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I'm a freelance content writer and have almost 7 months of experience as a content writer and blogger. Currently, I am functioning as a freelance content author in Course News Daily, I love writing, reading, and exploring. I pursued post-graduation in MBA (human resource management and marketing) from JNTU and I am a certified digital content writer. I have 2 years of experience as an HR executive and 4 years of experience in outsourcing operations.
French Language

Top 10 French Classes Online 2023 -Don’t Ignore

French Classes Online The French language is the most spoken in the world, about 300 million people in all 5 continents speak the French language, and it is a language of romance. The capacity to communicate in French and English is a benefit to the global market. Learning the French...

French Language

Top 10 French Language Courses in Bangalore: 2023

Hello there, would you say you are living in Bangalore? Also, might you want to get familiar with an unknown dialect like French? It is safe to say that you are looking for numerous organizations to gain proficiency with your fantasy language, French? Then, at that point, this blog is...

Junior MBA

Top 10 Junior MBA Course in India: 2023 (Exposed)

Hello Everyone,  Welcome to the Generation Alpha!!!! As we all know every generation has its specialty and it is quite difficult to adapt to the constant development between generations’ especially the rapid growth of technology and its advancements. Many organizations were unable to adapt to change and this inability to...


Top 10 Education Startups in India 2023 ( Don’t Ignore)

In this digital era, there is rapid development and change in every field. Especially, the internet service providers have reduced the cost of data and brought a new dimension of exploring and learning. Nowadays anyone can access the internet at a reasonable price and the internet makes learning easy and...

Henry Harvin Reviews

Henry Harvin French Language Course Reviews

Hey There, I was looking out for many institutions to learn the French language and I've been to numerous sites that prefer to you to know which organization is better to learn French language and I saw numerous establishments offer great course curriculum yet the course fee is over the...

Simplilearn Reviews

Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course Review (Exposed)

Digital Marketing is a trending course in this Digital Era. If you want your product or service to reach your target audience early. There are different types of approach in digital marketing which includes social media, SEO optimization, Content Marketing, Branding, Marketing Analysis, Blogging, pay-per-click, Mobile Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Influencer...