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Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course Review (Exposed)

Digital Marketing is a trending course in this Digital Era. If you want your product or service to reach your target audience early. There are different types of approach in digital marketing which includes social media, SEO optimization, Content Marketing, Branding, Marketing Analysis, Blogging, pay-per-click, Mobile Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Influencer Marketing, etc.

The scope of Digital marketing is very high as the response towards the traditional marketing techniques is becoming less. Digital marketing involves a huge strategy to grab buyers’ attention. It includes a sequence of steps like planning, which is always the first step to any strategy. Then, identifying the opportunities and using 4p’s marketing approach (product, price, place, promotion) and the last one is implementation.

I have been through a lot of reviews and blogs to identify the best institutes offering digital marketing courses as there was a lot of confusion between identifying the best one as they are offering same kind of services. Simplilearn institute is one in them.

Simplilearn Institute

Simplilearn Institute is one of the best institutions in India that offers diploma and post-graduation diplomas and vocational courses to working professionals and students to enhance their skills in their area of interest. It offers multiple courses in Management, Finance, and technology, etc.

It offers online boot camp sessions and is popular for offering trending courses that hold a huge scope in the market. One of such courses is Digital marketing. The Digital market program offered by the Simplilearn Institute is exceptional. Its course curriculum covers major concepts related to the current online marketing approach.

This digital marketing course gives you a complete understanding and progressed information on the eight most significant advanced marketing areas and incorporates true ventures and computer experiences for acquiring insight. You’ll be introduced to 30 advanced marketing tools and they will give projects to make you competent.

For a better understanding of various aspects, I would like to give you a detailed explanation about every criterion related to Simplilearn Institute Digital Marketing Course.

#Criteria 1: Training

The course curriculum covers all the topics in digital marketing and it also includes if there are any updates.

The mentors are highly experienced professionals in the field having experience over 15 to 20 years and they are very dedicated towards their students and will make sure that students were able to follow the concepts thoroughly.

They believe in a practical approach than a theoretical approach. Activates are assigned to students regularly for active participation.

They allow all the discussions related to the topics to get a better grip on the topic. Any queries raised by the students were solved before moving to the next topic.

Mentors do maintain a friendly and comfortable atmosphere so that the candidates can approach them without any consciousness.

If you miss any sessions you can re-attend the session or recorded videos are provided at your request.

#Criteria 2: Course Fee and Registration

They provide you both self-paced learning and corporate training.

Self-paced learning: Rs. 999/-

In self-paced learning, you will be getting lifetime access to E-learning course content by an experienced professional in the domain.

You will get study material and test papers to check your ability and knowledge of the concepts.

24*7 support from the trainers in case if you have queried regarding concepts.

Corporate training: Negotiable as per the team’s need

Incorporate training you will get a live instructor and it will also have all the benefits of self-paced learning.

Flexible price options.

You will have access to Simplilearn’s LMS and you will have a dashboard for you and your team.

#Criteria 3: Duration

The course duration is 6 months. It includes all the concepts of digital marketing which are currently trending in the digital marketing industry.

You would get access to E-learning content for free. Post completion of the course which is for 365 days.

In case if you would like to go for a master’s or post-graduation in digital marketing and duration for the same is 1 year.

#Criteria 4: Post completion of Course benefits

You would defiantly feel satisfied post-completion of course as I believe it will meet your agenda and purpose. You have to appear for an assessment after going through all the concepts once you achieve your cut-off marks i.e. 80% you will receive a certificate.

In this course, they cover all the channels of digital marketing. With the help of your knowledge and awareness, you start your digital platform to earn. For example, you can start your blog, you start your copywriting, you can create ads or you can create your own advertisement company.

#Criteria 5: Bootcamp sessions on Digital Marketing

Simplilearn offers boot camp sessions on digital marketing and their boot camp sessions are recognized as world no 1. The Boot Camp sessions are very exciting, it helps you develop your skills in your domain It Gains insight in advancements like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager and Word Press.

The sessions cover the essential information you need, then, at that point get certifiable advanced advertising applications through live projects.

they have planned their course so that that particular time every one of the subjects for the day is finished and they even give time in the session for everyone to ask their questions, later the recording of the meeting is likewise shared for reference and the feedback is collected from the students to make sessions interesting.

These sessions give you the knowledge to enhance your skills. Past mastering specialized abilities you had begun a career as a Digital Marketer, you’ll acquire active, industry experience through one of a kind certifiable undertakings where you’ll work close by industry experts on genuine business issues and team up with architects, information researchers, and web engineers to convey a true arrangement. See why a large number of graduates have dispatched their new careers with Simplilearn Institute through this Digital Marketing boot camp session.

#Criteria 6: Placement opportunities

Simplilearn Institute offers 100% percent placement opportunities post-completion of the course. They have Job assist program which helps you job grab opportunities from reputed organizations.

After completion of your course, once you receive your certificate. They share with you the information on jobs and their partner “IIM Jobs” for actuating the half-year Pro Membership for you in their entryway.

Inside somewhere around 20-25 days, IIM Jobs contacts you through email or call, and afterward you need to return to their email, to begin with, their favorable to enrolment on the IIM Jobs entry. Starting there onwards, all the work help-related action is finished by IIM Jobs and they help you go further.

When you start with your Job Assist Portal, the experts in IIM Jobs will help you with

Resume Building, Interview Preparation, Career Mentoring.

By any chance that in the program if you don’t get any messages inside the referenced number of days structure IIM Jobs then you can contact them.

Resume Building

Experts will you to prepare resumes that cover all the personal details and your achievements with catchy words that will attract recruiters from top multinational organizations. They help you to land your dream job with the perfect resume employers are looking for.

Interview Preparation

Some interview questions are mostly asked in all interviewees—paying little mind to the position or industry trying to understand your character and potential. Regardless of whether you’re competing for a gig as an IT subject matter expert or project supervisor, you’ll probably be gotten some information about your qualities and shortcomings.

Your authority styles, in this program you get master tips that can assist you with unquestionably handling these and other normal questions and eventually, expert your next new employee screening. Furthermore, get experience on the most proficient method to dress for your meeting, project certainty with your non-verbal communication, arrange your compensation, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

#Criteria 7: Career Mentoring Sessions

Career mentoring is a program that helps you to explore their career way and plan to accomplish their career objectives. It is considerably more significant today than it was previously. In this age where the advancements were frequently founded on position, and occupation changes ordinarily. It was for the most part direct concerning what one’s next career move would be their supervisors’ job.

 As organizations have developed more complicated, representatives regularly need to take a wandering way to top administrative roles rather than a straight line to the top. Horizontal moves to various offices or divisions can expand representatives’ experience to set them up for a bigger job, for instance. Being key with regards to career moves is a higher priority than any time in recent memory, and that is the reason chief mentoring has become so basic.

There are various diverse ways that a tutor can uphold your career advancement. To begin with, the tutor will help the candidate to characterize their career objectives. A few people need to develop into top leader jobs, while others should zero in on a more specialized track. Whatever your objectives,

The coach will help you recognize formative targets that are important to accomplish your objectives. For instance, a representative that has worked only in deals and promoting should seek after a sidelong move into an activities job to set themselves up for a senior supervisor position. A career mentor can help you with explicit formative requirements and think of an arrangement to address them.

#Criteria 8: Voice of alumni

I have always gone through the reviews before buying any product or taking up any course which will help me to up skill my ability and every review on Simplilearn Institute digital marketing course review.

Candidates have given many success stories after taking up the course and the benefits they got post completion of the course and how they felt every session interesting during the course period. Few people created their blogs and promotions and others got hired in superior roles. They explained how this program gave them opportunities and how helped them to develop their career.

Training methods and study materials are very comprehensive and they follow a practical approach so we can implement our knowledge in a real-time environment. The faculty were extremely knowledgeable and experienced. The sessions are well organized.


The Innovations in digital marketing have moved an incredible arrangement. The market approach has additionally advanced with the ascent of innovation. Digital marketing has various progression and enhancements in its technique.

Clients and advertisers need to find out with regards to the upsides and downsides of digital marketing to receive the best in return. At the point when you don’t gain proficiency with the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing, you will not receive the full rewards. So, I recommend you to opt for a course in Digital Marketing course to enhance your abilities.

Digital marketing is a best chance for digital promoters. To be serious about the digital market, you need to have a reasonable comprehension of the benefits of digital marketing. This is a developing business field. Digital marketing is just trying to accomplish marketing destinations.


1) What is Smiplilearn LMS?

Ans. LMS stand for learning management system, which helps you to access course online and dashbords. You will have your own user name and password to access the same. All the latest updates related to the course is available in LMS.

2) Will I get my refund if I am not satisfied with the classes?

Ans.Yes, you will get refund in case if you are not satisfied with the classes . You need to contact simplilearn support team for the procedure.

3) Will I get job opportuinties post completion of the course?

Ans. Yes, you would be provided with multiple job opportunities post completion of the course.

4) What is difference between benefits attending class room training and online training?

Ans. Both are same.

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