talking about consistency, a student is much more likely to be consistent with a daily goal of 3 minutes as opposed to a weekly goal of 1 hour.
  • It helps in remembering things better: It is less likely for a student to forget things taught in a 3 minute lecture rather than in 3 minutes in hour loong lecture.

More than 130,000 people in over 200 countries have used the 3-minute language courses by Kieran Ball! 

Fees and Duration:

The Duration of this course is 4.5 hours of video lectures while the fees being INR 3,499.

Complete Spanish Course: Learn Spanish for Beginners

Complete Russian Course: Learn Russian for Beginners

Complete Polish Course: Learn Polish for Beginners

3) Fluent Fast Academy: French Language Course in Pune

Fluent fast academy logo

Fluent Fast Academy is a language training institute. The Academy has been providing foreign language training since 2010 when it was first established. Their training sessions are job-oriented and are focused on providing high-quality and effective sessions while making teaching fun and enjoyable.

Fluent Fast Academy has four different levels under the French language training offered by the institute. These levels range from beginner to advance. Students can start from the absolute beginner if they have no prior knowledge of the language or can choose from the various levels provided based on their existing knowledge.

The Four Levels offered by the academy are as follows:

  • A1 Level for Beginners
  • A2 Level for Intermediate.
  • B2 Level for Upper-Intermediate.
  • B2 Level for Advance. 

The A1 level is for anyone who has no prior knowledge of the language. The level focuses on the usage of simple everyday phrases and expressions. By the end of this level, students achieve the art of conducting simple conversations like introducing themselves or asking and answering questions on personal details. 

Fees and Duration:

The duration of the combo of both A1 and A2 levels is of 3.5 months while the fees being INR 14,500.

Topics Covered:

  • Grammar.
  • Exercises.
  • Listening.
  • Speaking.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Reading.

A1 – A2 levels French Course.

A1 – A2 levels German Course.

English Fluency Course

4) Duolingo:

Duolingo logo

Duolingo is a language learning application and website available on both ios and android. The company was first established in November of 2011. 

The company’s mission is to give customized schooling which is open to anyone across the world while making learning fun. The platform believes in true equality as it can be used by the richest man in this world or by a state-funded school in developing nations; free of cost. 

Learning is most certainly fun with Duolingo as it utilizes bite-sized lessons which are more similar to a game than a course reading. The 5-minute lessons offered by Duolingo cover everything – from the most widely recognized expressions to unforeseen and quirky ones. It utilizes machine learning to make learning customized for the 500+ million students on the platform.

The site and application are available to anyone across the world at no charge. 

However, the platform does offer a premium add free service with a fee.

Other Languages Offered:





5) Coursera

Coursera Logo

Founded in 2012, Coursera is a global online learning platform. It was first established by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. The company ‘envisions a world where anyone anywhere has the power to transform their lives through learning’. The platform offers hundreds of free courses under various disciplines. Over 200 leading universities and companies are the organization’s partners. The company has over 6000 campuses and businesses with over 82 million students. 

The French B1/B2 – Intermediate Course offered on the platform is an intermediate-level course aimed at all students wishing to pursue their higher education in France. It mainly focuses on two key points i.e. “training with digital technology” and “language and interculturality”. 

This course offers various tools to facilitate learning; course videos, texts in multiple formats, short extracts from films, and authentic videos all are provided giving a voice to French or foreign students living in France. Students will be able to work on all skills (oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression, grammar, and vocabulary), then test their skills using the many quizzes offered. They will also have the opportunity to participate in debates and discussions organized on the forum.

Key Features:

  • Students can learn at their own pace.
  • Video lectures and Reading content is provided.
  • Get certification by the end of the course.
  • Facilitate learning through practice quizzes and graded quizzes with feedback.
  • Work on graded assignments and receive feedback.

Spanish for successful communication in Healthcare settings

English for career development 

Chinese for beginners

Japanese for Beginners

6) La Forêt French Class 

La Foret French Class Logo

La Forêt French class offers French online training – DELF A1. This training is designed for beginners who have no prior knowledge of the french language.

The institute uses Google meet to conduct the training sessions and uses google classroom for sharing various course materials which include all types of text, adios, documents, etc.

Key Features:

  • Five sessions will be conducted throughout the course of a week.
  • Learn from a team of specialized trainers.
  • Get 45-50 hours of live training sessions.
  • Attend a total of 30 live sessions of 90 minutes each.
  • Get revision questions to test yourself in every session.
  • Get various online notes, summary and assignments.

Duration and Fees:

The Duration of the course is 45 – 50 hours of live training sessions which are divided into 30 different sessions of 90 minutes each. The Fees for the DELF A1  French Language Training course is INR 13,500/-

7) Multibhashi

Multibhashi Logo

Multibhashi is an Edtech platform that provides language training courses designed by its linguistic experts. The organization focuses on offering a blended approach of self-learning and one on one learning with a tutor, to students.

The Live Online French Language training offered by the platform aims at helping students in learning to speak French from the comfort of their homes.

Key Features:

  • Get Personal mentoring from specialized trainers.
  • Get certified by the end of the course.
  • Get the access to online notes and other course material.
  • Learn from Globally Certified French experts.

Topics Covered:

  • French Culture and Civilisation.
  • French Basics.
  • French Greetings.
  • Short Self – Introduction
  • Numbers.

English Classes online.

Live Urdu Classes Online.

Live Japanese Classes Online.

8) Let’s Talk India:

Let's Talk India

Let’s talk India offers language training courses which assist you to learn communication in a specific language in a  relatively short measure of time. The Let’s talk institute was first settled in the year 2004 and from that point forward it has helped and assisted over seventeen thousand learners. 

The courses are intended for any individual who is looking to further develop their communication skills in a specific designated language. 

Let’s Talk India offers courses in different languages including English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. It additionally provides training courses on developing the voice and accent of the languages.

The Let’s Talk institute offers five levels in the french language training course. These levels and their durations are mentioned below:

A1: Elementary Level – Duration – 70 hours

A2: Pre-Intermediate Level – Duration – 80 hours

B1: Intermediate Level – Duration – 100 hours

B2: Pre-Advanced Level – Duration – 150 hours

C1: Advanced Level – Duration – 250 hours

The company also offers four types of training which are as follows;

Group Training – where learning occurs in a batch of  8 to 10 students. 

One to One Training – As the name suggests, this includes only one student with the instructor and is offered for students requiring personalized training and attention.

Private Group Training –  This form is for students who are more or less at the same level and wish to study together.

Key Features: 

  • In order to put the student’s knowledge to a test, the course incorporates two assessments. 
  • It expands vocabulary to improve diction and provides information on sentence structure.
  • It helps in improving the students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. 
  • The course incorporates additional reading, speaking, and listening activities in order to help students in becoming confident speakers.

English Language Course.

German Language Course.

French Language Course

9) Alison 

Alison Logo

Alison is one of the world’s biggest learning platforms and offers free training in various disciplines. It was first established in the year 2007 in Galway, Ireland, and has kept on developing from that point onward. Today it has more than 21 million students across 195 nations.  

The organization readily abides by its four values of empowerment, knowledge, inclusivity, and innovation and also firmly believes in the power of free education and its ability to transform lives.

Alison keeps the platform free of cost for everyone across the world while making money through other sources like merchandise, advertisements, sale of certificates and diplomas, etc. 

The platform offers a Basic French Language Skills for Everyday Life course which includes 91 topics categorized under 6 modules. It is a 6-10 hour course and includes the following major topics:

  • Introduction to learning French.
  • Basic Conversation in French.
  • Introduction to French Verb groups.
  • More vocabulary and grammar.
  • Everyday Conversation.
  • Course Assesment.

10) Ace Global Institute

Ace Global Institute

One of the leading institutions providing high-quality education: Ace Global Institute focuses on the amalgamation of foreign language learning and modern methods of training a four-module structure. The four-module structure includes reading, writing, speaking, and listing along with regular assessments and evaluation.

The Spanish language course at Ace global institute is aimed at helping students to clear the International examinations like DELF(Diplômed’étudesen langue française) or TEF(The Exam d’Evaluation de Français) which ARE accepted in French-speaking countries for the purposes of tourism, immigration, employment, and University enrollment.

The French language training offered by the institute is categorized into six levels as mentioned below:

  • A1 Proficiency – Beginner level.
  • A2 Proficiency – Elementary level. 
  • B1 Proficiency – Intermediate level.
  • B2 Proficiency – Pre – Intermediate level.
  • C1 Proficiency – Superior level. 
  • C2 Proficiency – Master level.

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Q-1. How much time does it take to attain a certain level of fluency in French?

Ans. It takes about 600 study hours to attain a fluency level in the French language.

Q-2. Can I attain a level of fluency in French in 1 year?

Ans. This is a very subjective question as it depends on various factors like the amount of effort put in as well as the grasping power of the person. However, with a little hard work i.e. about 2-3 hours every day it is certainly possible to reach a level of fluency in the language.

Q-3. What level of French is Considered fluent?

Ans. The C1 level of French is considered fluent while the C2 level is the level where you are able to understand everything and have the same abilities like that of a native speaker.

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the authorAnanya Kantoor
Ananya Kantoor is an 18-year-old student. She spends most of her time writing, reading, singing, dreaming, and studying for her diploma in creative writing. She believes in the immense power of words and that “Words can change this world”. She is a budding author whose work has been published in 5 anthologies including her short story and audiobook ‘Words She Left Behind’.


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