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French Classes Online

The French language is the most spoken in the world, about 300 million people in all 5 continents speak the French language, and it is a language of romance. The capacity to communicate in French and English is a benefit to the global market. Learning the French language can open chances to understand French organizations in France and other French-talking parts of the world. As one of the world’s biggest economies, France is a critical financial accomplice.

French is the global language that is prominently used in theatre, style, cooking, visual expressions, dance, and engineering. Information on French offers admittance to incredible works of writing in first French, just as movies and tunes.

French is the foundation for learning different dialects, particularly Romance dialects (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian) just as English, since a huge level of English jargon is gotten from French.

Further, if you would like to learn the French language and would like to be proficient in the French language. Here, are the top 10 institution provides French class online. Which, includes all the details of the class, institute, and fees.

Their different levels to learn the French language

A1- The beginner’s level

A2- The upper Beginners level

B1- The intermediate level

B2- The upper intermediate level

C1- The advanced level

C2- The proficiency level

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers a French language course online and it is one of the best institutions in India and the institution is known for its excellence and teaching methodology. They provide many job-oriented courses in this competitive market. The trainers in Henry Harvin help the individuals to develop their skills and make them competent.

Course Duration:

There are different levels to learn the French language and each level has a certain duration.

A1- 30 hrs. A2-30 hrs. / B1-40hrs, B2-40hrs/ C1-40hrs, C2-40hrs

Course Highlights:

The mentors are highly experienced and can speak French fluently. They have over 15 years of experience in teaching French to thousands of students.

It is a 9 in one course, which means it is a whole in-built package that covers training, projects, internship, certification, placement, eLearning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership.

The training sessions will have practical activities like role-playing and other games which make individuals understand and learn the language in a better way.

You would be given multiple case studies/projects and you need to work on them, you will get credits as per your performance.

Once you will complete all the requirements of course. You will be awarded a course completion certificate which will give an additional weightage to your profile or portfolio.

This will help you to explore more jobs in the international market.

In case if you need practical experience then you can apply for an internship program with Henry Harvin institution or their partnership firm.

You will be given study materials and recorded sessions in case if your miss any class. The training session timings are flexible and you contact your coordinator to arrange batches as per your requirement.

You can access Henry Harvin’s learning management system and a user ID/ password will be given to you via E-mail.

You will enjoy other benefits like boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership, where you access all the benefits for one year

100% placement assistance will be given to you. The job opening will be regularly sent to your E-mail for one year.

Course Fee 

Self-Paced Course: Rs. 13500/-

You will be getting recorded videos

Lifetime support and access

24* 7-lifetime free upgrade

Live online sessions: Rs. 15000/-(preferred)

Live classes by award-winning and popular trainers in the industry

1-year gold-membership

Flexible schedule

Boot camp sessions

You can attend any batch in case if you are unable to attend the session

Get videos of all batches for a life-time


Indian Institute of a foreign language is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. It offers training in multiple languages like German, Japanese, French, etc. Their objective is to provide the best training in the industry. They offer a compressive course curriculum to every student from beginner level to expert level.

Course Duration:

A1-60hrs, A2-60hrs, B1-40hrs, B2- 100hrs, C1-70hrs, C2-70hrs

Course Highlights:

The mentors are French language experts and they are proficient in the language.

In the course, it covers the most important aspects of the French language like sentence construction, vocabulary, and grammar, 

The mentors mostly focused on developing accent, listening skills, reading, and writing in French.

The classes will be full of activates and games which creates interest among students to speak in French.

Most activities are allotted in teams to encourage students to communicate with each other in the French language.

A course completion certificate will be issued post completion of the course.

Course Fee: 

A1- INR.12800/-, A2- INR.12800/-, B1- INR.15800/-, B2- INR.28800/-         

3. FluentU

FluentU is an open online platform, in which you can learn multiple languages like Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, and English, etc. The FluentU utilizes the best methodology that assists you with slipping into the French language and culture.

Course Duration: 6 months

Course Highlights:

Your will get recorded session and e-materials and you can access them as per your


You access the website as much as you want and you will receive all the latest updates related to the French language.

You’ll learn French as it’s spoken by genuine individuals.

It brings local recordings reachable. You can tap on any word to find it right away.

A certificate will be issued to you post completion of all assessment.

Course Fee: $ 29.99 per month

4. Rocket Languages

Rocketlanguage is an open online platform for those who want to learn different languages. It offers Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, German, etc. they believe that learning a language is like a journey and you need to immerse yourself as much as you can to master it.

Course Duration: 500 hours 

Course Highlights:

Rocket French shows you more than 8076 words and expressions. Also, to ensure you’re adapting accurately, our best-in-class voice acknowledgment framework enables you to consummate your elocution practically.

You would understand French culture and the people in this course.

E-material and recorded sessions are provided to you and you can access the material and videos as per your requirement.

There will be many motivational tools and techniques which help you learn a language easily.

The training will be offered by the most experienced professionals in the industry.

A certificate will be issued you to post completion of all the requirements. 

Course Fee: $449.85 for all levels

5. Duolingo

Duolingo is the best online platform that provides French online classes for free. It is a self-paced course and recorded sessions will be available to you on the website. It offers premium paid services. In which you can access the website without any advertisement. Duolingo offers 106 language courses.

Course Duration: 387.5 hours

Course Highlights:

The course curriculum is very good and it gives you a roadmap, helps you stay consistent, and makes the process a little more enjoyable.

It covers all the most important fundamental aspects of the French language. And you will be able to learn to speak within no time.

Lectures are native speakers of the French language and are well experienced as trainers.

It is an online self-learning course. In which you will get all the recorded sessions and study materials and you can access the videos as per your requirement.

You can conduct self-assessment by going through questionnaires offered on the website.

You will get a language course completion certificate at the end.

Course Fee: Free

6. Babbel

Babbel is a language learning app operating in Germany. It is an E-learning platform available in multiple languages. It offers 14 different languages as of now. It offers French online classes across the world.

Course Duration: 220 hours

Course Highlights:

Babbel’s French course is a suitable alternative for amateur students of the language. The course doesn’t go far in creating talking abilities, however, it is a successful method to dominate a portion of the harder pieces of French sentence structure and leave with functioning information on the language.

Course Fee: $12.95 per month and $ 83.40 per annum

7. Udemy

Udemy is an open American massive online platform that offers French online classes for beginners. It is famous for offering multiple courses in different domains. People buy courses in Udemy to enhance their skills in their interests. There are no requirements to purchase course videos in udemy. Udemy courses are solely based on an individual’s interest.

Course Duration: 4.5 hours

Course Highlights:

This course is for those who wanted to learn French quickly and in a simple way

It helps you in case if you are going to French-speaking countries on a vacation or a holiday.

The mentor will teach you French considering you do not know French.

This course will be a great foundation in case if you want to master the French language

The price of the course is very reasonable compared to other online French courses.

The sessions of the course are 3 min which helps you to keep motivated

You will get assignments to test your ability in the language

Course Fee: 8,640

8. Lets Talk India

Let’s talk academy is an academy of English and foreign languages located in Pune, Maharashtra. They offer French online classes in India. They also offer other languages like German, Spanish, English, and Chinese, etc. 

Course Duration:

A1-70 hrs. A2- 80 hrs. B1-100 hrs. B2- 150 hrs. C1- 250 hrs.

Course Highlights:

All your sessions will be online interactive. One-on-one attention is given to every student.

The mentors are highly qualified and experienced in the industry.

The sessions will be very interesting and contain lots of fun activities and games which makes learning easy ad interesting.

Post joining you will get a link to your registered Email Id to join the classes.

Classes are flexible in case if you miss any sessions recorded videos of the same will be provided to you for reference.

The training is delivered in a team and the team contains 8 to 10 students.

Working professionals and students can attend classes on weekends.

You will be provided an e-book and textbook for better understanding during the course.

The course curriculum covers all the main aspects of language like reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

9. Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise is a non-profit organization in Paris that offers French online classes and its main objective is to promote the French language and culture around the world. It helps their students to understand different learning styles

Course Duration: 200 to 600 hours

Course Fee: A1, – Rs. 20,000/-, A2-Rs. 20,000/-, B1- Rs. 40,000/-, B2-Rs.40, 000/-

Course Highlights:

The institution welcomes around 10,000 students from 160 different nationalities.

The mentors are highly experienced and qualified and will make you understand all the main aspects of the French language such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

The Alliance Française is an instructional hub for instructors and future educators of FLE (French as a foreign language), helping 2,300 students consistently, both in the institute and on a distance-learning premise.

10. Learn Beyond School

Lean beyond school is an art and creativity school that offers French online classes for kids. The classes are very interactive and activity-oriented. It is the best course for beginners.

Course Duration: 6 months

Course Fee: Rs. 3000/-

Course Highlights:

This program covers all the important aspects of the French language such as vocabulary, basic grammar, daily conversations, listening skills, writing, reading, culture, and civilization.

It helps create interest to learn new languages in children.

The sessions will have lots of fun, games, and activities such as role-playing and discussions.


In this day and age, knowing your mother tongue isn’t sufficient. Students that finished a French language course have better opportunities of getting a new line of work, regardless of whether abroad or at home. The capacity to communicate in French is an incredible benefit to the worldwide occupation market since it opens ways to French organizations like L’Oreal, Renault and Auchan, etc. Note that French is one of the most spoken languages in numerous worldwide associations like the United Nations, UNESCO, and the International Olympic Committee etc.

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Q-1. Is French is easy to learn?

Ans. Yes, the French language is easy to learn.

Q-2. How many months does it take to learn the French language?

Ans. You can speak French language in 3 months to 6 months

Q-3. What is the scope of the French language?

Ans. About 300 million people speak French in the world. It will open multiple job opportunities in the international market

Q-4. What is the average income of French tutors in India?

Ans. Rs. 4,22,100/- to Rs. 11,00,000/- per annum

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